Macworld iPhone 5 Superguide (1.0) SAMPLE - Take Control

Macworld iPhone 5 Superguide (1.0) SAMPLE - Take Control

CHAPTER 3 Connect and Communicate

KEYPAD If the number you want to call isn’t in your contacts list, tap the Keypad button to summon an onscreen

keypad so you can manually enter the number you want to call.

Once you enter the number, you can tap the Add Contact button to the left of the Call button—its icon shows a

person’s head and a plus sign—to save that number for future use.

VOICEMAIL Like all mobile phones, your iPhone lets you access your voicemail while you’re on the go. In addition,

your device comes with Visual Voicemail, which allows users to view their messages in a list, letting them

pick which messages to listen to and in what order.

If your phone is locked and you receive a new voicemail, you should receive a notification alert. Slide to unlock,

and you’ll jump directly to your voicemail page. If your phone is already unlocked, you’ll see a red number on

the Voicemail button at the bottom of the screen. Tap this button to retrieve your messages.

GOT THE MESSAGE Tap the Call Back button to call someone who has left a message.

Unheard voicemails have a blue dot next to them. Tap the message to begin playback. Tap it again to pause.

You can use the on-screen slider to fast-forward or rewind a message, if you didn’t quite catch the details. If you

want to call the person back, just tap the Call Back button. Tap Delete to get rid of the message entirely.


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