Making A Difference Why Should I Volunteer This Year?...Page 6 ...

Making A Difference Why Should I Volunteer This Year?...Page 6 ...

September-October 08

Making A Difference

Why Should I Volunteer

This Year?...Page 6

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Building a Rich Global Meeting Industry Community



A message from

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The Annual

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Economic Impact

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Town Hall

Meeting recipe

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WEC 2008

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2008 Women’s



Winning the Race

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Chapter Success


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Why Should

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Yes, Even You Can

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Individuals and

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Clicks of the Trade

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Blessed Are

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Chicago Chatter

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Membership news & views | september-october 2008 3

Laurel Rhoads McCarthy,


Krisam Group

From the President

Make Sure To Take Time for Yourself


As I reflect back on a phone call I received from a friend last November, I often ask myself,

What if? Unfortunately the call was to say that my friend’s wife had passed away after losing

the battle of her life to cancer. How unfortunate that so many of us have similar stories to

share. Please know that the intent of this message is not to start you off on a sad note, rather

to share with you where my inspiration for this month’s message came from.

Isn’t it true that so many of us have started our week by saying ”I can’t wait until Friday!” or

better yet, “If I can just get through this month, I know things will get better”. I think we have

all been there and I for one can admit to thinking and saying these very words. Let’s be honest,

we all are challenged with the number of hours in a day in which to get our job done, care for

our family and make time for our friends. And how many of us are challenged with doing the

job of two? Not to mention multi-tasking, meeting deadlines, and having our to-do list change

throughout the day. How are we really expected to get everything done and make everyone

happy, let alone make time for ourselves?

So you are probably asking yourself, where is she going with this? My message to you this

month is to please make and take time to step back and reflect on what is really important

to you. What will happen if you don’t get that report completed by midnight or the contract

signed by the end of the day or the 50 prospecting calls completed by the end of the week?

Guess what? It will still be there in the morning. Sure, there may be some consequences based

on your tardiness, but the reality is you will be up against similar tasks again. The question is

did you take the time to leave early to enjoy your son’s baseball game or your daughter’s first

dance recital or even meet your spouse or friend on time for dinner or a movie?

So, what’s important to you?

This month’s issue of News & Views is about ”Making a Difference and Volunteering Inside

and Outside of MPI”. What makes you feel good in addition to spending time with friends and


Prior to my volunteer work with MPI, I served on the Board of Directors for Big Brothers Big

Sisters in upstate New York, where I found the work we did to be extremely rewarding for the

children in our community. Trust me I am not suggesting that volunteering is the right niche

for everyone; I just know that I have been personally fulfilled with both of my volunteer roles

in these organizations.

Please consider challenging yourself this month by making time for you!


Laurel Rhoads McCarthy, CMP

President MPI-CAC

VISION - Build a rich global meeting industry community.

MISSION - Make our members successful by building human connections to:

Knowledge/Ideas • Relationships • Marketplaces

4 news & views | september-october 2008

From the Committee Co-Chair

Make a Difference!


As many of you know, Meeting Professionals International and its 69 chapters and clubs can

attribute many of its successes to the thousands of volunteers who are dedicated to this organization.

Many organizations other than MPI share the same value of having volunteers

who help them strive towards their missions. And it’s not just organizations that benefit from

volunteers; it could be neighborhoods, local business or even your family.

A couple of Sundays ago my sister, boyfriend and I went to my elderly neighbor’s house to

take wallpaper down in her bathroom - a nice way for us to volunteer our time. Well, little did

we know that this wallpaper party would turn into a ten-hour day of completely re-doing the

bathroom in hopes to get it ready for her “Lady’s Lunch Day” she was hosting at her house the

following Tuesday. First, we had to take the wallpaper down, scrape the wall, skim coat the

entire room with putty and sand it smooth. After cleaning up the dust, we primed the walls

and then finally painted. She didn’t realize that it would involve so much work and tried to

tell us she didn’t mind if it wasn’t finished. We knew deep down though that we had to get it

done so she could feel confident as the hostess. It may sound like I am tooting my horn, but

my point is even though it may be a challenge trying to help someone else, you are making a

difference in that person’s life.

As busy as we are in our hectic work weeks, thinking about volunteering might seem unrealistic

to some. With a little time management and motivation, volunteerism is not as troublesome

as one may think and the gratification is immense. With that being said, we are dedicating

this issue “Make a Difference…inside and out of MPI” to our volunteers. Ted Miller will

discuss how anyone can make a difference by highlighting some of our chapter members who

volunteer outside of MPI. We will also be looking at the success of our volunteers inside MPI

including Cindy Wood’s inspirational list of some of our committee achievements throughout

the year. Sally Magallanes, CMP shares of those who are of poor health, yet still find joy in

life by doing simple things for others. Want to volunteer but don’t know where to get started?

Jennifer Knop can help by highlighting places to volunteer around Chicago.

Beth Ciampi

Program Coordinators

Misty Lichter

Chicago Indoor Racing

As stated before, a chapter’s success, especially MPI-CAC, relies greatly on its volunteers.

This is why we would like to share with you an important change, MPI’s new Chapter Business

Model and how to measure a chapter’s success. You may also want to check out the

Membership Committee’s campaign, a simple way to help the success of MPI-CAC.

As always we encourage feedback, whether it is an article idea or a suggestion regarding the

newsletter we would love to hear from you! You can email me at

or Misty Lichter at news & views | september-october 2008 5

Why Should I Volunteer

This Year?


By Tim


Why should you volunteer this year? I’ll give you three good reasons: Making a difference, overcoming the scarcity mindset

and learning a few new tricks. In researching my new book (Saving The World At Work), I learned that people who

volunteer for community or employee development programs find more life satisfaction and grow as professionals. At

first, I wondered if it was just coincidence. When I interviewed several serial volunteers, I found out the truth: Good is the

new great.

The first benefit of volunteering is the psychological benefit of finding meaning and purpose. If you volunteer for a community

program, you’ll be able to make a real impact with your time and talent. You’ll get the feeling that your skills are

being put to good use, and you’ll want to grow even more so you can magnify your impact.

Many of our greatest achievements in life (outside of our family) happen when we offer ourselves to help others succeed.

Whether you are taking part in an MPI project or a mentorship program at work, there are tremendous opportunities for

you to get involved with something bigger than yourself and your day to day responsibilities. Viktor Frankl, the author of

Man’s Search For Meaning, believes that when we feel a sense of purpose, we don’t suffer from fatigue or boredom. That’s

why I always suggest that people join something when they are down in the dumps or lack energy.

The second benefit of volunteering is also psychological – it reprograms you to believe that there’s enough (time, stuff,

etc.) to go around. During these tough times, we feel like we are surrounded by scarcity, being asked to do more with less.

Eventually, this scarcity mindset will make us non-cooperative and competitive with others. It can even bleed over into

our personal lives, causing envy where there should be respect. Volunteering, much like giving to charity, is an exercise in

giving ‘till it hurts. When you give time, you realize you still have time left over to finish your other obligations. You realize

that scarcity is a choice you make, much like choosing to feel abundance.

The final benefit of volunteering is that is teaches you new skills. Many volunteer projects are underfunded and lack traditional

resources you are accustomed to at work. This will make you very innovative and remind you how to bootstrap a project

with your bare hands. You’ll figure out how to beg, borrow and steal resources to make your volunteer project work and

these new techniques will come in handy during the next year – when your work budgets shrink to non-profit levels.

