Volume 28, Issue 06 Nov-Dec - Lotus Car Club of British Columbia


Volume 28, Issue 06 Nov-Dec - Lotus Car Club of British Columbia

The Official Newsletter of the

Lotus Car Club of British Columbia

LCCBC Volume 28Issue 6 / November – December, 2007 Page 1

Lotus Car Club of British Columbia

PO Box 44425, Westside RPO, Vancouver, BC, V6S 2C5

Club Executive:


President Dave Rush 604-453-7874 heather_rush@hotmail.com Cover Photo – Dean Moncado 1

Vice President Open Index – Contacts 2

Secretary Open Calendar – Malcolm 3

Treasurer / Membership Kevin Moroney 604-517-1675 Dave Rush – President's 4

Competition Malcolm Muir 604-467-6560 malcolmjmuir@hotmail.com Ian Green – Editor's 5

Island Chairman Open Bob Leonard – Lotus Chasing 6-9

Editor Ian Green 604-787-6772 lotus@europa24fps.com Jim Blair – 460363 Update 10-14

Staff Dan McLellan danmclellan@yahoo.com Philip de Freitas – Elise Travels 15

Staff Dave Rush 604-453-7874 heather_rush@hotmail.com Lotus News – Carbon Police 16-17

Staff Rory Banks Lotus News – Hot Wheels 18

Advertising Open Lotus News – New Models 19

Webmaster Dean Moncado djmoncado@telus.net For Sale – Swap – Fancy 20

Advertising – Richmond Auto 21

Membership Form 22

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Meetings: The First Wednesday of Each Month at 7:30PM

Nov 7, 2007 – Wednesday – 7:30PM Dec 8, 2007 – Saturday Xmas Dinner Jan 2, 2008 – Wednesday – 7:30PM

Richard Lee Dave Rush (6:00PM) TBA

5789 Hudson St. 12201 Skillen St.


Maple Ridge

604-267-7792 604-453-7874

LCCBC Main Web Site: http://geocities.com/lotusclubofbc/

LCCBC Members Only: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lotus_car_club_of_bc/

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dues and advertising revenues. All opinions expressed in the Cam Journal are those of the individual authors and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of

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LCCBC Volume 28Issue 6 / November – December, 2007 Page 2

Calendar 2007



1 SOVREN Vintage Races 3 Monthly Meeting 7:30 PM

Pacific Raceways Kent, WA Malcolm Muir, 604-467-6560

1 Canada Day 7 Japanese Grand Prix F-1

1 French Grand Prix F-1

Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours


Fuji International Speedway

Thanksgiving (Canada)

4 Independence Day (USA) 8 Columbus Day (USA)

4 Monthly Meeting 7:30 PM 21 Brazilian Grand Prix F-1

6-8 Portland Historic Races

Portland International Raceways 30-31

Autódromo José Carlos Pace


7 Super Seven Saturday Las Vegas Convention Centre

Hugh McLellan's


8 British Grand Prix

Silverstone Circuit


22 German Grand Prix F-1


1-2 SEMA Show

Las Vegas Convention Centre

28-29 NW SCCA Regional SOVREN Race 7 Monthly Meeting 7:30 PM

Portland International Raceways 11 Remembrance Day (Canada)

11 Veterans' Day (USA)

AUGUST 22 Thanksgiving (USA)

