February 2007 - Swiss Valley Farms


February 2007 - Swiss Valley Farms


F E B R U A R Y 2 0 0 7

a brand new flavor to wake up with!


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Swiss Valley Board Officers


Donald Peterson....................................Cashton, WI

Vice President

Randy Schaefer....................................Blue Grass, IA


Pam Bolin................................................Clarksville, IA


James Schmitt.............................................Sherrill, IA

Swiss Valley Directors

Loyde M. Beers.......................................Eastman, WI

Donald Berlage......................................Elizabeth, IL

Steve Klug.....................................Spring Grove, MN

Dale Humpal.........................................Ridgeway, IA

Donald Kowalski....................................Wausau, WI

Francis Leibfried..................................Cuba City, WI

G. Joe Lyon....................................................Toledo, IA

Jeff Nimtz............................................Monticello, WI

Jim Oelfke............................................Hamburg, MN

Patrick Schroeder..............................Lancaster, WI

William Strief..................................................Farley, IA

page 2

The popularity of coffee

flavor has exploded during

the past 10 years. Coffee

has always been popular

as a hot beverage, but the availability

of new chilled coffee drinks has

greatly expanded the number of

coffee drinkers. The packaged, readyto-drink

coffee market is worth just

under $1 billion annually in the

U.S. Recent double-digit growth is

expected to continue.

Starbucks now has over 9,000

coffee shops in the U.S. plus 3,000

overseas. In addition, Starbucks

and Pepsi have a successful retail

partnership to market Frappuccino

coffee drinks in grocery stores, and it

has grown to a $200 million per year

business. Regional chains like Caribou

Coffee are also experiencing strong

growth, and they now have over 400

coffee shops in 17 states. Caribou and

Coca-Cola have announced plans to

jointly introduce a line of iced coffees

in summer 2007.

However, existing coffee flavored

drinks are expensive. Frappuccinos


a brand new flavor to wake up with!

in glass bottles in grocery stores

sell for $1.25 to $1.49 for 9.5 oz.

Frappuccinos at a coffee shop range

from $3.00 – $5.00 for a single

serving (a large one!).

Now Swiss Valley is introducing

great coffee taste that’s affordable! In

late January we launched 1% Coffee

Flavored Milk in paper quarts. It is

only about one-third the cost per

serving as a Frappuccino.

The launch will be supported with

a variety of advertising and promotion

during 2007, including a full-page

coupon ad on March 18, print ads in

newspapers and magazines, billboards,

radio and shelf signage.

Last weekend when I went skiing

on a hill near the Quad Cities, I was

noticing the beverage choices of some

of the other skiers who were buying

their lunch. Two boys who appeared

to be in 6th or 7th grade both

chose Frappuccino coffee drinks

with their lunch instead of milk,

soft drinks, juice or bottled water.

The popularity of coffee flavor has

become widespread, and now we can

offer a great-tasting product to meet

that demand.


Coffee Flavored Milk.

FEBRUARY 2007 page 3




The 2006 Swiss Valley Farms district meetings are finished and mark 33 years of Blue Ribbon Quality Milk Awards.

Co-op members work hard year around to meet Swiss Valley Farms quality milk standards. The end result of all of this

effort is millions of pounds of high quality milk that Swiss Valley Farms turns into delicious dairy products.

The name of Quality Awards winners begin below. The list is presented chronologically in order of the district

meeting dates. Swiss Valley Farms applauds everyone who received awards this year. Good luck in the coming year

with your quality milk production.

District 5

1 Year Award

Blanchard Family Dairy LLC

Charlotte, IA

Brunsman, Wade M.

Dyersville, IA

Koopmann, Ambrose

Epworth, IA

Koopmann, Craig & Keith

Epworth, IA

2 Year Award

Andersen, Aaron G

Clinton, IA

Blanchard Family Dairy LLC

Charlotte, IA

Kress, Gerald

Peosta, IA

Ludwig, Kris

Dyersville, IA

Strief Farms Inc

Farley, IA

3 Year Award

Elenz, Leon

Dyersville, IA

Hoeger, Melissa

Worthington, IA

Lyons, Patrick E

Clinton, IA

4 Year Award

Besler, Robert J. Jr.

Hopkinton, IA

Kluesner, Leo & Julie

Worthington, IA

Ludwig, Dave & Betty

Worthington, IA

Strait, Patricia A

Preston, IA

Strait, Tammy J

Preston, IA

Saunders, Brian

Winthrop, IA

5 Year Award

Saunders, Kevin

Winthrop, IA

6 Year Award

Klein, Joseph & Mary

Bernard, IA

7 Year Award

Wilgenbusch, Patrick

Masonville, IA

Wilgenbusch, Paul

Masonville, IA

8 Year Award

T N J Dairy

Central City, IA

10 Year Award

Beringer, Thomas

Farley, IA

Weber, Gerald

Delhi, IA

Weis, Ardell J

Bellevue, IA

11 Year Award

Koopmann Bros

Epworth, IA

16 Year Award

Schuster, Leonard

Dubuque, IA

17 Year Award

Ostwinkle, James

Worthington, IA

18 Year Award

Ludwig, Sharon

Dyersville, IA

24 Year Award

Kauffmann, Richard & Luann

Farley, IA

25 Year Award

Mardorf, Leslie Lee

Hopkinton, IA

28 Year Award

Mardorf, Clifford

Monticello, IA

District 6

1 Year Award

Frisian Farms LLC

Oskaloosa, IA

4 Year Award

Franck, Ronald

Newhall, IA

Haines, Mike

North English, IA

6 Year Award

Martin, John

Belle Plaine, IA

Nunnikhoven, Lyle

Oskaloosa. IA

7 Year Award

Takes, Daniel J & Debbie

Ely, IA

9 Year Award

Van Vark, Bryce & Verla

Pella, IA

10 Year Award

Wormley, Joel & Jan

District 5: 28 Year Award:

Clifford Mardorf, Monticello, IA

page 4

District 5: 5 Year Award:

Brian & Kevin Saunders, Winthrop, IA

District 5: 11 Year Award: District 5: 5 Year Award:

Jerry Koopmann, Epworth, IA TNJ Dairy, Central City, IA


District 6: 18 Year Award:

ISU Dairy Farm, Dr. Doug Kenealy, Mary

Wilkins and Joe Detrick, Ames IA

Newton, IA

11 Year Award

Deklotz Dairy, Inc.

Newhall, IA

12 Year Award

Blood, Kevin & Holly

State Center, IA

16 Year Award

Cadden, George & Judy

Brooklyn, IA

17 Year Award

Henderson, Merle L

Coggon, IA

18 Year Award

Bierschenk, Dennis A

Van Horne, IA

18 Year Award

Iowa State University

Ames, IA

21 Year Award

Lyon Jerseys

Toledo, IA

28 Year Award

Mc Nulty Farms

Watkins, IA

District 13

1 Year Award

Gingerich, Andy S.

Derby, IA

Gingerich, Steve

Parnell, IA

Helmuth, Steven

Kalona, IA

Meller, Leo E

Sperry, IA

Slabaugh, Daryl D

Iowa City, IA

2 Year Award

Dodds, Herbert

New London, IA

Yoder, Leighton

Kalona, IA

3 Year Award

Otte, Pat & Eva

Ladora, IA

4 Year Award

Gahring, John L

Homestead, IA

Goodale, Bill G

Diagonal, IA

5 Year Award

Miller, Merlyn W

Riverside, IA

7 Year Award

Rhodes Agricultural Corp

Riverside, IA

Vander Wal, Bruce

New Sharon, IA

Yoder, Marcus & Karsten

Wellman, IA

Holdorf, Roger A & Norma

Walcott, IA

15 Year Award

District 6: 21 Year Award:

Lyon Jerseys, -- Joe, Duffy, Todd Lyon, Rod Bolt, Eric & Terry Lyon, Toledo, IA

Miller, Dean

Kalona, IA

17 Year Award

Lucas, Laverne

Burlington, IA

Newell, Eugene

Long Grove, IA

33 Year Award

Sywassink, Donald

Letts, IA

District 15

1 Year Award

Becwar, Roger

Eastman, WI

Oppriecht, Greg & Rilla

Eastman, WI

Steger, Tim & Terry

Prairie Du Chien, WI

2 Year Award

Eness, Eirik O

Ontario, WI

Eness, Paul B

Ontario, WI

Schmitz, Stephen & Cindy

Richland Center, WI

3 Year Award

Ederer, Tom J

Plain, WI

Westphal, Robert Jr & Pat

Soldiers Grove, WI

4 Year Award

Martin,Cheryl &

Schmidt, Glenn

Richland Center, WI

Prew, Ronald D & Joanne

Eastman, WI

Ederer, David M

Spring Green, WI

5 Year Award

Heatherstone Enterprises

Baraboo, WI

Kepridge Farms Inc

Viola, WI

Oppriecht, Diana

Eastman, WI

6 Year Award

Copus, Clarence L

Soldiers Grove, WI

Iverson, David

Soldiers Grove, WI

Kinney Farms Ltd Partners

Blue River, WI

Kinney, Joann

Blue River, WI

7 Year Award

Armbruster Bros Inc

Muscoda, WI

Gratz, David

Readstown, WI

9 Year Award

Baldwin, Bill

Hillsboro, WI

10 Year Award

Wright, Charles

Ferryville, WI

Wright, Keith

Ferryville, WI

District 5: 24 Year Award: District 5: 17 Year Award:

District 6: 28 Year Award:

District Bob 6: & 28 Carole Year Award: McNulty, Watkins, IA

District 6: 6 Year Award:

Lyle & Sharon Nunnikhoven &

Rick & Luann Kauffman, Farley, IA Jim Ostwinkle, Worthington, IA Bob & Carole McNulty, Watkins, IA Aaron Nunnikhonen, Oskaloosa, IA

FEBRUARY 2007 page 5

District 6: 12 Year Award:

Kevin & Holly Blood, State Center, IA

District 13: 7 Year Award:

Dale Rhodes, Riverside, IA

District 13: 15 Year Award:

Dean Miller, Kalona, IA

District 13: 10 Year Award:

Roger & Norma Holdorf, Walcott, IA

14 Year Award

Ostrem, Duwayne

Viroqua, WI

15 Year Award

Gilbertson, Larry

Chaseburg, WI

Jorstad, Bernard

Chaseburg, WI

16 Year Award

Dieter, Karen

Blue River, WI

17 Year Award

Amundson, Dennis &


Westby, WI

Payne, James & Darlene

Eastman, WI

Stoehr, Donald

Eastman, WI

Stoehr, Frank

Eastman, WI

19 Year Award

Valley View Dairy Inc

Richland Center, WI

20 Year Award

Oppriecht, Gerald

Eastman, WI

District 16

1 Year Award

Arnes, Matt

Barronett, WI

Deer Creek Farm Inc

Ashland, WI

Kroener, Betty

Bangor, WI

Leatherberry, Lester

Elroy, WI

Mikshowsky, Randy

Bangor, WI

Ruff, Brian

Alma, WI

2 Year Award

Hall, Larry & Roxanne

Tomah, WI

Nowaskey, Helen

Cumberland, WI

Oldenburg, Donald

Norwalk, WI

3 Year Award

Richardson, Gerald & Pam

Ashland, WI

4 Year Award

Deetz Bros

Eleva, WI

Feldhacker, Scott

Hillsdale, WI

Friske, Brian

Kendall, WI

Friske, Richard & Janice

Kendall, WI

Lulich Brothers

Mason, WI

Witt, Allen

Ontario, WI

Witt, Lyle

Ontario, WI

Wolf, L Douglas & Anna

Hillsboro, WI

5 Year Award

Bailey, Michael & Jean

Tomah, WI

Dreier, Robert & Rita

Tomah, WI

Evergreen Ridge Dairy LLC

Hillsboro, WI

Gorham, Florieda

Tomah, WI

Schroeder, Craig

Wonewoc, WI

Vlasak, Steven & Sherry

Elroy, WI

Weber, Daniel

Cashton, WI

6 Year Award

Marx, Allan

Cashton, WI

Mc Namara, James

Emerald, WI

Mc Namara, Michael

Emerald, WI

Ruf, Alan S & Colette

Mauston, WI

Scribner, Dale & Debra

Clayton, WI

7 Year Award

Peterson, Donald

Cashton, WI

Peterson, Kurt

Cashton, WI

Wild Rose Dairy LLC

La Farge, WI

8 Year Award

Sun Ray Dairy LLP

Mindoro, WI

10 Year Award

Berg, Jeff & Johanna

La Crosse, WI

13 Year Award

Rego, David & Linda

Elroy, WI

13 Year Award

Schmitz, Brian

Norwalk, WI

14 Year Award

Schmitz, Kenneth & Marlus

Norwalk, WI

15 Year Award

Hurtz, Ronald & Lynda

Rockland, WI

Schmitz, Steve

Norwalk, WI

18 Year Award

Schmitz, Gallis

Norwalk, WI

District 17

1 Year Award

Lamborn Farms LLC

Luana, IA

Menne, Jason

West Union, IA

Menne, Richard

West Union, IA

Oyloe, Ronald

Decorah, IA

Tieskoetter, Leon

Postville, IA

2 Year Award

Henkes, Leslie Ann

District 13: 17 Year Award:

Eugene & Shirley Newell, Long Grove, IA

page 6

District 13: 17 Year Award:

District 13: 33 Year Award:

Laverne & Paula Lucas, Burlington, IA Don & Dorothy Sywassink, Letts, IA

District 17: 13 Year Award:

Kent & Sandy Franks, St. Olaf, IA


District 15: 10 Year Award:

Keith & Charles Wright, Ferryville, WI

Luana, IA

Henkes, Trent

Luana, IA

Svendsen, Larry & Mary

Ossian, IA

3 Year Award

Kurth, David

St Olaf, IA

Kurth, Gary & Anne

Luana, IA

Smith, Joel

Fort Atkinson, IA

Smith, Wayne

Fort Atkinson, IA

4 Year Award

Henkes, Daryl

Monona, IA

Henkes, Dustin

Monona, IA

Henkes, L’Dean

Monona, IA

Humpal, Dale & Mary Jo

Ridgeway, IA

Kriener, Dale

Ridgeway, IA

Kriener, Donald

Ridgeway, IA

Kriener, Larry

Ridgeway, IA

Lenth, Terry

Luana, IA

Rapson, David

Hawkeye, IA

5 Year Award

District 15: 20 Year Award:

Gerald Oppriecht, Eastman, WI

Humpal, Darryl

Ridgeway, IA

Schmitt, Steven

Hawkeye, IA

9 Year Award

Lantzky, Brian & Heidi

Hawkeye, IA

Schroeder, Doyle & Bonnie

Castalia, IA

11 Year Award

Koehn, David

Elkader, IA

Mc Nally Dairy

Monona, IA

Stence, Lillian

Elkader, IA

Wagner, Steven

Monona, IA

Wille, Robert

Farmersburg, IA

12 Year Award

Smith, Jene

Fort Atkinson, IA

Thompson, Larry & Liane

Monona, IA

13 Year Award

Franks, Kent

St Olaf, IA

Ruff, John

Monona, IA

14 Year Award

Garbes, Brent

Waukon, IA

Gibson & Sons

District 17: 14 Year Award:

Jerry Gibson, Waukon, IA

Waukon, IA

15 Year Award

Landt, Neil

Luana, IA

17 Year Award

Schmitt Dairy Inc

Fort Atkinson, IA

18 Year Award

Klosterman, Rich & Sandy

West Union, IA

Schroeder, Leo & Brenda

Castalia, IA

31 Year Award

Brincks, Don

Ossian, IA

District 19

1 Year Award

Melahn, Keith & Sally

Whitewater, WI

Mess, Clarence & Catherine

Watertown, WI

Mess, Eugene

Watertown, WI

Mess, Mary Beth

Watertown, WI

Sauer Dairy Farm LLC

Waterloo, WI

Stadtmueller, Adam

Oshkosh, WI

2 Year Award

Vogel, Rebecca

Helenville, WI

Ward, Breck

Elkhorn, WI

District 17: 18 Year Award:

Leo & Brenda Schroeder, Castalia, IA

Werfelmann Farms LLC

Elkhorn, WI

3 Year Award

Busy Bee Acres, LLC

Markesan, WI

Landl Farms Inc

Kaukauna, WI

Rengo Farms

Watertown, WI

Schuessler, Audra

Kaukauna, WI

Schuessler, Robert

Kaukauna, WI

Smith, Eugene & Shawn

Clinton, WI

4 Year Award

Deaver, Mike

Edgerton, WI

Debruin, Grant & Kathlen

Johnson Creek, WI

Hopkins, Lee &r Donna

Oconomowoc, WI

Tremaine, Malcolm

Clinton, WI

Uecker, Steven & Diane

Neosho, WI

5 Year Award

Elderbrook Farms

Burlington, WI

Lambrecht, Donald

Kewaunee, WI

Robers, Dennis & Rita

Burlington, WI

6 Year Award

Hofa Park Dairy Farm LLC

Seymour, WI

District 17: 31 Year Award: District 17: 9 Year Award:

District 17: 5 Year Award: District 17: 17 Year Award:

Don & Joyce Brincks, Ossian, IA Brian & Heidi Lantzky, Hawkeye, IA Darryl & Michelle Humpal, Ridgeway, IA Mark & Diane Schmitt, Ft. Atkinson, IA

FEBRUARY 2007 page 7

District 16: 5 Year Award:

Michael & Jean Bailey, Tomah, WI

Moore Farms Inc.

Elkhorn, WI

Second Look Holsteins LLC

Eden, WI

7 Year Award

Gudex, Alice

Campbellsport, WI

Holz, Walter

Hustisford, WI

Kabara, James

Pulaski, WI

Paszek, Dennis & Chris

Juneau, WI

Peterson, Per K

Whitewater, WI

Strickhouser, Shari

Elkhorn, WI

Vandoske Dairy Farms LLC


Welter, Kris & Phillip

Whitewater, WI

8 Year Award

Oberhaus, Thomas & Joan

Waukesha, WI

Van Daalwyk, Bob & Paula

Hlbert, WI

District 20

1 Year Award

Gerdes, William

Caledonia, MN

Klug, Darrell J

Spring Grove, MN

Klug, Matthew

Spring Grove, MN

District 16: 8 Year Award:

Sun Ray Dairy LLP, Mindoro, WI

Klug, Steve & Anna

Spring Grove, MN

Sprick, Alice

Lake City, MN

Vanderzee, Randy & Betty

Dakota, MN

2 Year Award

Johnson’s Rolling Acres

Peterson, MN

3 Year Award

Laska, Richard & Carol

Winona, MN

5 Year Award

Neldner, Marvin

Lewiston, MN

6 Year Award

Pick, Gary

Elgin, MN

Pick, Ray

Elgin, MN

7 Year Award

Ingvalson Farms Inc

Caledonia, MN

9 Year Award

Mill, Dale

Lewiston, MN

10 Year Award

Sexton Farms

Millville, MN

Sexton, Dawn

Millville, MN

Sexton, Lea

Millville, MN

13 Year Award

Aldinger, Roger

Winona, MN

14 Year Award

Bratland, Darin

Spring Grove, MN

15 Year Award

Schumacher, Paul & Jennifer

Houston, MN

17 Year Award

Selke, William

Dakota, MN

19 Year Award

Bratland, Duron

Spring Grove, MN

Bratland, Gerald

Spring Grove, MN

21 Year Award

Hendel Farms

Caledonia, MN

Meyer Farms Dairy LLC

Caledonia, MN

Selke, Walter

Dakota, MN

District 21

1 Year Award

Balk, Gerald

Waucoma, IA

Butler, Glenn

Kensett, IA

District 16: 13 Year Award:

David, Linda & Jake Rego, Elroy, WI

Fink, Rick

Maynard, IA

Holstein Marketing Center

Fredericksburg, IA

Johnson, Duane

Parkersburg, IA

Johnson, Roy

Parkersburg, IA

Jones, Donald

Dumont, IA

Nosbisch, Dale & Shari

Ionia, IA

2 Year Award

Nolt, Joseph & Anna Mary

Alta Vista, IA

3 Year Award

Arends, Darwin & Dulci

Ackley, IA

Horst, Robert & Patricia

Bristow, IA

Rector, Chuck

Denver, IA

Rector, John

Cedar Falls, IA

Weaver, Curvin

Osage, IA

5 Year Award

Traetow, Roger

Waverly, IA

6 Year Award

Hinrichs, Dwight

Tripoli, IA

District 16: 7 Year Award:

Don Peterson, Cashton, WI

page 8

District 16: 13 Year Award:

Brian Schmitz, Norwalk, WI

District 16: 5 Year Award: District 16: 5 Year Award:

Florieda Gorham, Tomah, WI Evergreen Ridge Dairy LLC, Hillsboro, WI


District 16: 7 Year Award:

Wild Rose Dairy LLC, La Farge, WI

District 16: 18 Year Award:

Betty Schmitz, Norwalk, WI

District 16: 15 Year Award:

Ron & Lynda Hurtz, Rockland, WI

District 16: 6 Year Award:

James Mc Namara, Emerald, WI

Nolt, John

Orchard, IA

7 Year Award

Hagedorn, Roger

Sumner, IA

8 Year Award

Balk, Allen

Waucoma, IA

Curtis, Chris

Aurora, IA

Gibralter Farms LTD

Iowa Falls, IA

11 Year Award

Vohsman, Roger

Nashua, IA

16 Year Award

Miller, Ronald

Clarksville, IA

17 Year Award

Hofmeister, Dallas & Pat

Geneva, IA

18 Year Award

Meyer, Richard & Michelle

Iowa Falls, IA

District 22

1 Year Award

Block, James

Hamburg, MN

Boltmann, Angie

Hamburg, MN

Boltmann, Rebecca

Hamburg, MN

Boltmann, Robert

Hamburg, MN

Eggers, Dawn

Cologne, MN

Eggers, Mark

Cologne, MN

Field, Ronald & Marilyn

Hutchinson, MN

Koepp, Wayne & Kerry

Belle Plaine, MN

Lindquist, Dale

Hamburg, MN

Lindquist, Renea

Hamburg, MN

Otto, Dennis & Karen

Norwood, MN

Tabatt, John & Barbara

Browerville, MN

4 Year Award

Tews, Keith & Pam

Hutchinson, MN

5 Year Award

Entinger, Brian

Belle Plaine, MN

Oat Hill

Atwater, MN

Siegle Schrempp, Sandra

Cologne, MN

Siegle, Steven

Cologne, MN

8 Year Award

Highview Farms

Hamburg, MN

District 23

1 Year Award

Hazzard, Barb & Glen

Seward, IL

Hazzard, Tom

Pecatonica, IL

Hoffman, Don & Mary

Waunakee, WI

Hoffman, Jeremy M

Waunakee, WI

Hoffman, Kevin A

Waunakee, WI

Hoffman, Nathan J

Waunakee, WI

Jenson, Christa L

Gratiot, WI

Scott, Matthew G

Blanchardville, WI

Wundrow, Leslie

Poplar Grove, IL

2 Year Award

Esser, Richard J

Middleton, WI

3 Year Award

Hellenbrand, Paul & Donna

Lodi, WI

Hosch, Robert & Daphne

Monroe, WI

Statz, Allen R.

Black Earth, WI

Statz, Vernon W

Black Earth, WI

4 Year Award

Fassbender, Paul

Mazomanie, WI

Maier, Eugene H

Cross Plains, WI

Maier, Julie K.

Cross Plains, WI

5 Year Award

Austin, Raymond

Black Earth, WI

Theis, A. David

Waunakee, WI

Theis, Eugene

Waunakee, WI

7 Year Award

Dierickx, Craig & Alice

Monticello, WI

10 Year Award

Nimtz, Jeff S

Monticello, WI

Nimtz, Julie M

Monticello, WI

12 Year Award

Kieffer, Madonna M.

Darlington, WI

Kieffer, Nicky & Rosonda

Darlington, WI

Due to limited space, the pictures

for Districts 19, 20, 21 and

22 will be in the March 2007


District 16: 10 Year Award:

District 16: 14 Year Award:

District 16: 15 Year Award:

Jeff & Johanna Berg, La Crosse, WI Kenneth & Marlus Schmitz, Norwalk, WI

Steve Schmitz, Norwalk, WI

FEBRUARY 2007 page 9

Getting to know the


Reggie & Mary Lee Schier, Glen Haven, Wis,

received a 30-Year Quality Award and a check for

$1,000. Mary Lee loves the engraved silver tray

chosen to represent the 30-year award. “The check was

really nice, too!” The Schier’s keep 45 Holstiens in their

milking line up, with many more cows in the dry cow lot.

Mary Lee says she has fed a lot of calves in her day.

Reggie and Mary Lee have been in dairying since

October ’62, shortly after they got married. Son Bill

works with them and he and his wife Kristin just recently

bought the farm from Reggie and Mary Lee.

Mary Lee says, “Good management and good feed”

have helped them maintain their good quality. “We’ve

been with Swiss Valley for 39 years and have been very

happy with them.”

Loren & Helen Duwe received a 25-Year Quality

Award at their district meeting this winter. Helen says they

are saving their $500 award check to take a little vacation

this summer. The couple have been milking cows together

for 38 years, all of their married life. They currently milk

20 Holsteins.

They attribute their milk quality success to “a little bit

of luck and good management.” Loren says good cleaning

also pays off. Besides the cows, they farrow to finish 550

page 10



hogs and also raise and sell their Holstein steers.

Jim and Joe Pfeiler of Pfeiler Brothers Farm, Inc. of

Holy Cross, Iowa, picked up their 25-Year Quality Award

this winter. The brothers milk 80 Brown Swiss and usually

have 10 or so dry cows.

Their father, Lyal Pfeiler, originally started the dairy

with the brothers forming their partnership in 1990. Jim



1980. Marvin and Mark have one full-time herdsman

working with them. Having this support at home enabled

Marvin to be a long-time member of Swiss Valley Farms

Board of Directors, as well as Board vice-president and

representative to the NMPF Board.

