2013 Annual Report--FINAL.pdf - YMCA of Greater Rochester


2013 Annual Report--FINAL.pdf - YMCA of Greater Rochester



2012–2013 YMCA of Greater Rochester Annual Report


For Our Future

Throughout its history, the YMCA has been a global organization committed to providing

local community support where needed. Within the pages of the YMCA’s founding story, the

origin of this “calling” to partner for the betterment of community is evident. It states that

“although an association of young men meeting around a common purpose was nothing new,

the Y offered something unique for its time. The organization’s drive to meet social need in

the community was compelling.”

“Individually, we are

one drop. Together,

we are an ocean.”

- Ryunosuke Satoro

Almost two centuries later, the YMCA stands by a belief that if citizens in need are provided

support, resources, and guidance, they can improve their own lives and the lives of others.

The YMCA has recognized over time, however, that it cannot pursue these social goals in

isolation. Its true power comes through collaboration with the many business, government,

and education organizations at the heart of building strong communities.

159 years strong, the YMCA of Greater Rochester has also built its foundation on partnership.

On the walls of our buildings and throughout the pages of our history are the names of

organizations and individuals from across Greater Rochester’s many sectors that have helped

us to strengthen this prosperous community. Among those organizations is Bivona Child

Advocacy Center, which is receiving this year’s collaboration award for its cutting edge

partnership with the YMCA and other community organizations to prevent child sexual abuse.

As one of the area’s leading nonprofits committed to strengthening communities through youth

development, healthy living, and social responsibility, we recognize our responsibility to

collaborate with local organizations committed to common goals. Eliminating duplication of

efforts and unnecessary redundancies in service and program offerings are just two of the many

benefits that can be gained when community leaders come together for the best interests of all.

Within the pages of this report, are three great stories of the power of collaboration. Leilani

Hernandez found enrichment through the YMCA’s after school program thanks to a successful

partnership with School No. 8 and funding from the United Way. Joanne Johnson embraced a

healthier lifestyle and avoided the onset of diabetes with the help of a YMCA program made

possible by MVP Health Care and Greater Rochester Health Foundation. Marta Valentin’s five

children are benefitting from a 12-year partnership between the YMCA and Eugenio Maria

de Hostos Charter School, which has made possible athletic and swimming instruction for the

students of this school without gym facilities.

These are just a few of the many stories from across the YMCA of Greater Rochester that

exemplify our commitment to partnership. Collaboration is truly at the heart of our cause.

As we look back at another successful year, we are grateful to our many “partners in cause.”

The support we have received in 2012 through our staff members, and the volunteers and

organizations that collaborate with us to deliver YMCA programs, services, and events, have

helped make Rochester strong, healthy, and thriving.

Together, we can preserve this great community for the future.

George M. Romell

President & CEO

Dr. Mary-Beth A. Cooper

Chair, Board of Directors

YMCA Camp Gorham

Collaborating . . . To Develop Youth

After school

programming impacts

student success

Leilani Hernandez was bored when she got home from

kindergarten, until her mom enrolled her in the YMCA’s

after school program at School 8.

“I’m really

pleased with the

program. They

teach her a lot.”

-Michel Gonzalez

Now in second grade, the 7-year-old loves the art projects, literacy computer programs,

science sessions, and homework help. Her group even brainstormed to write its own rules

and makes sure they are followed. Among them, “no hitting back if somebody hits you.

Tell a grownup,” says Leilani. “If any of us breaks the rules, the kids remind them.”

Michel Gonzalez, her mother, says “besides learning new academic things every day, she’s

learning to work in a group. When she comes home, she has so much to talk about. I’m really

pleased with the program. They teach her a lot.”

Thanks to funding from the United Way of Greater Rochester, the state-licensed program

is free to students in grades K-6 at School 8. Among the program’s other collaborations: a

teacher from School 8 directs literacy work and Boy Scout and Girl Scout leaders run troops

during the afternoon program.

“The Y plays an important role in helping youth succeed,” says Patricia Davis, director of

community investment for the United Way of Greater Rochester. “Because our youth spend

the majority of their waking hours out of school, providing high quality, positive, engaging

programming to fill this time can make the world of difference in their behavior and their

school work.” Research shows that local youth who participate in United Way-funded

after school programs perform better in school, attend school more regularly, and have

fewer unexcused absences than their peers who do not, she adds.

The YMCA program at School 8 has

served more than 115 students through

this school year, using the gym, cafeteria,

computer lab, and several classrooms.

Groups also travel across the Driving

Park Bridge for swim lessons and

physical education programs at the

Maplewood YMCA.

Sara Lewis, vice president of youth

development at the YMCA, says,

“I think the Y as a community partner

can really turn things around for youth

academically and in terms of wellness

and social/emotional skills.”

A look at the future:

YMCA after school programs continue

to evolve away from child care toward

holistic enrichment, including arts

education, mentoring, service learning,

academic support, social/emotional

development, and parent engagement.

• With the United Way, the YMCA is

working on offering a six-week Y

Readers summer program for students

younger than third grade.

Collaborating . . .

