Sweden Open Leaders With Two Matches to Go - Förbundet Svensk ...


Sweden Open Leaders With Two Matches to Go - Förbundet Svensk ...







09.00-11.20 • Match 9

11.40-14.00 • Match 10

Sweden’s Open Team. From the left: Frederic Wrang, Johan Sylvan, Peter Fredin,

Jan Lagerman (coach), Johan Upmark, Per-Ola Cullin and Jan Kamras (npc).

Sweden Open Leaders With Two Matches to Go

With only two matches left to play in these Nordic Championships Finland has a finger on the NBU Trophy.

However, four teams are fighting for all medal spots in each category, thus we can look forward to a very

exciting day! At this point Sweden i leading in the Open with 139 followed by Finland 135 and Iceland 131.

In the Women series Denmark is in winning position, with 137 over Finland 131 and Norway 129.

Match 10 will be followed by Farewell Lunch and Prize giving


Schedule of play

Round 1 - Open

Table Home team Visiting team IMP VP

1 Finland - Iceland 8 - 10 15 - 15

2 Denmark - Sweden 17 - 35 11 - 19

3 Faroe Islands - Norway 12 - 28 11 - 19

Round 2 - Open

Table Home team Visiting team IMP VP

1 Norway - Denmark 17 - 27 13 - 17

2 Iceland - Faroe Islands 60 - 11 25 - 4

3 Sweden - Finland 22 - 21 15 - 15

Round 3 - Open

Table Home team Visiting team IMP VP

1 Iceland - Sweden 18 - 47 8 - 22

2 Finland - Norway 38 - 35 16 - 14

3 Denmark - Faroe Islands 91 - 0 25 - 0

Round 4 - Open

Table Home team Visiting team IMP VP

1 Finland - Denmark 17 - 43 9 - 21

2 Faroe Islands - Sweden 0 - 59 2 - 25

3 Norway - Iceland 16 - 51 7 - 23

Round 5 - Open

Table Home team Visiting team IMP VP

1 Sweden - Norway 30 - 32 15 - 15

2 Denmark - Iceland 12 - 47 7 - 23

3 Faroe Islands - Finland 21 - 88 1 - 25

Round 6 - Open

Table Home team Visiting team IMP VP

1 Finland - Faroe Islands 72 - 49 20 - 10

2 Sweden - Iceland 12 - 33 10 - 20

3 Denmark - Norway 14 - 95 0 - 25

Round 7 - Open

Table Home team Visiting team IMP VP

1 Iceland - Denmark 36 - 25 17 - 13

2 Norway - Finland 19 - 35 11 - 19

3 Sweden - Faroe Islands 33 - 14 19 - 11

Round 8 - Open

Table Home team Visiting team IMP VP

1 Finland - Sweden 30 - 26 16 - 14

2 Faroe Islands - Denmark 12 - 54 5 - 25

3 Iceland - Norway 9 - 82 0 - 25

Round 9 - Open

Table Home team Visiting team IMP VP

1 Faroe Islands - Iceland - -

2 Norway - Sweden - -

3 Denmark - Finland - -

Round 10 - Open

Table Home team Visiting team IMP VP

1 Sweden - Denmark - -

2 Iceland - Finland - -

3 Norway - Faroe Islands - -

Round 1 - Women

Table Home team Visiting team IMP VP

1 Sweden - Bye - 18 - 0

2 Iceland - Finland 16 - 30 12 - 18

3 Denmark - Norway 27 - 25 15 - 15

Round 2 - Women

Table Home team Visiting team IMP VP

1 Norway - Iceland 39 - 30 17 - 13

2 Bye - Denmark - 0 - 18

3 Finland - Sweden 34 - 41 14 - 16

Round 3 - Women

Table Home team Visiting team IMP VP

1 Bye - Finland - 0 - 18

2 Sweden - Norway 40 - 19 20 - 10

3 Iceland - Denmark 55 - 44 17 - 13

Round 4 - Women

Table Home team Visiting team IMP VP

1 Sweden - Iceland 49 - 20 22 - 8

2 Denmark - Finland 58 - 59 15 - 15

3 Norway - Bye - 18 - 0

Round 5 - Women

Table Home team Visiting team IMP VP

1 Finland - Norway 40 - 39 15 - 15

2 Iceland - Bye - 18 - 0

3 Denmark - Sweden 50 - 38 18 - 12

Round 6 - Women

Table Home team Visiting team IMP VP

1 Norway - Finland 57 - 29 22 - 8

2 Iceland - Sweden 29 - 49 10 - 20

3 Bye - Denmark - 0 - 18


Bulletin nr 3 - Nordic Bridge Team Championships 2011

Round 7 - Women

Table Home team Visiting team IMP VP

1 Sweden - Finland 17 - 52 7 - 23

2 Denmark - Iceland 24 - 25 15 - 15

3 Norway - Bye - 18 - 0

Round 8 - Women

Table Home team Visiting team IMP VP

1 Norway - Denmark 5 - 52 4 - 25

2 Finland - Iceland 55 - 32 20 - 10

3 Bye - Sweden - 0 - 18

Round 9 - Women

Table Home team Visiting team IMP VP

1 Iceland - Norway - -

2 Sweden - Denmark - -

3 Bye - Finland - -

Round 10 - Women

Table Home team Visiting team IMP VP

1 Sweden - Norway - -

2 Finland - Denmark - -

3 Iceland - Bye - -


Open Teams

Team Games IMP VP

1. Sweden 8 264-165 139

2. Finland 8 309-225 135

3. Iceland 8 264-213 131

4. Norway 8 324-216 129

5. Denmark 8 283-259 119

6. Faroe Islands 8 119-485 44

Problems Corner

Problem 1 and 2 were presented in Friday’s bulletin and

the solutions in yesterday’s bulletin. Problem 3 and 4

were presented in Saturday’s bulletin and the solutions

can be found in this bulletin.

