notebook - Southwest Florida Water Management District

notebook - Southwest Florida Water Management District

techniques agreed to by Mosaic and the District. The development of more area-specific MMDs within

each mining area may be required to account for more localized hydrogeologic conditions. At Mosaic’s

discretion, Mosaic may conduct additional analyses specific to certain areas and present these results to

the District for approval, which may refine the MMDs.


The MMD will be used to identify when a SSDMP must be initiated. A SSDMP will be required in

specified areas where Mine Activities take place within the MMD established for property boundaries

and/or protected environmental features. In those cases where protected environmental features are not

present within the MMD, Mosaic will evaluate the presence/absence of existing legal users in the SAS

that fall within the MMD (measured outward from the property boundary) and may elect to seek a

Drawdown Mitigation Agreement (DMA) from the adjacent landholder(s) for a specified portion of the

adjacent property on the Mosaic Project boundary. A description of the DMA and guidelines for its use are

detailed in Section 2.0 below. Mosaic will implement drawdown mitigation measures along all property

boundaries unless a DMA is obtained.

Established Mandatory Mitigation Distances

MMDs have been established for specific mine areas. Within six months from the date of issuance of the

integrated WUP, the Permittee shall begin implementing the established MMDs for those areas where the

Permittee is dewatering within those distances.

The following MMDs have been established and are located as depicted in Appendix D.

Mine Location

MMD (Feet)

1. Four Corners – Lonesome 2,250

2. Four Corners – West Hillsborough 1,675

3. Four Corners – West Manatee 1,800

4. Four Corners – Altman 1,355

5. Hookers Prairie 1,580

6. Ona 2,890

7. South Ft. Meade 1,420

8. Wingate – Manson Jenkins 2,790


Consistent with the District's rules, Mosaic works and cooperates with adjacent property owners within the

MMD to obtain DMAs which satisfy the requirement that offsite land uses or existing legal uses are not

adversely impacted or are satisfactorily resolved on such adjacent properties where no protected

environmental features exist. Mosaic will continue to exercise this option with an agreement utilizing the

template attached hereto as Attachment A.


On a case-by-case basis, and where allowable in the absence of off-site protected environmental

features, Mosaic may seek to obtain a DMA from the property owner. All executed DMAs will run with the

land, and will be recorded in the public record in the county where the subject property is located. Copies

of all executed DMAs will be kept on file by Mosaic. Properties encompassed by a DMA shall be clearly

delineated on Mosaic’s Annual Mine Plans, SASMPs, and SSDMPs, where applicable.




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