Endorsed Program

Focuses on


Joanne Johnston’s doctor warned her that she was prediabetic,

making it more likely that she would face the blood glucose

testing, insulin doses, and risks to her heart, kidneys, nerves,

and eyes that diabetes brings. However, the 78-year-old from

Gates had trouble losing excess weight on her own.

To Build Healthier Lives

“I love it! I needed

the change with my

eating habits – and

more exercise.”

-Joanne Johnston

Help finally came in a letter and through a call from her health insurer, inviting her to

participate in the YMCA’s evidence-based Diabetes Prevention Program.

The free one-year program includes 16 weekly classes and then monthly maintenance

meetings. Lifestyle coaches teach overweight adults who are at risk for type 2 diabetes

how to adopt and maintain a lifestyle that can improve their health, reduce health care

costs, and extend their life.

Johnston learned to control portions, track calories and fat, and eat more vegetables and

fruit. She got back into the habit of walking at the mall with friends three times a week.

On other days, she pedals her once-neglected exercise bike, now positioned by the TV.

Within 10 weeks, Johnston lost 10 pounds. Her usually high blood pressure improved,

and she is now more energetic. “I have more ambition,” she says. “I’m able to do more.”

The program is offered at YMCAs nationwide. In October 2012, MVP Gold became the

first Medicare Advantage program anywhere to cover the program. “Educating people about

how to eat healthier, stay active, and take other steps to avoid developing type 2 diabetes

is an important way MVP can contribute to helping to create healthier communities,” says

Denise V. Gonick, president and CEO of MVP Health Care.

Greater Rochester Health Foundation (GRHF) supports the program financially because

rigorous studies have shown that modest changes can avoid diabetes, says John Urban,

GRHF president and CEO. “This fact, along with the YMCA of Greater Rochester’s

demonstrated ability to execute programs effectively, made this an investment our board

of directors was pleased to support.”

Since September 2010, more than 190 people in the Rochester area have participated in

the program.

“I love it,” says Johnston, a retired Kodak worker. “I needed the change with my eating

habits – and more exercise.”

A look at the future:

• Early learning and after school

programs at the Y will adopt new

standards for food, minimize screen

time, and maximize physical activity

time daily.

YMCA employees are participating in

the Wegmans/Finger Lakes Health

Systems Agency’s blood pressure

challenge to improve their own

health. Also, YMCA fitness crews

can provide blood pressure testing

for other employers.

Collaborating . . . To Be Socially Responsible

A 12-year partnership

gives back to the community

Marta Valentin never learned to swim. So she’s especially grateful that four of her five

children receive swimming lessons at the YMCA as part of their school day.

Through a creative partnership, the school contracts with the YMCA to provide the facilities

for physical education classes and the staff to lead the classes for the 400 students in

grades K-8 who attend Eugenio Maria de Hostos Charter School. Neither of the school’s

two buildings in northeast Rochester has a full-size gym or a large field.

Since opening in 2000, the charter school has bused students weekly to the Maplewood

and Carlson MetroCenter branches. In addition, the YMCA received support from the Greater

Rochester Health Foundation to provide equipment for physical activities suited to small

spaces at the school. Since the school added middle school grades, the YMCA has provided

space for modified sports teams to practice and play games.

“I love that they go to the YMCA,” says Valentin. Her kids agree. “I think it’s very important

kids know how to swim,” says Simone Mateo, who’s 12 and has passed her test to swim in

the deep end. Fun sports such as kickball and flag football are another plus, she says. “I like

how in gym we’re pretty active.”

A look at the future:

As part of a collaborative with Bivona Child Advocacy Center and other Rochester community

organizations to prevent child sexual abuse, the YMCA will begin offering Darkness to Light

Stewards of Children trainings to YMCA staff, volunteers, and members. It is the goal of

the group to train 28,000 adults in Monroe County within five years.

In 2012, the YMCA of the USA announced its Achievement Gap initiative to substantially

increase the impact of YMCA early learning and out-of-school programs. Specifically, the

initiative will increase kindergarten readiness, reverse summer learning loss, and accelerate

academic achievement, ultimately ensuring school readiness and success for low-income

youth ages 3 to 10 who are behind in school or at risk of becoming behind. The YMCA

of Greater Rochester is deeply committed to eradicating the achievement gap in our

community and is proud to have been selected to pilot both the Summer Learning and

Afterschool national signature program models at Roberto Clemente School No. 8 during

the 2013-2014 program year.

“I think it’s very

important kids know

how to swim.”

-Simone Mateo

Her brother, Richard Priest, who’s 9, is enjoying lessons in the pool and tennis, soccer, and

running laps in the gym. “You get energy,” he says. “You get exercise, and you get healthy.”

School families turn out for an annual school wellness fair at the Carlson branch and for

an end-of-year picnic at Camp Arrowhead.

“The Y has been just a natural fit for us,” says Jeff Halsdorfer, principal. “The benefit

for our students and our families is that the Y has done a phenomenal job of promoting a

healthy lifestyle.”

Many Rochester students live in neighborhoods where it is not safe to play outdoors, notes

Sara Lewis, vice president of youth development. “This is expanding the walls of the Y,

bringing people into the branch who wouldn’t otherwise come in.” Connecting the charter

school families to the Y leads some to become members – perhaps with financial scholarships –

for safe, fun physical activity and lasting relationships.

