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"The Last Ten Days" (Col. Int'l)

In April 1945, are drawing close to Berlin and

the Allies

Adolph Hitler makes his headquarters in a bombproof

bunker with Dr. Goebbels and his top generals. Oskar

Werner, a young captain seeking reserves for his nearly

surrounded unit in the field, is shunted about from general

to general without getting to Hitler, who Is occupied with

seeking advice from an astrologer and the pictu-? of

Frederick the Great and in decorating teenage ;

When Hitler learns that General Steiner's army hat. disintegrated,

he flies into a rage, orders people shot and the

subways, where the citizens of Berlin and the wounded are

taking refuge, flooded. Hitler makes his last will, marries

Eva Braun and then commits suicide with her. The bodies

are cremated.


For the art houses, the name of Erich Maria Remarque,

author of the screenplay and of the famous Universal film,

"All Quiet on the Western Front," should be stressed.

Mention that the picture received the highest honors at

the Edinburgh Film Festival in 1955. For younger fans, play

up the handsome young Oskar Werner, who attracted


attention in "Decision Before Dawn," 20th-Fox film in 1952.


From Heil to Hell . . . Erich Maria Remarque, Who Wrote

the Greatest Story of World War I, Now Gives Us a Story

of the Final Days of World War II.

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