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Located in Heart of Largest<br />

Center Yet Built in Canada<br />

Six -loot high script and Roman letters form the name of the Golden Mile Theat<br />

making it one of the most impressive signs in the entire Golden Mile Shop/it<br />

Plaza in suburban Toronto The brilliant marquee, risible from both sides of tl'<br />

corner location, utilizes 24 and 12-inch Adler third-dimension, cast alumiim<br />

^ letters used interchangeably on Adler stainless steel Remofo-Panel frames<br />

By J.<br />

W. AGNEW<br />

Vanada's first shopping center theatre,<br />

the Golden Mile, was fittingly opened<br />

in the country's largest supermarketing<br />

center, the Golden Mile Shopping Plaza in<br />

suburban Toronto. The theatre is located<br />

almost in the heart of the large shopping<br />

area and is operated by Principal Investments.<br />

Ltd., owners of the shopping center.<br />

There are 1.000 seats, including the loges<br />

where smoking is permitted, at 20 to 60<br />

cents. Shows are every evening with a<br />

matinee on Saturday, and the stores are<br />

open every Thursday and Friday nights<br />

changeable copy marquee is flush with the<br />

corner front and also the side of the building,<br />

allowing the program to be seen in two<br />

directions and by passing traffic at the<br />

busy corner intersection.<br />

The glass and marble boxoffice is located<br />

in the immediate right corner of<br />

the building. Entrance is made through<br />

gla.ss doors into a small lobby floored with<br />

rubber matting. Immediately behind the<br />

lobby is the manager's office, the ladies'<br />

powder room with full length wall mirrors<br />

and powder bar, and the candy stand.<br />

These faciUties occupy approximately tfc<br />

right half of the front portion of th'<br />

building.<br />

The spacious lounge is reached from th<br />

left side of the lobby. It extends froi<br />

the street line back, and is attractively ap<br />

pointed. The carpeting was especially de<br />

signed for the theatre, and features<br />

,<br />

black, green, red and orange feather desi^;<br />

on a soft gray background. A huge wa'<br />

mirror tends to make the foyer appea'<br />

even more spacious and reflects the tastt<br />

Continued on page J<br />

until 9 o'clock. A paved parking area is<br />

floodlit and accommodates thousands of<br />

cars. The shopping nights and the provision<br />

for parking materially benefit the boxoffice.<br />


Primarily the Golden Mile is intended<br />

to b

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