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well in any situation. I had

Plenty of compliments. Played

ipri., Sat. Weather: Poor.—F. L.

Murray, Strand Theatre, Spmtwood,

Sask. Pop. 355.

Desert Sands (UA) — Ralph

Meeker, Maria English, J. Carol

Naish. The theme has been done

so many times that people won't

leave their TV sets to come to

this. Played Thiu-s., Fri., Sat.

Weather: Good.—M. W. Long.

Lans Theatre, Lansing, Iowa.

Pop. 1,531.

Fort Yuma (UA) — Peter

Graves, Joan Vohs, John Hudson.

This is not much of a picture.

Did not please and failed to draw

50 per cent of normal action business.

Can't recommend it. You

can see this stuff on TV. Played

Fri., Sat. Weather: Okay.—W. L.

Stratton. Lyric Theatre, Challis,

Ida. Pop. 728.

Gentlemen Marry Brunettes

(UA) — Jane Russell, Jeanne

Crain, Alan Young. Jane Russell

and Bob Waterfield seem to

be getting off to a good start in

the producing end of the business.

Thought this picture would

be horrible, but it wasn't too bad.

At least, the cast didn't burst

forth into song every time somevone

opened the door to get the

morning paper, as happens in 99.9

per cent of the musicals. Played

Sun., Mon. Weather: Fair and

warm.—J. D. Wilbanks, Wagon

Wheel Drive-In, Spearman, Tex.

Pop. 1,852.

Indian Fighter, The (UA) —

Kirk Douglas, Elsa Martinelli,

Walter Abel. Good picture. The

title tells what it's about. Business

not so hot. Played Sun., Mon.

Weather: Cold.—Michael Chiaventone,

Valley Theatre, Spring

Valley, 111. Pop. 5,123.

Robbers' Roost (UA)—George

Montgomery, Richard Boone,

Bruce Bennett. Good western, as

most Zane Grey novels are, for

small towns. Had record attendance

for Saturday night^20 paid

admissions for adults. Can stand

alone. Played Fri., Sat. Weather:

Fair and cold.—Ralph Raspa.

State Theatre, Rivesville, W. Va.

Pop. 1,343.


All That Heaven Allows (U-I)

—Jane Wyman, Rock Hudson,

Agnes Moorehead. Very good picture

with the "Magnificent Obsession"

star. Will make a few

dollars for you, so play it. Played

Sun., Mon., Tues. Weather: Good.

—Leo A. Backer, Valley Theatre,

Browns Valley, Minn. Pop. 1,117.

Chief Crazy Horse (U-D—Victor

Matm-e, Suzan Ball, Jolin

Lund. Played Palm Simday and

with a lot of people saying, "Oh,

another Indian show," but the

farmers and the man on the

saw and liked it.

street came,

Business good for this Sunday.

Again the Indians came through

and we are satisfied. Played

Sun., Mon. Weather: Warm and

windy.—Ken Christianson, Roxy

Theatre, Washburn, N. D. Pop.


Naked Dawn, The (U-D—Arthur

Kennedy, Betta St. John,

Eugene Iglesias. Arthur Kennedy,

playing a Mexican robber,

did a good job. Plenty of action.

Good scenery and color. Cast

portrayed pai-ts very well. Business

bad due to being played the

Saturday before Easter. Played

Sat. Weather: Okay.—D. W.

Trisko, Runge Theatre, Runge,

Tex. Pop. 1,055.

Running Wild (U-D—William

Campbell, Mamie Van Doren,

Keenan Wynn. Another "Blackboard

Jungle." Not much show,

but it pulls them in. Guess it's

that music! If the cash di-awer

looks good what does it matter?

M. D. Han-is, Gem Theatre, Gibsland,

La. Pop. 1,085.


Command, The (WB)—Guy

Madison, Joan Waldon, James

Whitmore. It may have been

outstanding in CS. In 2-D, it was

an average Injun-soldier thing.

Business okay. Played Fri., Sat.,

Sun. Weather: Okay.—Frank E.

Sabin, Majestic Theatre, Eureka,

Mont. Pop. 929.

Dragnet (WB)—Jack Webb,

Ben Alexander, Ann Robinson.

Good preview. Fairly good story.

Jack Webb has a lot of fans

listening to his TV program and a

lot of them came in to see it.

Played "Pete Kelly's Blues" with

Jack Webb on the next playdate.

Guess I am a lazy exhibitor or

would not have played it that

close. Too much alike. Maybe I

should blame the salesman.

Played Fri., Sat. Weather: Good.

