2010 Iowa DaIry PrIncess eager to sPreaD the - Swiss Valley Farms


2010 Iowa DaIry PrIncess eager to sPreaD the - Swiss Valley Farms

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2010 Iowa Dairy Princess eager

to spread the good news on dairy

Co-op Lost a Great Friend

by Don Boelens

Published Monthly by:

Swiss Valley Farms


P.O. Box 4493

Davenport, IA 52808

563.468.6600 FAX 563.468.6616


Nancy Feeney

Editor/ Member Relations Mgr.

Swiss Valley Farms, Co. will produce,

distribute and sell value-added, quality

products for our:

Customers & Consumers



Swiss Valley Board Officers


Pam Bolin................................................Clarksville, IA

Vice Chair

Randy Schaefer....................................Blue Grass, IA

Assistant Secretary

Jeff Nimtz...............................................Monticello, WI

Assistant Treasurer

James Schmitt.............................................Sherrill, IA

Swiss Valley Directors

Loyde M. Beers.......................................Eastman, WI

Steve Klug.....................................Spring Grove, MN

Dale Humpal.........................................Ridgeway, IA

Francis Leibfried..................................Cuba City, WI

G. Joe Lyon....................................................Toledo, IA

Ken Schmitz..............................................Norwalk, WI

Patrick Schroeder..............................Lancaster, WI

Eugene Smith........................................Clinton, WI


In late September, Swiss Valley

Farms lost a great supporter and

wonderful friend.

It is with great sadness that we

announce the passing of William Strief,

District 5 Board Member for Swiss

Valley Farms on Sunday, September

26 th . Our deepest sympathies go out

to his wife, Donna, and his children -

Julie, Jolene, Janda, Jodi, Mark, Mike

and Matt -- and 21 grandchildren.

Bill served on the Swiss Valley Farms

Board of Directors for 18 years, being

seated in February of 1992. Bill worked

hard to represent his dairy cooperative,

serving on many committees during

his tenure. His most recent duties as

a Board Member involved serving on

the Budget, Finance and Financial

Standards Committee as well as the

Hauler Subcommittee. Bill also valued

his District 5 district representatives,

always holding an informative and

informal fall meeting with them.

His love for the dairy industry was

a huge part of Bill’s life. He was a long

time member of the Iowa Holstein

Association and the Iowa State Dairy

Association Board, giving updates

on these meetings to the Swiss Valley


Bill took great pride in his farm,

located in Farley, Iowa, where he and

his son Matt milked 240 Holsteins and

raised their own heifers and feed.

Pam Bolin, Swiss Valley Board

President, had this to say about Bill.

“All of us on the Swiss Valley Farms

Board send our deepest sympathy to

Donna and her family. When you serve

on a board with someone and see them

every month for several years, they and

their family become a part of your life.

Bill was a great guy to be around and

was also a proud dad and grandpa!

CEO Don Boelens

We are all very grateful to the years of

service Bill gave to Swiss Valley Farms.

He will be greatly missed by so many.”

Long time Swiss Valley Farms

CEO Carl Zurborg remembered Bill

as a conscientious Board member. “He

was a regular attendee at Board meetings.

He was also a dedicated family

man to Donna and their children and


Past Board Chairman Elmer Paper,

Stockton, Iowa, said that while he did

not serve very long as chairman when

Bill was on the Board, he remembered

him doing a good job of representing

the members from his district.

Board Vice Chairperson Randy

Schaefer, Blue Grass, Iowa, remembers

that he and Bill came on the Swiss

Valley Board the same year, 1992. “Bill

always had a quick wit with a ready

smile. He always put the co-op’s best

interests at heart. Bill was also a great

friend and I will truly miss him.”

I know that everyone on our Board

is deeply saddened by Bill’s sudden

passing. Bill’s positive outlook and

contributions will be missed by our



B i l l S t r i e f 1 9 4 2 - 2 0 1 0

He Loved His Family & His Co-op

Co-op NEWS

Clockwise from top

left: Bill and his wife

Donna at the NMPF

meeting in Dallas, TX

last year. Bill enjoyed

working in the

dairy with his son

Matt. Father and

son flank their long

time milk hauler

Lyle Wulfekuhle

beside his milk truck.

