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Theodore Grance's Everett Theatre, Everett,

and Super 220 Drive-In at Altoona now are

being represented for licensing and booking by

the Star Distributing Agency here ...CM.

Ducray, co-owner of the Sunset Beach swimming

pool and drive-in theatre, closed because

a bridge washed out March 14, and other

Washington, Pa., area businessmen charge

highway officials with master-minding "the

worst road-bungling job" in Pennsylvania history.

The bridge was a vital link on Route 40

between Washington and Wheeling. Ducray

and other businessmen, stripped of their

financial lifeline until the bridge is restored,

were to call on Governor Leader to investigate

the project.

Liberace, who "hung them from the rafters"

at Syria Mosque during the street car strike,

will return there for one performance Thursday

night, June 7.




84 Van Braam Street


Phone EXpress 1-0777

Ujnit f Art Betttf Thin E»er How's Your Egulpmentr

GPE First Quarter Profit

Decreased to $346,973

NEW YORK—Consolidated net profit of

General Pi-ecision Equipment Corp. for the

first quarter of 1956 ended March 31 was

to two resident doctors and a dentist. At a

later date, the second floor will be remodeled

into a private hospital, according to Hasley,

also owner and manager of the Lakeside

Drive-In at Conneaut Lake. He said the Terrace

Medical Center will be opened late in


John Troy at Clarion Airer

CLARION. PA.—The Midway Drive-In,

owned by Ernest Stem of the Associated circuit,

formerly under lease to Mrs. Louise Cook,

has been leased to John Troy. Parker exhibitor.

Troy has modernized the theatre and reopened


Closes at Conneautville

CONNEAUTVILLE, PA.—The Palace Theatre,

operated by Guy and Howard Christy,

brothers, has closed, and Howard now is

assisting his parents, the veteran Tldioute exhibitors,

James and Hazel Christy. Guy attends

Edinboro State Teachers College.


^harles Dortic. Columbia Pictures salesman

^XZalter Reade jr., president of Walter Reade

and a veteran film distributor, underwent a

Theatres, said William Seelig had been

third operation in Mercy Hospital this week

$346,973. equal to 20 cents a share on 1,065.329 appointed sales promotion director of Convention

Hall, the huge Asbury Park board-

than a dozen out-of-town drive-in shares of common stock outstanding, compared

with $961,986. equal to 90 cents a share, walk auditorium operated by the circuit.

theatre owners negotiated unsuccessfully to

inaugurate an additional advertising list of on 972,412 shares outstanding at the end of Seelig assumed his duties at once and they

their- ozoners and film offerings in Pittsbui'gh

the same 1955 period, Hermann G. Place, included preparing for a gigantic exposition

newspapers . Allison, of Ebensburg,

formerly associated with his brother

board chairman and president, reported to of the "Royal Crown Jewels," "Ripley's

stockholders Tuesday (8).

Believe It or Not" and the "Atom Bomb

Ray, who is retired and making his home Consolidated net sales for the 1956 period Exhibit." as well as displays and exhibits of

in Florida, is holding down a political job at were $32,678,823. compared with $34,253,560 commercial and industrial films. Public admission

will be free and several million


for the 1955 period.

Closing of The Gardens, Oakland



attributed the 1956 decline in earnings


and sales to a slight decline in both ship-

Labor Day. Seeling will be in charge of sales

visitors are expected between July 2 and

arena, brought furloughs for about 100

ployes, ushers, ticket collectors, etc., all members

of the Pittsburgh athletic events union

ments and profit margins of defense orders, to industrial and advertising agency accounts

a long strike in an important motion picture

Proctor's had a tie-up with the Air

Local 188, whose contract with the

equipment plant


and severe competitive conditions

Force for "On the Threshold of Space." On

Amusement Co.. operator of The Gardens, had

on some industrial equipment.

the opening day of this feature, a 60-foot

been in effect for the last 20 years . . . Bob He predicted improved results for the remainder

of the year, due to larger shipments was on exhibit—as well as a lobby display of

trailer with a stripped-down plane (F-84)

Munn was in from Moundsville on his first trip

to Filmi-ow since he was a film salesman more and increased profit margins on defense business,

figures of airmen. A guided missile, 7*2 feet

than seven years ago. Munn is a busy

a man higher amount and profit margin on tall, was in the lobby.