That happened this spring for Valentin and her family, who joined the Maplewood branch

near their home. The 50-year-old says it is not too late for her to learn to swim herself:

“I want to take lessons.”

1 in 4 girls will

be sexually

abused before

the age of 18*

20% of child

sexual abuse

victims are

under the age

of 8*

more than 90%

of abusers are

people children

know, love, or


A Partnership to Stop

Child Sexual Abuse

Bivona Child Advocacy Center

Honored With Collaboration Award

The YMCA of Greater Rochester began a partnership with Bivona Child

Advocacy Center in 2012, collaborating with local nonprofit and government

organizations, to address the epidemic of child sexual abuse. Forming the

Darkness to Light Collaborative, this group aims to empower all adults in

the Greater Rochester area to fully understand and be able to identify

the signs of child sexual abuse in order to take the necessary steps to protect children

suspected of being abused. It is the group’s goal to have 28,000 Greater Rochester adults

trained in child sexual abuse prevention by 2015.

“We have evaluated and provided treatment and services to more than 9,000 children since

opening Bivona in 2004,” says Mary Whittier, Bivona Child Advocacy Center Executive Director.

“Most of these children are abused by someone they know, love, and trust. We want for

these children the same level of awareness and advocacy as we see for childhood cancer,

autism, and ADD.”

Bivona Child Advocacy Center hired a Prevention and Education Outreach Specialist at the

end of 2012 who leads a training program for employees and members of organizations,

schools, community groups, businesses, parents, caretakers, and concerned and responsible

individuals throughout the community who are interested in becoming Stewards of Children

through the Darkness to Light (D2L) curriculum.

With 14 staff members trained to deliver Stewards of Children, the YMCA of Greater Rochester

is also one of the primary providers of D2L-endorsed prevention education to the community.

The YMCA of Greater Rochester, Bivona, and many of the other organizations within the

Darkness to Light Collaborative are making their trainers available to organizations across

Greater Rochester that would like to offer the training to staff members.

“At the YMCA of Greater Rochester we take child protection very seriously. The safety of all

of our members, volunteers, and staff is a top priority in the development of our policies

across the organization,” says George Romell, president and CEO. “However, we know that

this alone does not keep children safe in our community. With the health and well being of

children and families at the heart of our mission, we recognize our role in stepping up to

convene leaders and engage the entire community in prevention.”

Through a partnership worthy of the 2013 Collaboration Award, Bivona Child Advocacy

Center and the YMCA continue to spread awareness about Darkness to Light throughout

the community. As said best by Mary Whittier at a D2L press conference last fall, “unlike

some other childhood threats, there is something we can all do about child sexual abuse.”

*Statistics are from www.d2l.org.

Collaborating for Our Cause

Breaking Records to Benefit Thousands

The YMCA of Greater Rochester celebrated an incredible achievement in the 2012 Invest in

Youth Campaign. For the first time in our nearly 160 year history, over $2 million was raised

during the annual support campaign. Led by YMCA Board Chair Dr. Mary-Beth A. Cooper,

Invest in Youth Chair Joseph R. Teresi, together with hundreds of volunteers and YMCA staff

members, raised funds to ensure no one is turned away from YMCA programs and services.

The Rochester community once again proved its deep commitment to youth development,

healthy living, and social responsibility. Over 8,500 donors helped make a difference in

the lives of thousands of their neighbors. The Invest in Youth Campaign made a healthier

lifestyle available to families, gave children the chance to experience the joys of summer

camp, provided seniors with the opportunity to join their peers in fellowship and healthy

living, and much more.

The YMCA is grateful for each volunteer that supported the Invest in Youth Campaign with

their time, talent, and treasure. Volunteers spent hours on the phone with donors, youth

sports teams raised money through special events, local business owners made special gifts,

YMCA staff members gave at record levels, and families made the choice to support their

neighbors—everyone played a special role in the 2012 Invest in Youth Campaign.

As the YMCA looks to the future, 2012 will be the benchmark for future annual support

campaigns, helping to pave the way for even greater philanthropy. We thank all of our

supporters for making this exciting future possible!

Y Partners Can Benefit Future Generations of Campers

Summer camp is a special place. Hundreds of boys and girls attended YMCA Camp Cory in the

treasured Finger Lakes region and YMCA Camp Gorham in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains

in 2012. These youth experienced the great outdoors through fun activities and creative

staff, while at the same time built valuable self-confidence skills and lifelong friendships.

The YMCA of Greater Rochester believes that every child deserves to go to camp, regardless

of financial circumstances. A new YMCA Campership Program has been established to

help send more children to camp and provide a connection to these youth by the generous

donor-families for which the Camperships are named.

The YMCA Campership Program will provide a scholarship in your name (or family’s name)

for a child to attend either Camp Cory or Camp Gorham each summer. The executive

director of the overnight camp will select the youth based upon financial need and the

donor’s specific wishes. Depending on the size of your gift, you have the potential to impact

the lives of many youth campers. An endowment gift of $25,000 is needed to establish a

YMCA Campership to provide support for a child to attend one week at either overnight

camp every year into the future.

To establish a YMCA Campership in your name or create a campership through a planned

gift in your estate, contact Jeremy A. Cooney, Esq., vice president of development, at

585-263-3925 or jeremy.cooney@rochesterymca.org.