Today we give you another two problems and you can

find the solutions in today’s second bulletin, which can be

downloaded after the championships.

Problem 5

You (West) are playing in 5{. North overcalled in spades

and South jumped in spades. Opening lead: [K.

[ – [ AJ

] AJ10 ] 9532


{ AQ109765 V Ö

{ KJ83


} 1043 } AJ9

Evaluate the probabilities to make your game.

Problem 6

After a no trump opening and transfer West ended up in

6{. North advanced ]A.

How to play?

[ AQ98 [ 65

] KQJ N ] –


{ 82


{ AKQJ1097

} A873 } Q654

You will find the solutions in the afternoon’s bulletin.

Women Teams

Team Games IMP VP

1. Denmark 8 255-207 137

2. Finland 8 299-260 131

3. Norway 8 205-197 129

4. Sweden 8 213-225 123

5. Iceland 8 207-290 103

Combined for the NBU Trophy

Team Games P

1. Finland 8 4

2. Sweden 8 5

3. Denmark 8 6

4. Norway 8 7

5. Iceland 8 8


Your badge is your ticket for

A) Being able to play and

B) Getting food at lunch and

dinner times in the resturant.

If you loose it for some reason,

you can buy a new one for

SEK50. If so, contact the staff.

Nordic Bridge Team


May 26 - 29, 2011


Bulletin nr 3 - Nordic Bridge Team Championships 2011 3

Women – Match 5:

Nice endplay

– by Micke Melander –

Saturday morning, and we still haven’t been able to

see the sun in Örebro, at least not outside. Inside

the venue we compensate with players shining

in their brilliancy. OK, not all the time... Let’s see

what happened on a couple of boards in match

five between Denmark and Sweden in the Women


1. North [ 9743


] AK2

{ AJ5

} AJ8

[ AKQT [ 8


] 743 ] T98


{ 742 S { KT863

} T74 } 9532

[ J652

] QJ65

{ Q9

} KQ6

West North East South

Trine Cecilia Nadia Sara

Binderkrantz Rimstedt Bekkouche Asplund-Sivelind

1}* Pass 1{*

1[ Dbl* Pass 1NT

Pass 2NT Pass 3NT

Pass Pass Pass

Trine found to lead away with a diamond, deadly killing

for declarer if partner just could understand how spades

were distributed. Sara thought for a while, and probably

believed that she was secure, with spades 5-0 in the

defense after the overcall. Declarer took the direct

finesse, but Nadia didn’t find to jump up with the king of

diamonds and return her spade. Instead she just played

the ten and Sara quickly took her nine tricks, before

anything nasty happened. In the open room the Danish

pair found their fit in spades, but with the unlucky lie

of the cards the contract went two down;11 imps to


2. East [ KJ64


] AT7542

{ K8

} 6

[ A852 [ Q97

] J N ] Q86


{ A753 S { QJ94

} AK97 } 843

[ T3

] K93

{ T62

} QJT52

West North East South

Trine Cecilia Nadia Sara

Binderkrantz Rimstedt Bekkouche Asplund-Sivelind

Pass Pass

1} 1] 2} 2]

3} 3{* Pass 3]

Pass Pass Pass

Cecilia Rimstedt of Sweden.

Sara Asplund Sivelind

of Sweden.

Cecilia made a game try with three diamonds, not

showing any special suit, however Sara couldn’t find any

values raising it to game, so they came to rest in 3 hearts.

The defense kicked-off with a club to the king. Trine now

thought for a while and again found what looked like a

killing play, the two of spades. If declarer decides to play

low, she most probably go down, unless she decides to

finesse in trumps in the end. Cecilia however decided

to jump up with the king and when it held the trick she

continued with a low spade towards dummy’s ten. Nadia

won the queen and counterattacked with the queen of

diamonds, making life easy for declarer. Trine ducked and

Cecilia won with her king, ruffed a spade, intended to

run the jack of clubs from dummy, though covered with

the ace and ruffed good by declarer. Cecilia then played


Bulletin nr 3 - Nordic Bridge Team Championships 2011

a trump to dummy’s king, cashed the ten of clubs which

had been established discarding her loosing diamond.

That meant ten tricks for the Swedish former world

champions from the junior pairs in Slovakia 2006. That

was worth one imp to Sweden, when they played in

3 hearts and made nine tricks at the other table.