No matter how you slice it, volunteering is a good practice that can enrich, educate and inspire you. Besides, what else

were you going to do with your spare time? Tim Sanders -

News & Views is the official publication of Meeting Professionals International, Chicago Area Chapter, a professional association of meeting planners and

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Jane Matteson Mundell, CMP

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Katherine Horky, CMP • Accenture

Maureen Larson • Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises

Cherai Lewis • Projection Presentation Technology

Sean Lynch • NHS

Frances Maxwell • BI, The Business

Improvement Company

Barb Quigley, CMP • The CVB Source, Inc.

MPI-CAC Headquarters

Beth Whitman • Executive Director

Gabrielle Nicolini • Association Manager

2008-09 News & Views Committee


Beth Ciampi • Program Coordinators

Misty Lichter • Chicago Indoor Racing

Board Liaison:

Jeff Gassaway • Tampa Bay / St. Petersburg Clearwater CVB

Managing Editor:

Beth Whitman • MPI Chicago Area Chapter

Portrait Photography:

Edward Fox Photography

Layout and Design:

Dimitri Papadimitriou • Meeting Expectations, Inc.

6 news & views | september-october 2008

Fresh from the WEC

By Alisa

Peters, CMP, CMM

Chicago Indoor Racing

So… I thought I would share some “Clicks of the Trade” courtesy of the fantastic World Education

Congress (WEC) in Las Vegas that I just got home from. Hand picked from my favorite

sessions, I hope you find these sites as valuable as I did!

Mind Mapping Software… Diabolical!

Have a project you are stuck on, an organizational chart that looks like two balls of yarn that

got into a fight, or brainstorming sessions that end up leaving you more perplexed than when

you started? Try mind mapping software! Google it or check out the link below to some of the

more popular versions that integrate with your existing Microsoft Office Suite. These systems

put your thoughts into visual reality allowing you to be more creative, collaborative and to simplify

your life.

Douglass Rushkoff… My new favorite author, teacher and documentarian

I have been to the last six PEC’s and WEC’s and this past one in Las Vegas was by far the most

superior in breakout session content. The single best, most educational, brain stimulating and

candid session was held early on Monday morning. Log on to his site and read his blogs (I could

honestly waste days reading his stuff) or buy one of his books (I just ordered “Get Back in the

Box”… a hilarious answer to requests for consulting that he has received from companies that

outsource everything and produce nothing.) His simple question, “What do you do?” resonated

with me. He is a genius and the single best resource I came home with from WEC.… Complicated Stuff… In plain English!

Commoncraft specializes in making complex ideas simple to understand through the use of

video in a whiteboard and paper format they call “Paperworks” that is designed to simplify any

product or concept. Current popular videos right now explain RSS in plain English, Wikis in

plain English, Twitter in plain English and Blogs in plain English. Need to understand something

but don’t want to go to the confusing IT crew? Log on here!

TripIt… Your Master Travel Organizer

So this one is cool kids… You e-mail TripIt your travel plans, no matter where you booked.

TripIt builds you a master itinerary with all of your travel plans on one document. You can then

share, print and access your plans from anywhere. You can automatically include the weather,

maps, restaurants and hotels into your plans and can access your itinerary from your mobile

device. This tool is now used by 76 of the Fortune 500 companies, was a nominee for the 2008

Webby awards, a LunchPad 2007 Web 2.0 Summit Finalist, and a Top 40 Finalist in the Tech-

Crunch40. And yes… it’s FREE!

Looking for a Inspiration or a New Speaker?

Want to hear some great speakers presenting on a ton of topics (actually just about any topic

you can dream up) by simply logging on to a site and watching a set of videos? Looking for a

new face, voice or name? Looking for a topic for your next keynote or general session? Looking

for inspiration or humor – personally or professionally? No, this site isn’t the cheap version of

United Airlines. But you have likely logged on and then exited out without realizing the jewel

you stumbled on to

8 news & views | september-october 2008

AHere’s the latest changes and updates on people

we know, or should get to know, in the meeting industry

As we begin the fall season, it’s com. INTD allows

back to school for some, new jobs meeting planners

to connect directly

with freelance

for others and a variety of important

changes for a number of colleagues

and companies. Keep up and tour guides.

to date and read on!

It also provides

travel directors

professional travel


People on the Move…


Melissa L. Garski was recently promoted

to National Sales Director of US Poker

and Casino Parties. Previous positions

include a Texas Hold’em Dealer, Midwest

Operations Manager and Regional

Sales Manager. US Poker and Casino

Parties is a nationwide company, but recently

opened a Chicago office. Melissa

is a new MPI-CAC and Golf Committee

member. Please contact her at (312) 479-

5052 or

Visit the Website at www.uspokerseries.

com. Congratulations, Melissa!

Barbara Miner, CMP, long-term MPI

member, has retired from her career at

Sara Lee Corporation. Barbara is a former

MPI-CAC board member, served

on numerous

committees and

important industry


She always acts

as a true professional,

being gracious

and spending

time with new

members. Kudos

to Barbara for

embodying what

MPI is all about—learning, networking

and caring. Next time you run into Barbara,

please wish her well and exchange

those friendly MPI greetings!

Alison Ray, CMP formed International

Network of Travel Directors (INTD)

in 2008 and launched www.intdonline.

a network for

career development

and freelance opportunities. The

site offers the latest in website technology

and up-to-date industry information.

Please contact Alison at (800) 353-5651

or Congratulations—it

should be a win-win for all!

One of the local and national faces of

the Certified Meeting Professional program

(study group co-chair, facilitator

at CMP Conclaves, etc.), has changed

brands and locations!

Will Ren-

ken, CMP, is the

new Director of

Group Sales at

the Sofitel Chicago

O’Hare. Most

recently, he was

Director of Sales

and Marketing at

the Hilton Garden

Inn downtown.

You can reach Will at (847) 928-6921 or Visit the website

at Kudos to you, Will!

Companies in Change…

By Sally

Magallanes, CMP

Francine Marketing Inc. is pleased

to announce the recent relocation of

its company. The new headquarters is

205 West Randolph Street, Suite 2110,

Chicago, IL 60606. Please make note of

this mailing address and the phone/fax

numbers: (312) 419-0123 and (312) 419-

0124. For more information on this topnotch

incentive and awards company,

go to Best

wishes to Francine Pepitone, CMP and

her staff! and the Trade

Show Exhibitors Association (TSEA)

recently formed a strategic alliance to

provide education, collaboration and

outreach to benefit their respective audiences. is now the

featured directory, via banner advertisements,

on, as well as a main

sponsor of its monthly newsletter. TSEA

members will receive free admission

to’s meetings; local

event planners can also attend the hospitality

industry biannual “BASH” and

TSEA’s monthly networking programs.

Jim Grillo, CMP, President of,

believes TSEA is a perfect

match for his organization’s members.

Please visit and

NYC & Company hosted a special event

for some top Chicago-area customers,

with a reception and the opening-night

screening of “Sex and the City” (Muvico

Theaters, Rosemont). The movie, filmed

in New York City, provided viewers with

exposure to many of its attractions. This

event also introduced NYC & Company’s

new Midwest contact, Kimberly

Klytta, Regional Director, National Accounts.

Kimberly is excited to represent

the Big Apple. She can be reached

at (847) 685-0705 or kklytta@nycvisit.

com. Cheers to all!