Bill stands with

CEO Don Boelens,

Procurement V.P.

Chris Hoeger and

fellow director Jeff

Nimtz behind the

Swiss Valley cheese

table at an NMPF

Dairy Summit. Bill

and Donna in 1992

in a Dairyman

photo marking

Bill’s election to the




plan now to attend your



november 30


december 1


december 2


december 3


december 6


december 7


december 8


december 9


december 10



District 21 – Pam Bolin


Clarksville, IA


District 5 –

KC Hall

Cascade, IA


District 17 – Dale Humpal

Community Presbyterian Church

Postville, IA


District 15 – Loyde Beers

Father Baer Hall

Eastman, WI


District 23 – Jeff Nimtz

Cardinal Country Inn

Brodhead, WI


District 19 – Eugene Smith

Ponderosa Restaurant

Beaver Dam, WI


District 6 – G. Joe Lyon

Reinig Center

Toledo, IA


District 16 – Ken Schmitz

Club 16

Sparta, WI


District 13 – Randy Schaefer

Fairview Mennonite Church

Kalona, IA

7:30 p.m.

District 4 – Jim Schmitt

New Vienna Community Hall

New Vienna, IA

(Note: There will be an election at this meeting

to serve out Bill Strief’s 2-year term.)

8:00 p.m.

District 20 – Steve Klug

St. Mary’s Catholic Church

Caledonia, MN

December is not that far away!

Mark your calendars now with

your District Meeting Date!

7:30 p.m.

District 2 – Francis Leibfried

Banfield’s Swiss Haus

Cuba City, WI

7:30 p.m.

District 1 – Pat Schroeder

Happy Joe’s

Lancaster, WI


Perfect survey scores in co-op

Jeremy Lucky, Cuba City, Wis

Co-op NEWS

Jeremy Lucky, Cuba City, Wis. received a perfect

survey score earlier in the year on the first inspection

on his new farm. Jeremy, who is 25 and single, has

been milking his 65 Holsteins for six months on

this farm. He says he has been milking cows his

whole life. “I’m too young to know what I’m doing

yet. But I like working with animals.” He raises all

his young stock and replacement heifers, selling the

bulls and steers. He buys all his feed. Keep up the

good work, Jeremy!

Highview Farms, Hamburg, Minn

Jim and Jody Oelfke, in

back row, recently received a

perfect survey score on their

farm, Highview Farms of

Hamburg, Minn. The Oelfke’s

milk 200 Jerseys and have a

rolling herd average of 17,464

pounds. They get lots of help

from their children, Jacob,

Janet, Jessica and Jennifer.

Jim’s father, Howard, in center,

also enjoys working with his

son in the dairy. Jim says the

way to achieve a perfect score

is to pay attention to details in

the dairy. “It also helps to work

and cooperate with your field

reps and state inspectors,” Jim




2 0 1 0 I o w a D a i r y P r i n c e s s

Kendra Ready for Princess Duties

Despite her busy freshman schedule at Luther College,

the newest Iowa Dairy Princess is eager to start

spreading the good news about dairy producers and,

of course, nutritious milk.

Kendra Moser of Colesburg won the state princess title in

August at the 2010 Iowa State Fair. The fair itself added drama

to an already stressful competition. At fair time, it was flooding

in Des Moines and the surrounding area. “It rained and rained

and rained,” Kendra recalls. “They closed every major highway

around Des Moines. All of the candidates were worried if their

parents and grandparents would be able to get to the coronation

ceremonies. People had to drive 80 or 90 miles out of their way

to get to the fair.”

Kendra parents, Swiss Valley members Todd and Lynn

Moser, did manage to get there and were in the audience when

Kendra’s name was called as the new Iowa Dairy Princess.

Todd’s first thought was, “Oh, that’s cool!” Todd says, “Lynn

and I high-fived each other. There were a lot of people there

rooting for Kendra who jumped up and cheered.”