1 Monthly Meeting 7:30 PM

4-5 Historic Races - VRC of BC DECEMBER

Mission Raceways, Mission, BC 25 Christmas Day


26 Boxing Day (Canada)

5 Hungarian Grand Prix F-1


6 Civic Holiday (Canada)

17-19 Historic Automobile Races

Laguna-Seca, Maonterey, CA


18-31 Vancouver PNE Fair


19 Rivers Edge Vintage Series

Mission Raceways, Mission, BC

26 Turkish Grand Prix F-1

Istanbul Park

31 Club Lotus NW Track Day

Portland International Raceways


1-3 Columbia River Historic Races

Portland International Raceways


1-2 All British Field Meet


Portland International Raceways

1-3 Vancouver PNE Fair


3 Labour Day

5 Monthly Meeting 7:30 PM

8-15 Targa Newfoundland


9 British Car Picnic in the Park

Hougan Park Abbotsford, BC

9 Itallian Grand Prix F-1

Autodromo Nazionale Monza

11 Patriot Day (USA)

16 Belgium Grand Prix F-1

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

22-23 Vancouver-Whistler All British Run

22-23 SOVREN Fall Finale & Enduro

Pacific Raceways, Kent, WA


29-20 Maryhill Loops Hillclimb

Goldendale, WA


30 Chinese Grand Prix F-1

Shanghai International Circuit

LCCBC Volume 28Issue 6 / November – December, 2007 Page 3

Dave Rush – Europa S2 – President's Point of View

This year’s Christmas Party will be the same format as last year’s on Saturday Dec. 8 @ 6:00 PM at the Rush

home. The format is potluck and BYOB. Pop and coffee supplied by the club. RSVP to me at

heather_rush@hotmail.com so we can get an idea of how many people will attend. Again, we will be joined

by the Pacific Jaguar Enthusiasts Group and an observer or two from other car clubs.

Congratulations to Kimi on his well deserved World Championship. Now we get to see if Ron Dennis can

extract sweet revenge by overturning Kimi’s championship by an appeal over fuel irregularities during the last

race. It seems that the courts always become another player when sports get into 9 digit dollars.

This year Canada will have an $8 billion auto trade deficit and the CAW is asking for a more aggressive trade

policy. These are the same guys lobbying against requirements for more efficient vehicles as their members

assemble a vast number of gas guzzlers and they want Ottawa to get more Canadian made vehicles into

Europe and Asia. My question is just which vehicles do the CAW assemble that would have a market anywhere

else in the world? I think Suzukis with GM hubcaps is about it. North America is the only place with a big

market for inefficient, mindless bling.

You may have gathered that I’m not very impressed with the current crop of vehicles. I have been trying to think

of a vehicle that I would recommend to friends and neighbors and a base model Toyota or Honda or an Elise is

about it. I’ve heard all the arguments for A/C, AWD, power widgets and all the truly amazing electronics that

show up on mainstream cars but what will happen to the car when all that stuff starts to go south.

Replacements for some of the early electronic instrument panels are now out of production (probably because

it’s a tough sell for a car part that costs more than the repaired car is worth) so the broken car is now a throw

away. I am very glad to see that the manufacturers are thinking hard about the easiest way to recycle cars.

Ford has brought exotica to the masses. No longer do you have to be an enthusiast in the loop to enjoy the

wonders of motoring around in an Aston Martin or Ford GT. Just get a credit check, jump in and go. If the thing

stops running, simply phone the 800 number stuck to the window. Embarrassing questions like how many

cylinders it has or where the motor is will never be asked and just to make you feel special, the kid coming out to

fetch you and your car will drool over it but not know either.

Soon we will have all the slipping and sliding thrills we want without even having to break the speed limit .

– Dave

LCCBC Volume 28Issue 6 / November – December, 2007 Page 4

Ian Green – Elise 111R – Editor's Expletive

Above is an abstract photoshopped picture of what I wish was in my garage. Just playing around one night with

too much alcohol in my system. You know, crying the blues, that sort of stuff. Wishing I never sold anything.

Searching the Internet for Lotus and came across this page. Stunning. If you're into transporters, the trucks that

moved racing cars from one locale to another... see this.


Yes, that is a Lotus 49B on top of a VW Transporter.

AND... a Williams also. Unbelievable. Pete Lovely.

For those who contributed to this issue, Thank You Very Much. Nicely done.

LCCBC Volume 28Issue 6 / November – December, 2007 Page 5

Bob Leonard – Elan +2 – Chasing Lotus

OK, I'll tell you, and others, about my summer vacation....