Moundsville with theatre operation,

industrial billings

radio and

and better motion picture

A benefit party was given at the Bellevue

a racetrack . Filmrow equipment business. At the end of the first


in Upper Montclair by the Northern New

was William Hansmeier of the

1956 Sun quarter the consolidated


backlog of

Jersey Alumni Ass'n of Alpha Epsilon Phi.

Altoona. and it was his


initial stop. He

amounted to $129,861,000. compared

is a

The film was "Gates of Hell" . . . Karl

brother-in-law of George McFadden.

with $99,335,000 at the


end of the 1955 first

Ledzion, manager of the Pix in Jersey City,



reported a marvelous

The directors voted a cash dividend of 60

week's run with two

Thomas Joseph Smith,

Grace Kelly releases "To Catch a Thief"

58. one of the cents a share on the common stock, payable

original employes

and "Rear Window" . Pix is starting a

of Loew's Pen Theatre

June 15 to stockholders of record June 1.



policy two nights a week.


"The Jolson

of a heart attack in his Dormont

home. He was

They also voted a regular quarterly dividend

Story" will be brought


back here and for

for more than of $1.18-'i a share on the $4.75 cumulative

28 years


as a

24 Doesn't Answer," there will


be a

electrician. Requiem mass prefeiTed stock, payable on the same date.

was tie-in

sung Tuesday

with Jewish organizations.

morning in St. Bernard's


. Local 171 reports a

contract settlement

Main in East Pittsburgh

An old-fashioned sales day in Orange. N. J.,

has been reached with

is the kick-off idea for the booking of a

the Kenmawr Drive-In on Route 51 near Shifts to Medical Center Rudolph Valentino, plus a regular feature,

Coraopolis. The Kenmawr failed to accept PITTSBURGH—The Main Theatre at Main at the Embassy in Orange. About $500 in

a recent three-year pact negotiated by an and Center in the Bessemer Terrace section merchant-sponsored prizes will be given away

industry committee with the union to cover

of East Pittsburgh, closed for three years, to patrons . in the Rain" will

11 theatres. James V. Sipe. Local 171 business

agent, said operation of the ozoner has

will be remodeled into the Terrace play to a benefit audience sponsored by the

. .

have been removed. Hasley worked for three Capitol here. Gladys O'Dell was transferred

years on plans to convert the theatre into a to Warners' Central as assistant manager.

medical center, which he now has leased


Center by P. Elmer Hasley, owner, who continues

in exhibition a block away at the

Harrison cashier, Mrs. Mary Cic-

Terrace Theatre.

Holy Cross Church at the Warner Harrison

Opened in 1919, the Main

since been taken over by Chris Lampros from

Theodore Grance, and a booth contract was

been replaced

by Mrs. Anne W. Munley .

carelli. left to have a baby and has

signed. Lampros has theatre interests at Theatre, with inside measurement of 23x125

Sharon and Farrell, Sipe stated.

feet, is being dismantled and its 350 seats cashiering for more than ten years


at the

"The King and Four Queens" will be photographed

by Lucien Ballard for United


'Oklahoma!' Opens June 7

At Pittsburgh Nixon

PITTSBURGH — Area theatregoers will

have their first look at Todd-AO when the

film version of "Oklahoma!" opens at the

Nixon June 7. Gabe Rubin of the Nixon

said that the installation will cost approximately

$40,000. The theatre's 1.760 seats will

be reduced by about 150 along the walls.

There will be matinee and evening .shows

Shirley Jones of nearby Smithton and


Gordon MacRae are costarred in "Oklahoma!"

Recently the Nixon presented the Sam

Goldwyn Cinemascope version of "Guys and

DoUs." With the Todd-AO installation, the

theatre may remain in operation 52 weeks

each year, as stage offerings continue harder

and harder to book and more roadshow pictures

are on release charts.

New Morgantown Airer

MORGANTOWN, W. VA.—John and Mary

DiAngelis of the Grafton Drive-In will locate

a new airer at Dellslow, near here on the

Masontown-Kingwood road.


12, 1956

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