SolarBadgePRO™ - Systems Sunlight S.A.

SolarBadgePRO™ - Systems Sunlight S.A.

For Professional Field-Portable Devices Charge your Batteries from


Suntrica introduces SolarBadgePRO TM a backup power solution

with new capabilities for energy secure mobility.

Suntrica SolarBadgePRO TM is the new hallmark of

portable and sustainable power supply.

SolarBadgePRO TM is a field-portable power supply

tool that gathers solar energy with a high-efficiency

solar panel and stores the energy into an internal

lightweight battery. Flexible and robust

SolarBadgePRO TM dramatically reduces field

professionals' backup battery weight and significantly

extends the operating time of connected

communication, positioning and other professional


Technical specification

Rated input

5.0–6.0 V DC

Rated output

5.5 V DC, 800 mA

Battery capacity 7.3 Wh / 1960 mAh

Operation temperature 0–50°C


144 x 105 x 11 mm


Flexible, splash proof


130 g

One plug charge-discharge

Hook-and-loop fastener


and flexible design

Examples of use cases

Weather condition

Indicative energy

harvesting capability 70 mA 50 mA 30 mA

In order to achieve the best possible charging performance the SolarBadge

should be positioned toward the sun.

Solar for Safety

Charge your Batteries from

About Suntrica

Suntrica is the leading supplier of solar charging systems

and devices for the mobile and consumer electronics industry.

Suntrica provides solutions to improve the operating time

of products that change our everyday lives.

Suntrica charging solutions gather solar energy by the highefficiency

and flexible solar panel and store the energy into

an internal lightweight battery for instant or later usage.

Excelling in adaptability and portability, Suntrica’s charging

solutions are versatile mobile applications that provide

instant power supply to devices with a service voltage of

5 V DC – mobile phones, MP3 players, GPS devices and

digital cameras for example.

Suntrica Ltd.

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33100 Tampere, Finland fax +358 3 317 5866

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Solar for Mobility

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