magnium - SWS Gesellschaft für Glasbaubeschläge mbH

magnium - SWS Gesellschaft für Glasbaubeschläge mbH

New and unique magnium ®

The SWS magnesium clamp.

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Facts. Benefi ts. Profi ts.

Ideas. Passion. Perfection.

Extremely light and competitively priced

The new SWS magnium ® magnesium clamps are clearly superior to conventional zinc alloy clamps. By

using the lightweight construction material – magnesium is lighter than zinc – the clamp has a lower weight

than those used up to now while maintaining the same strength. On top of that, thanks to low shipping and

raw material costs, it is especially competitively priced.

On the construction site, the clamp convinces with its light weight and easy handling – especially when

multiple clamps are used in the upper fl oors. Another advantage: Magnesium is nearly limitlessly available

and is extracted in part from seawater – the great availability lets one expect stable raw material prices in the

future. Moreover, magnesium, thanks to its good material properties, is perfectly suited for use in fi ttings.

Weight comparison (specifi c weight):

• Magnesium 1 ,74 g/cm 3

• Aluminium 2 ,70 g/cm 3

• Zinc 7 ,14 g/cm 3

• Steel 7 ,90 g/cm 3

Mature and ready to use

The SWS magnium ® magnesium clamp is an innovation ready for the market that provides the typical SWS

range’s advantages right from the start. They can be ordered and used specifi cally as ESG-clamps (clamps

for tempered safety glass) as VSG-clamps (clamps for laminated safety glass) and are delivered ready

mounted for fast installation. The packing unit (PZ = 4 pieces) is fi ne-tuned for practical use and lets you

order nearly exactly the number of clamps you need which means less inventory overhang and lower stock

costs. Always applicable with SWS clamp fi xtures when stipulating the glass panel dimensions:

Glass dimensions = inside width - 40 mm ...and naturally that also applies to the magnium ® magnesium

clamps. This fact simplifi es project planning and helps prevent expensive calculation errors (incorrect glass

orders). Rely on a powerful pair: Magnesium and SWS.

Tempered safety glass application (ESG)

Laminated safety glass application (VSG)

Tempered safety glass (ESG) or laminated safety glass (VSG)

With SWS magnesium clamps the choice is yours: ESG or VSG rubber inserts. This small but fi ne difference

has great implications in practice. Due to its structure with PVB fi lms, laminated safety glass (VSG)

has other dimensions than tempered safety glass (ESG) so the rubber inserts need to be precisely dimensioned;

otherwise stresses arise that could lead to the clamps breaking open. The clamp then no longer

provides any support and becomes a safety and warranty risk. The special SWS rubber inserts for the

VSG-clamps are not merely precisely dimensioned but also have transverse

grooves that facilitate targeted expansion under stress – and that relieves

the clamp and glass. Play it safe with the specifi c, correct SWS

clamps (tempered safety glass/laminated safety glass).

A new clamp with a new design

The SWS magnesium clamps convince not only through their material and price benefi ts but also through

their partially new, exclusive design. The double cambered form unifi es demanding, modern aesthetics

with high stability.

magnium ® is available in the following surfaces:

• 33 - pure white (RAL 9010) • 36 - deep black (RAL 9005) • 64 - stainless steel fi nish (magnium ® )

• 34 - aluminium colour • 37 - regular white (RAL 9016) • 99 - special colour

• 35 - grey brown (RAL 8019) • 39 - sepia brown (RAL 8014)

33 36 37

34 35 39 64 99


Some of our magnium ® VSG clamp fi xtures have

received a general construction supervisory test


Please note that our magnium ® clamp fi xtures

are only to be used in indoor areas!

The clamp made of the material of the future

Once again, SWS is pushing forward and writing another chapter in the history of fi ttings. Following elaborate

development work, we have managed to replace zinc with magnesium in the manufacture of tempered

safety glass (ESG) and laminated safety glass (VSG) clamps. That brings along two main benefi ts:

The clamps are signifi cantly lighter but with the same stability because the specifi c weight of magnesium

(1.74 g/cm³) is four times lower than that of zinc (7.14 g/cm³).

Eventually, the low raw-material prices and shipping costs for magnesium lead to convincing competitive

pricing. While the material of the future, magnesium, has been used in aerospace, in racing and in the

automotive industry so far, SWS has now managed to use it for the fi ttings sector. In the end, you will be

the one who benefi ts from this intelligent innovation.

SWS has been a DIN EN ISO 9001

certifi ed company for over 10 years


Gesellschaft für Glasbaubeschläge mbH

Friedrich-Engels-Str. 12

51545 Waldbröl


Telephone: (+49) 02291-7905-0

Telefax: (+49) 02291-7905-10

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