Mighty Fortress, The (AA^-^

Religious Documentary. Peaturette


that worth playing. Some

EHHS called it a glorified newsreel,

etc. It w-as well received

^toere and many, many favorable

youTomments. Played Good Friday

"'weekend and was pleased with

patrons this drew. Played Thurs.,

Fri., Sat. weather; Fair.—Ken

Christianson, Roxy Theatre,

Washburn, N. D. Pop. 913.

Treasure of Ruby Hills (AA1 —

Zachary Scott. Carole Mathews,

Barton MacLane. A good western

with plenty of action for a weekend

spot. Business average.

Played Sat. Weather: Good.—

D. W Ti-isko. Range Theatre,

Runge, Tex. Pop. 1,055.


Picnic iCoH —William Holden,

Rosalind Russell. Kim Novak.

Certainly one of the finest pictures

we have played in a long

time. A picture any audience will

appreciate. A good old-fashioned

hometown picture. A good grosser,

but won't make you any

money at 50 per cent terms.

Seems like all the film companies

are interested in is taking

their slice between our chin and

shoulder. At the rate they ai-e

going they'll have our throats

soon. Played one week, opening

Wednesday. Weather: Fair.

Robert Klinge. Uptown Theatre,

Sedalia, Mo. Pop 20,354.

Picnic (Col) —William Holden,

Rosalind Russell, Kim Novak.

is ijPfvHere a pictiu-e that will please

ifiit/young and old. Ideal for small

town. Tlie cast, acting, story and

were excellent. Drew to


above average business. Terms too

high. Played Sun.-Wed. Weather:

Very good.—Lloyd Bellefeuille.

Rialto Theatre, Aitkin, Minn.

Pop. 2,079.

Three for the Show (Col)—

Betty Grable, Jack Lemmon.

Mai-ge and Gower Champion.

Anyway, I found out why this

stretched print came so cheap.

Wish the reason had stayed Columbia's

secret. Played Wed..

Thurs. Weather: Nice. — Bob

Walker, Uintah Theatre, Fruita,

Colo. Pop. 1,463.


Executive Suite iMGMi—William

Holden, June Allyson, Barbara

Stanwyck. And then there

were Fredric March, Walter

Pidgeon, Shelley Winters. What

more could you ask? Well, I'll tell

you. They needed a story to display


this wonderful talent. I

was very disappointed and so

were others, who told me so.

However, weather very poor, as

usual, so not many were disappointed.

Played Fri., Sat.—F.

L. Murray, Strand Theatre,

Spiritwood, Sask. Pop. 355.

Love Me or Leave Me (MGM)—


Day, James Cagney. Cameron

Mitchell. Tops in entertainment.

Put it in late where a picture

was pulled, so it wasn't on

my calendar, but it did the best of this year so far.

M. D. Harris, Gem Theatre, Gibsland,

La. Pop. 1,085.

Tarzan Escapes (MGM)—Reissue.

Johnny Weissmuller, Mau-


reen O'Sullivan. Picked up this

oldie for the kid trade. They ate

it up. Never a dull moment.

Played Tues,, Wed.—Frank E.

Sabin, Majestic Theatre, Eureka,

Mont. Pop. 929.

Trial (MGM)—Glenn Ford,

Dorothy McGuire, Arthur Kennedy.

A ti'uly great picture, well

acted. Ever so many said they

had no idea even as to how a

trial was conducted. Tliey liked

it exceedingly. Played Sun., Mon.

Weather: Cloudy and cool.—Ray

Kincade, Kesner Theatre, LeRoy.

Kas. Pop. 695.

Big Grosser

Rain the second night hurt

"Battle Cry" (WB) a little, but

thLs great picture gave me the

biggest gross in many months.

Here is an example of the way

Cinemascope should be used.

The battle scenes were terrific,

but some of the stock footage

from World War II was very

grainy when blown up to Cinemascope

size. We had some

patrons who showed up both

nights; also some ex-Marines

who haven't been in the theatre

for years. Let's have some

more entertainment like this!


Roxy Theatre

Coulterville, lU.


Artists and Models (Para) —

Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Shirley

MacLaine. Not the best of

M&L pictures, but pleased all

who who saw it. 'VistaVision at its

best. Below average draw for

Martin and Lewis. Played Sun.,

Mon., Tues. Weather: Fair. —

Lloyd Bellefeuille, Rialto Theatre,

Aitkin, Minn. Pop. 2,079.

Girl Rush, The (Para) —Rosalind

Russell, Fernando Lamas,

Eddie Albert. Ran this on our action

change. My mistake. Starved.

They should have come to see it,

because it's really good in a

semi-corny way. Played Tues.,

Wed.—Frank Sabin, Majestic

Theatre, Eureka, Mont. Pop. 929.

Girl Rush, The (Para)—Rosalind

Russell, Fernando Lamas,

Eddie Albert. Fairly fast moving

musical. Pair comedy angle with

some nice outdoor scenery and

Las Vegas gambling casinos.

Some nice floor show acts. Business

average. Played Wed.,

Thurs. Weather: Okay.—D. W.

Trisko, Runge Theatre, Runge,

Tex. Pop. 1,055.

To Catch a Thief (Para)—Cary

Grant, Grace Kelly, Jessie Royce

Landis. Beautiful color and good

story. With Grace Kelly in the

headlines, should make money

anywhere. Played Sun., Mon.

Weather: Good. — B. Berglund,

Bijou Theatre, Ray, N. D. Pop.


To Catch a Thief (Para)—Gary

Grant, Grace Kelly, Jessie Royce

Landis. After this. I hope Prince

Ranier does make his bride retire

from the screen. The makeup

department must have been on

strike for Grace Kelly's scenes.

