Track Resurfacing

Track Resurfacing

Track Resurfacing

Why the SWR High School

track needs to be resurfaced?

Background information

The high school was built in 1973

along with the track.


Since the initial construction of the

track, it has only been resurfaced




This resurfacing was done about 20

years ago.


Research shows that tracks need to

be resurfaced every 8 to 10 years.

Home to varsity AND middle school

track teams.

What’s s the problem with our track?

The SWR HS track has many problems including:

* Uneven surfaces

-poorly patched areas of the track provide an uneven

running surface which can result in injuries such as

torn ligaments and muscles in the ankles and knees.

* Ruts and a crack that spans the entire length of the track

-There is a rut that goes all the way around the track in

the first lane (1 st lane is the most used lane)

* Faded lines that are essential to the meets that we host.

-faded lines include: lane numbers, starting lines,

. finish lines, hurdle markers, lane dividers, and the

. relay handoff area.

-faded lines make it hard for officials to officiate the

. meets and cause confusion for runners.

Cracks In the track and faded lines

These pictures show an important starting line and a

relay hand off area. There have been a number of

incidences in which teams have been disqualified for

failing to see these lines.

Poor Maintenance

Due to the poor quality of maintenance done to our track through the years, there are many sections of track

like this one that have a higher elevation than the surrounding track, causing a tripping hazard.

Some of the cracks

on the track have

been ignored and

are thought to be

fixed by being

spray painted over.

What does it mean to Resurface

a track?

When resurfacing a track the first

step is to rip up the old of layer of


After the old layer is removed, they

put down a new layer of


Once the new material is put down.

The final step is to spray on the lines

and numbers

Safety Hazards for Students, Staff,

and Community Members

Trip and Fall Hazard resulting in lawsuits.

Track Meets with other school districts

could result in injuries.

Community programs hosts a summer

track program for young children, with the

track in such poor condition, it is easy for

young children to get hurt.

Successful Varsity Track Teams


- 9 consecutive league titles

- 7 division titles

- 7 County titles

- 1 State Champion team

- One second place finish at

the state meet

- Most wins of any team in any

sport in Suffolk


- National individual title

- 5 league titles (cross county)

- 4 county champs (cross


- 7 League titles (winter track)

- 3 County titles (winter track)

- 5 league titles (spring track)

- 4 county titles (spring track)

over 600 wins since the

program started in 1982


Reflects the image of our school. The track is

seen at many community events, such as:

football games, lacrosse games, graduation, track

meets etc.

Before each track meet, the track is inspected by

the officials. It has become harder for our track

to pass inspection every meet. Soon our track

will not pass inspection and all meets will have to

be held at other schools, costing our district


Very unsightly

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