Lynn says, “Earlier that day, Kendra had won the

presentation portion of the competition and several people

told me that the girls who win that don’t go on to win the title.

They were wrong!”

Kendra’s mom has many good reasons to be excited. “I

will be getting out of lots of chores this year while I travel

around the state with Kendra. I can’t wait! It will be our

‘catch up’ time traveling together.” Kendra has an upcoming

princess orientation program in Ankeny at the Midwest Dairy

Association headquarters. “My schedule of activities kicks off

in January when the county dairy banquets begin. It just rolls

on from there.”

Kendra is a freshman at Luther College in Decorah

majoring in biology with plans to go into medicine. She wants

to become a pediatrician, where she thinks she can influence

young mothers to make sure their children get their dairy every

day and all the nutrients it provides.

“I would like to change some people’s minds about dairy,”

Kendra says. “I want people to know about how well Iowa

dairy producers take care of their cows.” In the coming months,

Kendra hopes to reach out to the public and spread the good

word about dairy. “I want to influence as many people as

possible about the benefits of dairy and the wonderful people

who stand behind the product.”

In her award-winning princess presentation, Kendra

came out dressed as an old woman hunched over, wearing a

gray wig and glasses with pillows tucked under a bathrobe. “I


Being selected Iowa State Dairy Princess is a dream come

true for this country girl who grew up working on her

family’s farm in Colesburg, Iowa.

represented an old woman with many health problems,” she

says. “I told the crowd, ‘I used to look like you pretty girls. But

I didn’t get my three servings a day of dairy.’ Then I explained

all of milk’s nutrients and how they each help our body.” As the

talk progressed, layer by layer of bad things began to fall away

from Kendra. Gradually, she looked pretty. “Now that I feel

better, I can exercise and lose weight. Look what dairy products

can do for you!” Then, the bathrobe dropped away and she was

dressed in an evening gown, looking healthy again. “The crowd

started clapping and hooting. They loved it,” Todd says.

Kendra was raised in a true family dairy operation. The

Moser’s milk 51 Holsteins on the farm where Todd grew up.

They also raise beef, sheep and chickens. With help from

Kendra and her brothers, Kirk, 17, and Kohl, 10, Todd and

Lynn produce quality milk and will be receiving their 25-year

milk Quality Award at their Swiss Valley district meeting in


“I want to influence as many people as possible about the

benefits of dairy and the wonderful people who stand behind

the product.” --- Kendra Moser

Member NEWS

Clockwise from top left: Kendra

poses with her family, brothers Kirk

and Kohl and parents Todd and

Lynn. She accepts her Iowa Dairy

Princess crown at the state fair. The

dairy princess drives around with

her claim to fame on the door of

her car. Kendra won the presentation

program at the pageant, posing

as a sickly woman who didn’t

get her three servings of dairy

every day.

December. The family looks forward to enjoying Kendra’s busy

year, which will be full of media interviews, dairy events and

farm tours.

Lynn remembered that Kirk hit the nail on the head when

he told his parents before Kendra’s princess competition, “She’s


going to win this because she wins everything she goes for.”

One thing is for certain. This new Iowa Dairy Princess is

looking forward into turning her energy and enthusiasm into a

winning season for Iowa dairy producers.


W o r l d D a i r y E x p o C o m p e t i t i o n & A u c t i o n

swiss valley products excel!

The judges have spoken—Swiss Valley Farms

received three first place honors and two second

and third place wins in the 2010 World Dairy

Expo Championship Dairy Product Contest, hosted by

the Wisconsin Dairy Products Association (WDPA). The

judging, which took place in August at the Madison Area

Technical College, produced five awards for Swiss Valley.

Swiss Valley’s

first place wins

were recognized

on stage during

a trophy

presentation on

September 28 th ,

the first night of

the World Dairy

Expo in Madison,

WI. Second

and third place

wins were also recognized. Following the reception, first

place wins in all categories of the contest were auctioned

off. A portion of those proceeds went to the Dr. Robert

Bradley Scholarship Fund, which grants a scholarship to a

promising student pursuing a career in the dairy industry.