3. South [ AQ


] QJ4

{ A85


[ J873 [ K954

] K965 N ] AT3


{ KT


{ Q962

} A54 } 62

[ T62

] 872

{ J743

} 873

West North East South

Trine Cecilia Nadia Sara

Binderkrantz Rimstedt Bekkouche Asplund-Sivelind


Pass 1}* Pass Pass

Dbl* 1NT Pass Pass


Here the question was how many tricks declarer would

be able to win? Declarer got a diamond lead that went

to three, ten and ace. Cecilia continued with the king

of clubs setting up the much needed tricks to make the

contract. Again the Danish defense worked well, ace of

clubs, heart to the ace, more hearts ducked to declarer,

leaving the communication open for the defence.

Declarer realized what just had happened and took her

tricks scoring her 90. That was 5 imps to Sweden, when

the Danish pair in the open room got to 2NT and went

one off.

4. West [ T63


] K965

{ 43

} A652

[ KJ972 [ AQ5

] JT432 N ] Q


{ --- { AKQT72


} QT3 } J94

[ 84

] A87

{ J9865

} K87

West North East South

Trine Cecilia Nadia Sara

Binderkrantz Rimstedt Bekkouche Asplund-Sivelind

Pass Pass 3NT Pass

Pass Pass

On board 4 Nadia gambled with 3NT and that closed

the bidding. After a diamond lead it was 10 pretty quick

tricks for declarer when she went for her ninth trick in

clubs and the defense tried to defeat the contract with

continues spades. At the other table Kathrine Bertheau

managed to go one down in 4 spades, 12 well-needed

imps for the Danes.

5. North [ 4


] QJT93

{ 9542

} QJ6

[ A97 [ J65

] 865 N ] A42


{ AKQT { J8


} K73 } AT985

[ KQT832

] K7

{ 763

} 42

West North East South

Trine Cecilia Nadia Sara

Binderkrantz Rimstedt Bekkouche Asplund-Sivelind

Pass Pass 2{

Dbl Rdbl* 3}* Pass

3NT Pass Pass Pass

This was one of the more interesting boards of this set.

2 diamonds, multi with a weak major by Sara in third

seat. 3 clubs was a Lebensohl action showing values for

partner who then had an easy way bidding their notrump


Cecilia led her queen of hearts, from the principle

longest and strongest. When partner had the king and

unblocked it under declarer’s ace the suit were set. Trine

tried to sneak a well needed club trick in tricks two by

running the ten. Cecilia won the jack and quickly took

her tricks and noted one down in the contract. That

was10 imps to Sweden when the Swedish pair at the

other table scored 10 tricks after a spade lead from the

other hand. In the end

the Danish women team

striked back and won the

match with 50-38 (18-12


But let’s stay a moment

with that last hand. Pekka

Viitasalo of Finland played

brilliantly. The queen of

hearts were led, ducked by

declarer, king unblocked

by South, more hearts

followed, where Pekka

won with the ace, played

a diamond to the ace and

Pekka Viitasalo of Finland.

Bulletin nr 3 - Nordic Bridge Team Championships 2011 5

a low club towards dummy (intending to finesse). When

North played the jack he called for the ace from dummy,

cashed his diamonds, the ace of spades and exited with a

small heart for North, leaving the following position:

5. North [ ---


] JT9

{ ---

} Q6

[97 [ J6

] 8 N ] 2

{ ---


S { ---

} K7 } T985

[ KQT8

] ---

{ ---

} 4

Ikkje drag et es mod storeslemm

Malinowski og Rasmussen fra Norge havde meldt 7[

mod Anthoniussen og Jacobsen fra Færøerne.

Så kom der kløver-udspil fra forkert hånd.

Turneringlederen blev tilkaldt og dømte udspil fra forkert


– ... du kan forbjuda kløver osv..

– ... og til sidst:

Du måste ikkje trække es ess og spille kløver igen.

Men det blev sagt med et smil.

North was stripped down and throwed in on his hearts,

having to lead away into declarer’s club tenace.

Well played, Pekka!




Ordinary Congress of the Nordic Bridge Union

– by Stephan Magnusson and Flemming Bøgh-Sørensen –

On Friday delegates from the National Bridge

Organizations (NBO’s) of the Nordic countries

met in Örebro.

The delegates agreed on a revised

covenant that was solemny and

cheerfully signed by all the Nordic

NBO’s. It was very fitting that this was

accomplished here in Sweden .

The Congress agreed to continue

the internet based bridge club BBO

Nordic, which has grown to become

probably the biggest bridge club in

the world in only six months. The

bridge club will have to generate

sufficient income to balance the Stephan Magnusson.

budget. As a consequence a playing

fee will be charged as soon as possible. Also masterpoints

and ranking lists are on the planning stages.

The Congress agreed to revise and clarify the general

conditions of contest for the Nordic Championships as

well as the Nordic Junior Championships, in order to

avoid in the future the unfortunate event of the recent

Junior Championships, where an appeal of the awarding

of medals was sent from one of the participating NBO’s.

The NBU elected Stephan Magnusson from Denmark

as NBU chairman and Flemming Bøgh-Sørensen from

Denmark as secretary for the coming two years.

Towards the end of the meeting the Congress was

attended by the chairman of the EBL, M. Yves Aubry

(France) and EBL Executive Committee member Jens

Auken (Denmark), as well as EBL Executive Committee

member Jan Kamras (Sweden), who also was the Swedish

delegate to NBU.

