notebook - Southwest Florida Water Management District

notebook - Southwest Florida Water Management District

Item 43

• Regional Planning Councils

Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council (10/8/12) -- Dr. Barbara Foster of the Department

of Economic Opportunity (DEO) provided an overview of the five-year Statewide Strategic

Plan for Economic Development, which began in October 2011. Staff from DEO and the

Florida Regional Planning Councils held 50 workshops with over 3,000 stakeholders

throughout the state in this consensus-based, collaborative approach to strategic planning.

DEO is marking the first anniversary of the agency with the roll out of the plan. The City of

Zephyrhills passed a Resolution at their August Council Meeting in favor of joining the

Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council. The Council voted unanimously to accept their

membership. TBRPC staff provided an update on two statewide energy planning projects

identifying ways to diversify our energy sources and how to prepare for a major energy

disruption. Partners include the Florida Regional Planning Councils, the Florida Office of

Energy, the U.S. Economic Development Administration, and the U.S. Department of

Energy. The studies will help identify strategies to diversify Florida's energy future and

reduce reliance on foreign energy sources. Two surveys have been created to better

understand the current energy infrastructure paradigm from both a residential and nonresidential

perspective. The surveys are located at Finally, the

Council will make available 13,940 square feet of premium office space for lease on Feb. 1,

2012 with favorable rates for nonprofits.

Central Florida Regional Planning Council (9/12/12) – In addition to attending to several

administrative items relating to staff salaries and roof repairs, the Council heard

presentations on the efforts to make broadband internet services widely available

throughout the region and on a grant request for brownfields assessments. During the

broadband presentation member Andy Tuck and District staff emphasized the importance of

having a robust mobile network for the agricultural community, especially since farming

practices are increasingly relying on moment-to-moment technologies that can be adjusted

remotely (via smart phone) according to weather and other natural conditions. The next

meeting will not be held until November, at which time a public hearing for the Oakbridge

DRI will take place.

• Central Florida Water Initiative

CFWI Base Map Subgroup (9/11/2012) – Staff participated in the second CFWI Base Map

Subgroup conference call. There were also representatives from SFWMD and SJRWMD.

The goal of the group is to determine the technical, logistical, and aesthetic components of

the CFWI base maps. We discussed the map revisions made as a result of the first

meeting, as well as additional revisions based upon the latest version. A few features were

missing from the base map in our region and staff agreed to provide those within a week.

SFWMD is taking the lead on housing the data and creating the base maps.

Population and Demand Projections Subgroup (9/13/12) – Staff participated in the CFWI

Population and Demand Subgroup’s Regional Water Supply Planning (RWSP) meeting in

Maitland. The focus of the meeting was to incorporate stakeholder comments into the

demand projections portion of the RWSP. The Department of Agriculture and Consumer

Services had the most comments and asked that several portions of the agricultural section,

regarding stakeholder review and limitations/uncertainties, be sent back to the main group

for consideration. After the meeting, some stakeholders expressed concern over their

perception that agriculture does not use all the water that is allocated to it and that changing

the drought frequency to one-in-ten will only increase the gap between permitted and used

quantities in agriculture. The concern is that higher permitted quantities will impact other

users, exacerbate MFL issues and require the development of more expensive alternative


RWSP Task Management Subgroup (9/19/12) – The CFWI RWSP Task Management

Subgroup met to discuss several items related to the RWSP development and editing

process. The group revised the list of near term deliverables and plan elements that can be

completed now and established a GIS subgroup to develop map standards. An expanded

guidance document/outline that provides direction to the technical team authors was

finalized and submitted to the Groundwater Availability and RWSP teams. The subgroup

has also developed an editing process document and a Word version of the author’s

template to allow for simple and consistent formatting and submitted both to the RWSP

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