California trip, in part...

For most of August and September, I visited a dear lady-friend in mid-California. Motorsport details included a

trip to the Infineon track which was holding an Indy race. My only purpose in being there was to see the opening

act - a group of about 20 historic F1 cars. Yes, it WAS a treat, up close, to see and hear these collector Grand

Prix cars, actually running for real. In the group was a Lotus 77, (image attached) with which Mario Andretti won

the Japanese GP at the end of the 1966 season. The Lotus 77 was the link to the really successful Types 78

and 79.

We'll leave all other vacation fun and games, and skip to the return trip. Even though I've dealt with Dave Bean

numerous times, I just HAD to actually SEE their place of business. Since it's in a town called San Andreas

(sort of the middle of eastern California), I mused that there could be a fault-line running parallel to the main

street... Not so. Seriously, I was not-too-far-away, and wanted to pickup a bunch of parts for my Plus 2's

impending rejuvenation. Ken Gray and Daren Stone were exceptionally helpful; and I came away, poorer but

with a big grin. These guys KNOW stuff!!

Northbound on #49 was a blast. The 2-lane does a corkscrew, then doubles back. River valleys and lots of

twists and turns. I recommend #49.

After crossing I-80, my target was a town called "Lotus". Honest. Well, it's not so much of a town, but a

collection of acreages strung along the road. Yes, you might have guessed, Lotus Road. Truth be told, the

community was established 'way back in 1893 by some Chinese settlers, and the place was named after ... the

Lotus flower/lily, or whatever it is.

LCCBC Volume 28Issue 6 / November – December, 2007 Page 6

Bob Leonard – Elan +2 – Chasing Lotus

Town sign, indicating an altitude of 750'. Nah, they couldn't establish population...

Camp Lotus, great place to camp.

LCCBC Volume 28Issue 6 / November – December, 2007 Page 7

Bob Leonard – Elan +2 – Chasing Lotus

Heavens Gate, the flower clue.

Lotus Store, 1893.

LCCBC Volume 28Issue 6 / November – December, 2007 Page 8

Bob Leonard – Elan +2 – Chasing Lotus

Lotus Inn.

For this trip, I used my '66 Sunbeam Alpine. (The Plus 2 is in her garage...awaiting TLC. She's done the

Laguna Seca trip twice before...) As a reward for decent maintenance, 2,340 miles later, I'm back at home.

Charming Sunbeam consumed a single litre of oil, got about 30 miles per U.S. gallon of fuel, and needed zero

maintenance of any kind. Ran flawlessly. Even in 90 degree Fahrenheit weather. Oops, I lied... just found a

burned out low beam, and replaced the bulb today. No, it wasn't Lucas.

See y'all at the Christmas party,

Bob Leonard

Photos: Bob Leonard

LCCBC Volume 28Issue 6 / November – December, 2007 Page 9

Jim Blair – Europa S1 – 460363 Update

Due to some unpleasant and unexpected circumstances over the summer, I had to limit my Lotus purchases to,

well, zero. So I may not be providing the most interesting article in this issue!

This challenging period allowed me plenty of spare time to clean the transaxle. And plenty of time was needed.

This thing was beyond dirty. Starting with small sculpting tools, I started excavating in early August. This was

probably the most interesting part of the job. because as I dug, I was able to discern distinct stratigraphic layers,

much like an archaeological site. Eventually I reached a layer of red Texas clay, and then hit bare metal.

LCCBC Volume 28Issue 6 / November – December, 2007 Page 10

Jim Blair – Europa S1 – 460363 Update

De-greaser and a toothbrush was the primary method for the next week or so, cutting through the film of filth

under the clay. Then dental tools to reach and remove every speck of dirt. The final cleaning was done with Q-

Tips and more de-greaser. The last part of the process was a polish with coarse pads left over from the body

work. When I'm ready to paint the transaxle (after splitting the case and checking out the state of the contents)

I'll first hit it with Final Wipe. The entire cleaning took three weeks. (Did I mention that this wasn't going to be an

exciting article?)