Congratulations to our plants for your excellence in

manufacturing and congratulations to our farmers who

supply the quality milk that goes into these products!

More about the World Dairy Expo: The 2010 World

Dairy Expo was held September 28 – October 2 in

1 st Place – Blue cheese from Mindoro, WI

1 st Place – Neufchatel from Luana, IA

1 st Place – Whey powder from Luana, IA

2 nd Place – Gorgonzola from Mindoro, WI

3 rd Place – Swiss cheese from Luana, IA

Madison, WI.

This year’s theme

was “Crowning


– Golden


Attended by

more than

65,000 dairy

enthusiasts, the

show features a

variety of exhibits,

contests and seminars. Next year’s expo is scheduled for

October 4-8, 2011.

To find out more, visit www.world-dairy-expo.com.



Expo Cheese Auction Photos

Co-op NEWS

ABOVE: Swiss Valley Farms Senior Sales

Consultant Tony Anderson served as the Master

of Ceremonies at the World Dairy Expo First Place

Cheese Auction and award presentation.

ABOVE: Auctioneer Doug Wilson, left,

recognizes another bid from the crowd for

Mindoro Blue as Robert Martin, Supervisor at the

Mindoro plant, patiently waits with his cheese.


ACCEPTING AWARDS: Representatives from the Mindoro and

Luana plants proudly receive their first place trophies. Above, from

top; Robert Martin, Mindoro Blue; Chuck Brainard, Neufchatel, Luana;

Chris Schmidt, Whey powder, Luana.


A m b e r H e i n r i c h , M a q u o k e t a , I o w a

Dairy intern experiences busy summer

Clockwise from top:

During June Dairy

Month, Amber

greeted grocery store

customers as a local

dairy farmer.

Amber used a golf

cart to round up

some volunteers to

work in the Dairy

Building at the Illinois

State Fair. This was

the display Amber set

up at the Illinois State

FFA convention. She

had the FFA members

play the cow racing

game on a Wii.

page 10

From the first day Amber

Heinrich stepped into her

summer internship with

the Illinois branch of the Midwest

Dairy Association in Bloomington,

it seemed to be one dairy event

after another. Amber, the daughter

of Swiss Valley Farms members Joe

and Shelley Heinrich of Maquoketa,

Iowa, began her internship in late

May and jumped right into planning

June Dairy Month activities.

“Among the many great activities

happening in Illinois for June

Dairy Month, my favorite was going

to two Jewel-Osco grocery stores

and passing out string cheese to the

customers. They all seemed to love

hearing from a true dairy farmer,”

Amber says.

She also began preparing for

the annual Chicago Division and

St. Louis Division board meetings.

The biggest task of her internship

was to help out at the 2010 Illinois

State Fair. This turned out to be

Amber’s favorite part of the entire

internship. The dairy farmers in

Illinois rent the Dairy Building at

the Illinois State Fair and this year

the Dairy Building underwent a

huge renovation for food safety.

“The renovation was a big

undertaking, but in the end every

fairgoer loved it,” Heinrich said. At

the Dairy Building, fairgoers are

able to see the judged dairy products

on display, watch as the butter

cow rotates in its refrigerated glass

case, play educational games and

purchase delicious and nutritious

dairy treats, including homemade


cream puffs, which are a favored

tradition at this fair.

“I got to learn everything from

how to fix ice cream machines and

cash registers to making ice cream

cones and cream puffs,” Amber

says. The state fair was a huge

undertaking, much bigger then

she imagined. But with the help

of many great people, it was a big

success. “The dairy building was all

about dairy promotion,” Amber says.

“The messages for dairy promotion

throughout my internship, no

matter where we were, were always

very well received.”

Amber is a junior at Iowa State

University majoring in Animal

Science and Dairy Science/Pre-

Vet. Upon graduation she plans

to pursue her dream of becoming a

large animal veterinarian practicing

in rural Iowa.

“Growing up on a dairy farm,

I always saw the production side

of the dairy process,” Amber says.