Mark says that “paying attention to the details and

the little things” enabled their dairy to reach this 25-year



manages the dairy and Joe manages the hog operation

where they “wean to finish” 5,000 hogs a year. “But the

labor goes where ever it is needed,” according to Jim. The

now-retired Lyal still helps out, too. Jim credits “attention

to detail and consistency” for achieving this 25-year


Jim has two sons, ages 11 and 7 and Joe has 12-yearold

twin sons and a 6-year-old daughter who like to help


out with the calf feeding and parlor washing.

Leslie Mardorf of Hopkinton, Iowa, received his

25-Year Quality Award at his district meeting this winter.

Leslie dairies with his brother Cliff on a dairy started by

their father, Richard. Mardorf, who is a former Swiss



Valley Farms Board of Director.

The brothers milk 45 to 50 Holsteins. Cliff handles the

Help support the

milking and Leslie handles the calves and heifers. Leslie

National Jersey convetion

also handles the 400 pig farrow-to-finish operation.

by buying a cookbook from

Leslie’s wife Linda teaches Family Consumer Science

Iowa Jersey dairy farmers.

in Monticello schools.

The cost is $15.00

or two for $25.00, plus

Leslie attributes, “being there all the time” to the

shipping & handling.

secret of their milk quality success.

To order, please

Marvin and Mark Schlitzer of North-Ridge Farm in

contact Kevin Stiles at

Dubuque, IA, picked up their 25-Year Quality Award this

winter. The father/son partnership milks 108 Holsteins.

Marvin and his wife Barbara started the dairy in the early

‘50’s. Son Mark and his wife Twila joined the dairy in




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at the YC spring break

It’s time to register for the 2-day Young Cooperator Conference, which will be held this year in Decorah,

Iowa on March 30 & 31 -- Friday and Saturday.

Lodging will be at the Country Inn & Suites with meetings being held Friday across the road at

The Oaks. Saturday, YC’ers will travel down the road to Dairy Research Center at Northeast Iowa Community

College (NICC) in Calmar, Iowa for tours, tutorials and lunch.

Several years ago, the Young Cooperators spent a day at this Dairy Research Center. Our visit then was such

a big hit with the attendees, we are revisiting this ever expanding and evolving dairy school, which is affiliated

with Iowa State University. This year, we will be focusing on their new grazing facilities/milk parlor as well as their

newly constructed state-of-the-art calf raising setup. There will be lots of tips on calf-raising innovations as well

as a tour of their various milking parlors while milking is in progress.

On Friday, we will be hearing from Troy Peterson, a certified crop advisor from Waukon, Iowa who writes

Manure Management Plan and deals with the DNR. Over the years,Troy has counseled many dairy producers

on how to work with the DNR. Learn tips on how your dairy can work better with this agency. Also on Friday,

there will be a representative from National Milk Producers Federation to discuss the upcoming Farm Bill, as well

as what’s happening with U.S. dairy exports and current dairy legislation. Swiss Valley Farms’ Co-CEO Donald

Boelens will be there Friday to give you an update on the co-op and to answer your questions. As always, several

members of the co-op’s Board of Directors will be on hand to also answer any questions you may have, as well as

join in on the fun.

YC’ers will have a good time on Friday night at our banquet, which is followed by some fun entertainment,

YC-style. This conference is a great time to meet other dairy producers and share stories and ideas.

So, if you want to get off the farm and enjoy a couple of days of education, fun and fellowship, make plans to

attend this year’s YC Spring Break.

A favorite feature for this conference will again be the early bird door prize drawings for whirlpool suites, so

be sure to get to The Oaks no later 10:30 a.m. on Friday to be eligible.

Who is a Young Cooperator?

You are a Swiss Valley Farms Young Cooperator if you are between and including the ages of 18 and 45


1. You are a Swiss Valley Farms co-op member

2. Or the son or daughter of a co-op member

3. Or if you work in the dairy operation of a Swiss Valley Farms member

It also helps if you are eager to learn new things, meet new people and want to have fun!

If you fit this description, we want to see you there at the 2007 YC Spring Break.

2007 Outstanding Young Cooperative Contest

Also during this conference, the Swiss Valley Farms Outstanding Young Cooperator Contest will be held on

Friday. If you want to open the door on unlimited opportunities for learning, leadership and travel, look into participating

in this contest. Fill out the YC Contest Application on the next page, write the short essay and submit

everything in an envelope separate from your Spring Break Registration form. The contest interviews will be held

during the day Friday with results announced at the end of the conference on Saturday. This year’s NMPF National

Dairy Summit will be held in November in Orlando, Florida at the Disney’s Dolphin Hotel.

The age limit on this national YC contest is 21 to 40 years.

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YC Spring Break & Two-Day Conference Registration Form

Get you registration in ASAP. Registration deadline is Friday, March 16, 2007.

Include your $ 10 per person check with your form.

YES! Reserve a room for me at this YC Spring Break March 30- March 31 2007 in Decorah, Iowa




Mail this form and your check to

Do you require a smoking room?

Swiss Valley Farms Co,

YC Spring Break

PO Box 4493, Davenport, IA 52808


Swiss Valley Farms Co 2007 Young Cooperator Contest to select


Contest Rules

1) To be eligible to enter, contestants must be a member of the cooperative or in the immediate family of a member and active in the

dairying operation or a full-time employee of a Swiss Valley Farms member dairy operation, be between the ages of 18 and must not

have turned 41 before November 1, 2007.

