: May

EDWIN J. THOMAS PottfOit fa/ Fabian Bachracb

added over 20,000 employees

to The Payroll Savings Plan."

"The Savings Bond Program—like any other program in

a corporation — will succeed only if it has the complete

support of top management. Recently the Goodyear

Tire & Rubber Company added over 20,000 employees

to the Payroll Savings Plan, attaining an overall participation

of over 71%. While the drive itself was successful

I feel the job is only half done. Now we are

installing a program to maintain this high peak of participation.

Such a program will constantly keep the

merits of the program before each employee, encouraging

him to provide his own security through this

effortless plan of saving."

EDWIN J. THOMAS, President

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Inc.

What is the percentage of employee participation in

your Payroll Savings Plan? If it is less than 50%, get in

touch with Savings Bond Division, U.S. Treasury Department,

Washington, D. C. Your State Sales Director

will be glad to help you increase your participation to

60% or higher. A phone call, telegram or letter to

Savings Bond Division, U.S. Treasury Department will

bring a prompt response.

The United States Government does not pay for this advertising. The Treasury Department

thanks, Jor their patriotic donation, the Advertising Council and



12, 1956

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