“Being the Jackson/Clinton County

Dairy Princess, I was able to see a

small portion of the promotional

side. This sparked an interest in me

to one day intern for Midwest Dairy


Amber says the internship

application process was not

hard at all. “All you do is go to

midwestdairycheckoff.com and find

the ‘About Us’ tab and scroll down to

‘Internships’.” This year’s deadline is

January 1, 2011. “I would definitely

encourage other people to apply for

this internship. It was overall a great


drug testing scrutiny

likely to increase

By Tim Genthe, Lab & Safety Manager, Procurement Division

It has been in the news lately

that the Food and Drug

Administration continues to find

antibiotic residue in an increased

number of beef cows at the packing

houses, with the majority of these

cows being dairy cull cows. As a result,

the FDA is beginning to step up its

testing protocols in meat processing

plants to ensure that antibiotic meat

products do not make their way to

our dinner tables.

Consumers expect the food they

purchase to be a wholesome product,

and they are in the marketplace asking

the question, “What assurances do

we have that the food we consume is

free of antibiotics?”

Swiss Valley Farms Cooperative

can assure the consumer that we

have a vigorous testing program for

the milk that is received at our plants

that turn our members’ milk into the

products that are sold on the grocery

store shelf. The plants test every load

of milk for beta-lactam drugs before

the milk is accepted at the plant. The

Swiss Valley Farms field staff and

veterinarians work with our members

to educate them on the proper

storage and usage of all antibiotics.

We encourage our members to have

their cows’ milk tested for the specific

antibiotic used before putting the

milk into the bulk tank. These are

good practices that ensure antibioticfree

and wholesome dairy products.

Recently, some consumers have

begun to ask more of our regulatory

agencies, and the agencies are

responding. Regulatory agencies are

Tim Genthe

looking at implementing additional

testing for loads of milk before they

are accepted at the processing plants.

This may include, but is not limited

to, testing for Sulfonamide drugs and

Tetracycline drugs.

Remember, all families of

antibiotics have a specific withholding

time when selling the meat for

processing. If you are unsure of

how long the milk or meat needs to

be withheld from the marketplace,

you will need to consult with your


A safe, wholesome food product

needs to be the concern of everyone

from the dairy producer to the food

processor to the consumer.

If the consumer ever loses faith

in the food production process,

then every one loses. Let’s be extra

vigilant to keep antibiotics out of the


OCTOBER 2010 page 11

Co-op NEWS

member-only website updates

Co-op members who have been using the produceronly

log in site on www.swissvalley.com have been offering

suggestions on additional features that would be of use to

them in their dairy operation. As a result, Swiss Valley

IT personnel have been hard at work incorporating these

ideas into this space.

We are happy to announce that after October 15th,

you will be seeing some new features on the producer-only

section that will deliver more useful tools and information

to you and your dairy. Here is a summary of what Swiss

Valley members will be able to access:

Log-in, forgotten password

Swiss Valley now has the ability to send you an e-mail

containing your password if you’ve forgotten or misplaced

it. To activate this, you will need to call the co-op’s main

office and verify with Trish Horn or Julie Bredow that we

have your current e-mail address as a producer. This may

be different than the one we use for the farm, and they

need to make sure this is correct because this password

will allow access to your financial information.

When requesting the password, you will be asked

to provide your farm number along with your producer

number. Both these numbers can be found on your milk


New roll-over and drop-down menus

All the drop-down menus displayed at the top of the

screen have been updated. This allows us to include similar

type displays under one menu heading. By holding the

mouse over a menu heading, you should see additional

menu choices appear. Some of these drop-down menus

may also have even more additional choices available.

Table #1 below shows some items listed under this new

program menu.

Equity reports

A page has been added to display information about

payments made through Swiss Valley’s equity program.

This screen will show the date of your recent checks along

with a description of the payout, check number, amount

and check date.

You will see even more useful improvements to this

producer-only website in the coming months. If you have

any thoughts on other improvements you would like to

see added to this site, let your field rep know.