Chicago Indoor Racing

Chicago Indoor Racing has a new six

million dollar facility opening in Addison

in about a month can accommodate

groups of up to 800 (there is one single

meeting room designed to hold up to

300 with up to 7 expansive breakouts!)

with its 105,000 square feet of space and

will have the same speed, adrenaline

10 news & views | september-october 2008

and health competition that made their

first one popular but with one exciting

new addition! It now also features CyberSport.

The owner of the Whirlyball

franchise in Chicago brought a concept

into that building that is the same mix

of bumper cars, lacrosse and basketball

that made Whirlyball popular but with

lighter cars, joystick controls and state

of the art game playing on three courts

within the building. Each court has a

private lounge that can accommodate

up to 75 guests and if the entire area is

rented, it can host groups of up to 400

alone! 2381 W Army Train Rd, Addison

IL 60101. Log on to www.ChicagoIndoor- for details!

Special Honors…

Didn’t we just mention Jim Grillo,

CMP? Jim has been selected to serve on

the 2008-2009 Student Faculty Advisory

Council for MPI International. Prior to

this, Jim served for four years on the MPI

International Membership Committee.

He is also a Past President of MPI-CAC.

Drop him a line at Jim@hereschicago.

com. Way to go, Mr. Grillo!

Lots of news to share for Chicago-based


Vice President, recently passed all the

requirements for the Destination Management

Certified Professional (DMCP).

CONTACT/CHICAGO is also excited

to be the only Association of Destination

Management Executives (ADME)-

accredited DMC in Chicago. Finally, the

company just celebrated its 30-year anniversary

in July. Please contact Jane

Koenig, DMCP at (312) 902-4300 or The website

is A round

of applause to Jane and CONTACT/


Congratulations to MPI-CAC Immediate

Past-President Joyce Paschall, CAE,

CMP, on her appointment to MPI’s 2008-

2009 International Chapter Leadership

Committee! Joyce is a true leader and

mentor, having served on the chapter

board twice, involved in numerous committees,

as well as the entire meeting/

association industry. We know she will

be an asset in her new role. Joyce can be

reached at her personal e-mail address

of, as she is

taking a break from her work schedule

to consider new career avenues.

New Arrivals…

Frances Maxwell and husband, Brandon,

were pleased to welcome their second

daughter, Ella Madison Maxwell on

March 18. We know Ella’s mother is even

busier now as she continues in her role

as an MPI-CAC Board Member and Account

Executive at BI, The Business Improvement

Company. Send congratulations

to frances.maxwell@biworldwide.

com. Best wishes to all!

Keep the Chatter coming! Send your

news to or Photos

are always welcome in jpg or bmp

format; they will be inserted based on

space availability. The higher the resolution,

the better you will look! news & views | september-october 2008 11



In this issue of News & Views the topic is Volunteerism

both in and outside of our industry. I thought about having

one of my lunch interviews with someone who actively

volunteered outside the MPI realm and offered their

time to good causes. As I was mulling over who I could

talk with, it dawned on me that I was eating lunch at my

desk (again) and thought about my own volunteer time

that I find so rewarding and thought, for once, I’d turn

the questions on myself!

I moved to Chicago in 2000 indirectly from South Carolina

where I grew up. In the true spirit of Southern Hospitality,

I’ve always liked helping people, which often

means I’m volunteering for this cause or that. There are

so many good causes that need help in a multitude of

ways. One of the first organizations I learned about after

moving to Chicago was the Human Rights Campaign

(HRC). So often I felt helpless as their

primary need is monetary. As you

know, not many folks in our industry

can become rich from doing our job.

I decided, then, that since I couldn’t

actually ‘give’ money I could help in

making money and I volunteered my

skills as an event planner. For the

next seven years I produced the

HRC-Chicago gala dinner and while

I may not have been able to donate

the cash, I played a big part in the

financial success of the dinners.

By Christopher

Grace, CMP


“Unless there is blood and a crash cart involved, it’s going

to be OK that your coffee break is a little late.” Time

and crisis management go hand in hand with both professions

and I think comparing “emergencies” in both

fields has helped me keep a healthy perspective on the

urgency of situations.

I have felt rewarded in both careers as in both I find myself

able to help people in need. Granted the situations

and locations are different, but in the end, people have

been helped. I always encourage others to donate their

skills to help worthy causes. What we do may not be on

the forefront of a charity’s list of needs, but show them

how to save money on a contract and they’ll be your

friend for life! Go volunteer, make a difference and you’ll

be rewarded by making a difference.

This past March I began working for

the Urban & Regional Information

Systems Association (URISA). I don’t

think I’ve ever been busier in my professional

life even when being a part of

planning 12,000 attendee conferences

during my time with American Academy

of Pediatrics. As I look back over

the positions and events I’ve worked

with, it’s been quite an experience with

many lessons learned. People may not

know that I changed careers 12 years

ago as I used to be an ER nurse. It was

a big change, but I’ve been amazed at

the skills I was able to take from one

career to the next. My joking motto is

12 news & views | september-october 2008

Economic Impact on the Hospitality

Industry (Second & Third Quarter 2008)


In this down-turned economy, many areas of business have

been negatively affected. How are the harder times impacting

the hospitality industry? Chicago-based Hall & Associates,

Ltd, the premier hospitality executive recruiting firm,

has been conducting in-depth research over the last year.

Based upon recent field-survey results, most participants

are being challenged by the current state of the economy

and don’t anticipate seeing an end until summer 2009 or

even winter 2010.

Over 40 hospitality-industry leaders in properties/corporations

from North America and the Caribbean gave feedback.

This group included a publicly-held hotel company

with over 10 brands in its global portfolio, niche-management

companies, individual resorts, urban properties and

suburban, luxury resorts. Executive-level personnel participating

are GMs, EVPs, SVPs, COOs and DOSMs. The survey

received a 43.5% response rate, considered excellent by

current testing standards.

Summary of Findings

The majority of statements below reflect what business

people might expect, yet another important factor was revealed.

While business may be slowing prior to the election,

and some suppliers may put off certain decisions until after

it, none of the key industry leaders believe the outcome of

the election will be an issue.

• Rising gas and food prices are having a negative impact

• There has been a reduction in short-term pick up

• Business and seasonal travel has declined

• Staffing cuts will average 5% across the board

• Middle managers and operations will be hardest hit

• As a strategy, most hoteliers will consolidate and

enhance sales and marketing to get through this

challenging economic period

Economic Impact of Higher Gas and Food Prices

The vast majority (85%) indicated their property or corporation

is feeling the impact of higher gas and food prices. A

lesser number (15%) believed it has not affected them.

Reduction in Short-Term Pick Up

A high number (64%) indicated they have seen a reduction

in short-term pick up as a result of these market influences;

36% have not.

Slowing of Long-Term Pace

Less than half (48%) stated these market influences

have slowed their long-term pace; 26% have not and 26%

are unsure.

By Deborah

A. Hall

Hall and Associates, Ltd

Biggest Economic Impact

Decreases in business and seasonal travel (48%) and increases

in fuel and food prices (37%) are the issues that will

have the biggest economic impact in the next 12 months.

Meeting strategic-growth objectives (5%), and the ability to

find and place qualified talent (5%), were key issues; 5% selected

“none of the above.”

Economy Change in Direction

The majority (75%) indicated the current economic downturn

will change direction in summer 2009; 10% said fall

2008 and 10% winter 2010; 5% are not feeling any impact.

