notebook - Southwest Florida Water Management District

notebook - Southwest Florida Water Management District


In those areas where protected environmental features are not present within a distance equivalent to the

MMD, measured outward from the Mosaic property boundary, Mosaic will determine the presence /

absence of existing legal users of water utilizing the SAS. Mosaic may elect to execute a DMA with the

adjacent landholder(s) for that portion of the property boundary. If a waiver cannot be obtained, Mosaic

will be required to implement the SAS drawdown mitigation measures outlined in this EMP.

Prior to initiating Mine Activities adjacent to any protected environmental features and/or offsite property

boundaries, Mosaic will implement a two-step pre-mining process consisting of 1) submittal of a proposed

SASMP including site specific stratigraphic borings and cross-section profiles, and 2) submittal of a

SSDMP, the components of which are listed in Appendix E. The design will be based upon the sitespecific

geologic investigation and the specific mine techniques required by the Environmental Resource

Permit or other approval (e.g., mine cut orientation, overburden back cast vs. no overburden back cast,

etc.). This information will be used in SEEP/W, or other agreed upon model to achieve a design that

provides reasonable assurance that SAS water levels will be managed within the range described herein.

In cooperation with the District, Mosaic shall develop each SSDMP, which the District shall review and

either approve or request additional information within 30 days of submittal. In the event the District does

not provide a response within 30 days, Mosaic may proceed with implementation of the SSDMP. SSDMP

techniques include ongoing training for appropriate staff and may consist of, but are not necessarily

limited to, one or more of the following, used individually or in combination:

Water table maintenance ditches

Mine-cut orientation and timing

Back-casting (where site conditions and/or permit conditions allow)

Land surface/direct application (uplands)

Underground/SAS injection

Accelerated backfill timing

Accelerated and/or increased flooding of mine cuts

Direct Mitigation of Wetlands, as approved by the District

Alternative operational or mining techniques


A SASMP will be designed for each mine area to ensure that Mosaic has sufficient information and

coverage to effectively define, manage and respond to Adverse Impacts to protected environmental

features and existing legal uses. Each SASMP will include the following components:

Investigation of surficial aquifer lithology prior to installation of the monitoring network




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