Well, there actually was a couple of exciting moments over the last month. My header arrived!

LCCBC Volume 28Issue 6 / November – December, 2007 Page 11

Jim Blair – Europa S1 – 460363 Update

It's another work of art from John Pels, and is specifically made for the Toyota 4AGE/Europa conversion. It's

absolutely gorgeous. I was expecting bare metal, not chrome and black powder coat (maybe it's black paint. Not

sure. Looks great though.). It's also beautifully made, and includes the port for the O2 sensor.

My wiring is also here. We are wiring from scratch, using modern components. So there's three waterproof

bussbars, a waterproof cable containing 7 wires for the trip from the front of the car to the rear, 14 colors of wire,

5 relays, modern fuse box, etc. I also picked up a heavy duty battery cutoff switch. I still have more electrical bits

to buy, but I need to get some wire in the car first, then I can figure out what else I need.

I recently ordered more parts from JAE. Rubber wheel cylinder mounts, two trunnion kits, all U-joints, rubber

headlight gaskets, and new rear brake springs. Next is the completion of the electrical, and then I'm planning on

having the radiator re-cored.

LCCBC Volume 28Issue 6 / November – December, 2007 Page 12

Jim Blair – Europa S1 – 460363 Update

The car is now lowered back to the dolly again, and I've been able to sit in it for the first time. Fits just fine. My

friend Stephen Ford (Land Rover Series One, and Triumph Spitfire owner) and I started wiring today. We got the

steering column switching sorted out, and started planning the new locations of the major components (battery,

fusebox, etc).

The inside of the sandblasted heater case is now painted with POR15, as are a few more odds and ends. I think

that, other than painting the transaxle, the cleaning, sandblasting, and painting phase is finally over.

Next is the continuation of the electrical project, and then I'm planning on having the radiator re-cored.

Still lots to do. Getting there..... Jim

LCCBC Volume 28Issue 6 / November – December, 2007 Page 13

Jim Blair – Europa S1 – 460363 Update

Photos: Jim Blair

LCCBC Volume 28Issue 6 / November – December, 2007 Page 14

Philip de Freitas – Elise 111R – Elise Travels

I am attaching a photo (with Mount Robson in the back ground) of my recent road trip from Valemont down to

Lake Louise through to Calgary and back through the Yoho national park starting and finishing in Whistler.

Went on as many back roads as possible. Had the hood off most of the time as the weather was perfect.



Photo: Philip de Freitas

LCCBC Volume 28Issue 6 / November – December, 2007 Page 15

Lotus News – Carbon Motors Police Vehicle ??

ATLANTA, September 11, 2007 – Carbon Motors Corporation and Lotus Engineering jointly announced today

that the two companies will collaborate on the development of the world’s first purpose-built law enforcement

patrol vehicle. Terms of the deal were undisclosed.

The first of its kind, this special purpose vehicle will provide a superior performing product with a much safer and

more efficient operating environment for law enforcement officers, and offer a significantly lower total cost-ofownership.

A significant reduction in CO2 emissions is targeted in addition to a 30% - 50% fuel economy


William Santana Li, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Carbon Motors, remarked, “We have been seeking

a world-class high technology engineering alliance that would help us provide the best possible vehicle for our

country’s First Responders -- we have found that in Lotus Engineering. We thank the team at Lotus for joining

the cause to provide the over 800,000 women and men in uniform patrolling our homeland with the appropriate

equipment to help keep our cities safe. This project is projected to create well over 10,000 new direct and

indirect American jobs with a positive economic impact of over $3 billion. Lotus will be playing a key role in

helping us to achieve our goals. “

Lotus offers globally a full suite of automotive engineering services. They are capable of taking a project from

initial concept and product design, through development, testing and prototype build, and can also provide high

quality production support. Having been engaged by the majority of the world’s top automakers and suppliers,

Lotus Engineering has been involved in the development of a number of innovative products including the Aston

Martin Vanquish, the Opel Speedster, as well as its own portfolio of vehicles which Lotus Cars sells globally

under its own brand.