Staff Reduction

A high level (69%) anticipated staffing cuts to get through

this economic downturn; 31% do not foresee the need to

do so.

Severity of Staff Reduction

A fairly-high number (42%) indicated a 5% cut in staff overall;

27% believed there will be none; 16% are looking at 10%;

10% stated 2% and 5% are looking at more than a 10% cut.

Position Hit the Hardest

Close to half (47%) indicated middle management and operations

will be the hardest hit, while 26% stated no positions.

The executive level was not addressed.


A large number of the hospitality leaders (48%) will consolidate

and enhance sales and marketing efforts to get through

this challenging economic period; 16% intend to implement

drastic expense-cutting measures; 10% plan to hire stronger/more

experienced leaders; 5% propose implementing

a wage/hiring freeze and 5% will cut prices and/or offer

special discounts. However, 16% stated they are not yet feeling

the impact.

Noted Comments/Trends

In summary, the results showed the following trends and/

or comments:

• Focus on a long-term approach to drastically cutting

expenses instead of staff, as the latter could lower

service standards.

Year-end revenues are forecast down about 4%. To

date, the corresponding Earnings Before Interest,

Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA) has

been recovered by reviewing expenses such as office

supplies and similar non-critical items.

continued on page 15

14 news & views | september-october 2008

• Contingency plans developed at the beginning of the

year are just now seeing appreciable implementation…

the front-half of the year was strong.

• Clients are moving to more short-term bookings with an unwillingness to

commit to a contract 6 to 18 months out.

• Premium leisure business is way down and corporate travel is lower.

• The booking window continues to decline for personal travel. There is a

need for strong sales professionals to work from their home offices.

• It is taking longer to get decisions from meeting planners.

For more information and continued updates, please go to news & views | september-october 2008 15

Making a Difference

Yes, Even You Can Make a Difference

Individuals and Companies that Volunteer


Ted Miller,


Starwood Hotels and Resorts


Misty Lichter

It is often thought that volunteering takes a lot of time

and one might question what they will get out of it anyway.

MPI-CAC has several members who give freely of

their time to other organizations and show that there

are many ways that you can also have fun. Let me show

you how some of our members have given their time and

really enjoyed it.

Misty Lichter from Chicago Indoor Racing has been

working with the National MS Society to benefit children

of parents who have MS. It is not uncommon that

families can be rather strapped for cash because of

this disease and unfortunately the children miss out on

many activities. Chicago Indoor Racing reaches out to

these children and gives them an activity that they may

have heard about but never thought they could do. Misty

gives these children the opportunity to imagine they are

Mario Andretti or Danica Patrick speeding around a

raceway. She did not have to do this or get her company

involved to make a difference, but she did!

Polly Pancoe, our Hot Rooms Girl, described a program

she has been involved with through the Chicago

Convention and Tourism Bureau known as the Chicago

Greeter. In Polly’s own words; “There’s a program for

all Chicago fans (those of us in the tourism/meetings industry)

called the Chicago Greeter. Sign up info is available

at This new Chicago office

of tourism program asks volunteers to show off the

city they love to visitors in 2 hour time slots. Here’s the

good news:

• You pick the time you’re available for a visit

• You pick the areas of your expertise-what you’d

like to highlight for the visitor

• You even select how far in advance they should

let you know about your visit

By doing this, you also get energized about our city as

you see it through the eyes of a newcomer. It can help

you realize just how special some of the things are that

we often take for granted.”

Mary Gallo from the Starwood Luxury Division gives

her time with a group known as the Off The Streets

Kids. This organization relies completely on private donations.

Mary assists the organization with two of their

events and uses her connections to secure donated hotel

stays that are part of their silent auctions.

If you want to get to know people in your neighborhood,

being a sports team coach will make you a lot a friends.

My sport is soccer. Jeff Clampitt with Starwood Hotels

and Resorts coaches baseball. My neighbor, Laura Falls,

coaches volleyball and Dan Henneberry does football.

Now coaching a team takes a lot more time and does require

a set schedule. Remember that if an adult does not

volunteer to be the coach, the kids do not get to play.

If you look along many highways, you will see signs with

a variety of company logos. There are groups of people

from these companies that pick up trash and debris

from the roadway on a regular basis. Some of these

groups also report on the condition of the road to IDOT

so repairs can be made and burnt out lights can be replaced.

This is an easy way to spend an afternoon and

makes a lasting impact on our city and environment.

There are several organizations where you can volunteer

and have a lot of fun. The YMCA runs four programs

designed to give you structured time with your child. I

was involved in two of them, Indian Guides (Father-Son

group) and Indian Princesses (Father-Daughter group).

Through the 16 years I was involved in these groups I

was a Tribal Chief several times, which meant it was my

year to be in charge. Thank goodness I had my wife to

help me with the craft projects we did!

The whole idea behind volunteering is that it can be fun,

you can learn many things and teach those who need

your knowledge. You may also get to know a lot of people

in your neighborhood you otherwise would never

meet. If you are not giving something of yourself to help

your community right now, I challenge you to take a look

around you and find an area where you can make a difference.

If you are just too busy, then make a donation

to an organization trying to help those who have far less

than we all do. Either way, GET INVOLVED

16 news & views | september-october 2008

YBlessed Are Those Who Give

Years ago a young man thought he had his whole life

to live. But he became ill with tuberculosis (TB)—a lifethreatening

disease with no cure. He lost a brother and

sister to TB. The man was confined to various sanitariums

for five years. Five years! During this long period,

other young men were fighting in World War II. He gathered

names of soldiers around the world and wrote them

letters. They wrote back. He continued writing, although

severely weakened by his disease, and found out his letters

were the only ones received by some soldiers. The

young man also started the sanitarium’s first newsletter

written for and by the patients. There was real news, humor,

cartoons and op-ed pieces. Patients could keep up

with what was going on in their institution, as well as the

world. This man went on to survive TB and continued to

help others throughout his life.

As an avid nature lover, he often collected fall leaves,

cattails, gourds and especially, pinecones. These items

were carefully pressed, preserved and given to people

as decorations. The pinecones however, became his

legacy. For over 40 years he diligently collected and

hand-painted each one with red, green, gold, silver or

blue glitter paints, starting the project each summer. He

gave cones to family, friends and others. In his early 80’s,

he painted many more, and carefully hand-tied a piece

of yarn and small inspirational booklet to each one. The

pinecones were distributed to his church and various

nursing homes where they were placed on residents’

meal trays as Christmas gifts. During the last months

of his life, he began the project earlier than usual and

prepared 400 beautiful cones. The ones not donated became

cherished items and the family distributed them

at his funeral.

A wonderful, caring woman also loved to give to others—

especially home-cooked food. She loved to bake and

sew. Later in life the woman was widowed, and shortly

thereafter, lost most of her vision—she was legally

blind and could no longer drive, work or read recipes.

Arthritis made it difficult to use her hands as she once

did. But she could still bake and sew (as long as someone

threaded the needle). She created special quilts for

her six grandchildren, four great-grandchildren, three

stepchildren and their four children as well as many

others. Each piece of fabric was lovingly stitched and a

Making a Difference

By Sally

Magallanes, CMP

matching pillow was created to go with the quilt. Did her

eyesight improve? No. Did the arthritis in her hands go

away? No. But this didn’t stop her as these projects were

labors of love—often taking many months to complete.

As the oldest of eight children, this special woman remains

the person her “younger” sisters (70+ years) call

for comfort and wisdom. She listens, cries and prays

with them, and sends cards and hand-written letters to

the special people in her life.