Or maybe Technicolor's dyes are

fading. The smug, self-satisfied


expression Grace wore through

much of this picture may be

great acting, but I doubt If most

theatre patrons care too much for

it. The picture didn't please too

well and the latest feminine import

from France can take the

next boat back for my money.

Played Sun., Mon. Weather:

Fair.—Frank R. McLean, Roxy

Theatre, Coulterville, 111. Pop.


Glory (RKO)—Margaret O'-

Brien, Walter Brennan, Charlotte

Greenwood. A race horse

picture that will just get by. No

extra business, so bank account

will not grow. Watch it. Made a

mistake by giving it a Sunday

opening. Weather: Good.—Leo A.

Backer, Valley Theatre, Browns

Valley, Minn. Pop. 1,117.

Music Land (RKO)—Reissue.

Cartoon feature. I never in all my

years in show business ever made

a dime by playing Disney pictures.

Early in the show, I had

four walkouts. It's the last Disney

to play my house. Played

Wed., Thurs. Weather: Good. —

Leo A. Backer, Valley Theatre.

Browns Valley. Minn. Pop. 1,117.

Tarzan and the She-Devil

(RKO)—Lex Barker, Joyce Mac-

Kenzie, Raymond Burr. As usual

for kid-pullers. Good Sunday

with kids to spare. Not. so good

Monday, with seats to spare. Ran

with three cartoons. Played Sun.,

Mon. Weather: Hot Sunday and

rain Monday. — Lew Bray jr..

Queen Theatre, McAllen, Tex.

Pop. 20,068.


Doctor in the House (Rep) —

Dirk Bogarde, Muriel Pavlow,

Kenneth More. A cute little comedy

of a class of students learning

to be doctors. Only comment

on this is that we just can't do

any business on foreign productions.

I don't know why. Certainly

a lot of them are far superior

to some of the stuff we

have been releasing in the past.

Guess it's the British accent they

use. Placed Thurs., Fri. Weather:

Cold.—Robert Klinge, Uptown

Theatre, Sedalia, Mo. Pop. 20,354.

Headline Hunters (Rep)—Rod

Cameron, Julie Bishop, Ben

Cooper. Doubled this newspaper

cops and robbers with "Ten

Wanted Men" for a fair average

weekend date for the customers

who like fightin' instead of lovin'.

Played Thurs.. Sat. Weather:

Mild, intermittent rains.—Lew

Bray jr., Queen Theatre, McAllen,

Tex. Pop. 20,068.

Hell's Outpost (Rep) — Rod

Cameron, Joan Leslie, John Rus-

Good action feature for


small-town theatre. No attendance.

Fri., Sat. Played Weather:

Cold.—Ralph Raspa, State Theatre,

Rivesville, W. Va. Pop. 1,343.

Timberjack (Rep) — Sterling

Havden. Vera Ralston, David

Brian. This is a good action picture.

The Ti-ucolor was very

good. We did a few bucks above

the average for this change. Action

fans will like it. Played Tues.

Weather: Pair—Michael Chlaventone.

Valley Theatre, Spring

Valley. 111. Pop. 5,123.



Broken Lance (20th-Fox) —

S|)tn(CT Tracy. Robi^rl Wagner,

Jean Peters. An excellent westerii

with a super cast. A good picture

for art houses as well as rural

areas. Just a good picture. Period.

Only one fault: priced too

high. After Fox got Ihelr's there

was only skim milk left for yours

truly. What with price and bad

I weather, barely broke even.

Played Fri., Sat. Weather: Bad.

— F. L. Murray. Strand Theatre,

Spiritwood, Sask. Pop. 355.

How to Be Very, Very PopuUr

(20lh-Fox)—Betty Grable, Sheree

North, Bob Cummlngs. A

very, very cute comedy with a

pair of cute dames. There are

some hilarious moments in this

one. Color good. Pulled better

Monday night than on Sunday

night, which proves that word of

mouth got around. Played Sun.,

Mon. Weather: Fine.—I. Roche,

Vernon Theatre, Vernon, Fla.

Pop. 610.

Lieutenant Wore Skirts, The

(20th-Fox)—Tom Ewell, Sheree

North. Rita Moreno. A very good

comedy that pleased the very

small attendance. No fault of

the picture, In normal times

would have done good business.

Played Sun., Mon. Weather:

Good —W. L. Stratton. Lyric Theatre,

Chains, Ida. Pop. 728.

Seven Year Itch, The (20th-

Fox)—Tom Ewell. Marilyn Monroe.

Evelyn Keyes. Today, the

kind of business this did was

mighty nice. A year or so ago,

it would have been just average.

I liked it the "Itch," but seemed

to be over the heads of most of

my regulars, while a few of the

seldom-comers thought it was

great. I think half the little guys

and gals in my area have the

"Itch." is one reason business

doesn't come back. Never have I

heard of so many cases of

measles, mumps, chicken pox and

whooping cough. A youngster

gets over one and the next day


is down witli another, so the boxoffice

wallows. Played Sun.,

Mon., Tues. Weather: Windy,

chilly.—Bob Walker. Uintah Theatre,

Fruita, Colo. Pop. 1.463.

Good for Top Time

Kentuckian, The (U A)—Burt

Lancaster, Dianne Foster,

Diana Lynn. Very good job

about an early day feud, a man

and boy's ambition to get from

Kentucky to Texas. Plenty of

action, l()ve and beautiful scenery.

.\ very good fight. Business

average. Good enough for

anyone's top playing time.


Runge Theatre

Runge. Tex.


Beachhead (UA)—Tony Curtis.

Frank Lovejoy, Mary Murphy.

Not so much of a war picture. I

would call this an action picture.

The story moves at a rapid rate.

Suspense runs high and almost

continuous. The color Is magnificent,

and so is the scenery.

This is a picture that will go over

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