The subjects discussed included organized bridge’s

relationship with the game of poker, media and social

media coverage as a way to promote bridge, scheduling

of EBL events, information (or the lack thereof) on

the EBL and WBF websites, the EBL junior promotion

plans, the special needs of the small federations and


As a further subject, it was mentioned that no

formal application has been sent from either the

Monegasque NBO or the sponsor Mr. Zimmermann

to the EBL Credentials Committee to allow former

Norwegian players Geir Helgemo and Tor Helness in

the Monegasque national team. If and when such an

application is received, it will be handled according to the

present EBL regulations.


Bulletin nr 3 - Nordic Bridge Team Championships 2011

NBF og III Paradise Park Bridge Festival

(m/golfmuligheter) på Tenerife i januar 2012

NBF gjentar siste års suksesser med

bridge i Syden med sosial profil!

Det er direkte forbindelse fra flere flyplasser til Tenerife, og deltakerne

må selv bestille flyreisen. Transport fra flyplass kan ordnes.

Knut Kjærnsrød og Per Bryde Sundseth med turneringsledere er på

plass i Los Cristianos i januar 2012, og arrangerer bridge på Hotel

Paradise Park hver dag (ikke søndager) i perioden 6. januar til 28.

januar. Det blir arrangert bridge-turneringer ukentlig mandag,

tirsdag, onsdag og torsdag fra kl.1600-kl.2000.

Fredager og lørdager avvikles hovedturneringer med etterfølgende

middag og premieutdeling lørdag kveld. Avgift for alle aktivitetene

kr 750 for NBF-medlemmer og kr 1250 for ikke medlemmer.

I tillegg kr 150 (250 for ikke medlemmer) for hver påfølgende uke.

Paradise Park er et meget godt ****hotell beliggende kun 20 min.

fra fly-plassen. Kort avstand til sentrum og stranden. Dessuten

hyppig og regelmessig (gratis) busstransport til/fra strandområdet

og sentrum/hotellet. Hotellet ligger i et rolig strøk, har flere

svømmebasseng, store takterrasser med svømmebasseng og bar,

flere restauranter, barer, SPA og internett, samt underholdning hver


Fine rom i alle kategorier og perfekte spillelokaler.

På hotellet vil det være egen bridgepub med konkurranser

som i 2011

Hotell bestilles gjennom NBFs kontor:

Tlf: 474 79 400

E-mail: bridge@bridge.no

Pris per person per døgn m/frokost/halvpensjon

i dobbeltrom/enkeltrom med utsikt til fjellene

Euro 41,00/44,00, 59,00/61,30

i dobbeltrom/enkeltrom m/svømmebassengutsikt

Euro 51,25/53,40, 69,25/71,50

i leilighet m/1 soverom Euro 56,00/59,00

i suiter i 7.etg. Euro 76,00/79,00

Tillegg for helpensjon Euro 9,75 per person/døgn.

Depositum innbetales etter bekreftet bestilling, og dette refunderes

ved avbestilling senest 1 måned før avreise.

Det blir bulletiner med referater, konkurranser og informasjon, og det

legges opp til temabasert bridgeundervisning som foregående år.

For de som ønsker å spille golf, er det rimelig green-fee på Los Palos (korthullsbane

på 9 hull) onsdager, og på Costa Adeje Golf (C-banen 2x9 hull) søndager.

Øvrige golfaktiviteter ordnes selv, og det er noe rabattert greenfee på nærliggende baner.

Også mulighgeter for turer til den naturskjønne øya La Gomera og Spanias høyest fjell Teide.

Kommentarer/spørsmål til Knut Kjærnsrød (907 88 780) / Per Bryde Sundseth (911 47 378)

Bli medlem i BBO Nordic

– den nordiska internetbridgeklubben.


Alla medlemmar i något av de nordiska

bridgeförbunden kan bli medlem i BBO Nordic.

Var spelas tävlingarna?

Tävlingarna spelas på BBO. Man skulle kunna

säga att BBO är klubblokalen för BBO Nordic.

När spelas tävlingarna?

Tävlingar spelas på följande tider.

• Fredag kl. 20.30 (IMP)

• Lördag kl. 20.30 (MP)

• Söndag kl 20.30 (IMP)

Bulletin nr 3 - Nordic Bridge Team Championships 2011 7

Tag på bridgeferie i


7.-17. juli 2011

What are

we going

to eat?

Sunday lunch @ 14:00

Ugnsbakad laxfilé med romsås

For those wanting to eat something

“outside” planned dinner and lunches,

you have two alternatives. There is

a shop at the front desk who sells

sandwiches, sallads etc. Or visit the

lunch resturang which is open 24H.

dansk bridgefestival


mixed, åben, dame og senior


danish open for eliten &

vinoble open for mindre rutinerede bridgespillere

daglige drop in-Turneringer

guld-, sølv- og bronzepoint

bridge/golf og masser af sideakTiviTeTer


Staff @ NBTC 2011

Carl Ragnarsson Tournament Manager

Tomas Brenning Scoring Manager

Tommy Andersson TD & Technological setup

Henrik Johansson TD

Pontus Adolfson TD

Micke Melander Daily Bulletin

Peter Ventura Daily Bulletin

Carina Westlin Internet editor (Not @ venue)

Ola Brandborn Facebook and Twitter editor

Micke Grönkvist BBO Operator

Daniel Gullberg BBO Operator

Johanna Vinefur BBO Operator

Angelica Svensson BBO Operator

Filbyter Bridge Duplication

Zälls Blommor i Örebro ser till att vi får riktigt fina

blombuketter till medaljörerna.