So, who can you write to? (Many soldiers are still in active

duty.) Who can you call who needs comfort? What

talent/hobby do you have that would bring joy by using

it for others? Is there anyone in a hospital that needs a

friendly smile and hope? Blessed are those that give…

Volunteers Make a Difference!

MPI-CAC’s Board of Directors would like to

acknowledge and thank the following volunteers

for their outstanding work:


Dave Irvin, CMP

Trump Hotel & Tower

CMP Study Group

Will Renken, CMP

Sofitel Chicago O’Hare

CMP Study Group


Lori Selvaggi

Hilton Chicago/Indian Lakes Resort

Golf Committee

Courtney Metzler

American Bar Association

Communications Special Project

This Program is Sponsored by:


Out-of-this-World Events news & views | september-october 2008 17

Making a Difference


Around Chicago

By Jennifer



For those that prefer to pick and choose when they have time, there are two great organizations that allow you to

SPSS, Inc.

If you’ve been inspired by some of the volunteer stories, and are now ready to make a difference, the first step is to

figure out where to begin. Luckily, in the Chicago area there are a lot of options!

do just that. The first is Chicago Cares ( which publishes a monthly calendar of volunteer

opportunities that span many different focus areas and occur at a variety of times to suit even the busiest schedule.

Another option is One Brick ( that shares a similar vision in asking volunteers to commit to only

one volunteer activity at a time. You can volunteer as often or as seldom as your schedule allows.

If you’re looking to make more of a lasting commitment to volunteering, the first step is to figure out where your

interests lie. Do you enjoy gardening? Check out the opportunities with the Chicago Botanic Garden (

or The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum has options spanning the natural world (

And speaking of wildlife, for those that would prefer to involve their pets in their volunteering activities, Paws for

Patients ( has opportunities with hospitals and senior centers for pet therapy or helping

children with reading problems. These activities require training. If you’d rather help animals without involving

your own, check out local animal shelters such as PAWS Chicago ( or the Anti-Cruelty Soci-

ety ( for options.

Another option is to help hungry families through organizations like the Greater Chicago Food Depository (www., or through a local food pantry such as the Lakeview Food Pantry (

For anyone that’s interested in picking up a hammer, paintbrush, or even a shovel, to help a family build their home,

you don’t have to travel out of state to help. Habitat for Humanity ( has projects in Chicago

that need volunteers as well.

If sports are your thing, there’s an event almost every weekend that could use your help. From setting up tents to

passing out water or handing out goodie bags, check out the race calendar compiled by the Chicago Area Run-

ners Association at and match up your free time with a race that benefits a cause that means

something to you.

Alternatively, there are hundreds of local chapters and charities that hold fundraisers throughout the year. A quick

online search of your cause will most likely direct you to a website with volunteer opportunities at special events

or in the charity’s office, all depending on how much time you have to commit. Some examples include National

Multiple Sclerosis Society (, American Cancer Society (, Susan Komen Race

for the Cure (, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (, AIDS Foundation of

Chicago (, and the list goes on.

Finally, don’t forget your local library as a resource for volunteer opportunities as well. Both the library itself and

reading and teaching ESL classes need volunteers to make their programs work (

Hopefully this list is enough to get you started in finding a way to give back to your local community.

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Making a Difference

AMPI-CAC “Runs on Volunteers”:

You Can Make a Difference

A volunteer is someone who gives their time, energy

and talents to others, expecting nothing in return. Volunteers

must have an open mind, be willing to embrace

wisdom learned from others and also let the experience

of volunteering lead to personal inner growth.

Over 1,300 members strong, MPI-CAC is the largest

chapter in MPI. It was not built by one person alone,

it was built by many people coming together to volunteer

their time and energy and share their thoughts and


There are many opportunities for members to develop

their leadership skills, enhance their industry experience

and expand their networks by participating on a

committee. The strength of volunteers coming together

is evident in some of the many chapter accomplishments

made this past year. Some examples include:

The Membership Committee awarded seven grants in

2008 totaling $3,275; represented our Chapter at seven

tradeshows in Chicagoland area; provided registration

support at every MPI-CAC event and grew membership

to exceed 1,300 members!

The Golf Committee has approximately 40 volunteers

that work throughout the year to put on our chapter’s

outing. Their tasks are widespread from marketing, enlisting

sponsors to planning the logistics of their events.


Cindy L.

Wood, CMP

American Association of

Nurse Anesthetists

Without everyone coordinating their efforts, they could

not host an event as successful as the golf outing and

evening reception. It is this total effort that demonstrates

the difference that volunteers make.

The Student Affairs Committee doubled student membership

through on campus and classroom recruitment

efforts. MPI-CAC has one of the largest student membership

bases at 60 students! They were also awarded a

$5,000 Grant from the MPI Foundation to fund two student

memberships including registration fees for MPI-

CAC educational events, a credit at the MPI bookstore

and a stipend to cover educational expenses at their college.

This project will be the “test pilot” for the international

organization. Pending the project’s success, MPI

Headquarters will use this program as a template to

launch a nationwide scholarship program!

The Special Events Committee hosted the Holiday Party

which was one of the largest fundraising and highly attended

MPI-CAC events that continues to grow each

year. Last year over 400 people attended the event!

The Board of Directors and Committees help to build the

foundation of this great organization. There is nothing

more gratifying than giving back to your profession and

knowing that your contributions will help to strengthen

the future of the meetings industry. What are you waiting

for? Get involved in MPI-CAC today!

ITME/MPI-CAC Joint Luncheon with Tim Sanders

Wednesday, September 24, 11:15am - 1:15pm | Grand Ballroom, Level 1, McCormick South

Saving The World At Work

What can you do to help your company go beyond making a profit to making a difference?

There is a revolution happening in the business world where companies will compete based on social innovations. Consumers,

talent and investors are gravitating to companies that achieve high levels of social responsibility towards people,

communities and the environment. The key for companies to thrive during this new era of business is to innovate how they

do business and achieve high levels of employee participation.

Pre-registration for the Industry Luncheon is $60 MPI-CAC Members, $80 non-members; At the door is $75 MPI-CAC Members,

$95 non-members. Don’t miss the meetings track during the Motivation Show. Register at news & views | september-october 2008 19

The Annual Golf Classic

was a Huge Hit!

By Adam


Corporate Imaging

Concepts, Inc.

I don’t know what was better, the 13th annual MPI-CAC’s

Golf Classic and evening reception or the weather. I think

it’s too close to call. The weather was great! The golf and

evening activities were incredible. This year’s event was

definitely another successful one. Everyone enjoyed themselves

and like every year, it continues to grow.

and asked plenty of questions. One attendee summed up

the event very simply with “It was informative.” Another attendee

said, “In the first 15 minutes I learned several things

I had not thought of.”

continued on page 21

With this years event we added a few

new twists. Included with the golf or

evening reception registration was a

free golf event seminar which was offered.

Prior to the evening reception at

the annual golf classic, Paul Campbell

of The Golf Event Company conducted

the seminar and covered topics including

pre-event budget planning, course

selection criteria and how to select the

correct format for the clients or guest.

Fifteen people attended the seminar

20 news & views | september-october 2008

Las Vegas with a two night stay, $125 credit at the Little Buddha

and two show tickets!

