notebook - Southwest Florida Water Management District

notebook - Southwest Florida Water Management District

SWFWMD Board Meeting Executive Summary ~ 3 ~ OCTOBER 30, 2012

Staff recommends the Board:

(1) Adopt Resolution No. 12-15 to reallocate a total of $637,824, with $635,752 in FY2006 trust

funds approved for the Bradenton ASR Sy stem Including Oxygen Removal Study ($45,250),

Lake Tarpon ASR T est Well Pr ogram ( $234,834), M orningside Ar ea Reclaim ed Water

Transmission and Distr ibution Sy stem ( $219,620), and Haines City ’s Sout hern Ar ea

Transmission Main Extension ($136,048); and $2,072 in FY2008 t rust funds approved for the

Haines Cit y’s Sout hern Ar ea T ransmission Main E xtension and t ransfer t o t he on going

Manatee’s Second of F our M ARS 10 Million G allon ( MG) Reclaim ed St orage Tank ( H093)

project; approve the transfer of $318,912 of ad valorem funds which will be reimbursed by the


(2) Authorize st aff t o a mend t he ag reement t o add lang uage that w ill allo w t he pr oject t o use

those funds; and

(3) Authorize the Executive Director or his designee to execute the amendment.

13. Minimum Flows and Levels Priority List and Schedule Update

Staff presented a draft "Proposed Southwest Florida Water Management District Fiscal Year 2013

Minimum Flo ws and L evels Pr iority List and Schedule" t o t he G overning Boar d at t he

September 25, 2012 meet ing. Comm ent on t he dr aft p riority list was r eceived at a publ ic

workshop held at the Tampa Service Office on October 1, 2012.

Based on consideration of stakeholder input, no further additions to the priority list or rescheduling

of water bodies other than those discussed at the September 2012 Board meeting are proposed.

However, based on r eview of budgetary and staffing requirements for other priority water bodies,

staff recommends that Myakkahatchee Creek be removed from the priority list. This water body

was previously identified by staff for MFLs adoption in FY2016.

Staff recommends the Board approve the Minimum Flows and Levels Priority List and Schedu le

for submission to DEP for review and approval as required by Chapter 373, F.S.

14. Facilitating Agricultural Resource Management Systems (FARMS) Program (H017) –

Reallocation of State Trust Funds and Budget Transfer

Over t he last sev eral f iscal y ears, t he FAR MS Program has ex perienced a st eady incr ease in

program part icipation, w ith FY2012 hav ing 44 new pr ojects and 6 am endments app roved for

funding in t he am ount of $8 ,295,058. The F Y2013 budg et for FARMS Pr ogram pr ojects i s

$6,000,000 in ad valorem and State Appropriation based funding. This request for the transfer of

additional St ate Appr opriation funds int o t he FARMS Pr ogram would incr ease t he t otal FARMS

Program project budget for FY2013 to $7,139,528.

Staff recommends the Board approve the reallocation of $1,139,528 in State funding for the West-

Central Flor ida Water Rest oration Act ion Plan and t he t ransfer o f t he associated ex penditure

budget from t he Lake Hancock Lak e Level Modification pr oject ( H008) to t he FAR MS Pr ogram

(H017) for future funding of agricultural Best Management Practices consistent with FARMS Rule

40D-26, F.A.C.

Finance & Administration Committee

15. Budget Transfer Report

Staff recommends the Board approve the Budget Transfer Report covering all budget transfers for

September 2012.

16. Office Service Analysis

Pursuant to the Governor’s and Board’s direction, District staff is exploring opportunities to reduce

District expenses while ensuring the delivery of effective and efficient services. Distr ict staff has

conducted a pr eliminary r eview of opt ions for the de livery of o ffice serv ices includ ing pr inting,

mailing, and document imaging. However, to ensure that a thorough and comprehensive analysis

of all available options is performed, a market review of outside services by a qualified company is


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