Bulletin nr 3 - Nordic Bridge Team Championships 2011

The Hand of the Day?

– by Svend Novrup –

4. West [ T63


] JT432 N ] Q


] KQJ N ] T98


Round 5 had a wealth of

interesting hands deserving

different sorts of the ‘Hand

of the Day’-prizes, and let’s

briefly take a look at some

others before we go to

‘Declarer play of the day’.

Let’s first take the ‘Weird

Contract of the Day’, a

variation of the Ekren 2{.

] K965

{ 43


[ KJ972 [ AQ5

{ --- S { AKQT72

}QT3 }J94

[ 84

] A87

{ J9865


Against the Faroe Islands, the Finnish West opened 2{

to show his majors – and everybody passed! On the bad

trump break – he held none himself, he just made the

contract but lost 11 IMPs against 3NT in the other room.

He would have won the board against the pair that in

another match played in 6[ down two!

We continue to the ‘Unlikely Duel of the Day’. What a

thrust and parry you could have had on board 5, playing

in 6NT as West, like it happened at some tables:

6. East [ KT98

East/West ] 643

{ JT98


[ J2 [ AQ75

{ KQ53 { A76


}AKQJ }T93

[ 643

] A752

{ 42


The natural lead was {J, and if you simply knock-out ]A,

you will later squeeze North in spades and diamonds –

but wait! South can refuse to take his ]A twice, and now

the tempo is not correct for the squeeze or…?

Well, West will now cash his four clubs forcing North to

discard a heart and a spade to this position:

[ KT9

] –

{ T98

} –

[ J2 [ AQ75

] J N ] –


{ K53


{ A7

} – } –

[ 643

] A7

{ 4

} –

Now you could play three rounds of diamonds throwing

North in to lead away from [K but if he is a good chess

– or bridge – player, he won’t do that – he will sacrifice it

instead, and either he makes his [10, or South gets his

]A in the end.

Well, if that was your analysis, you were a victim of your

search for brilliancy. Back to the diagrammed position.

We know that North has no more hearts, so we just give

him a spade trick establishing dummy’s fourth spade as

the decisive trick.

So much for beauty, and any way we know of no South

who could keep his fingers off the ]A for two rounds of

the suit.

OK. To ‘Declarer Play(s) of the Day‘ that had several

heroes in the East seat. Let’s follow two of them, Runi

Mouritzen from the Faroe Islands and Artur Malinowski

from Norway.

9. North [ K63

East/West ] K843

{ 7


[ T9875 [ AJ

] A975 N ] QJ


{ J { AKQT9632


}987 }3

[ Q42

] T62

{ 854


Bulletin nr 3 - Nordic Bridge Team Championships 2011 9

Both ended up in 5{. South cashed }A and continued

the suit. East ruffed, ran a heart honour to North, and

got the only switch that didn’t immediately give away the

contract, a trump.

Both declarers ran their seven trumps, and now the

defense could choose who would guard clubs. Against

Mouritzen both did, and this established a guard squeeze:

[ K6

] –

{ –


[ T [ AJ

] A9 N ] Q

{ –


S { 3

}9 } –

[ Q

] T2

{ –

} T

To the last diamond South discarded [Q, and Mouritzen

played a heart to dummy and finessed North for [K.

Against Malinowski South stuck to his spades and hearts,

and this was the position:

[ K6

] –

{ –


[ T [ AJ

] A9


] Q

{ –


S { 3

}9 } –

[ Q4

] T2

{ –

} –

This time South had to bare [Q to keep hearts, and then

declarer could let go ]9 that had done its duty. North

discarded a club but on a heart to ]A he was squeezed

in the black suits. A nice double squeeze.

Women – Match 3 – Board 15:

Nice Icelandic Bidding

– by Charles –

The Island Ladies Pair was the only to bid the small slam

on Board 15. It is not quite easy in a natural system.

15. South [ AQ103


] AQ10873

{ Q2

} A

[ J976 [ 42

] J9 N ] 542


{ 10543 { A987


} 743 } KQJ5

[ K85

] K6

{ KJ6

} 109862

West North East South




Pass 1] Pass 1NT

Pass 2} Pass 2{

Pass 3] Pass 3[

Pass 3NT Pass 4{

Pass 4NT Pass 5}

Pass 6] Pass Pass


2} = natural or 16+ (A kind of Gazilly)

2{ = 9-11

3[ = cue-bid

3NT = Slam try

4{ = cue-bid (no } cue-bid)

4NT = RKCB (1430)

5} = One Ace

There was nothing to the play – 12 tricks.



So, both declarers made 11 tricks. Others did, too, and

we don’t know well their opponents defended, or if they

shone in the same way – but what a hand.