A special thank you goes out to all of our sponsors. Without

you, the day would not be the same. Your contributions to

our events are greatly appreciated. We thank you and look

forward to seeing you out there next year. A heartfelt thank

you also goes out to all of our volunteers. Without you, this

event would never be.

Last but not least, save the date: June 22, 2009 at Indian

Lakes Resort. We’ll see you next year!

On the golf course, we launched the new sponsorship

award. Voted on by the golfers, the award was given to the

sponsor with the most exciting hole. This year’s winner was

awarded to Loews Hotel. Next year, it could be you. Our

low ball winning foursome went to the Westin Bonaventure

team. Congratulations!

The evening reception was a huge hit right out of the box

(golf lingo). The food was great and the entertainment, as always,

was a big winner (gambling lingo). The silent auction/

raffles offered many exciting prizes that were bid on by all.

Our grand prize was donated by the Palms Casino Resort, news & views | september-october 2008 21

TTown Hall Meeting –

Recipe for Success

By Tiffany


Hard Rock Cafe

The inaugural Town Hall Meeting wasn’t all business on July 21 at Kendall College, but a time for close to 100 members of

the Chicago Area Chapter to hear from our new President, Laurel Rhoads McCarthy, CMP, and do a little “recipe swapping”.

Our guest speakers included Junior Tauvaa, Vice President of Membership, from MPI Headquarters in Dallas, and

Beth Whitman, the Chapter’s new Executive Director. They provided us with the ammo we needed to kick off the Chapter’s

new year. We learned that MPI membership overall is up from last year by 7.9% and the Chicago Area Chapter continues

to be the largest Chapter in the world with over 1,300 members!

Aside from the gorgeous display of finger foods presented by the aspiring Chefs at Kendall, the most talked about recipe

was the “recipe for success” with the new Membership Campaign. The membership committee presented their goal to

recruit over 200 new members by July 2009 and reward the current members who contribute the most.

During the event, John Potterton, CMP, Past President, hosted the “Bright New Idea” and “Value of Membership” Boards.

Members were given Post-it notes and had the opportunity to share fresh new ideas for the Chapter, as well as the value of

their MPI-CAC membership. This feedback went directly to the board of directors so your ideas can be heard.

We also learned that the Chapter website is in the process of being redesigned with the hopes of being more interactive

and informative for members. Envision a one-stop shop for industry information and MPI news, career opportunities and

upcoming events.

Members had the opportunity to participate in a lively Q&A session, meet the new board of directors and take a special

tour of Kendall College. Thank you to all who participated in the Town Hall Meeting!

22 news & views | september-october 2008

WEC 2008:

Your Future is Showing


Melissa M.

Lipton, CMP

Wyndham Sugar

Bay Resort & Spa

MPI’s annual World Education Congress (WEC) took Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino

and Las Vegas by storm August 9-12, 2008. Billed as the largest WEC ever,

this year’s conference hosted a record breaking attendance of more than 4,300

industry professionals.

WEC 2008 provided ample opportunity to party Vegas style from the start. Hosted

by Caesar’s Palace, the opening night reception displayed the cool elements

of air, light and water in the form of floating and ice-carved buffet displays, performance

artists and video projections. The hit of the evening, however, was

hiding just down the hall –a red hot DJ was in residence, helping party-goers to

work off desserts, prepared a la minute by a team of pastry chefs… only a few

feet from the dance floor!

The opening general session featured a touch of comedy and magic, and a review

of the past year by MPI President & CEO Bruce MacMillan and immediate

past Chairwoman Angie Pfeifer, CMM. MPI Chairman Larry Luteran detailed

the future of MPI, emphasizing that “the growth of chapters is critical and of the

most value to our members.” Luteran also announced MPI’s new RISE awards

program. RISE, which stands for Recognizing Industry Success and Excellence,

will have seven annual awards in three categories – organizational, individual

and community achievement. The first RISE award will be presented at WEC

2009, with the full program to be presented at WEC 2010. Keynote speaker Dr.

Patrick Dixon, described as Europe’s premier futurist, discussed the future of

meetings, indicating that passion and emotion is our driving force. He implored

attendees to “make a difference every day with the time meeting attendees give

us,” as well as to maintain a “life-life balance” and to make every day count.

WEC 2008 was truly one for the numbers: Over 110 educational sessions, 10

“Café Conversation” groups and 5 Book Club meetings allowed ample opportunities

to learn and network throughout the three days of WEC. 600 exhibitors

and a new two-day format of MeetingPlace resulted in one of MPI’s largest

tradeshows on record.

Between educational opportunities, attendees found many social and networking

activities. The Rendezvous Las Vegas reception, to benefit the MPI Foundation,

sold out the House of Blues Sunday night with the rock of Fifty Amp Fuse.

Earlier that evening the Chicago Area Chapter members convened at Joe’s Seafood,

Prime Steaks & Stone Crab for our annual WEC networking reception.

To end the conference, a preview of WEC 2009 was hosted by Salt Lake City,

allowing participants a spectacular glimpse of the culture, history and beauty

of Utah that will provide the backdrop of next year’s conference. The closing

reception was as anticipated, a rocking Vegas-style party on the Mandalay Bay

Beach, capped off with a stellar performance from Illinois’ very own Styx. After

the last notes of “Renegade” hung in the air, a dazzling fireworks display filled

the sky above -- sending WEC attendees off into their future. news & views | september-october 2008 23

OLeadership: A to Zed

By Cory

Fransway, CMP

Experient Inc

On the morning of July 15th, MPI-CAC kicked off the first Leadership Meeting of the year with an awe-inspiring breakfast

spread, provided by the host venue, ZED 451. Jamie Shamhart led the way as our fearless VP of Leadership, along with

Pamela Formento, Director, and Erin Seal, Chair of the Leadership Development Committee.

There was a quick, but insightful discussion about leadership styles. The Warriors won with the Diplomats coming in a

close second. There were a handful of Architects and Visionaries amongst the group as well. The lesson: each role has a

vital place in the leadership of our chapter. What category might you consider yourself as a leader - in your workplace or

the larger community? Why not consider bringing that to a leadership role within MPI-CAC? Some food for thought.

Next, MPI-CAC President, Laurel Rhoads McCarthy, CMP, shared her vision for our chapter in the year ahead. She then

introduced our new Executive Director, Beth Whitman. Beth gave a detailed presentation about the many ways which

Meeting Expectations, MPI-CAC’s newly contracted association management company, will add value and provide assistance

to chapter leaders.

The meeting ended with an overview of the Leadership Binder, which included information on the standard processes

and policies for our chapter. Resources include: Chapter Calendar, Instructions for Business Plan and Committee Goals,

Budget, Sponsorship, Forms & Templates, Meeting Procedures, etc.

There was a lot to cover in four hours, but the overwhelming feedback was that this meeting set the tone and prepared our

leaders for the year ahead. If you have not yet joined a chapter committee, visit the MPI-CAC website and sign up to get

involved. This is the first step in developing as a chapter leader. We welcome you to become a part of this dynamic group

of chapter leaders that has made this chapter the largest in the world!

24 news & views | september-october 2008

2008 Women’s Leadership Conference:

“Winning the Race” Key Success Strategies

for Today’s Career Woman

By Jennifer

Monti, CMP

Catering & Special

Events by Phil Stefani

Are you winning the career race? Or just running in circles? In order to stay on top of your game you need to hone your

skills, know the playing field, be better than your opponent and look out for your team all at the same time. Introducing

the 3rd Annual Women’s Leadership Conference “Winning the Race” Key Success

Strategies for Today’s Career Woman.