If you have never logged into the producer-only

section of www.swissvalley.com, you are missing out on a

useful record-keeping tool that could be of big help to you

on your dairy. To log on to your information, you need a

personal pin number that you can get by contacting your

field rep. This pin will enable you to access all your herd lab

information, check history and future milk price contract

information along with current futures’ milk prices and

other Swiss Valley Farms premium program information.

As always, Swiss Valley is interested in hearing any

comments or suggestions on other useful applications of

this producer-only log-in site. If you have any thoughts,

please let us know either by e-mail or passing them on to

your field rep.

Table 1

page 12


Swiss Valley Gals flock to Gerarda

Beautiful fall weather combined with an exciting speaker

resulted in an excellent crowd at this year’s Swiss Valley Gals

meetings. Gerarda Lahey-Keppler from Epworth, Iowa delighted

her audience with a fun presentation on “Simple Truths For a

Simply Joyful Life.”

Gerarda, who is a psychology instructor at NICC in Peosta,

delivered a talk on what modern women can do to handle stress,

delivered from a women’s point of view.

Knowing she was speaking with dairy women, Gerarda

added a little touch of bovine humor to her outline.

Among the points she made in her speech were:

1. You are simply “mooooo-valous --- always have been

and always will be. “Every day, you should get up excited that

you are so honored to spend the day with YOU! Love yourself

unconditionally, now and forever.”

2. Keep your mind out of the gutter! Give up on negative

thinking. Focusing on the positive side of life will yield better


3. Manure happens . . . but you don’t have to keep

stepping in it! “Cow pies come in all sizes and so does the crappy

things that happen in our lives. You can’t change the past and it

does you no good to dwell on wrongs that people did to you

years ago.” She urged everyone to learn to forgive, heal yourself

and move forward with your life.

4. It is “utterly” impossible to do nothing . . . but do

nothing often! Doing things you enjoy often makes you feel

guilty. Nonsense! These are the things that regenerate you as a

person. “Save the guilt for when you eat a whole pan of brownies

in one day, but only feel guilty about that if it is your second pan

in the same day!”

5. Milk life for all it’s worth . . . because your life is a

limited time offer. “Don’t focus on what isn’t, but what is. Don’t

sweat the small stuff because you are here for a limited time.

Laugh as much as you can . . . and then laugh some more.”

6. You are in “cowtrol” of your life. “Accept responsibility

for the decisions you make. Don’t blame your unhappiness on

others . . . take responsibility for your life and your well-being. It

is all under your control.”

7. Lastly, not to sound cheesy, but share the wealth of

you and love with all your heart! “Say ‘I love you’ every chance

you get and when you give what you have to others, all you need

seems to come right back to you. And that is no bull!”