2) To enter: Fill in the following form as completely as possible.

3) Entries must be submitted to Nancy Feeney at the Swiss Valley Farms Corporate Headquarters by Friday, March 16, 2007. Entries

may be Faxed to the Corporate Headquarters at 563.468.6613. Entrants will be interviewed by the Member Relations Committee on

Friday afternoon, March 30th at the YC Conference in Decorah, Iowa., where the final judging will take place.

YC Contest Application Part 1 Tell Us About Yourself

Contestant’s Name (s)_____________________________________Phone # ____________________________________

Address __________________________________________________________________________________________

Birthdate _______________ Age ________ Number of Years in Dairying ______________________________________

Community and Civic Activities (Also list spouse’s activities, if applicable) Use additional sheet is necessary: _________




Agricultural related activities and organizations: __________________________________________________________



List Other Cooperatives in which you have memberships. (Indicate if director, etc.): _____________________


YC Contest Application Part II Write Down Your Thoughts

On a separate sheet of paper, write your thoughts on the following question.

“ As a co-op member, what do you see as the most important service Swiss Valley Farms Co.

performs for your dairy operation?”

Please keep your answer to 250 words or less. Remember that we are looking for your opinions and

ideas. There is no right or wrong answer to this question.


Mail your entry to: Swiss Valley Farms, Co., Outstanding YC Contest, c/o Nancy Feeney

PO Box 4493, Davenport, IA 52808

Entries must be in the SVF Corporate Headquarters by: Friday, March 16, 2007


Contestant # ___________(This # will be assigned by the Member Relations Committee)

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Take a look at Field Personnel & Statistics at


Field Department & Procurement Division Directory



LeClaire, IA 52753

page 14

Office: 563.468.6644

Home: 563.289.3535


Bettendorf, IA 52722 Office: 563.468.6640

Home: 563.359.9100


East Moline, IL 61244 Office: 563.468.6641

Mobile: 563.320.2895


803 S. School St. Office: 563.583.7669

Cuba City, WI 53807 Home: 608.744.3515



617 Monroe St.

Sparta, WI 54656

Office: 608.366.1770

Home: 608.269.4850


204 Goddard St. Office: 608.366.1770

LaCrosse, WI Home: 608.782.0012


1320 1 1/2 St. S.W. Office: 563.583.7669

Dyersville, IA 52040 Home: 563.875.2059


451 Clayton Ave. W Home: 715.948.2183

Clayton, WI 54004


259 E. Lakeview Dr.

LaFarge, WI 54639


7105 N. Freeport Rd

Forreston, IL

Home: 608.625.2045

Home: 815.938.2651

FAX: 815.938.9151

Somatic Cell Range % of A Farms

0 - 100,000.......................................................5 %

100,001 - 200,000.......................................24 %

200,001 - 300,000......................................27%

300,001 - 400,000........................................27 %

400,001 - 500,000.........................................21 %

500,001 and above......................................11 %


36356 Roanoke Lane

Melrose, MN 56352

Home: 320.256.4932


6142 Roller Coaster Rd. Plant: 563.563.7669

Epworth, IA 52045 Home: 563.876.3900


319 9th St.

Waverly, IA 50677


225 S. Clifton

Livingston, WI 53554


117 Culver Rd. N.E.

Hopkinton, IA 52237

Office: 319.352.5463

Home: 319.352.5015

Plant: 608.348.3932

Home: 608.943.6240

Office: 563.926.2363

Home: 563.926.2794


430 Linden

Home: 563.422.5789

West Union, IA 52175 Mobile: 563.380.0393


202 Bechner St.

Greeley, IA 52050

Office: 563.925.2321

Home: 563.925.2015


W1919 Hofa Park Dr Office: 920.822.2933

Seymour, WI 54165 Home: 920.822.2887


309 North Street

Sparta, WI 54656

Office: 608.366.1770

Home: 608.269.5452

Somatic Cell Range % of B Farms

0 - 100,000.......................................................2%

100,001 - 200,000.........................................11%

200,001 - 300,000......................................13%

300,001 - 400,000......................................26%

400,001 - 500,000.....................................17%

500,001 and above...................................31%

During the Month of December,

these Swiss Valley Farms

Members averaged below

100,000 for their

somatic cell count.

Chad Breuckman 74,000

Daniel Brimeyer 84,000

Derek Brimeyer 84,000

Don Brincks 51,000

George & Judy Cadden 70,000

Steven & Cheryl Chapman 54,000

Clarence Copus 97,000

Mike Deaver 50,000

Deetz Bros 98,000

Karen Dieter 97,000

Elmer Engelken 85,000

Michael Engelken 85,000

Scott Feldhacker 98,000

Jeff Fischels 93,000

Larry Gilbertson 66,000

Mike Haines 85,000

Brent Hellenbrand 68,000

Hodson-Dirksen Farms LLC 77,000

Robert & Patricia Horst 76,000

David Iverson 97,000

Bernard Jorstad 66,000

Edward Kabara 85,000

James Kabara 85,000

Kathryn Kabara 85,000

Robert Ketchum 71,000

Rich & Sandy Klosterman 91,000

Anthony Koopman 91,000

Brad Koopman 91,000

Gerald Kress 83,000

Koty Laufenberg 82,000

Cheryl Meier 54,000

Mike Meier 54,000

Randy Mikshowsky 90,000

Marvin Neldner 87,000

Oat Hill 78,000

Dennis & Chris Paszek 68,000

Kenneth & Marlus Schmitz 77,000

Philip Schneider 92,000

Paul & Jennifer Schumacher 96,000

Paul Sprosty 91,000

Kevin Statz 68,000

Larry & Liane Thompson 61,000

Leighton Yoder 59,000



December 2006 Board Minutes

The regular Board of Directors

meeting of Swiss Valley Farms,

Co. was held December 21,

2006 at the Dubuque Fluid Milk

Plant Board Room in Dubuque, IA.

