notebook - Southwest Florida Water Management District

notebook - Southwest Florida Water Management District

through an ingress/egress easement from Crump Road, a publicly maintained paved road. This

easement along the canal and its bank will provide permanent rights for access and maintenance.


The property is designated for “RL-1” use under the Polk County Future Land Use. The purpose

of the RL-1 district is to provide areas for the low density residential needs of residents in urban

areas with a minimum lot size of 40,000 square feet.

Summary of Appraisals and Value Comparisons

An appraisal of this easement was not obtained because it is being offered as a donation. The

parent property, of which the easement is part, is owned by New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC. It

is identified by the Polk County Property Appraiser as parcel 27-28-19-000000-023030, and has a

2012 reported just market value of $177,232.

Donation Terms

• The property owner has approved a Perpetual Channel Improvement and Maintenance

Easement and will convey the interest free and clear of all encumbrances objectionable to the


• The District will pay the documentary stamp tax and recording fees.


The ability to access and maintain a corridor along the Peace Creek Canal will ensure the

District’s ability to perform the canal maintenance necessary to reduce flooding impacts and the

ability to respond in a timely manner to emergency flooding events. Currently, the District’s

activities along the canal have been accomplished through temporary license agreements. The

licenses often provide only limited access, and are subject to modification and cancelation by the

property owners at their discretion. The acquisition of this easement is in accordance with the

plan approved by the Governing Board for the long-term maintenance of the Peace Creek Canal

in Polk County.

Staff Recommendation:

See Exhibits

Accept the easement donation.


Steven Blaschka, Real Estate Services Manager, Operations & Land Mgt. Bureau


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