Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2008 As ... - Access Bank

Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2008 As ... - Access Bank

Best place to work

At Access Bank Plc, we have approximately 5000

employees in our countries of operation and our

people remain our most competitive edge. In line

with this, our human resource management

practices are designed to provide a work

environment that motivates and challenges staff to

go beyond the ordinary. They encourage a sense of

ownership in all aspects of our business and

develop the requisite professional and ethical

behavioural standards with a view to delivering

world class service to our esteemed customers.

Our workplace policies and practices are aimed at shaping

corporate culture and guiding relationships amongst

employees and between the Bank and all members of

staff. We support cultural and industry best practice.

We are committed to creating a work environment where

people can make a difference both as individuals and as

part of a team. The engaging and inclusive work

environment of the Bank helps attract, engage and retain

talented employees while enabling them to achieve their

full potential.

welfare policies for all its employees. There are various

schemes such as life insurance, workplace compensation

insurance, adequate health care benefits, maternity leave

and a stock ownership scheme.

At Access Bank, we are employee-centric. The Bank

practices rigorous employee engagement activities around

significant operational changes. Typically, the employees’

opinions are sought and this counts significantly in

developing a migration strategy for any operational

change in the Bank. The Bank adopts a migration policy

which allows for effective communication and buy-in to

changes from our employees.

As part of a preventive strategy for managing the health

and safety of the workforce, Access Bank places high

emphasis on awareness campaigns and regular training

and counselling regarding HIV/AIDS. The Bank has a

continuous communication strategy which updates all

staff on various issues on HIV/AIDS. The Bank also

provides support to workforce family members and

community members via periodic HIV/AIDS awareness

programmes and communication materials.

Access Bank Plc also institute policies and initiatives aimed

at engaging and retaining our employees, ranging from

market competitive salaries to intellectual training

programmes. The Bank’s activities in this regard span

across employee communication and representation;

ensuring employability and skills development; diversity

and equality; fair remuneration; work-life balance, health,

safety and wellbeing and responsible restructuring.

The Bank provides competitive and attractive wage

structures which have endeared it as one of the banks

with the best pay and reward structures. In compliance

with labour requirements on staff wages, 100% of the

Bank’s workforce is remunerated above the current

minimum wage. The Bank pays its staff wages above the

minimum wage irrespective of location.


Access Bank Plc values the contribution of its employees

as the source of competitive advantage for the Bank. The

Bank’s approach to employee welfare as designed by its

human resource management promotes practices which

are flexible enough to accommodate the needs of each

individual employee, encourage a sense of ownership in

all aspect of our business, develop requisite professional

and ethical behavioural standards, deliver superior

customer service, embrace sound financial discipline and

recognize and reward performance.

In Access Bank Plc, we are dedicated to continuous

growth; career development; training and retention of

highly skilled employees. This remains a critical success

factor for the Bank.

Access Bank Plc places importance on adequate staff

Continuous learning forms an integral part of our core


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