notebook - Southwest Florida Water Management District

notebook - Southwest Florida Water Management District

WUP No. 20011400.025 Page 8 of 19 October 30, 2012

network may be used in interpreting the Baseline Data Set, as defined in the EMP, or a SAS dataset of less than

four years, if necessary. Water level data from the long-term monitoring wells shall be recorded at least monthly

and the water level data and locations included in the Annual Report required in Section 10.0 of the EMP.


By June 1, 2012, the Permittee shall install and maintain continuous recording rain gauges in the areas around

Payne Creek, Hardee Station No. 1, South East Hillsborough No. 2, Wingate Creek No. 1, and Pine Level 002.

These gauges are referred to as District ID No(s). 4000, 4001, 4002, 4003 and 4004 [Permittee ID No(s). RG 2,

RG 4, RG 8, RG 38, and RG 62, respectively]. Total daily rainfall shall be recorded at these stations in inches to

one-hundredth of an inch and submitted to the District online on

District forms on or before the 10 th day of the month following data collection. The reporting period for these data

shall begin on the first day of each month and end on the last day of each month.


Prior to conducting Mine Activities that could potentially impact a well, any wells located within the area shall be

properly abandoned (plugged) by a licensed water well contractor in accordance with Chapter 62-532.500(4),

F.A.C., under a Well Abandonment Permit issued by the District or any local government that has been delegated

authority to implement this program by the District. Dewatering wells shall either be mined through or properly




The Permittee shall submit an Annual Mine Plan by June 1, 2013, and every year thereafter for all areas of

Mine Activities, as that term is defined in the EMP. The Permittee shall undertake the Mine Activities in

accordance with the plan, and other documentation, submitted in support of this permit and as approved by

the District. Prior to any subsequent substantive deviation from an approved mine plan, the Permittee shall

provide a revised plan to the Water Use Permit Bureau. Substantive deviation is defined as:

1. Change in future mining area;

2. Change in an approved Mandatory Mitigation Distance (MMD) (as defined in the EMP); and,

3. Addition of a preservation area or deletion/mining of a previously preserved area.

Each plan shall include a map(s) with the following information clearly identified:

1. Areas to be mined or dewatered within the following twelve (12) month period as well as those mined in

the preceding 12 month period. An estimated timetable for construction and operation of each mining and

dewatering cut/cell shall be included.

2. The MMD to be maintained.

3. Additions or deletions of outparcels. Additional outparcels must be labeled and the names and addresses

of the property owners must be referenced for each outparcel.

4. All wells within areas to be mined and their future disposition.

5. Wetlands required to be preserved, including those wetlands created for mitigation, and any on-site

wetlands that will not be mined.


No earlier than six months prior to June 1, 2022, the Permittee shall submit a projected mine plan for years 11

through 20 of the permit. Documentation shall include the following:

1. Areas to be mined or dewatered each year including mining depths and depth of overburden and matrix;

2. The MMD to be maintained; and

3. Wetlands/streams required to be preserved.


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