notebook - Southwest Florida Water Management District

notebook - Southwest Florida Water Management District

implement, on a case by case basis, the corrective measures referenced herein. If Mine Activities are

determined to be the cause of deviation from the historic water level ranges within the SAS, Mosaic shall

expeditiously notify the District and provide a written proposal to restore the water levels to the historic

seasonal range. Mosaic shall work in cooperation with the District to develop an effective corrective action

plan, and the District shall have 30 days to provide input on the proposal to Mosaic. Mosaic shall have

the discretion to implement the corrective measures it deems appropriate and necessary based on site

specific considerations.

If water level deviations within the SAS exceed an external trigger during construction of a BMP/water

table maintenance ditch or other mitigative measure, Mosaic will immediately implement corrective

measures to maintain SAS historic ranges.

The corrective action measures include, but are not limited to, one or more of the following, in

combination or sequence:

Mitigation maintenance actions

o Developing a plan for reestablishing the target water table

o Cleaning water table maintenance ditches

o Increasing water levels in ditches

o Re-designing and re-constructing ditches

Alternative mining techniques

o Increasing spoil placement on the mine cut face (“high wall”)

o Revising orientation of mining (parallel or perpendicular to protected area)

o Flooding of mine cuts

o Expediting reclamation

o Wet (dredge) mining

Alternative additive SAS water level disturbance prevention techniques

o Direct SAS injection

Direct Mitigation of Wetlands, in the form of hydration, restoration, enhancement, creation,

preservation, or purchase of credits from a mitigation bank, or an appropriate combination

thereof, as approved by the District

Alternative operational or mining activities

Modification of Mine Activities, up to and including cessation of Mine Activities in the area of

observed adverse impact.

All SAS corrective measures will utilize the lowest quality of water available which is environmentally,

technically, and economically feasible for all or a portion of Mosaic’s use.

In the event the SAS water levels associated with a protected environmental feature or an offsite property

boundary exceeds an internal or external trigger, Mosaic will immediately initiate corrective actions as

necessary to avoid impacts to those features and to recover the SAS historic range, as determined on a

case-by-case basis. This determination will consider seasonal, climatic and other site specific conditions.

SAS monitoring shall cease when both Mine Activities are terminated and the SAS P50 wet season water

levels for the particular mining project or phase thereof are achieved in a representative set of monitoring

locations for consecutive wet and dry seasons, based upon reasonable scientific judgment.




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