Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2008 As ... - Access Bank

Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2008 As ... - Access Bank

Statement from the Group Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer

Our sustainability approach has been further reinforced as

our leadership team sets the tone. The Board of Directors

has the highest level of governance oversight for our CSR

strategy and programmes.

We recognise the significant value that our non-financial

performance can contribute to creating long-term

sustainable value. We look forward, therefore, to finding

better ways to engage our people and to working with

our stakeholders to find solutions to key governance,

Financial institutions have a strong impact on business

behaviour and therefore should be at the forefront of

promoting responsible business practice. This is exactly

what Access Bank seeks to do at all times and is reflected

in our high level of ethical behaviour which is fair,

transparent and responsible.

In the year under review, we have worked to strengthen

the foundations of our CSR for the long-term

sustainability and value of our business. We increasingly

emphasize the role of intangible factors, which are not

captured by traditional financial indicators and are

committed to sustainable principles which remain a

fundamental part of our Bank’s culture.

Reputed as Africa’s Bank of Best Practice, we strive to be

“a light for others to follow,” and are committed to being

a leader and an advocate for ethical business engagement

within and outside the financial services industry. Our

business ethics go beyond mere compliance and influence

our corporate principles and decision-making,

strengthening our employee commitment, corporate

reputation and financial performance.

In the period under review, we established a fully

operational Corporate Social Responsibility Department,

and reviewed our CSR strategy as first steps in integrating

CSR in all our practices. This has involved a renewed focus

on the products and services we provide and the

investments we make in local communities to ensure that

they adhere to the high standards that we set.

social and environmental issues where we, as a financial

services provider, can make a difference. This includes

tackling issues as diverse as developing innovative business

solutions to social and environmental challenges.

As leaders in ethical business practices, Access Bank

appreciates the essence of communicating our good

business practice and sharing our good practice with

other organizations. One of the many ways we are

committed to doing this is through this medium, our

Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

This report has therefore been prepared in accordance

with the Global Reporting Initiative 2006 Sustainability

Reporting Guidelines. It represents a balanced and

reasonable presentation of our economic, environmental

and social performance. It records the efforts of our

people and our performance across a range of areas

including governance, stakeholder engagement,

environment and social aspects such as customer service,

workplace practices and corporate community investment.

As a knowledge-based organisation, we constantly seek

new opportunities for improvement. While we have made

modest efforts at articulating our sustainability

performance in this report, we are open to suggestions

that will enhance our future endeavours.

Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede

Group Managing Director/CEO


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