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Film-Making Abroad

Will Aid Industry

NEW YORK "Making Americiui pictures

abroad, such as MGM now is doing with 'Teahouse

of the August

Moon' in Japan, will

help the American

major companies in

their negotiations to

get larger quotas in

these c u n t r i e s."

according to Collier

Young, who recently

completed production

of "Huk" in the Philippines

for United

Artists release.

The Far East has

become an important Collier Young

part of a picture's film income and Huk."

which deals with the Philippine guerilla warfare

following World War II. would have an

especial interest, not only in the Philippines.

but in Hong Kong, Singapore. Tokyo and

other Asian territories. Young said.

Young is a fervid disciple for Philippine

production, especially since "Huk." which was

financed by United Ai-tists, cost only $350,000

to produce there. It would have cast approximately

three times that amount if made in

Hollywood. A number of Philippine film

producers and exhibitors have a financial

stake in the picture and Young figured that

he gave employment to thousands of extras

and a few technicians, including Manuel

Rojas, who was the unit's second cameraman.

The stars who came on from HoUj^vood were

George Montgomery. Mona Freeman and

John Baer but most of the smaller roles,

including three featured parts, were filled

by local talent. The Philippine film industry

makes from 50 to 60 local pictures yearly,

most of them on the crude side, Young


Young hopes for a simultaneous premiere

of "Huk" in Manila and in a key U. S. city

some time in July or August, when the picture

will be released. He will start production

of "The Halliday Brand." a western

feature to star Joseph Gotten, some time in

June. This also will be a UA release.

Young has not given up his production

chores for Filmakers but the latter company

has been inactive mainly because his coproducer,

Ida Lupino, has been occupied

with her TV chores on "Fom- Star Playhouse."

He also has created a TV series. "Mi-. Adams

and Eve." which will star Miss Lupino and

her husband. Howard Duff, and he also is

readying a TV series ba.sed on famous trials,

which will star Joseph Gotten as narrator.

Two of these pilot films have been completed.

Young, who came east with his wife, Joan

Fontaine, will return to Hollywood Monday


Fox Family Club Elects

Reinhardt President

NEW YORK—Harry Reinhardt has been

elected president of the 20th Century-Fox

Family Club. Bernard Bozzone vice-president,

Hy Salant treasurer. Ann Virus secretary,

and Leo Israel publicity manager. Coming

activities will be the annual outing, gin

rummy tournaments, the annual fall dance,

a bowling tournament and a swimming club.




lyjiinny Keiner, IFE general sales manager,

went to Chicago May 7, starting a tenday

swing of midwest exchanges to finalize

"Madame Butterfly" playdates . . . Charles

Boasberg. Paramount supervisor of sales for

"The Ten Commandments." went to Philadelphia

May 9. Mervin Hou.ser, RKO studio

director of publicity, returned to Hollywood

May 10 after ten days of home office meetings.

Joe Friedman of Wainer Bros, home

office special events department, left for

Detroit and Chicago to set up arrangements

for John Wayne's personal appearances with

the C. V. Whitney film, "The Searchers" .

Bernie Kamber. head of the New York office

of Hecht-Lancaster. left for Hollywood May 8

in connection with the charity opening of

"Trapeze" at the Fox Wilshire May 29.

Charles Levy, formerly advertising-publicity

director for Buena Vista and later with

20th Century-Fox, is now eastern publicity

representative for Byrna Productions and is

working on "Spring Reunion." which United

Artists will . . . Bob Perilla. column

contact in Columbia's publicity department,

has been awarded the master of arts degree

in communications by New York University

C. Moskowitz. Loew's vice-president

and treasurer, is vacationing in Florida

United Artists softball team opened

its 1956 season May 3 with a 10 to 4 victory

over Sesac Music Corp. in Central Park. Matt

Daniels of the UA contact department,

pitched a four hit game. The 18-man UA

squad is managed by Don Base.

Heading for Europe early in May were;

Hugh Herbert, who will produce "The


Little Hut" for MGM in England and Spain,

who planed to London May 5: Noel Coward,

who sailed on the Liberie May 11 after appearing

in TV spectaculars; George S. Kaufman,

playwright, and Judge Learned Hand,

who sailed on the Queen Mary May 9, and

John Sutherland. TV film producer, who left

for Cairo via London and Paris May 4 . . .