—B. Berglund, Bijou Theatre,

Ray, N. D. Pop. 721.


Barefoot Savage (IFE)—Eleanora

Rossi Drago, Amedeo Nazzari,

Marcello Mastroianni. English-dubbed

Italian picture. Wow

Steer absolutely clear unless you

have a good, and then some, draw

If you do, then consider

of art fans.

this one. Played Tues., Wed.

Weather: Hot and dusty.—Lew

Bray jr., Queen Theatre, Mc-

Allen, Tex. Pop. 20,068.

Day the World Ended, The

(ARC)—Richai'd Denning, Lori

Nelson, Adele Jergens. This show

was not for a college town. Students

not much interested in this

sort. I agree. They have been

overdone of late. Played Fri.,

Sat.—Ken Gorham, Town Hall

Theatre, Middlebury, Vt. Pop. 3,-


Farmer's Daughter, The (SR)

—Reissue. Loretta Young, Joseph

Cotten, Ethel Barrymore. Originally

released by RKO. We played

this in our drive-in. The print is

excellent. The picture still pleases

and will do as much business as

some new super-colossal percentage

deal. Play it.—W. S. Funk,

Star Theatre, St. Stephen. S. C.

Pop. 1,341.

Theodora, Slave Empress (IFE)

—Gianna Marie Canale. George

Marchal, Renato Baldini. English-speaking

Italian picture.

Okay for art fans and fine in this

small town sub run house of

mine with family and kid bills

on each end. Doing much better

with art pictures than with

American second run and "B"

pictures midweek, so looking forward

to more of them. Played

Tues., Wed. Weather: Intermittent

rain.—Lew Bray jr.. Queen

Theatre, McAllen, Tex. Pop. 20,-



Foreign-longuage productions by notive country listed olphobeticolly

by title, followed by running time. Dote shown is issue of BOXOFFICE

in which review appeared. Name of distributor is in parentheses.


; .H, Del CarrU, A. Beneill



Appointment in London (96) 12-31-55

(Assoc. Artists).. D. Bogarde. lJina)l Shen(

Belles of St. Trinian's, The (90) . .


(Assoc. Artists)

. .Alastair Sim, Joyce Gientell

Chance Meetina (94) S-27-55

d'aceraaliei) .Odlle Versois, David Knight

©Cocktails in the Kitchen (S3)

(Stratford) Dili! Bogarde. Dennis Price

Court Martial (105) 10- 1-55


- .Darid Niven. Margaret Leighton

Cure for Love. The (97) 11-26-55

.R. Donat, Itenee Asherson

Eight O'clock Walk (S7) 8-20-55

(Asso. .\rts)..R. Attenborougll. C. O'Uonnell

Four Against Fate (84) 9-10-55

(.\ssoc. Artists).. A. Neagle. Michael Wilding

Front Page Story (95) 7-23-55

(.issoc. Artists) . .Jack Haukins. Eva Bartok

©Fuss Over Feathers (84) 1-29-55

(Assoc. Artists) . .John Gregson, Muriel Pavlow

Game of Danger (88) 11- 5-55

(Assoc. Artists) . .Jack Warner. Veronica Hurst

Green Scarf, The 4-23-55

(Assoc. Artists).. IL Redgrave. A. Todd

Heart of the Matter. The (100) . . . .12-25-54

(Assoc. Artists) . .Trevor Howard, Maria Schell

His Excellency (84) 4-28-56

(Brenner) .Eric Portman. Parker


Innocents in Paris (103) 2-19-55

(Tudoi) . -Claire Bloom. Alastair Sim


Inspector Calls, An (80)

1- 8-55

[Asioc. Artists).. Alstair Sim. EUeen Moore

Intruder, The (84) 2-12-55

(Assoc. Artists) . Jack Hawkins, Dennis Price

©Kid tor Two Farthings, A (91) . 4-28-56


(Lopert) . .Celia Johnson, Diana Dors

©Make Me an Offer (88) 4- 7-56

(Dominant). .Peter Finch. Adrienne Corri

Midnight Episode (78) 9-17-55

(Fine Arts) . .Stanley Holloway. Leslie Dwyer

Room in the House (98)