“I am personally very excited at this opportunity to demonstrate, not only to the USA, but also to the world what

two creative companies such as Carbon Motors Corporation and Lotus Engineering can achieve. We will do

everything possible to ensure the success of this tremendously exciting, innovative and creative project which, in

my personal view, will meet the needs of the law enforcement automotive segment in the USA,“ said Michael J

Kimberley, Chief Executive Officer, Group Lotus plc.

Trevor J Rudderham, Carbon Motors Vice President and Chief Development Officer, commented, “Lotus

Engineering is a great fit with Carbon Motors. Their extensive experience with aluminum structures and

composite materials ties in perfectly with our product assumptions. Their acknowledged expertise in vehicle

dynamics and fuel economy aligns very well with our customers needs. Perhaps most importantly, however,

their ‘change the rules’ mantra resonates strongly with Carbon Motors approach. I am expecting great things

from this relationship.”

LCCBC Volume 28Issue 6 / November – December, 2007 Page 16

Lotus News – Carbon Motors Police Vehicle ??

Simon Wood, Engineering Director, Lotus Engineering said “The innovative business model, strong product

proposition and demonstrated market demand, combined with seasoned and experienced leadership provide

the key ingredients to make Carbon Motors successful. Lotus Engineering is very keen and excited to bring our

technical know-how to the project to not only ensure that the law enforcement customer’s needs are met, but

also to demonstrate that the rules can indeed be changed in the automotive sector. Lotus’ reputation in the

CleanTech arena is growing fast and our involvement with Carbon Motors will accelerate this trend with the

high-tech clean diesel offered at the product’s launch and also by working on in-cycle actions for additional clean

technology derivatives.”

Carbon Motors Corporation is a new American automaker with an innovative business model. Carbon is

developing and will manufacture, distribute, and service an all-new purpose-built law enforcement patrol vehicle.

The Carbon mission includes developing a new lower-volume capable vehicle platform, establishing a direct and

efficient end-to-end supply chain, and continuing to foster public and private sector collaboration.


The main operating subsidiary of Group Lotus plc is Lotus Cars Ltd., which has two operating divisions – Lotus

Engineering and Lotus Cars. Lotus Engineering is an internationally recognized automotive engineering

consultancy based in Norfolk, United Kingdom with additional global technology centers in the USA, Malaysia,

Germany, and China. Lotus Engineering provides comprehensive and versatile consultancy services to many of

the world’s OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, offering a full engineering service from initial concept and project design

through development and integration of the complete vehicle to meet all worldwide markets and customers to

full production. This includes third party ‘niche vehicle’ engineering and manufacture worldwide. Lotus Cars

builds and sells Lotus sports cars, Elise, Exige and Europa for global distribution. You can learn more at


LCCBC Volume 28Issue 6 / November – December, 2007 Page 17

Hot Wheels Design Challenge

To celebrate Hot Wheels' 40th anniversary, Mattel did something it's never done before. It asked outside

designers to come up with designs for its miniature toy cars.

Hot Wheels invited major automakers to submit ideas that would be turned into a line of 1/64 scale toy cars. Six

car companies sent at least three designs apiece, which were judged by a panel that included Hot Wheels

executives and designers as well as editors from the Los Angeles Times, Car and Driver magazine, and Men's

Journal magazine.

Since these weren't going to be made into real cars, there were few restrictions (wheels don't need room to

steer, for instance, and drivers don't actually need to see out).

There were a few guidelines, however. The designs had to reflect Hot Wheels' "Power, performance and speed"

credo. The final cars would also have to go around "the loop," the classic circle of Hot Wheels track.

