notebook - Southwest Florida Water Management District

notebook - Southwest Florida Water Management District

WUP No. 20011400.025 Page 2 of 19 October 30, 2012

The existing WUPs being combined as one under this IWUP No. 20011400.025 (Mosaic Phosphates) are uses

already included in WUP 20011400.024 (Four Corners, New Wales, Ona), and WUP Nos. 20000029.012

(Hooker’s Prairie), 20001539.008 (Green Bay), 20002224.007 (Bartow), 20002297.012 (South Ft. Meade),

20003195.005 (Mulberry), and 20003740.007 (Wingate Creek). These operations are conducted on

approximately 317,000 acres of property located within the Southern Water Use Caution Area in Hillsborough,

Polk, Hardee, Manatee and DeSoto Counties.

Special Conditions include those that require the Permittee to record and report monthly meter readings from

existing and proposed withdrawal points; allow for pumpage distribution flexibility for withdrawals and facilities;

comply with well construction stipulations for proposed wells; submit caliper/video logs; install and maintain rain

gauges; proper abandonment of wells; submit annual mine plan; install longer term monitoring wells; investigate

water resource complaints; submit 10-year compliance, water conservation, and alternative source reports;

conduct feasibility studies for Ona and DeSoto mines for material transport water reduction; modify the permit to

reflect incorporation of any new alternative water sources; comply with the Southern Water Use Caution Area

recovery strategy; comply with rolling 12-month average pumpage; cap all wells not in use; maintain a water

conservation plan and submit status update reports; and implement the approved Environmental Management



Mining or Dewatering 44,600,000 55,750,000

Industrial or Commercial 25,000,000 31,250,000

1 The quantities identified in the Water Use Table for Mining or Dewatering and for Industrial or Commercial uses

are estimates of water use between mine and concentrate facilities and are not intended to specify the authorized

quantities for each use type.

Mining or Dewatering - Phosphate Ore Processing

Industrial or Commercial - Concentrate Processing

Industrial Other Uses

Personal Sanitary Uses

Water from authorized withdrawal points are restricted to the quantities on the table attached hereto and incorporated

herein by reference as Exhibit "C".


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