Triangle Society

(Gifts of $5,000 and greater made

over a three-year period)

Trustees ($50,000+)


Founders ($25,000-$49,999)

Harris Beach, PLLC

Ray and Erika Hutch

LeChase Construction Services, LLC

The M&T Charitable Foundation

Benefactors ($15,000-$24,999)

American Packaging Corporation

Shannon and Matthew Bielaska

Mary-Beth A. Cooper and David W. Cooper

John L. DiMarco, Sr.

Hillyard, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Hutchins

The Kenlou Foundation, Inc.

Phyllis and Richard LeFrois

Normal Communications

Edward J. Pettinella

Real Lease, Inc.

George M. Romell

Mike and Diane Russell

Bill and Tricia Sauers

Patrons ($10,000-$14,999)

Becker Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

Lisa Brubaker and Jim Viscardi

Stan D. Drabik, DDS

Patrick J. Glavey

Chad and Kim Gobel

Matthew and Margaret Kilmer

Thomas Parkes

SolutionOne, Inc.

Susan M. Reschke

David Riedman

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Teresi

Wright Brothers Sales

Fellows ($5,000-$9,999)

Anonymous (2)

Avalon Document Services

Bartolomeo and Perotto Funeral Home, Inc.

Bayview Cleaners and Laundromat

Bond, Schoeneck & King, PLLC

Boulter Industrial Contractors, Inc.

Russell R. Bullock

Van and Madeline Burke

Dan and Denise Burns

Catherine M. Callery and Michael D. Nazar

Buddy and Jeannie Campbell

The Cannan Group, RE/Max Plus

Drs. Janet and Kevin Casey

Sandy and Mike Catallo

Fernán and Nannett Cepero

Classic Automation

The Cogan Family

Jeremy A. Cooney, Esq.

Margaret S. Covney

Scott F. Cristman, Esq.

John and Mary Crowe

Cuomo-Oberst Family

Megan and Doug DeFranco

Tom and Karen Deitz

Mark and Andrea DeMeo

Nancy and Sreeram Dhurjaty

Kevin and Heather Dibble

Dibble & Miller, PC

Andrew and Nancy Dimock

Philip and Kathleen DiPasquale

Christopher S. Dudley

In Memory of Henry G. Ellis

Family First of NY FCU

Kevin and Lisa Feor

The Fitzpatrick Family

Bob and Bobbie Freitag

Will and Janet Gallagher

Andy and Karen Gallina

Lisa Greer

Erik and Susan Grimm

David and Barrie Heiligman

Steve and Heather Henshaw

Edward Hourihan and Bridget Dee

Jurij and Marie Kushner

Sal and Sandra LaBella

David and Emily Lambert

Chuck and Kathleen LaRocco/

Commonwealth Financial Group

Paul and Nicole LeFrois

The Lesinski Family

Sara Lewis and Andrew Cole

Stephen and Elizabeth MacAller

Christopher Marks

Vanessa D. Martell

Bob and Peggy Martin

Luis Martinez

Debbie Masters and William DeGroff

Robert and Mary Beth McCann

Jett Mehta

William B. Mendick

The Family of Mike and Tara Minor

Monroe School Transportation

The Moragne Family

Dennis and Cathy Mullen

Jill and Jason Mulcahy

Murch Electric Co.

Marie Northrup

Bill and Sara Nunez

Joseph and Nancy Pagano

Melinda J. Peck

Lindsay Phillips and Kevin Daniels

Carl and Kelly Piacelli

Joseph D. Picciotti III

The Pike Company, Inc.

Power Management

Jack and Judy Plum

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Aaron and Karen Proietti

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Bill and Diane Reddy

Rochester RazorSharks

Paul and Lisa Roland

Shawn and Michele Rowcliffe

Bob and Cindy Ryan

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Michael and Michelle Scozzaro

Stephen and Beth Skrainar

James and Kylene Smith

Stephen S. Smith

Gary Squires

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Stevenson

Michael and Karen Stevens

Pavel Sullivan

Mary Sutton

Anne and Tony Thornton

Timothy Tindall and Erica Harper

Jeff and Pem Tyler

UGI Energy Services

Constance Valk

Adam and Kim Wallach

Rudolph and Margaret Warren

Thomas and Pamela Wesley

April Luehmann and Jim White

Debbie and Bill Wickham

Keith and Michelle Williams

James and Elizabeth Young

Helen A. Zamboni and Steve I. Rosen

Chair’s Roundtable

(Gifts of $1,000 and greater

made during the 2012 fiscal year)

Platinum ($10,000+)


Davenport-Hatch Foundation, Inc.

First Niagara

Greater Rochester Health Foundation


JCPenney Afterschool Round-Up

Matco Builders & Developers, LLC

MVP Health Care

Next Generation Vending, LLC

Star Trac

The Summers Family Foundation, Inc.

Gold ($5,000-$9,999)

Advantage Sports & Fitness, Inc.