We can’t fill the bulletin with analysis, but just for your

information. According to Deep Finesse the contract will

go down on two leads: a small heart or a low club – but

make against all others leads. Try it out yourself.


Bulletin nr 3 - Nordic Bridge Team Championships 2011

A Struggle For Positions

– by Carl Ragnarsson –

With one round to go in the first Round Robin of the

Open Series Denmark and Iceland was a couple of VPs

behind Sweden, the gap to Finland and Norway being

more than twenty. The two wolves on the hunt were to

meet in round 5, while Sweden was taking on Norway.

As the latter match ended 15-15 and Iceland won their

battle 23-7, the Icelandic team had come a lot closer to

the top.

The re-seeding for the second Round Robin was, for

organizing reasons, based upon the standings after a four

rounds instead of five; the predicted final being Sweden

against Denmark in round ten. Well, the conclusion must

be to never ever predict any outcome since Norway

crushed their Danish friends 25-0 with Sweden losing

to Iceland 10-20 at the same time. Going into Round 7

Iceland had overtaken the lead with Norway catching up

and Denmark falling like a stone:

1. Iceland 114

2. Sweden 106

3. Finland 100

4. Norway 93

5. Denmark 81

6. Faroe Islands 28

Norway had Finland on the programme and was in need

of a good result. Was it to come? Well, hang around and

you’ll see!

Norway lined Thor Erik Hoftaniska-Thomas Charlsen as

North-South in the Open Room against Jouni Juuri-Oja-

Osmo Kiema for Finland. The Closed Room line-up being

Kauko Koistinen-Clas Nyberg as North-South versus

Artur Malinowski-Arild Rasmussen.

The first swing came on board 2 already:

2. East [ Q


] AJ943

{ QT

} 7543

[ J63 [ AT87

] KQT65


] 872

{ 63


{ AK754

} JT6



[ K954

] –

{ J982


In the Open Room Juuri-Oja-Kiema stopped in 2] which

went one off; NS +50. The Norwegian pair climbed all the

way to 4], ending with a mistrusting double by Koistinen

in the North seat. Rasmussen collected the same number

of tricks as his Finnish counterpart. Three down meant

that the first IMPs went to Finland; ten to be more exact.

Things didn’t go any better for Norway on board 3,

Finland being the only East-West pair in the Open Series

driving on to game:

3. South [ A762

E-W ] 9732

{ J

} A542

[ 543 [ KQJ9

] T54 N ] AJ6

{ AQ754


S { T2

}Q7 }KJ96

[ T8

] KQ8

{ K9863


In the Closed Room Norway landed in 2NT just making

on the lead of {3. The Open Room had to defend against

3NT, and with everything nicely placed there was no way

for North-South to beat that contract. Another 10 IMPs

to Finland, leading 20-0 after three boards; not the kind

of start Norway wanted.

The Norwegians collected a couple of IMPs on board 4

and 7 but the third major swing went, again, to Finland:

8. West [ A76


] AT87

{ Q7


[ JT83 [ Q5


] QJ942 ] K65


{ J8 S { 932

}T7 }J8542

[ K942

] 3

{ AKT654


West North East South

Osmo Thor Erik Jouni Thomas

Kiema Hoftaniska Juuri-Oja Charlsen

Pass 1NT Pass 2}

Pass 2] Pass 3}*

Pass 3{* Pass 3]*

Pass 3[* Pass 3NT

Pass Pass Pass

Due to South’s explanations at the table North had

shown (14)15-17 HCP with 4-4 in hearts and clubs.

Bulletin nr 3 - Nordic Bridge Team Championships 2011 11

East started with the two of clubs to the ten and queen.

North attacked diamonds; queen and a low to the ace.

When that suit broke North had twelve tricks for +490.

In the Open Series all tables but two bid a small slam,

three times in diamonds and once in No Trumps. The

North-South avoiding slam didn’t have to bother that

much, since East-West managed to get to 3] – don’t ask

me how – which was mercilessly doubled. Down five

meant 12 IMPs to Finland now leading at 32-5.

Norway struck back on board 11, giving them their first

real swing in the match:

11. South [ QJ84


] QJ

{ 42


[ K3 [ T5

] KT742 ] A965


{ QJ V Ö { AKT965




[ A9762

] 83

{ 873


The Open Room auction saw Osmo Kiema open with

1] and showing minimum with 3} over Jouni Juuri-Oja’s

game forcing 2NT. East enquired shortness with 3{; and

West’s 4] being the final contract denying shortness as

well as any extras in the range of minimum. Hoftaniska

led the spade queen to Charlsen’s ace and Kiema later

missguessed the trumps. 11 tricks was worth +450 E/W.

The Norwegians in the Closed Room was a bit more

ambitious reaching 6], depending on bringing in the

trumps without loss. Koistinen led the {4 to Rasmussen’s

queen. Rasmussen played two rounds of trumps from the

top; and Norway scored 11 badly needed IMPs to trail by

17 at 16-33.

Intervention over Blackwood is a huge problem for most

players at lower levels. In a championship like this every

pair is expected to have firm understandings, of course.