(Uiijraltcr) . .Patrick Barr, Marjorie Rhodes

Teckman Mystery, The (90) U-19-55

(Assoc. Artists) . ..Margaret Leighton. J. Justin

Three Cases of Murder (99) 5-21-55

(Assoc. Artists) - Ol-son Welles, John Gregson

©To Paris With Love (78) 4-30-55

(Continental) . .Alec Guinness. Odile Versois

True and the False, The (SO) 4-23-55

(Helene Davis) . .Signe Hasso, Wm. Lingford

©Will Any Gentleman? (84) 11- 5-55


(Stratford) . .George Cole. "Hurst


Adorable Creatures (108) 1- 7-56

(L'onfl His.) . .Marthie Carol, E. Feuillere

©Ballet de France (83)

(Lewis) . .Janine Cliarrat, Mllorad Miskovitch

Companions of the Night (104)

. . 8-28-54

(.\rlan) .Francoise Arnoul. Raymond Pellegrln


Diabolique (107) 3- 3-56

(fMPO) Meurlsse

Signoret. Paul

a Diary of Country Priest (95) 7-31-55

(Br.indon) .C. Laydu, N. Maurey, (Jiiibert


Dr. Knock (102)


. .Louis Jouvet. Jean Brochard

©Frenph CanCan (93)

(irMPO)..Jean Cabin. Francoise Arnoul

French Touch. The (84) 9-25-54

(Times) . .FernandeL Kenee Devillers

Game of Love, The (IDS) 2-19-55

(Times) .Pierre-Michel Beck. Edwige Feuillere


Heartbreak Ridge (86) 6-11-55


. Real French troops In Korea

Holiday for Henrietta (103) 5-21-55

(Ardec) .Dany Robin, Michael Auclair


In a Girls Dormitory (102)

(Eilis) . .Jean Marais, Francoise Arnoiil

Letters From My Windmill (116) .

(Tohaii) .



Henri Vllbert. Rells *v.

Mr. Hulofs Holiday (85) 10-30-54

(GBll Infl) . .Jacdues Tati. Nallialie Pascaud

One Step to Eternity (94) 1-28-56

(Ellis).. D. Darritux, M. Auclair, C. Calvet

Sheep Has Five Legs, The (93) .11-26-55




(UMPO) Kcrnaiidel. Francoise Arnoul

Sunderin (SO) •


(Prod. Rep3-)..Hildegarde Neff, G. FroehUch


Barefoot Batallion (89) 6-26-54

(Brandt).. Maria Costi. Nicos Fermas


Hill 24 Doesn't Answer (100) 12- ^"^.^


(Confl Dis) Wagner, Haya Hararit

Alone in the Streets (SO)

(Cairull) ..Story of street wails

Bed, The (101)


(Octz-Kingslcy)..R. Todd, DawT) Addams

Four Ways Out (77) • 1; IfS

( Carroll).. Gina LoUobriglda, Renalto Baldini

Hello Elephant (78) 1-29-55

(Arlan) . .Vlttorio de Sica. Sabu

©House of Ricordi (112)


(Manson).. Paolo Stoppa, MarU Toren


©Maddalena (90) .-


(IFE) Torcn, Glno Cervi, J. Sernas

Mademoiselle Gobette (78) 4- 9-55


(IFE) -Silvana Pampanini. Lulgl P-ivese

Return of Don Camilla (115)

(IFE) .

.Fernandel, Gino Cervi

Too Bad She's Bad (95)



(Getz-Kingsley).. Sophia Loren, V. De Sica


White Sheik, The (86). .••

(Janus) .Alberto Sordi. Brunella Bovo


©Gate of Hell (Jigokumon) (89) . . 1- 8-55

(Harrison & D,aridson) . .M. Kyo. Hawgawa

©Golden Demon (95) '.;*'',

(Harrison) . .Fujiko Yamamoto, Ncgaml


Hiroshima (85) •


(Confl Dls.)..Isu2u Yamada, M. Tsuklda

Imposter, The (89) „ }'^-^;^^

(Brandon) .Utaemon Ichikawa, Chlkako Mltagl


• •

©Samurai (100) .. .11-13-55

(Jacon) . .Toshlro Mifune, K. Yachlgusa



jiasayukl Mori


This Strange Passion (82) •

y „^^",?V.«

(Omnifilms)..Arturo De Cordova, D. Garces


©Boris Godunov (105)

(Artkino)..A. Pirogov, 0. NcUep

©Romeo and Juliet Ballet (96)..


(Tohan) .Galina Ulanova. Yuri Zhd^uiov i


Naked Night, The (82) • • • —

(limes).. Harriet Andersson, Ake Groenberg

One Summer of Happiness (92) • ''1*\55

(Times-Film) .UUa Jacobson. Folke Sundqulst



Legends of Anika (85) •••


(Grand Prize) . .MUena Dapcevlc, B. Grlblc




12, 1956

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