Baywinde Senior Living Community

Citizens Bank

Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield


Friendly Sons and Daughters of

St. Patrick

Genesee Valley Physical Therapy

Henderson Ford

Kamco Supply


Kronos Incorporated

Life Fitness

Mashomack Foundation

Messenger Post

Park Ave. Bike Shop

Pharos Systems International

The Redwoods Group

Sysco Food Service of Syracuse

Virge Trotter

John Urban

Vision Ford

Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.

Xerox Corporation

Silver ($2,500-$4,999)


American Specialty Health


Nancy Allinger and Duane Basch

The Bonadio Group

Chubb Insurance

William G. Clark – Urban League

Eastside Medical Urgent Care

The Gobel Group

Richard Harris

Karpus Investment Management

LaBella Associates, PC

Lisa’s Liquor Barn

LMC Industrial Services

Mary Frances Steadman Trust

PD Oviatt Fund

In Memory of Evan Peck

PJF Property Maintenance

Mr. and Mrs. Cary Racz

Regional Distributors, Inc.

Roc City Rib Fest, LLC

Rochester Davis-Fetch Corp.

Rochester Female Charitable


Schieven Family Endowment Fund

The Spa at La Bella

Sutherland Global Services

Walmart Foundation

Verizon Wireless

In Memory of Schuyler Wells


Bronze ($1,500-$2,499)


ADMAR Supply Company

Branden Albert

Michael and Cathy Armbruster

B&L Wholesale Supply, Inc.

Bank of America

The Bank of Castile

Bernard’s Custom Logo

Ellen Brenner

Brown & Brown of New York, Inc.


Molly Lee Campbell Foundation

Robert Cherrington

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EFP Rotenberg LLP


Finger Lakes Gaming and Racetrack

Fibertech Networks

Fleet Feet Sports

Flower City Glass

Robert A. Fox

The Friends of Bristol Valley

Playhouse Foundation, Inc.

Ann Garrett

Genesee Regional Bank

R. Thompson Gilman, Esq.

Shawn and Amy Griffin

Home Properties, Inc.

G. Jean Howard

Casey Howe

Kimmins Coffee Services

John and Barbara Lovenheim

M&T Bank

William L. Mack

Christopher and Heather Mangone

In Memory of Robert Manteufel

Medved Running and Walking


George E. Mercier

Sharon Napier

O’Connell Electric Company, Inc.

Oppenheimer Funds

Satish and Kalpana Parikh

Pittsford Federal Credit Union

Precision Packaging Products, Inc.

Prime, Buchholz & Associates, Inc.

Stacey and Dave Spoto

John Stewart and Karen Frutiger

Sid Strasenburgh

Structural Remediation Services, Inc.

United Rentals

Upstate Roofing and Painting


Wilmot Cancer Center

Woods Oviatt Gilman, LLP

Thomas and Susan Zubert

Members ($1,000-$1,499)

Anonymous (7)

Sanford Abbey

Alesco Advisors LLC

The Allstate Foundation

The Almar Foundation

Amdex Computer, Inc.

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Armstrong World Industries

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Wright Family Fund

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and T.J. O’Connell

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Jeffrey and Beth Wilkens




In furtherance of the YMCA‘s mission

in the Rochester community, the

following families and organizations

have generously provided significant

support to the YMCA of Greater

Rochester in 2012-13:

Mark & Colleen Crane

Daisy Marquis Jones Foundation

Davenport-Hatch Foundation

Frank M. Hutchins

Jurij & Marie Kushner

Harry T. Mangurian Jr. Foundation

Cleland B. Ross

Rochester Area Community


United Way of Greater Rochester

In June 2012, just one day before

day camp was set to begin, vandals

burned down the 38-foot climbing

tower at the Bay View branch.

The community response was

overwhelming and the YMCA will

re-open a state-of-the-art and

inclusive adventure campus in June

2013. The following families and

organizations generously provided

significant support ($1,000+) for the

Re-Build the Bay View Tower



The Baron Family Foundation

Dr. Mary-Beth & David Cooper

Davenport-Hatch Foundation

Dr. Harpreet Deol, DDS

Frontier Communications

Marc Iacona

Isaac Heating & Air Conditioning

Joseph Gerard

Michael Gburek

Wendi Latko

Oppenheimer Funds

Progressive Implantology

Mary Vickers

Vistage CEO Group

The YMCA of Greater Rochester is

proud to recognize the following

individuals and families as members

of the George Williams Society:

Betsey and Rick Benham

Jean G. Boles

C. William and Judith H. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Brown, Jr.

Michael F. Buckley

Mrs. Bruce Cameron

Buddy and Jeannie Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Carroll

Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Clark

John J. Cogan

Jeremy A. Cooney, Esq.

Magdalyn M. Cyganovich

Dancy and Jim Duffus

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Edelman

A. Marc Feder

Colleen Feder

Kevin and Lisa Feor

Mr. David R. Ferris, Esq.

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Ferris

Mrs. Donald C. Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold W. Frear

Ann Garrett

Mrs. John W. Handy

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Healey

David and Barrie Heiligman

Peter Heinrich

Mr. and Mrs. E. James Hickey

Mrs. Eric B. Hoard, Jr.