Board 12 was a good example on the matter:

12. West [ KQT7

North-South ] 5

{ AQJ76


[ J32 [ ---

] J2 ] AKQT9763


{ 85432 V Ö { 9




[ A98654

] 84

{ KT


West North East South

Osmo Thor Erik Jouni Thomas

Kiema Hoftaniska Juuri-Oja Charlsen

Pass 1{ 4] 4[

Pass 4NT 6] Pass*

Pass Dbl Pass Pass


Being dummy in a high level contract was perhaps

not the first West thought of when initially looking at

his cards. Thor Erik Hoftaniska had a huge hand once

partner could bid 4[ over East’s preemptive 4] call. It

was all a matter of aces and he duly checked by bidding

4NT. Jouni Juuri-Oja put maximum pressure by bidding

6] realizing that his hand was of little use in defending

a spade contract; and at the same time it was a severe

test of his opponents’ high level bidding. Charlsen’s pass

showed exactly one ace so there was no alternative

for Hoftaniska but to double. The cheap sacrifice was

duplicated in the Closed Room for a flat board; N/S


Board 14 was a small pick-up for Norway. A pick-up that

would have been even bigger if game had been reached in

the other room:

14. East [ QJ976

Ingen ] 9

{ QJ73


[ T84 [ 53

] QJ3


V Ö ] AKT652

{ 985


{ AK4

}K974 }QJ

[ AK2

] 874

{ T62


West North East South

Osmo Thor Erik Jouni Thomas

Kiema Hoftaniska Juuri-Oja Charlsen

1] Pass

2] 2[ (!) 4] 4[

Pass Pass Pass

2[ is for sure not everybody’s choice, if so a lot

more would have reached the same contract as the

Norwegians, but undeniably North chose the right

moment for his overcall. South with no intention of

letting East play 4] must have had some expectations of

making 4[. The defence started with ]A followed by ace,

king an another diamond; North winning and running

four rounds of trumps as well as the fourth diamond. At

a moment West fell from grace throwing two clubs and

thereby presenting North with an extra trick. Not that

the loss of the second undertrick mattered; the board

was already won in the bidding. Norway trailing 19-33.


Bulletin nr 3 - Nordic Bridge Team Championships 2011

Time was running out for Norway and they lost another

2 IMPs on the next board:

15. South [ AKJ43

North-South ] T743

{ Q2


[ QT87 [ ---

] 6 N ] K852


{ AKT5


{ 863

}T432 }AKJ976

[ 9652

] AQJ9

{ J974


West North East South

Osmo Thor Erik Jouni Thomas

Kiema Hoftaniska Juuri-Oja Charlsen


Pass 1[ 2} 3}*

5} Dbl Pass Pass


Thor Erik Hoftaniska

of Norway.

Thomas Charlsen

of Norway.

North opened a five cards spade, 9+ HCP, and South

showed a mixed raise with 3}. West leaped to game and

North found some reasons to double. South started with

the [2, to the eight, king and ruff by East. East thought

for quite a while, but decided that chances were remote

if clubs didn’t behave. So, he continued with the two top

clubs, followed by ace and king of diamonds then a spade

ruff and a diamond towards the ten. When South had the

jack a diamond was established and declarer didn’t have

to rely on finding the ace of hearts with North. 11 tricks;

and 2 IMPs to Finland since 4] doubled went two off in

the Closed Room.

The very last board of the round was a tricky one for


16. West [ K7

East-West ] AKQT76

{ 93


[ JT854 [ A3

] J92 ] 8543


{ 875 V Ö

{ Q




[ Q962

] ---

{ AKJT642


In the Open Series game was reached at all tables but

one, however everyone unanimous in one down. In

5{ there were enough tricks if left alone, but alas the

defence quickly rattled off three black top tricks to set

declarer once. The good news in 4] was that declarer

Clas Nyberg of Finland.

Kauko Koistinen of Finland.

was able to bring in the trumps without loss. The bad

ones that West got the setting trick by trumping the

third round of clubs.

The only contract with a slender chance of making as the

card lies was 3NT; reached by one pair but not making.

Let’s assume a 2} overcall from East which follows by

a club lead from West; East inserting the nine. East is

very likely to have both club honours as well as the ace

of spades for his vulnerable overcall. So, declarer has

two options after cashing a top diamond and seeing

‘Her Majesty the Queen’ falling in East; one is to cash

out for one down, the other being a faint hope that any

defender has jack third in hearts. If so, you enter dummy

with a diamond to the nine and cash hearts from the top.

This time you’re lucky and will be rewarded with your

contract; the worst case being three or four down nonvulnerable

if the hearts doesn’t behave. Well, it’s a free

choice of yours!

The push on the last board meant a small victory for

Finland; 36-25 (17-13 VPs) consolidating their third place

on the leaderboard; twelve points behind Iceland and

fifteen in front of Norway in fourth place. Still three

rounds to go of these Championships a lot can happen!

Bulletin nr 3 - Nordic Bridge Team Championships 2011 13

Piiigerne i gult!!

– by Charles – Vest Nord Øst Syd

Ann Karin Helle Marianne Lone

Ved morgenbordet aftalte vi at banke de svenske flickor

Fuglestad Rasmussen Harding Bilde

18-12, og det skete, som tidligere fortalt. Bye måtte

Pas 1{! 1[ 3{

planmæssigt ned 18-0, og Island drillede igen, men vi fik

Pas 4[ pas 5}

dog 15-15, så meget stabilt og fint spil efter 7 runder, der

Pas 6{ ap.

har ligget mellem 18 og 13.