The final set of seven toy cars, which will go on sale in the spring, will include the six cars designed by outside

sources and a seventh, shown here as a sketch, from Hot Wheels.

Photo: http://www.autoblog.com/2007/10/30/s...rate-its-40th/

LCCBC Volume 28Issue 6 / November – December, 2007 Page 18

New Models: Lotus reveals plans for Eagle and Esprit

31 Oct 07 12:46

CEO Michael Kimberley

Lotus has revealed that it is to build an Elise with the supercharged Toyota engine of the Exige, detuned to

220bhp by deleting the intercooler (and enabling the rear-view mirror to remain useful in the process), and a

more luxurious, better-finished Europa.

Also on the way are an Exige SR with a launch control system and the 2-Eleven's variable traction control, and

California-spec versions of the Elise and Exige with plusher trim and softer responses.

However, the next big Lotus event happens at the end of 2008, when it will unveil the Lotus Eagle, a midengined

four-seater aimed not so much at the pure Lotus enthusiast as at, in the words of Lotus CEO Mike

Kimberley, a 'more lifestyle type of buyer'. The Eagle is not the much-rumoured replacement for the Esprit.

'It's a two-plus-two tourer with a transverse, mid-ship V6 from Toyota,' says Kimberley. 'There'll be seven

variants, including a convertible and a paddle-shift transmission, and the price will be competitive, between

£45,000 and £48,000.'

The paddle-shifts represent a U-turn for Lotus, the company previously saying that it would never build a paddleshift

car, regarding it as impure and getting in the way of the driving experience. The change in heart is down to

demand, Kimberley saying: 'The market wants it. That's what buyers want in the US and Japan.'

Eagle production starts at the end of next year with sales beginning early 2009. A year later, Lotus will reveal the

next Esprit, although the name isn't yet finalised and it will be powered by 'a very high brand-image engine', the

identity of which is still under wraps.

The Esprit's gestation has not been without its problems, however. 'I sent it back to Engineering,' Kimberley

said. 'It didn't have the Lotus DNA, and wasn't true to the Lotus heritage. So the architecture and suspension

were changed and it was engineered to pass US crash tests. Also, there was just one version planned. Now

there'll be five or six versions.' Expect prices to start around £80,000.

That revised architecture is a version of the Eagle's structure, lengthened, widened and adapted for the Esprit's

longitudinal engine. It's made from aluminium, like the Elise family's chassis to which it bears some similarities. It

is designed to comply with all foreseeable crash-test legislation worldwide, but is very light.

'The Esprit's performance will be exceptional,' promises Kimberley, 'and we won't need a V12 engine to achieve

it. It won't be an over-200mph car but the performance will be very usable.'

This lightness suits the mood of the moment very well, as carmakers seek to shed mass from their products as

they chase lower CO2 emissions. To this end, Lotus Engineering has developed an ethanol-fuelled Exige and a

hybrid one, and it supplies Elise structures for the US's Tesla electric sports car. In fact Lotus's engineering

consultancy is in better shape than it has been for years, with 107 customers throughout in the car industry and

operations in several countries, including one starting up in India at the end of the year.

'We were making 125 cars a week when the Opel Speedster and Vauxhall VX220 were in production, and we

proved we could do it to General Motors' quality standards. So now a number of major manufacturers are

looking to us for low-volume manufacturing of niche products, or to get us to show them how to do it. It makes

sense when homologation alone can use up 65% of a car's development budget.'

After seeing Mike Kimberley's turnaround plan, parent company Proton recapitalised Lotus in March and wrote

off £100m in debt, making that sum available for the new cars' development. 'They've had more patience with

Lotus than I would have had,' he says, 'and now we're building a UK auto industry again. Not that the UK

government cares.'