When: Tuesday,

November 11, 2008

Where: Chicago Marriott

Downtown Magnificent Mile

Time: 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Cost: Tiered fees, based on

events attended

Visit www. for details

Like an athlete, we should constantly be striving to push past our limits, to meet

new challenges and better ourselves. The Women’s Leadership Conference on November

11th is an excellent opportunity to do just that. Sit in on dynamic sessions

addressing the issues that most impact our lives and careers today: professional

development, financial stability, personal growth and community involvement. In

recognition of this historic election year, listen to the panel discussion “Women in

Politics.” And for a little fun, get a first look at upcoming trends in business attire

during the luncheon.

Since we all have very busy lives, all of this educational programming, networking and

career development are compacted into a one-day conference. Look forward to returning keyed up; full of new ideas and ways

to improve both our careers and personal lives. After all, it’s time we stopped running in circles, and started moving forward!

See you on November 11th at the 3rd Annual Women’s Leadership Conference “Winning the Race” Key Success Strategies

for Today’s Career Woman at the Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile. news & views | september-october 2008 25

AMeasuring Chapter Success through

MPI’s New Chapter Business Model

As the 2008-2009 fiscal year begins for the Chicago Area Chapter, you have a new President and a new group of volunteers

leading the way. With the new year, comes excitement about new opportunities and next steps to help make the chapter

even better than the year before. This excitement fits perfectly with the work going on at the international level of the organization.

We are continually improving the member experience by taking things to the next level. Whether we are talking

about educational conferences, tradeshow networking or chapter experiences, we plan to elevate our offerings and

increase the member experience.

You may have heard the Chicago Area Chapter leadership discussing the new chapter business model that MPI Headquarters

has rolled out. This new model is MPI’s way of helping chapters move to the next level. The most exciting thing

about this model is that it was created by your fellow peers in the industry. We asked last year’s chapter leaders, past

chapter leaders serving on the International Chapter Leaders Committee and chapter facilitators to help us co-create this

model. The result was truly amazing. Since January, we have been rolling out the finalized model to chapter leaders for

the official launch which occurred on July 1st. To date, we have received a very positive response to the new model which

is attributed to the fact that it was co-created by chapter leaders themselves!

The new chapter business model has three key components that are outlined below:

By Maureen

Hodgson, CMM

Meeting Professionals International

1. Chapter Minimum Standards: The first component of the model focuses on chapter compliance. Over the years,

MPI has developed a list of items that chapters were required to complete in order to operate as an MPI chapter.

This list included requirements such as holding a minimum of six educational programs and submitting a chapter

budget to MPI Headquarters. At this time, we recognize that one-size no longer fits all and have therefore reduced

the minimum number of standards on this list. Chapters will no longer be held accountable for simply hitting

deadlines associated with compliance; they will be charged with keeping their members satisfied in the means that

best serve them.

2. Chapter Metrics: We will transition our focus to four key areas we believe correlate to chapter success: net member

growth, membership satisfaction ratings, levels of member engagement or participation, and chapter financial

management. Each of these metrics provides a framework within which each chapter can self-define its own goals

and objectives that best fit their chapter. These four metrics will help ensure that chapters are improving their

education levels, satisfying their members and improving their operating procedures from year-to-year.

3. Incentive, Rewards and Recognition: Lastly, each

chapter is being asked to set its performance

objectives to complement the new chapter business

model measures, and each will be rewarded and

recognized for doing so. An incentive list has been

developed for those chapters that meet and/or

exceed the goals set forth by them at the beginning

of this fiscal year.

The Chicago Area Chapter’s Board of Directors has worked

hard to develop their metric goals within the four areas

referenced above. A few highlights include: a net member

growth of 6%, an increase in attendance at education and

networking events and higher member satisfaction scores.

Please ask your chapter board for more specific details on

how they plan to execute against these goals. As a member

of the chapter, we hope that you see a direct correlation

between this new model and your increased satisfaction

with the Chicago Area Chapter! Expect great things from

them this year.

MPI-CAC Metrics

1. Net Member Growth

Goal is to grow membership by 6% over last year to 1,400

members by June 30, 2008 members (from 1,321 on

June 30, 2008).

2. Membership Satisfaction

Goal is to increase overall membership satisfaction

ranking on the annual member care survey (coming out

approximately February 2009) to 4.95% (from 4.85% in


3. Engagement/Participation

Goal is to increase cumulative attendance at educational

and social events by 4% over last year to 1,232 attendees

at educational events and 1,362 attendees at social events

(from 1,185 educational / 1,310 social in 2007-08).

4. Chapter Financial Management

Chapter Financial Management

Goal is to adhere to chapter board-approved budget +/- 5%.

26 news & views | september-october 2008












Industry Calendar








September 10-11, 2008


Affordable Meetings - National

Location: Washington, DC

Convention Center

Washington, DC

Contact: HSMAI, (914) 421-3213

September 16, 2008

GMC-PCMA Quarterly Meeting

Location: Crowne Plaza

Rosemont, IL

Contact: GMC-PCMA

(630) 323-7413

September 23-25, 2008

IT&ME – The Motivation Show

Location: McCormick Place

Chicago, IL

Contact: IT&ME

(630) 434-7779

September 24, 2008

MPI-CAC – Annual Motivation Show

Industry Luncheon

Location: McCormick Place

Chicago, IL

Contact: MPI-CAC

(888) 721-8908

November 1-5, 2008

International Congress and Convention

Association – 47th ICCA

Congress & Exhibition

Location: Victoria Conference Center

Victoria, Canada

Contact: ICCA, +31 20 3981902

October 18, 2008

MPI-CAC – CMM Program (Global

Certification in Meeting Management)

Location: Dallas, Texas

Contact: MPI-CAC

(888) 721-8908


November 11, 2008

3rd Annual MPI-CAC Women’s Leadership


Location: Chicago Marriott Downtown

Chicago, IL

Contact: MPI-CAC

(888) 721-8908

October 22, 2008

Meetings Quest – Chicago

Location: Hyatt Regency O’Hare

Chicago, IL

Contact: Meetings Quest,

(800) 735-7770

November 9-13, 2008

Financial and Insurance Conference

Planners – Annual Conference

Location: Fiesta Americana Grand

Coral Beach

Cancun, Mexico

Contact: FICP, (312) 245-1023

November 15-19, 2008

Florida Encounter – Annual Meeting

Professionals Tradeshow

Location: Sawgrass Golf Resort & Spa

Ponte Vedra, Florida

Contact: Florida Encounter,

(850) 488-5607

November 16-18, 2008

Association of Corporate Travel

Executives – ACTE Canada

Education Conference

Location: Sheraton Centre

Toronto, Canada

Contact: ACTE, (703) 683-5322


for more

upcoming events news & views | september-october 2008



From hosting a chapter board meeting to discounting food and beverage or décor at events, the numerous ways that MPI-

CAC’s sponsors provide their support is vast but the results are the same – being a vital component of MPI-CAC’s success.

Success as a financially stable organization that provides timely, cost-effective professional development, educational and

networking programs.