Jay T. Holmes

Ray and Erika Hutch

Mrs. Frank M. Hutchins

Perry Jacobs

Dr. J. Elmore Jones

Jurij and Marie Kushner

Dr. and Mrs. Gary Long

Mr. and Mrs. William Manning

George E. Mercier

Mr. and Mrs. Pete C. Merrill

Mrs. Donald B. Miller

Mrs. Cornelius J. Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Naylor

Elaine and Philip (Tony) O‘Brien

Mrs. James Y. Oldshue

Edward J. Pettinella

Jay Polston

George M. Romell

Mike and Diane Russell

Bill and Tricia Sauers

Bill and Susan Schoff

Gene K. Shaffer

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Stockton

Mr. Charles Watson

Mrs. Warren V. Weber

Beth and Jeff Wilkens

Eileen M. Wurzer

Paul and Susan Yesawich

Helen A. Zamboni

To learn more about

opportunities to support the

YMCA of Greater Rochester

through capital, programmatic,

or endowment giving, please

contact Jeremy A. Cooney, Esq.,

vice president of development

at 585-263-3925.

Board of Directors

Mary-Beth A. Cooper, Chair

Salvatore A. LaBella,

Executive Vice Chair

Phyllis LeFrois, Vice Chair

Paul F. Roland, Vice Chair

William F. Sauers, Vice Chair

Frank York, Vice Chair

William G. Clark, Secretary

Margaret Covney, Treasurer

Daniel J. Burns, Past Chair

Michael A. Armbruster

Duane Basch

Shannon M. Bielaska

Roger Boily

Russell J. Bullock

James L. Cherry, Jr.

Susan D. Comer

Michael A. DeLong

Andrea L. DeMeo

Andrew W. Dimock

Philip J. DiPasquale

Colleen M. Feder

Patrick J. Glavey

Chad M. Gobel

Erik M. Grimm

Edward P. Hourihan, Jr.

Mark D. Jacob

Matthew A. Kilmer

William L. Mack

Ann McCrossen

Sandra A. Parker

Thomas W. Parkes

Christine A. Peters

Joseph D. Picciotti

Donald Pryor

David J. Riedman

Christine Sibilio

Joseph R. Teresi

Timothy J. Tindall

Charles J. Vita

Marlowe V.N. Washington

Helen A. Zamboni

Thomas Zubert

Honorary Board

Catherine B. Carlson

Angelo J. Chiarella*

Charles M. Clark

J. H. Cline*

Ione Collins*

John W. Crowe

James C. Duffus

Donald C. Fisher*

Dorothy H. Frear

Andrew R. Gallina

Richard J. Garrett*

Edward Harris, Jr.*

Douglass C. Harvey*

David C. Heiligman

Albert B. Hooke*

Frank M. Hutchins*

Jurij Z. Kushner

Bill Manning

George E. Mercier

Pete C. Merrill

Cornelius J. Murphy*

Tony O’Brien

James Y. Oldshue*

Edward J. Pettinella

Joseph E. Robach

Robert F. Ryan

John M. Summers

Beth Wilkens

Marian C. Witmer*

Paul J. Yesawich III


Advisory Council

Matthew Augustine

Ruth C. Baltzer

Fred J. Bell

C. William Brown

Gordon Brown

Douglas F. Brush

Michael F. Buckley

Paul J. Burgett

Robert Carroll

James L. Cherry, Sr.

Scott F. Cristman, Esq.

Thomas E. Cummings

Elizabeth A. Feor

David R. Ferris

Robert A. Fox

Ronald Good

Gary Goodger

Mosie R. Hannah

John B. Henderson

John Holahan

Jay T. Holmes

Cynthia Huether

Mordecai A. Jones

Edward W. Kay Jr.