Co-op NEWS

OCTOBER 2010 page 13

s w i s s v a l l e y f a r m s

Field personnel & Stats

Field Department & Procurement Division Directory

Chris Hoeger VP, Procurement

Eldridge, IA 52748

Office 563.468.6628

Mobile 563.340.7943

Nancy Feeney Member Relations

3855 Manchester Dr • Bettendorf, IA 52722

Office 563.468.6640

Mobile 563.320.4815

Tim Genthe Lab & Safety Manager

803 S. School St. • Cuba City, WI 53807

Office 563.583.7669

Home 608.744.3515

Marv Thompson Raw Milk Sales

617 Monroe St. • Sparta, WI 54656

Office 608.366.1770

Home 608.269.4850

Ron Brenner Field Supervisor

527 Jackie Lane • LaCrosse, WI 54603

Office 608.366.1770

Home 608.781.0535

Thomas Tegeler Field Supervisor

1320 1 1/2 St. SW • Dyersville, IA 52040

Office 563.583.7669

Home 563.875.2059

Randy Heisel

259 E. Lakeview Dr. • LaFarge, WI 54639

Home 608.625.2045

Mobile 608.386.6681

Mike Howald

7105 N. Freeport Rd. • Forreston, IL 61030

Office 815.938.2651

Fax 815.938.9151

Kara Koopmann

6142 Roller Coaster Rd. • Epworth, IA 52045

Plant 563.583.7669

Home 563.876.3900

Roger Lenius

319 9th St. • Waverly, IA 50677

Office 319.352.5463

Home 319.352.5015

Ken Ley

225 S. Clifton • Livingston, WI 53554

Plant 608.348.3932

Home 608.943.6240

Lynne Melchert

117 Culver Rd. NE • Hopkinton, IA 52237

Office 563.926.2363

Home 563.926.2794

Jim Murphy

430 Linden • West Union, IA 52175

Office 563.422.5789

Mobile 563.380.0393

Jim Schmitz

304 Dale Dr. • Montfort, WI 53569

Office 608.943.1172

Cell 563.599.2400

Cheryl Zablocki-Wagner

W 1919 Hofa Park Dr. • Seymour, WI 54165

Office 920.822.2933

Mobile 563.663.1306

Bob Zielsdorf

309 North St. • Sparta, WI 54656

Office 608.366.1770

Home 608.269.5452

During the Month of August,

these Swiss Valley Farms

Members averaged below 100,000 for

their Somatic Cell count.


BAUS, RON & MARY 79,000















Somatic Cell Range -- Percentage

listed is based on number of A


0 - 100,000....................................................... 3 %

100,001 - 200,000..................................... 16%

200,001 - 300,000...................................... 27%

300,001 - 400,000...................................... 23%

400,001 - 500,000........................................ 14%

500,001 and above................................... 17%

page 14


S w i s s V a l l e y G a l s F a l l M e e t i n g s

Want to Get Your

Component Tests Via E-mail?

To further assist our co-op

members in getting their test results

as quickly as possible, beginning Sept.

1, members now can elect to have

their pickup component test results

e-mailed to them each Monday

through Saturday.

If you want to get your test

results over the Internet, you will

need to supply Swiss Valley Farms

with a working e-mail address. To

set this up, use the e-mail account

you would like to have your tests


Janesville, Wis.


Hillsboro, Wis.


Orchard, Iowa

sent to and send an e-mail to:

tim.genthe@swissvalley.com. Include

in this e-mail both your farm name

AND farm number, then retype your

e-mail address in the letter. Swiss

Valley Farms will discontinue sending

your test result with your hauler and

you will receive them via this e-mail


If you have any questions, please

contact Tim Genthe at 563-583-

7669 or contact your Swiss Valley

field representative.




Black River Falls, Wis.


St. Ansgar, Iowa


Mazomanie, Wis.

Just a Reminder:

Adulterated Milk Will Be Rejected

The Pasteurized Milk Ordinance defines Abnormalities of Milk as the following

types of lacteal secretions that are not suitable for sale for Grade “A” purposes.

1. Abnormal Milk: Milk that is visibly changed in color, odor and/or


2. Undesirable Milk: Milk that, prior to the milking of the animal, is

expected to be unsuitable for sale, such as milk containing colostrum.

3. Contaminated Milk: Milk that is un-saleable or unfit for human

consumption following treatment of the animal with veterinary products, i.e.

antibiotics, which have withhold requirements, or treatment with medicines or

insecticides not approved for use on dairy animals by FDA or the Environmental

Protection Agency (EPA).

rapid milk

test results

Members who would like to

get their milk test results can

call our toll free number:


Our Dubuque Procurement

office is staffed with real people

(no recordings) on Monday

through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30

p.m. and on Saturday from 8:00

a.m. to 12:00 Noon.

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• check history

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To get your personal PIN, contact

your field representative.






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Check Out Swiss

Valley’s 2010

District Meeting


December is not that far away and what does December

mean besides Christmas? Why district meetings, of

course! Turn to page 4 to see when and where your

District Meeting will be held this winter. Put it down on

your calendar now so you won’t miss attending yours.

James and Denise Ostwinkle, Worthington, Iowa, left, collected their 20-year Quality

Award at last year’s district meetings. Above, Wayne and Nancy Clemen, New Vienna,

Iowa, picked up their 25-year Quality Award.

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