. . Ray

. .


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Otewart Granger and his wife Jean Simmons

have bought a large ranch near

Silver City, N. M.. and are having plans

drawn for a ranch house costing around

Word received here is that


. . .

Pennington, former branch manager


here for Paramount, has been made manager

at Milwaukee York has put in a


widescreen and Cinemascope in the Summit,

Harrison, Neb. The installation was

made by Ted Knox.

Tillie Chalk, Paramount cashier, was vacationing

and entertaining her daughter and

four gxandchildren, who leave soon for a fouryear

stay in Germany has


chopped off two jobs, dividing the sales territory

between two salesmen, John Vos and

John Thomas. William Peregrine, who has

been handling the northern section, goes into

the office as office manager, Frank Carbone

becomes booker and Don Cook, booker, quits

to take a job as truck driver for Safeway

stores. The other job abolished is that of

Sylvia Grief, biller.

Mayer Monsky, Universal manager, and

wife were vacationing in New York and the

east . . . John Allen, MGM district manager,

was in from his Dallas headquarters, calling

on the circuits and conferring with Henry

Priedel, branch manager . . .

Chick Lloyd,

independent distributor, is taking over the

agency for Realart, American Releasing Corp.,

and others being handled by Robert Herrell,

who will devote his full time to his Kansas

City exchange. Laura Haughey, office manager,

also moves to the Lloyd office at 820

21st Leon Blender, sales manager for


American Releasing, was in to make the

switch for that company. He was accompanied

is by his wife Miriam, who a niece of

Oscar Galanter, office manager at Universal.

Increase in Sales Tax

Is Proposed in Utah

SALT LAKE CITY—An additional tax burden

looms for Utah theatregoers. Three

mayors of the state this week joined in a

move to have the igST state legislature increase

the Utah sales tax to 3 per cent from

2 per cent.

The boost was proposed by Mayor Adiel F.

Stewart of Salt Lake. He had the backing

of the city commission and later in the day

mayors of Ogden, Utah's second largest city,

and Logan, its fourth largest, said they would

join him in the move.

The mayors and commissioners proposed

that the state increase the tax and then kick

back to cities the one per cent boost. They

said more money is needed to operate cities

and that property taxes have reached their


A similar proposal was made two years ago

and enabling legislation passed the legislature.

A year ago. Mayor Earl J. Glade suggested

the city tax of 1 per cent, but the matter was

dropped when it was pointed out that to put

a 1 per cent tax on city sales would result in

the amount due.

Meantime, all SAG members have been invited

to inspect the new Guild headquarters

Hal Fuller, Dimension Pictures exchange

. . .

owner, went to Albquerque on a sales trip building at an open house to be held Saturday

Theatre folks seen on Filmrow included Mr.


and Mrs. John Groy, Vista; Buena Fi-ank

Aydelotte, Fort Collins; Emmett Sevard,

'Great Day' Mass Opening

Greeley; Mrs. Nora Wright, Flagler; Wilbur

Williams, Boulder; William Taggart. Delta;

L. N. Scheidigger, Seibert; George McCormick,

In 215 Western Theatres

NEW YORK—"Great Day in the Morn-

Canon City; Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Ad-


rian, Fairplay; Dr. F. E. Rider, Wauneta;

Glen Wittstruck, Meeker, and Bernard Newman,

and Salt Lake City exchange areas within


two weeks after it has had its premiere Wed-

nesday (16) at the Orpheum Theatre, Denver,

MPPC to Break Ground

For New Headquarters

HOLLYWOOD — Groundbreaking ceremonies

for the new Motion Picture Permanent

Charities headquarters will take place

Tuesday (15) with Samuel Goldwyn, who

earlier this year donated $75,000 to the building

fund, tur-ning the traditional fu-st shovelful

of earth. Civic leaders, welfare agency

heads and industry members will attend.

The event will be followed by a luncheon

honoring Goldwyn, at which the MPPC and

the Ass'n of Motion Picture Producers will

present the producer with citations commending

him for his years of service to the

charity organization. Goldwyn conceived the

idea of the MPPC in 1940 and was its first


Steve Broidy, chau-man of the MPPC building

committee, said construction work will

begin immediately.


of business in the city.