President Donald Peterson, Cashton,

WI, called the meeting to order at

9:40 a.m. All Board members were

present, except Randy Schaefer, Blue

Grass, IA. The Co-CEO Team of J.

Gordon Toyne and Donald Boelens

also were present.

The following business was


Director Pam Bolin, Clarksville,

IA opened the meeting with the


• The Board approved the Board


• The minutes of the November 29,

2006 Board of Directors meeting

were read and approved as read.

• Toyne addressed communications

to the Board.

• The Board approved to nominate

Bolin for Dairy Woman of the Year at

the 2007 World Dairy Expo.

• The Board approved to nominate

Don Berlage, Elizabeth, IL and

Schaefer to serve on the Chicago

Division Board of MDA.

• The Board approved to have G.

Joe Lyon, Toledo, IA, Jim Schmitt,

Sherrill, IA, Bolin and Schaefer to

serve on the IA Division Board of


• The Board approved to nominate

Bolin & Schaefer to serve on the

Iowa Dairy Nutrition Advisory


• The Board approved to donate

$100 to Camp Courageous of Iowa

Campership Fund.

• The Board approved to donate $150

for the MAC Education Foundation.

• The Board approved to donate

$150 to the Davenport Schools Great

Minds Program.

• Directors’ concerns and comments

were addressed by Toyne.

• The Management and Financial

reports were presented by Boelens

and approved.

• The Board approved the 1st quarter


• The Board approved the cash

patronage payment for March 15,


• Toyne reported on the comparative

milk report.

• The Board approved the capital

budget through December 21, 2006.

• The Executive Session was opened

and closed.

• The Board approved to have the

District Rep meeting be held in

Dubuque on either March 27 or

March 29.

• Reports were given on district


• The Board approved to donate

$1000 for college student life-time

membership in Dairy Shrine.

• Toyne reported on CMPC.

• Lyon and Bolin reported on the



FOR SALE: 30 grade Holsteins. Housed

in a tie-stall barn. For more information,

call Gene at 608.823.7950.

MDA meeting.

Upon motion and second, the

meeting was adjourned at 1:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Pam




Kevin Statz

Cross Plains, Wis.

Bert Henderson

Castalia, Iowa

FCS Ziegler Farms

Waunakee, Wis.

Hartman Dairy LLC

Brookyln, Iowa

Hidden Valley Farms, Inc.

Belmont, Wis.

Mark Schrock

Riverside, Iowa

Robert & Ornancy Schuster

Zwingle, Iowa


In the January 2007 Dairyman, we

incorrectly listed the following farm under

the new member list. It should read:

Hodson-Dirksen Farms LLC

Plymouth, Iowa

Also, the following members were left

off of the list:

Jason Mueterthies

Lawler, Iowa

Bryan Mueterthies

Lawler, Iowa

We apologize for this error.

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Milk Mustache Contest

Youth across Wisconsin have

the chance to be part of a new

milk mustache campaign from

the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.

“The Wisconsin Milk Mustache

Photo Fame Sweepstakes” is open to

all Wisconsin students in grades 7-12

and aims to find 12 children to star in

a new milk mustache poster.

“Nine out of ten teenage girls and

seven out of ten teenage boys do not

get the recommended calcium they

need,” says Laura Wilford, director

of the Wisconsin Dairy Council. “By

using promotions like these we can

further educate students about the

importance of eating dairy every day.

Our goal is to have each student in

Wisconsin drink at least one milk at

school every day.”

Official contest rules and an entry

form can be found at www.WisDairy.

com. To enter the random sweepstakes,

students must send a completed entry

form to: Wisconsin Milk Mustache

Photo Fame Sweepstakes, P.O. Box

14543, Madison, WI 53708-0543.

Entries will be accepted through

February 28, 2007.

Students may also enter by

including the following on a plain

piece of 8.5 inch by 11 inch paper:

students complete name, address, city,

state, ZIP code, grade, school name,

home telephone number, parent or

guardian’s name and signature, and

the answers to these four questions:

1) Milk contains what three

important vitamins? 2) Milk provides

what percent of your daily calcium

for strong bones? 3) A recent study

shows that individuals who consume

how many servings of dairy per day

are more likely to maintain a healthy

weight? 4) One 8-ounce serving of

2% reduced fat milk contains how

many calories?

The sweepstakes offers a variety of

prizes. Twelve students will be awarded

the Grand Prize which includes a

photograph with 11 other Wisconsin

students on a Milk Mustache poster,

a professional makeup session prior

to the photo session and a $100 Best

Buy gift certificate. Ten students will

be awarded a First Prize of a $50 Best

Buy gift certificate. Twenty students

will receive a Milk Mustache-themed


Post Office Box 4493

Davenport, IA 52808

Your copy of

Address Service Requested




Permit No. 141

Davenport, IA

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