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selection of a contractor to construct the well and other onsite facilities. Project Manager:

Mark Barcelo

Dover/Plant City Water Use Caution Area Flow Meter and Automatic Meter Reading

Equipment Implementation Program

At the June 2011 meeting, the Governing Board reviewed the Dover/Plant City Water Use

Caution Area (DPCWUCA) Flow Meter and Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) Equipment

Implementation Program (program) and authorized staff to encumber $1,394,980 from FY2011

into FY2012 to implement the program. The program administration will be guided by a District

procedure that is divided into two distinctive steps: (1) installation of flow meters, and (2)

installation of AMR equipment. The program is being implemented as a result of several

groundwater drawdown events related to frost/freeze protection of agricultural commodities in

the Dover/Plant City area. In January 2010, this area experienced a record number of well

failures (760) related to groundwater drawdown associated with irrigation used for crop

frost/freeze protection. The magnitude of the 2010 frost/freeze event brought into focus the

need to further enhance the collection of hydrogeological data, including water use information,

to better understand and manage the relationship between pumping and groundwater

drawdown. As part of the District’s response to these events, a series of Stakeholder and

Technical Work Group meetings were held to develop management strategies. Potential

management strategies were also discussed by the Governing Board at several Board meetings

in spring 2010. At their June 2010 meeting, the Governing Board directed staff to proceed with

the establishment of the DPCWUCA and a recovery strategy that included the expansion of

data collection activities through the installation of flow meters and AMR equipment. The

Governing Board also authorized the use of $50,000 in contingency funds to begin AMR

implementation. At their December 2010 meeting, the Governing Board adopted a minimum

aquifer level in the DPCWUCA (Rule 40D-8.626, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.)), as well

as a recovery strategy (Rule 40D-80.075, F.A.C.) that incorporated flow meters and AMR

installations to reduce resource impacts from future frost/freeze pumping events. The rules went

into effect on June 16, 2011. Meter information in the Dover/Plant City area will be used by the

District to: (1) improve the allocation of well mitigation responsibilities among permit holders, (2)

allow District staff to better identify permit compliance issues resulting from pumping during

frost/freeze events, (3) improve the modeling of impacts resulting from pumping during

frost/freeze events, (4) allow the monitoring of performance and track the progress of

management actions implemented, and (5) provide for the overall assessment of the recovery

strategy goal of reducing frost/freeze protection quantities by 20 percent in ten years. It is

estimated that 626 flow meters and 961 AMR devices will need to be installed within the 256-

square mile DPCWUCA. Total costs of the program are estimated to be $5.5 million for flow

meter and AMR equipment installation with approximately $300,000 required annually to

support the program. The implementation schedule is to complete all flow meter installations

within three years (September 2014) and AMR installations within five years (September 2016).

A Request for Proposal was advertised on December 30, 2011, to obtain a qualified consultant

to install AMR equipment. On March 8, 2012, the District elected to reject all proposals from a

group of seven respondents. The solicitation of the Request for Proposal is expected to be

reissued in October 2012, and installations are anticipated to begin by early 2013. New

Activities Since Last Meeting: As of September 24, 2012, a total of 57 flow meters have been

installed. Staff is continuing to work with 100 permittees identified to date that are eligible to

participate in the flow meter reimbursement program. As permit renewals or modifications are

issued that qualify for the reimbursement program, permittees are contacted with instructions on

how to participate. In addition, it is anticipated that a minimum of 35 additional permittees will be

contacted each quarter to participate in the program over the next three to five years. Project

Manager: Kevin Coughlin

Staff Recommendation:

This item is provided for the Committee’s information, and no action is required.


Mark A. Hammond, Division Director, Resource Management


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