10th, 2012 - The Regensburg Course in Facial Plastic Surgery


10th, 2012 - The Regensburg Course in Facial Plastic Surgery


Dissection Chairs:

E. Tamm

T. Reichert

R. Magritz

Anatomic dissections (October 10)

This 7 hour workshop is instructed by multiple faculty.

Two participants share one fresh frozen cadaveric head.

After pro-dissection, the participants perform a face lift,

an endoscopic brow lift and an endoscopic midface lift.

Subsequently, the participants can take their specimen

to the sliding genioplasty work station, where they are

instructed in these osteotomies. The subsequent free dissection

time may be utilized according to the

participant´s preferences and may include blepharoplasty,

rhinoplasty or reconstructive maneuvers.

Workshop arricular reconstruction (October 10)

The carving of an auricular framework will be taught

by one of Europe leading experts, Ralph Magritz.

An established synthetic model will be utilized to

practize the fabrication of the framework step

by step.

Registration: www.facial-plastic-surgery.eu

The Regensburg Course in Sinus Surgery

(March 25-27, 2012)

Please visit www.hno-kurs.de for registration

General Information

Congress Venue

University Hospital Regensburg

Major Lecture Hall

Franz-Josef-Strauß-Allee 11

93053 Regensburg


Course Secretary

Irmgard Scherübl

University Hospital Regensburg

Phone +49 941 944 6837

Fax +49 941 944 6838


For Registration, Hotels please visit


National (BLAEK) and international CME credits

through UEMS (EACCME, convert to US CME) as well

as the German Academy of Otolaryngology.


Facial Plastic Surgery Europe e.V.

c/o I. Scherübl

UKR, D-93042 Regensburg

Faculty With the friendly support of …

Kofi D.O. Boahene,

Baltimore, MD

Jarl Bunaes,


Mark Constantian,

Nashua, NH

Alwyn D´Souza,


Holger G. Gassner,


Grant Hamilton,

Rochester, MN

Thomas Kühnel,


Sam Lam,

Plano, TX

Ralph Magritz,


Uwe Müller-Vogt,

Bad Tölz

Janice Pastorek,

New York, NY

Norman Pastorek,

New York, NY

Stephen Perkins,

Indianapolis, IN

Lukas Prantl,


Joachim Quetz,


Hermann Raunig,


Torsten Reichert,


Camilo Roldán,


Julian Rowe-Jones,


Haneen Sadick,


Jonathan Sykes,

Sacramento, CA

Junior Directors

Artinger V.

Haubner F.

Huber M.

Nagel K.

Vielsmeier V.

Bess Medizintechnik

Covidien Deutschland GmbH

Johnson & Johnson Medical GmbH

Liquid Smile

Medicon eG

Synthes GmbH

October 7 th - 10 th , 2012

The Regensburg Course

in Facial Plastic Surgery

K. D. Boahene

J. Bunaes

M. Constantian

A. D´Souza

G. Hamilton

S. Lam

R. Magritz

N. Pastorek

J. Quetz

J. Rowe-Jones

S. Perkins

J. Sykes

Under the


of the EAFPS

Directors: H.G. Gassner, Th. Kühnel, G. Hamilton

Program chairs: L. Prantl, T. Reichert, J. Strutz

University of Regensburg, Dept. of Otolaryngology

Chair: J. Strutz

In cooperation with the Department of Anatomy, Chair: E. Tamm

and the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery, Chair: T. Reichert

In collaboration with the MAYO CLINIC


Dear Colleagues and Friends:

After the wonderful success of the past Regensburg courses, we would

like to invite you for more outstanding surgical training in a spectacular

environment. We have incorporated your feed back in an effort to

further improve the scientific program for “The Regensburg Course in

Facial Plastic Surgery”, which will take place from October 7 – 10,


The course program is specifically designed to teach facial plastic surgery

techniques in a structured, step-wise manner.

Outstanding faculty from Europe and the USA will train you in:

Modern techniques in facial rejuvenation:

Face lift, Endoscopic brow lift, Blepharoplasty, Fat Grafting.

Advanced concepts in rhinoplasty and otoplasty:

Minimal invasive, incisionless and revisional techniques.

The latest advances in fillers, chemodenervating agents

and resurfacing.

The lecture series (Oct 7-9) features presentations, surgical videos and

live transmission of procedures direct from the operating room. A full

day of dissections on fresh frozen anatomic specimen and the workshop

auricular reconstruction are offered on Oct 10.

Early registration is recommended.

The course is organized in collaboration with Mayo Clinic. The program

chairs have taken special care to ensure clear and concise presentation

and didactics so that participants who are not fluent in English will

easily be able to follow the program. CME credits (EACCME, BLÄK, convert

to US CME) are available.