Sharon Melville

Sharon Napier

Beulah Patterson

Charles H. Price

William J. Reddy

Margaret Sanchez

Mary Freund Tilton

John Urban

Julio Vazquez

Margaret Warren

Rudolph W. Warren

Association Leadership Staff

George M. Romell, President & CEO

Michael Russell, Executive Vice

President & COO

Susan M. Reschke, Sr. Vice President,

Finance & CFO

Fernán Cepero, Vice President,

Human Resources

Jeremy A. Cooney, Vice President,


Jennifer M. Lesinski, Vice President,


Laura A. Fasano, Vice President,

Healthy Living

Sara E. Lewis, Vice President,

Youth Development

Christopher Marks, Vice President,


Branch Executives

Kevin Fitzpatrick, Eastside

Family Branch

Steve MacAller, Chester F. Carlson

MetroCenter Branch

Chris Mangone, Westside District

Executive/Westside Family Branch

Debbie Masters, Eastside District

Executive/Southeast Family Branch

Sara Nunez, Maplewood Family Branch

Melinda J. Peck, Monroe and Southwest

Family Branches

Michele Rowcliffe, Camp Cory

James Smith, Lewis Street Child

Care Center

Mike P. Stevens, Bay View Family Branch

Anne Thornton, Camp Gorham

Boards of Management

Bay View

Mike DeLong, Chair

Rob Ambrosetti

James Baker

Steve Barry

Mary Ellen Belding

Sheila Colletta

Kevin Conroy

DaMaris Corzatt

Mary Ann DelMastro

Jason Fulkerson

Ken Gerew

Duncan Hills

Ron LaMagna

Wendi Latko

Christina Mancini

Thomas F. Mizelle

Jill Mulcahy

Dave Passero

Ed Stone

Camp Cory

Sue Comer, Chair

Sarah Cassetta

Mary Courtney

Lisa Falvo

Henry Ferris

Sandy Hollar

Casey Howe

Karen Kuppinger

Tom Mahaney

Nancy Mazur

Persephone Modeste

Thomas Proietti

Carl “Chris” Reynolds

Wendy Roemer

Guy Smith

Marc Tayman

Camp Gorham

Colleen Feder, Chair

Ellen Brenner

Kim Connal

Dana Consler

Pam Duffy

Aaron Evans

Kurt Fagerstrom

Chris Klajbor

Allison Rauh

Andrew Rauh

Craig Wittlin

Alex Wojtanowski

Yves Robinson

Greg Wysocki

Carlson MetroCenter

Christine Sibilio, Chair

Charles Cacciato

Robert Conderman

Rick Costanza

Blaise DiNardo

Thomas Green

John Halldow

Meg Hart

Martin Hotaling

John Hudak

Albert Jones

Arneshia Jordan

Mary Kirkendale

David Liptak

Michael Marsch

Gerald Mastrodonato

Robert McCann

Natosha McDonald

Dan Milner

K. Jerald Noble, Sr.

Pete Scott

Peterson Vazquez

Jerry Zinczyn


Christine Peters, Chair

John Barr

Johanna Bartlett

Terry Bernat

Bill Brueckner

Cynthia Charles

John Cogan

Donna Dedee Doyle

Larry Grossman

Garry Haltof

Ray Hutch

Lindsay Jackson

Gene Kinney

Teon Kowalyk, D.C.

Jeff LaDue

Mark Lockerby

John Moragne

Michael Piccolo

Deb Roschetzky

Steve Skrainar

Barb Wale

Pam Wesley

Deb Wickham

Keith Williams

Lewis Street

R. Thompson Gilman,

Esq., Chair

Joe S. Brown

Madeline Burke

Philip J. DiPasquale

Ginger Guyer

Steven A. Lucia

Leslie B. Smith

Timothy J. Tindall

Ronald E. Wright, Jr.


Ann McCrossen, Chair

Tamala Bradford

Susan Brayer

Lisa Cook

Michelle Keller

Ann McCrossen

Karen Tucker

Sara Senour

Ellen Scalzo

Robert Stevenson

Constance Valk


Andrew Dimock, Chair

Tonya Dickerson

Nora Dimmock

James Graves

David Lambert

Rachel Lauber

Elizabeth McKane

Ebony Miller

Joseph Pagano

Lindsay Phillips

Fritz Ruebeck

John Stewart

David Topa

Wendy Walsh

Benjamin Yagoda


Roger Boily, Chair

Patricia Anthony

Matt Bielaska

Rick Borrelli

Alex Broccuto

Sebastian Ciccariello

Mary Conlon

Jacqueline Sprague-Cooper

Joe DiBattisto

John DiPalma

Steve Eggert

Kevin Foy

Jim Graham

Theresa Grana

Richard Healey

Pam Leathersich

Chris Lohrmann

Robin Montmayeur

Paul Morreale

Gerald Murphy

David Nasradinaj

James Norris

David Perotto

Joseph Robach

Brian Sauers

Christopher Schiano

Sid Strasenburgh

Kyle VanPutte

Brett Waterman


Mark Jacob, Chair

Anne August

William Beach

John Bernacki

Mark Burris

Janet Casey

Anna Collins

Nancy Dhurjaty

Ram Dhurjaty

William Encherman

Bob Freitag

Thomas Hobika

Donna Kawczynski

Tina Maffucci

Bernadette Mahle

Gina Martin

Peggy Martin

Luis Martinez

Mike Minor

Bob Noonan

Sarah Pickhardt

Jack Plum

Chuck Rinehart

Jim Schnell

Jane Silverstein

Julie Steele

Steve Thompson

Jeff Tyler

Caren Weaver

Norman Yung


Donald Pryor, Chair

Elizabeth Daniele

Carol Kramer

Vincent McIntyre

Frederick Reed

Francine Scott


Tom Zubert, Chair

Mark Assini

Raymond Coons

Tim Crowley

Kim Tucci

SC Kohli

Greg LaDuca

Paul LeFrois

Gay Lenhard

Anne Loria

Walt Meyer

Sandra Mitchell

Amy S. Perry-DelCorvo

Robert Renehan

Jason Scott

Michelle Scozzaro

Eric W. Stowe

Roger Sutphen

Barbara Tomasso

Roger Ward

While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of our donor recognition lists, we apologize

for any errors or omissions. Please contact us at 585-341-3044 if we have made an error in

your acknowledgement so that we can correct our records for future listings.

Editor: Jennifer Lesinski

Copywriting: Jeremy Cooney, Jennifer Lesinski, Andrew Powers, Chris Swingle

Design: Patti Keirsbilck Design

Photography: Marnie Buchsbaum, Ken A. Huth Photography, Jennifer Lesinski

Printing: EPi Printing & Finishing

Program CommitteeS

Camp Arrowhead

Mara Peters, Chair

Anne August

Shelly Carmel

Scott Hall

Kate Gibbons

Bernadette Mahle

Jack Plum

Caren Weaver

Victor Active Family Center

Jennifer Bhaskaran

Kathleen Crowley

Sherrie Dattilo

Pat Gerbasi

John Haggerty

Marcie Hamilton

Jean Jones

Kathy Maltman

Steve Metzger

Gary Sabin

Sally Soule


Nancy Woodring

A Member Association of:

YMCA of the USA

The Alliance of New York State

YMCAs, Inc.