The returnees from abroad were more numerous

and included; Arthur Abeles, managing

director of Warner Bros.. Ltd., with Mrs.

Abeles; Richard W. Mealand. executive director

of Paramount in England, with Mrs.

Mealand, and Sheldon Reynolds, writerproducer-dij-ector

of "Foreign Intrigue" for

United Artists, with Nicole Milinaire, his

French associate producer, and Margaret

Webster, Shakespearean producer-director.

back from Europe were A. R. Broccoli,


co-producer with Irving Allen in Warwick

Productions, who got in from London May 9

en route to Trinidad to start "Fire Down

Below"; Morgan Hudgins, MGM studio publicist,

who got in from England and France

and headed for the coast two days later;

Howard Keel. MGM singing star, who got

back from an engagement at the London

Palladium, and Arthur Hornblow jr.. who will

produce "Witness for the Prosecution" for

United Artists in England, in association

with Edward Small.

Albert Deane, manager of the Paramount

International department of censorship and

editing, got back to the home office May 9

following a tour covering Australia. Hong

Kong, Tokyo and Honolulu. R. D. Purie, who

has joined Hoffberg Productions as foreign

sales representative, left May 9 for Mexico

City, first leg of a trip through Latin

James R.

America. He will return in July •

Vclde, general sales manager of United

Artists, was guest of honor at an exhibition

luncheon in Boston May 10. Alan F. Cummlngs.

in charge of MGM exchange operations,

and Harold Postman, his assistant,

headed for Chicago for the MGM auditors

meeting Friday-Saturday (11-12). Marvin Atlas,

assistant secretary of Loew's, Inc., planed

to Chicago the same day to attend the meeting.

Eddie Cantor, who will return to films

after a ten-year absence in "The Fifth

Season," which Gregory Ratoff will produce

in Manhattan for 20th Century-Fox, was

guest of honor at an after-theatre supper

party at the Eden Roc Thur.sday (10).

Another Cantor. Dave. RKO's exploitation

manager, left May 9 for Denver to finalize

plans for the opening of "Great Day in the

Morning" at the Orpheum Theatre .

Spyros P. Skouras. with Mrs. Skouras,

Leonard Goldenson, Billy and Joyce

Matthews. Julius Monk, Mrs. Marie Hillman,

Kitty Carlisle and Moss Hart and Kenne

Berry were among the notables applauding

at the opening of "A Most Happy Fella," new

musical hit at the Imperial Theatre . . . Joan

Collins, who has completed "The Opposite

Sex" for MGM, arrived from the coast May 6

for press interviews . . . Joan Crawford also

arrived from Hollywood May 6.

Walter Branson to Europe

On Business, Sales Talks

NEW YORK—Walter Branson. RKO vicepresident


charge of worldwide distribution,

left Friday ill) for a business trip of several

weeks through England and Continental


While on tour, Branson will hold conferences

with Robert S. Wolff, managing director

for the United Kingdom; Joseph Bellport,

general EXiropean manager; Charles

Rosmarin. European general sales manager,

and other RKO foreign sales executives and

Europe exhibitors. He will discuss distribution

policies of "While the City Sleeps," "The

Bold and the Brave," "Great Day in the

Morning," "The Brave One" and "The First

Traveling Saleslady." the latter the first

production from the reactivated RKO Studio.

Industry Leaders Pledge

$190,000 to UJA Drive

NEW YORK—Pledges totaling over $190,000

for the 1956 United Jewish Appeal drive were

made at a luncheon of industry leaders, called

by Barney Balaban. president of Paramount.

at his Paramount offices.

Samuel D. Leidesdorf. New York accountant

and treasurer of UJA. called attention to "the

grave crisis which the f)eople of Israel are

undergoing today and the tremendous

nece.ssity of re-settling and rehabilitating

over 450.000 refugees from the danger spots

of North Africa as rapidly as possible."

Builds at Liverpool

LIVERPOOL. N. Y —Sam Slotnick is opening

a new drive-in in this city. Slotnick

also operates several four-wall houses in

Syracuse, near here.

12. 1956 39

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