LCCBC Volume 28Issue 6 / November – December, 2007 Page 19

For Sale – Swap – Fancy

FOR SALE: (Malcolm Muir)

Steel Work Bench; all steel 16GA construction, painted gray

36” X 72” work surface, 12” X 72” adjustable upper shelf, single lockable drawer

$150.00 obo, Malcolm 604-467-6560 evenings

Cortina 1600E, cancelled project I have all of the parts specific to convert a 1968-1970 Cortina 4-door GT (or

deluxe) to a 1600E. New badges, mirrors, underhood stickers, good used Raydot auxiliary lamps. Original trim

parts, seats, wheels (6) and wood cappings (2 sets) will need restoration. Dashboard wood insert partially

restored in Rosewood. Will include registration papers and chassis plate.

$1,000.00 obo, Malcolm 604-467-6560 evenings

Ford 1600 crossflow engine, 691F, square crank bearing caps. Stripped down; block and crank have been hottanked

and magnefluxed; block has 0.012” wear, crank will need to be ground 0.010” undersize. New Ford lifters

and +0.030” pistons included.

$300.00 firm, Malcolm 604-467-6560 evenings

Ford 2.3 L OHC Engine complete, approximately 120,000 lm, was running when pulled from car. $300.00 firm,

Malcolm 604-467-6560 evenings

Three-spoke polished Aluminium steering wheel, riveted wood rim, Formuling France mount pattern, hub

included (Ford/Elan+2 spline). $150.00 firm, Malcolm 604-467-6560 evenings

FOR SALE: (Chris Peters)

Converting to Pels 4AG 20 valve power and would like to offer the following Gordini engines, etc, for a


1 - 200mm aluminum flywheel - $350.00

1 - Clutchmasters 200mm heavy duty clutch assembly w/throwout setup for NG-3 transmission. $350.00

1 - Lusa high performance breakerless distributor/ignition system & coil with centrifugal advance only - $350.00

1 - British Starters lightweight gear reduction starter - $150.00

1 - water pump - $50.00

1 - low profile Weber throttle linkage set $150.00

1 - Reinze special HD head gasket - $85.00

1 - Custom made tubular headers with 29" equal length primaries - $200.00

1 - Facet fuel pump and fuel filter large cleanable element (NASCAR style) - $60.00 (can be separated)

1 - Supertrapp muffler 2-1/2" (steel) - $65.00

1 - MSD6 ignition unit (used) - $60.00

1 - MG oil cooler $75.00

The following used parts are also available:

2x 807-01 Gordini (early low compression) engines disassembled (may be incomplete) $75.00 each

1x 807-13 Gordini engine incomplete but w/ polished crank & Gordini rods (1 rod missing locating pin). $175.00

1- set of refurbished S-1/early S-2 wishbones $100.00

Other used spares such as water pumps available; advise me on your needs.

Chris Peters, 604-948-1123 after 6:00PM Pacific time or via e-mail at jcpeters@dccnet.com

LCCBC Volume 28Issue 6 / November – December, 2007 Page 20

As of July 01/2007 we have teamed with

We are pleased to announce we are now the

Canadian agents for

JAE Vintage Lotus Parts

We will be also stocking parts for vintage and current

Lotus production vehicles providing genuine Lotus

replacement part with bi-weekly stock orders

Contact Richard Chong for your Lotus car needs

Phone 604 278 8827

or email


for your parts request

LCCBC Volume 28Issue 6 / November – December, 2007 Page 21

Lotus Car Club of British Columbia

Membership Application / Renewal Form

Application Type: Please check one. New: $40.00 Renewal: $35.00




Province / State:


Postal Code:

Spouse / Partner:

Res. Telephone:

Cell. Telephone:

Bus. Telephone:



Vehicle #1:





Vehicle #2:









Please complete this form, and mail with

your cheque payable to:

Lotus Car Club of British Columbia

PO Box 44425, Westside RPO,

Vancouver, BC, V6S 2C5

LCCBC Volume 28Issue 6 / November – December, 2007 Page 22

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