Totalisatorfavoritten Norge førte pænt, så der var lagt op

til et fantastisk drama på BBO, hvor vi fornemmer, at der

var mange, der fulgte med omkring spisetid.

Vore piger gik fuldstændigt AMOK. 52-0 var føringen,

inden jenterne fik nogle få pinde, og det blev 25-4!

Tøserne fører nu med 6 point foran Finland og 8 foran

Norge, MEN der er to runder tilbage.

20. West [ ---


] AQJ9

{ AQJ52


[ AT2 [ KJ743

] T764 N ] K852

{ 874


S { 6

}654 }Q83

[ Q9865

] 3

{ KT93


3{ = svagt, spærrende

4[ = Renonce (Voidwood), spørger efter ”esser”

udenfor sparfarven

5} = Et ”es” (inkl. {K)

Udspil {6

Indmeldingen og det ”manglende” sparudspil, der

antydede, at Harding ikke havde [EK, placerede ]K i øst,

som Helle trumfkneb, så pyt med en klørtaber. 12 stik


Nord åbnede 2} ved det andet bord, så 6{ lå i syd med

klør ud fra Trine gennem den stærke hånd. Det lykkedes

faktisk at gå ned. -100 og 16 imp. Til tøserne.

DRAMAET fortsættes søndag kl. 09.00 og 11.40, så I skal

tidligt ud af fjerene! Oksefileten og Zinfandelrødvinen –

sponsoreret af CMN – smagted dog pokkers godt, og det

kan ingen tage fra os. Vi se idag, og spændende blir’ det

med garanti!


ÖREBRO, 29 juli - 7 augusti 2011

Din guide för


• Chairman’s Cup • 6 Svenska Mästerskap • 29 Bronstävlingar

• 8 Silvertävlingar • 1 Guldtävling • 1 Stormästarträff för par

• Seminarier för mindre rutinerade • Bridgeparty med dans

• BridgeBio • Daglig bulletin • Mästarpoäng och prispengar i alla

tävlingar • Njut av Örebro, fina hotell och trevliga restauranger

Våra samarbetspartners:

Fler än 8000 par 2010!

Var med i världens

största Bridgefestival!

All information finns på



Bulletin nr 3 - Nordic Bridge Team Championships 2011

Problems Corner – solutions from Saturday

Here are the solutions for the problems presented in

Saturday’s bulletin.

Problem 3

Here you will be given only six cards. You (West) is on

lead. Can you win five tricks with hearts as trumps?

[ –

] Q2

{ 10

} 972

[ – [ 32

] K43 N

] A


{ 4 { Q2


} A4 } K

[ Q10

] –

{ K

} Q108

Play a club to the king. Ruff a spade with ]K! Cash the

}A and discard a spade at dummy. Play a diamond. South

will win the {K and has to return a black card which you

as declarer ruffs...

[ –

] Q2

{ –

} –

[ – [ –

] 43 N

] A


{ – { 2


} – } –

[ Q

] –

{ –

} Q

This was an example of smother play, as it is called in

England (while we in Sweden calls it Djävulskupp).

Problem 4

Nisse suspected that his wife Stina was seeing other men.

Until now he had no hard evidence and he could not for

sure say that she lied the many times coming home late

in the evenings, but....

When she arrived late after midnight recently Nisse

asked her what she had done. Stina told her husband that

she had played robber at Lotta’s house together with Lisa

and Anna. “By the way, here is the scoring sheet”, she said

and continued: “Look, I finished on plus.”

Nisse red the score sheet:

Stina +4550, Lisa –2050, Lotta –3000, Anna +500

Nisse immediately asked for a divorce, since it was

obvious that Stina did not tell him the truth. How could

Nisse be so sure about that fact?

Well, let’s cut the last zero for the sake of simplicity. All

scores can be devided by 10. In every robber two wins

as much as the other two lose. This number can be even

or odd (after the divarication by 10). At the beginning all

stands on 0 (even). Suppose that all winners in the first

robber will have an even number of plus points, then the

other two will get the same even points but minus. After

that all are on an even number.

Let’s say that the next robber will be won by an odd

number of points. Then this will be added to two

players score and the same number of points will be

subtrahended from the other two. After that all four will

be having an odd score. Then it continues like that. Try it


Stina had a corrupt score (+455, +50, -300, -205), i.e. two

odd scores and two even scores. Nisse therefore knew

that she lied. Why she lied – and what she had done

during the evening – that question it is up to Nisse to

speculate in.

Thanks to PO Sundelin for creating these problems (used in

the Swedish Bridgefederation’s magazine ‘Bridge’).

Missed a slam? Declared wrongly?

Need some help?

Visit Bridgeförlaget’s book store

at the lobby on second floor.

They have some of the newest released

books and the all time favourites.

Bulletin nr 3 - Nordic Bridge Team Championships 2011 15

Butler Open after 8 matches

Butler Women after 8 matches


Bulletin nr 3 - Nordic Bridge Team Championships 2011

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