notebook - Southwest Florida Water Management District

notebook - Southwest Florida Water Management District

Item 14

Consent Agenda

October 30, 2012

Resource Management Committee

Facilitating Agricultural Resource Management Systems (FARMS) Program (H017) –

Reallocation of State Trust Funds and Budget Transfer


The purpose of this item is to request authorization to reallocate $1,139,528 in unused funds

appropriated by the State for the West-Central Florida Water Resources Action Plan (WRAP)

and to transfer the associated expenditure budget from the Lake Hancock Lake Level

Modification project (H008) to the FARMS Program (H017) to support future FARMS Program



The goal of the Lake Hancock Lake Level Modification project is to store water by raising the

control elevation of the existing outflow structure on Lake Hancock and to slowly release the

water during the dry season to help meet the minimum flow requirements in the upper Peace

River between Bartow and Zolfo Springs. The project proposes to increase the normal operating

level from 98.7 feet to 100.0 feet National Geodetic Vertical Datum (NGVD) by replacing the

P-11 outfall structure. The project is in the final phase with projected completion costs lower

than anticipated. Staff has identified $1,139,528 in unused State WRAP funds that are not

needed to complete the project and are available for transfer to other projects, such as FARMS

Program projects.

Over the last several fiscal years, the FARMS Program has experienced a steady increase in

program participation and cost-share funding. The number of projects funded by the program

almost doubled between FY2010 (20 projects) and FY2011 (37 projects), with FY2012 having

44 new projects and 6 amendments approved for funding in the amount of $8,295,058. The

FY2013 budget for FARMS Program projects is $6,000,000 in ad valorem and State

Appropriation based funding. This request for the transfer of additional State Appropriation

funds into the FARMS Program would increase the total FARMS Program project budget for

FY2013 to $7,139,528. These funds will advance the District’s commitment to reduce Upper

Floridan aquifer groundwater withdrawals, improve water quality, and improve natural systems

through the FARMS program in FY2013.

FARMS Program projects, traditionally funded 50 percent by the Basins and 50 percent by the

Governing Board and supplemented by State funding when available, have now transitioned to

100 percent Governing Board funding, supplemented by State funding when available. Future

FARMS Projects will use these State Appropriation funds as a priority over ad valorem

Governing Board funds.

Impact If Not Transferred

If the WRAP funds are not transferred, the District will potentially miss the opportunity to

leverage state funds with District dollars. The FARMS Program would be limited in its ability to

continue cost-sharing agricultural best management practices (BMPs) aimed to offset

groundwater quantities, improve water quality and restore natural systems in the current 2013

fiscal year. Objectives identified in the District’s SWUCA Recovery Strategy, Regional Water

Supply Plan, Strategic Plan, SPJC Watersheds Management Plan – Reasonable Assurance

Documentation and Dover/Plant City WUCA Recovery Strategy would be delayed without

sufficient program funding.


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