notebook - Southwest Florida Water Management District

notebook - Southwest Florida Water Management District

Project DRI Location DRI App Type Date Assigned Date Completed Description

Palmer Ranch Increment XXI Sarasota County ADA - 2nd


8/16/2012 9/10/2012 290 single-family units on 140 acres.

Palmer Ranch Isles of Sarasota Phase 3 Sarasota County NOPC 7/11/2011 Increment XVII NOPC to add 38.4 acres with no

increase in density.

Parrish Lakes Manatee County Final DRI


Parrish Lakes Manatee County ADA - 2nd


Robinson Gateway Manatee County ADA - 1st


Robinson Gateway Manatee County ADA - Initial


2/28/2011 3/22/2011 Final Recommended Comments for

development - Mixed Use - 1,155 acres. Proposes

3300 residential units, 400,000 sf of retail and

office and a mixed-use town center.

1/7/2011 2/8/2011 No substantive comments made.

7/11/2011 Packet incomplete; waiting for additional

materials. This was the first review of materials

on file to date.

12/29/2010 1/21/2011 Conducting ADA review.

Southbend Hillsborough NOPC 5/4/2010 6/1/2011 Mixed use.

Tampa Bay Center Hillsborough NOPC 5/13/2010 6/9/2011 Commercial.

The Villages of Sumter Sumter NOPC 9/12/2010 1/5/2010 Mixed Use. 13,489 acres. Reduction in retail and

office uses; increase in residential based on land

use matrix exchange.

The Villages of Wildwood Sumter NOPC 9/15/2010 10/8/2010 Mixed Use. 13,477 acres. Addition of 4.71 acres to

Town Center.

Unnamed Exclusive Country Club Manatee NOPC - 1st


5/16/2012 6/11/2012 Request to increase residential use category by

11.59 acres.

Villages of Wildwood - 3rd NOPC Sumter County NOPC 5/3/2011 Several proposed changes to Map H and Map H-1

regarding land use types and intensities.

Villages Wildwood Sumter County NOPC 6/28/2012 7/26/2012 353-acre mixed use development in Sumter

County, close to City of Wildwood. Submitted

comments encouraging implementation of low

impact development practices, identification of

groundwater wells and noted Lake Deaton has

adopted minimum levels.






Application for Development Approval

Development of Regional Impact

Notice of Proposed Change

Pre-Application Meeting

Substantial Deviation

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