For registration please visit


Regensburg, is one of Germany´s most wonderful medieval towns, relaxing

yet vibrant. The town is located close to Munich (visit the famous

Oktoberfest at the same time). Travel is easy to Munich airport,

and hotel accommodation is affordable. Please let us welcome you to

the “The Regensburg Course in Facial Plastic Surgery 2012” and to the

charming beauty of our city, a UNESCO world cultural heritage.

Holger Gassner

Thomas Kühnel

Grant Hamilton

Jürgen Strutz

The Regensburg Course in Facial Plastic Surgery, October 7 th - 10 th , 2012


Sunday October 7th 08:00-08:30 Registration

08:30-08:45 Strutz Welcome and Introduction

Rowe-Jones Improving training in Europe:

The EAFPS fellowship

Hamilton The Mayo Clinic collaboration

Gassner Organizational remarks

08:45-10:15 Otoplasty

Moderation Kuehnel

Artinger The classic techniques

Gassner The Regensburg concept

Magritz The cup ear

Raunig The Stenström technique

Magritz Auricular reconstruction

10:15-10:45 Break Coffee with the exhibitors

10:45-12:45 Face Lift

Moderation Boahene

Haubner Surgical Anatomy of face lift


Gassner The extended SMAS lift –

Step by step

Sykes Deep plane face lift

Perkins Face Lift – Lessons from 30 years

Lam Fat grafting

12:45-13:45 Break Lunch with the exhibitors

13:45-15:00 Endoscopic Face Lift


Moderation Lam

Vielsmeier The surgical anatomy of

endoscopic techniques

Boahene Brow and midface lift: technique

step by step

Huber Endoscopic removal of forehead


Sykes A targeted approach

to the periorbita

Perkins Midface Lift


15:00-15:30 Panel Facial Rejuvenation

Moderation Sykes, Lam, Boahene, Perkins,

Bunaes, D´Souza, Pastorek N.,


15:30-16:00 Break Coffee with the exhibitors

16:00-17:30 Rhinoplasty I

Moderation Pastorek N.

Kühnel Grafts and suture techniques

in rhinoplasty: Overview

Sykes The septum: Aesthetic

and functional keystone

Constantian The critical anatomical variants

Perkins Controlling rotation

Boahene The nasal base

17:30-18:00 Break Coffee with the exhibitors

18:00-19:30 Blepharoplasty

Moderation Sykes

Prantl Psychometric analysis of the

periorbital complex

Pastorek N. Blepharoplasty:

30 years experience

Perkins The difficult lower eyelid

Lam Asian Blepharoplasty

Monday October 8th 08:00-12:00 Live Surgery

Moderation Gassner, Pastorek N.,

Constantian, Boahene

10:00-10:30 Break Coffee with the exhibitors

12:00-13:30 Rhinoplasty II

Moderation Quetz

Gassner Endonasal vs. open

rhinoplasty: The tipping point

Hamilton The saddle nose

Pastorek N. Endonasal solutions

for the nasal tip

Rowe-Jones A 3D approach to the dorsum

Program Program

13:30-14:30 Break Lunch with the exhibitors

14:30-16:00 Rhinoplasty III

Moderation Bunaes

Pastorek N. The deviated nose

Constantian Endonasal revision

of open rhinoplasty

Rowe-Jones Open revision

of endonasal rhinoplasty

Sadick Management of Rhinophyma

16:00-16:30 Break Coffee with the exhibitors

16:30-18:00 Facial Reconstruction I

Moderation Reichert

Nagel Botulinum Toxin:

Reconstructive applications

Reichert Local flaps in facial


Müller-Vogt Management of keloids

Roldán Reconstruction of the lip

Quetz Nasal reconstruction

19:30 Course Dinner

Tuesday October 9th 08:00-13:00 Live Surgery

Moderation Sykes, D´Souza, Rowe-Jones,


13:00-13:45 Break Lunch with the exhibitors

13:45-14:30 Panel instructive cases

and controversies

Moderation Rowe-Jones, Constantian,

Pastorek N., Hamilton, Sykes,


14:30-15:00 Constantian What I have learned from

unhappy patients

15:00-15:30 Break Coffee with the exhibitors

15:30-16:30 Facial Reconstruction II

Moderation D´Souza

Reichert Cosmetic osteotomies

Sykes Diagnosis and Management

of Cleft Deformities

Boahene Facial paralysis: The John´s

Hopkins concept

16:30-17:00 Break Coffee with the exhibitors

17:00-18:30 Superficial treatments

Moderation Gassner

Pastorek J. Platelet rich plasma

skin rejuvenation

D´Souza Superficial fillers

and botulinum toxins

Bunaes Superficial skin rejuvenation

Lam Hair restoration

18:30-18:45 Break Coffee with the exhibitors

18:45-19:30 Live Demo

Fillers, Injectables


Pastorek J.

19:30 Prantl,


Strutz Closing remarks

Wednesday October 10th 09:00-16:00 Faculty Workshop anatomic


09:00-16:00 Magritz Workshop auricular


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