SAG Removes Bash Firm

From Its Unfair List

HOLLYWOOD—John Bash Productions, TV

and theatrical film unit, has been removed

from the "unfair" list of the Screen Actors

Guild, that organization disclosed in a report

to its membership. Bash, so listed because

he had not paid an arbitration award

in favor of SAG, protested that he had not

done so because he had not been notified.

TTie SAG said the filmmaker now has paid


poy Pickrell, longtime employe at the 20th-

Pox branch office, was seriously injured

when hit by a car. Roy was running to

catch a bus. A driver, who had started on a

yellow light, hit Roy and threw him beneath

the wheels of an oncoming truck, which

stopped just inches short of running over the

filmman. Roy was in fair condition in a Salt

Lake hospital.

Ellis Everell, operator of the Park-Vu Drivein,

plans to open a new playground at the

ozoner May 18. A miniature train is one of

the attractions . . . Variety Tent 38 is planning

a sports car race in June to raise funds

for building a hospital for retarded children.

This will be the second event in a series of

activities designed to put the name of Variety

before the people of Utah. The first, a

gigantic Helldorado Days, attracted more

than 1,000 persons to the Newhouse Hotel,

new headquarters for the tent. Irving Gillman,

chief barker, is sparking the events.

Film stars Virginia Mayo, Robert Stack and

Rory Calhoun will appear on the stage of

the Utah Theatre for the premiere of "Great

Day in the Morning." They are scheduled

to fly over from Denver, where premiere

activities are slated prior to the Utah event,

which is planned for May 17 . . .


Wood, auditor for Fox, was in . . .

Sam Seigel,

Columbia's tub-thumper, flew down from the

northwest to set up campaigns for three pictures

. . . Cleo Swedenborg is a new bookerstenographer

at 20th-Fox Jack


(Betty Smith) Fullenwidder, daughter of the

Frank Smiths, was a visitor from her California


Business in the Utah-Idaho-Montana area

is reported way off in some situations. Television

is only now being installed in some

communities in the three states. Bad weather

knocked grosses at Salt Lake drive-ins again,

although May 1 brought sunny skies and

hope for a respite from storms . . . Helen

Rice Woolford, public relations representative

for Intermountain Theatres, won a transistor

radio at a recent Ad Club luncheon.

U. S. Film Festival Idea

will open in 215 situations in the Denver Under Consideration

HOLLYWOOD—Key figures in the Holly-

according to Walter Branson, RKO vicepresident

in charge of worldwide distribution.

Among the theatres are the State, Albuquerque;

Skyline, Canon City; Chief, Colorado

Springs; Piney, Boise; Rialto, Butte;

Babcock, Billings; Egyptian, Ogden; Lyric,

Fort Collins; Isis, Aspen; Chief, Pueblo; Flatirons,

Boulder; Paramount. Cheyenne, and

Santa Fe, Santa Fe.

To Screen Hope Starrer

HOLLYWOOE>—Members of the southland

press will be guests of Paramount, Bob Hope

and the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce

on a weekend junket to the desert resort

beginning Friday (25), when Hope's new

starrer, "That Certain Feeling," will be

screened as a benefit for the Desert Hospital.

The Norman Panama-Melvin Prank

production also toplines Eva Marie Saint and

George Sanders.

wood industry are again mulling the idea of

an international film festival to be held in

the U. S., which would be similar to the affair

just concluded in Cannes, France, it was

reported by George Murphy, official American

representative to the event, upon his return

after a ten-day stay.

Murphy, MGM director of public relations,

said there is some feeling that such a festival

should not be held in the film capital, and

asserted there was general agreement among

U. S. visitors to Cannes that Hollywood should

either participate in that annual event on

a much larger scale or bow out.

'Juggernaut' to Republic

HOLLYWOOD—Republic will distribute

"Juggernaut," an upcoming John Bash-

Elizabeth Dickinson production, which will

be directed by Paul Henreid. It will be the

second Bash-Dickinson entry for Plepublic,

following the already completed "Acapulco,"

filmed in Mexico.


;: May 12, 1956