Thank you to the following companies that supported chapter programs and activities held during late June 2008, July 2008

and early August 2008. Remember – BUY MPI! Thank you to…

Platinum Partner


Las Vegas Convention &

Visitors Authority

Mike Tarr . (312) 861-0711

Gold Partner


Lettuce Entertain You

Maureen Larson . (630) 369-9800

Kendall College

Dean Jeffrey Catrett

(312) 752-2418

Silver Partner


Mexico Tourism Board

Teresa Matamoros

(312) 228-0517 x15

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

Joanne Trudeau . (312) 245-0034

Highland Park Country Club

Jason Aslanian . (847) 432-8048

The Meetinghouse Companies

Deborah Borsum . (630) 641-0600

Chicago Party Rental

Valerie Braun . (708) 485-8688

The Golf Event Company

Paul Campbell . (312) 432-9346


Rhonda Drury . (312) 266-6178

Bronze Partner


Starwood Hotels & Resorts

Ted Miller . (312) 970-2912

Elan Photography

Bill Buchelt . (630) 960-1400

Greater Houston CVB

Jim Owczarzak . (630) 237-6051

Pasadena CVB

Matt Hourihan . (626) 584-4262

DuPage County CVB

Lisa Landers . (630) 575-8070

The Sol Group Corporation

Mary Paz Ramirez . (630) 237-6051

SmithBucklin Corporation

Eric Johnson CMP, CMM

(312) 673-5904

PRA Destination

Management Chicago

Lauren Fahrer . (312) 332-6670

Carey Limosine Chicago, Inc.

Kurt Kuepel . (847) 768-6840

Kalahari Waterpark Resort

Convention Center

Michelle Short . (608) 254-3257

Tourism Quebec

Annemarie Heidruechel

(312) 573-1849

Swissotel Chicago

Alana Zeiger . (312) 268-8209

St. Andrews

Robin Dugmore . (914) 481-8594

Hilton Chicago Indian

Lakes Resort

Bob O’Connor . (630) 671-5006

Chicago Convention &

Tourism Bureau

Lisa Meredith . (312) 567-8569

Grand Geneva Resort and Spa

Brenda Dobbert . (630) 694-5910

Cordevalle, A Rosewood Hotel

Julee Midden (408) 695-4560

Meetings and Incentives

Dan Tarpey . (773) 851-0908

PGA National

Kim Dellinger . (937) 247-5156

Sheraton Towers Chicago

Kate Nawracaj . (312) 329-7008

Eaglewood Resort & Spa

Julie Berry . (630)694-5910

St. Louis Convention and

Visitors Commission

Douglas Dvorak . (312) 923-2471

Loews Hotels

Amelia Roper . (312) 540-3303

Red Rock / Green Valley Ranch

Mari Goodwin . (702) 797-7747

The Drake

Kevin Boland . (312) 932-4306

Entertainment Cruises

Sharon Young . (312) 396-2223

Navy Pier

Kim Augustyn . (312) 595-5053

The BusBank

Wendy Berg . (312) 476-6151

Friends of the Chapter

(Under $1,000)

Millenium Hotels & Resorts

Calum McLean . (630) 420-0212

Five Star AV

Rick Van Dyne . (630) 236-8712

Corporate Imaging

Concepts, Inc.

Adam Harris .(847) 412-6609

Minding Your Business, Inc.

Kelly Kruchko . (312) 870-7112

Golf Invite, Inc.

Tim Atkinson . (630) 657-5700

All Events Photography

Jeff Brown . (773) 777-0011

Boundless Network

Christy Lange . (847) 372-1568

O’Hare Midway

Limousine Services

Guy Parker, CMP . (847) 948-8768

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28 news & views | september-october 2008


Thank you to the following

companies that have shown their

support of the chapter through

the silent auction at the

2008 Golf Classic:

Allegro Chicago, a Kimpton Hotel

Amalfi Hotel Chicago

AmericInn and Holiday

Inn Express

Arrowhead Golf Club

Avenue Hotel Chicago

Bolingbrook Golf Club

Brunswick Carol Stream

Brunswick Naperville

Brunswick Woodridge

Chicago Architecture


Chicago Marriott Oak Brook

Chicago Northshore CVB

Corporate Imaging

Difference Makers

Doubletree Downers Grove

Drury Lane

Eaglewood Resort and Spa

Edward Fox Studios

Elmhurst Art Museum

Grand Geneva Resort

Graue Mill and Museum

Hilton Lisle/Naperville

Hilton Suites Chicago/Mag Mile

Hilton Suites Oak Brook Terrace

Holiday Inn Carol Stream

Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza

Holiday Inn Select Naperville

Hollywood Blvd. Cinema Bar &


Hotel Arista-Naperville

Hyatt Lodge Oak Brook

Illinois Beach Resort

Kohler American Club

La Quinta Resort and

Club – California

Lincolnshire Marriott Resort

Lucky Strike Lanes Lombard

Lynfred Winery

Mandarin Oriental Miami

Medieval Times

MGM Grand Detroit

Oakbrook Hills Marriott Resort

Palace Resorts

The Palms Hotel and Casino LV

Racine Marriott-WI

RA Sushi-Lombard

Riva’s Restaurant-Naperville

Sheraton Chicago Hotel

Sheraton Chicago Northwest

Sheraton Gateway Suites O’Hare

Shoreline Sightseeing

St. Charles CVB

Swissotel Chicago

Tony and Tina’s Wedding

US Poker & Casino Parties

Westin Chicago Northshore

Westin Lombard Yorktown


Westin O’Hare

West Suburban Limousine

Windy City Fieldhouse

Woodlands Resort

Your Chauffeur

Zanies Comedy Club/

Pheasant Run Resort

Want to see your name on this list? Consider the Partnership Opportunities that the chapter offers to

connect with professionals from the Chicago-area meetings and hospitality industry. To learn more, visit the

Sponsorship section at or contact the headquarters office at or (888) 721-8908. news & views | september-october 2008 29

TMPI Chicago Revs-Up


The MPI Chicago Area Chapter is kicking off an initiative to gain 200 new Members by the Fall of next year. The Member-

Get-A-Member campaign named “Driving for Success” will feature monthly gas card give-a-ways, for members who bring

in new members, and will also include a grand prize of a GPS navigations system! “We are putting our members in the driver’s

seat with this campaign” said Ann Murray, Membership Committee Co-Chair. “Member-Get-A-Member programs

are an effective way for current members to hand-pick colleagues who aren’t involved, get them to join, and bring in new

blood and fresh ideas to an organization.”

There is an old saying, “none of us is

smarter than all of us”. By adding new

members, MPI-CAC can add wisdom

to the group, bring in new revenues

and energize its committees. Another

great reason to get involved is while

you are helping the group you could

be helping yourself. With the price of

gas these days, who wouldn’t want a

little extra help filling your gas tank or

a handy device to get you where you

want to go?

In the coming weeks we will be emailing

you more about the Member-Get-

A-Member Campaign as well as sending

tools to help you share information

about MPI to potential members. In

the meantime, if you have any interest

in sponsoring the campaign, or have

questions on how to be more involved,

please call or email Patrick Snyder at

312-893-5890 or


Patrick M.

Snyder II

Steve Kaplan, The Difference Maker

From the bestselling author of Love Is the Killer App

There’s a revolution for good

coming, and you may be just the

person to help your company

embrace it. Tim Sanders will

show you how.

The future belongs

to companies that:

• Take care of their


• Give back to their


• Go green

Find out why Saving the

World at Workis not only

fulfilling—it just might

save your company!

To get a copy of Tim’s keynote

at the MPI-PECNA 2008, email

Available wherever books are sold


30 news & views | september-october 2008 news & views | september-october 2008 31

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