Afterschool Works! New York

American Camping Association

Child Care Council

Council of Agency Executives

Darkness to Light Collaborative

Early Childhood Education

Quality Council

Greater Rochester After School


Health Engagement and

Action for Rochester’s

Transformation (HEART)

National After School Alliance

National Association for the

Education of Young Children

Rochester Area Administrators

of Volunteer Services

Rochester Business Alliance

Rochester Downtown

Development Corporation

Urban League of Rochester,

New York

Workforce Diversity Network

Youth Services Quality Council


Core Program Participation*

Active Older Adults 13,473

Aquatics 18,428

Arts and Humanities 958

Camps 33,344

Child Care and Before/After School 22,456

Family Programs 2,215

Health and Fitness 5,268

Teen Leadership and Activities 856

Youth and Adult Sports 8,856

Total 105,854

Financial Assistance Granted*

Individuals Dollars Percent of Total

Served Granted Dollars Granted

Membership 10,524 $1,784,243 54.4%

Child Care 86 497,759 15.2%

After School 1,945 356,072 10.9%

Summer Day Camp 4,043 303,642 9.3%

Overnight Camp 518 156,823 4.8%

Preschool 716 102,946 3.1%

Youth/Teen 495 52,591 1.6%

Other 890 23,226 0.7%

TOTAL 19,217 $3,277,302 100.0%

Operating Revenue and Support

Percent of Total

Membership $21,401,929 52.9%

Program 11,498,878 28.4%

Governmental Sources 2,746,492 6.8%

Invest In Youth and

Other Contributions 2,045,688 5.0%

Grants 1,306,296 3.2%

Investment Income

Allocated for Operations 619,731 1.5%

Other 436,570 1.1%

United Way 435,391 1.1%

Total Revenue $40,490,975 100.0%

Operating Expenses

Percent of Total

Employee Expenses $23,324,648 57.7%

Facilities and Occupancy 8,974,713 22.2%

Program Expenses 5,238,827 13.0%

General and Administrative

Expenses 2,106,543 5.2%

Other Expense 764,205 1.9%

Total Operating Expense $40,408,936 100.0%

Change in Net Assets

from Operations 82,039

Total Assets 71,461,272

Total Liabilities 31,427,516

Total Fund Balance $40,033,756

Branch Membership

Bay View Family YMCA 10,928

Carlson Metrocenter YMCA 6,928

Eastside Family YMCA 18,933

Maplewood Family YMCA 3,526

Monroe Family YMCA 2,216

Northwest Family YMCA 13,441

Southeast Family YMCA 12,484

Southwest Family YMCA 924

Victor Active Family Center 1,238

Westside Family YMCA 13,089

TOTAL 83,707

Year ended March 31, 2013—unaudited

* Duplicated Count: Some individuals

participate in/receive assistance for

more than one program.

YMCA of Greater Rochester Locations

ASSOCIATION OFFICE ................................546-5500

444 East Main Street, Rochester, NY 14604

BAY VIEW FAMILY BRANCH .........................671-8414

1209 Bay Road, Webster, NY 14580

CAMP ARROWHEAD ..................................383-4590

20 Arrowhead Road, Pittsford, NY 14534

CAMP CORY..............................................325-2889

199 East Lake Road, Penn Yan, NY 14527

CAMP GORHAM ..................................888-518-5671

265 Darts Lake Road, Eagle Bay, NY 13331

Camp Northpoint..................................392-9905

249 North Greece Road, Greece , NY 14468


METROCENTER BRANCH ...........................325-2880

444 East Main Street, Rochester, NY 14604


FAIRPORT BAPTIST HOMES ........................341-3054

4646 Nine Mile Point Road, Fairport, NY 14450

EASTSIDE FAMILY BRANCH ........................341-4000

1835 Fairport Nine Mile Point Road, Penfield, NY 14526


53 Lewis Street, Rochester, NY 14605

MAPLEWOOD FAMILY BRANCH ...................647-3600

25 Driving Park Avenue, Rochester, NY 14613

MONROE FAMILY BRANCH ..........................271-5320

797 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607

NORTHWEST FAMILY BRANCH ...................227-3900

730 Long Pond Road, Rochester, NY 14612

SOUTHEAST FAMILY BRANCH ....................385-4665

111 East Jefferson Road, Pittsford, NY 14534

SOUTHWEST FAMILY BRANCH ....................328-9330

597 Thurston Road, Rochester, NY 14619

VICTOR ACTIVE FAMILY CENTER .................742-4940

200 High Street, Victor, NY 14564

WESTSIDE FAMILY BRANCH ........................247-3501

920 Elmgrove Road, Rochester, NY 14624


YMCA of Greater Rochester

Association Office

444 East Main Street

Rochester, NY 14604


Non-Profit Org.

U.S. Postage


Rochester, NY

Permit No. 71

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