Cleveland Theatre Union Burns Headquarters Mortgage

More than 304 Local 160 members, their wives and friends attended the dinner

dance celebrating the burning of the mortgage on the headquarters building in Cleveland.

CLEVELAND — Some 380 members of

lATSE Local 160, their wives and friends,

aathered in the Hollenden Hotel here recently

for a dinner dance to celebrate the burning

of the mortgage on their headquarters building

at 1866 East 25th St.

Among those who came for the event and

were introduced by Perry L. Carter, business

manager who acted as master of ceremonies,

were International President Richard

Walsh, International Secretary-Treasurer

Harland Holmden and John Schiff of Akron,

who is vice-president of the eighth district

of which Cleveland is a member.

Also present at this gala affair which

started at midnight and ended at the break

of dawn were prominent leaders in the labor

movement and sister locals from Cleveland

and surrounding cities.

A notable fact was the attendance of many

e.xhibitors representing the independent chain

and outdoor theatres of this area. Among

those introduced by the emcee were Frank

Murphy, Loew's Theatre division manager:

Dick Wright, district manager for the Stanley

Warner theatres; Max Mink, manager of

the Palace; Jack Silverthorne, manager of

the Hippodrome; Louis Weitz, executive secretary

of the Cleveland Motion Picture Exhibitors

Ass'n; Joseph Rembrandt, James

Kalafat, Ted Vermes, Howard Reif, representing

the independent theatres, and Ben

Hirschberg and Alan Shaw representing the


As a prelude to the main business at hand

—burning of the mortgage—Carter, whose

efforts made the affair po.ssible, wa.s given

a diamond studded gold life membership

card in Local 160.

The party started on the stroke of midnight

with cocktails in the lounge adjoining

the hotel ballroom, where an elaborate dinner

was served. International President Richard

Walsh and International Secretary-

Treasurer Harland Holmden complimented

Local 160 for its accomplishments. Then followed

the actual burning of the mortgage,

with Carter holding the mortgage and Walsh

and Holmden applying the matches. This

ceremony was accompanied by a toast with

champagne. Dancing followed.

Local 160 is one of the very few locals in

the country that has its own building. Prior

to starting construction in 1949, the local

occupied space in the Hippodrome building.

This new building, valued at about $85,000,

is equipped with facilities for all membership

activities including, in addition to

offices, a spacious recreation area with card

room, pool tables and a TV set. The building

committee that devised the plans and

supervised construction consisted of Carter,

Mike Saw-do and Ed Levy.

Carter, who in 1952 succeeded Harland

Holmden as business manager, has been a

Local 160 member since 1916. He did not become

active in the affairs of the local, however,

until 1946 when he wa,s appointed a mem-

Burning the mortgage on the Local

160 building in Cleveland are, left to

right: Richard Walsh, I.\TSE president;

Perry L. Carter, Local 160 business manager,

and Harland Holmden, lATSE secretary-treasurer.

ber of the board of directors. Then, in 1950

he was elected president, and since 1952

has been business manager of the local,

w'hich numbers approximately 237 members.

This number has been fairly constant

through the years in spite of the fluctuating

theatre conditions. Opening of drive-ins, it

is said, has compensated for the closing of

hardtop theatres In this area.

Local 160 received congratulations from

many sister locals for its Initiative in erecting

its own building and for clearing it of all encumbrances

within a period of seven years.

National Carbon Triumphs

In Cleveland Bowling

CLEVELAND—Last week was the 24th and

last week of the local bowling season for foiuteams

that played under the banner of the

Moving Pictuie Operators Union, Local 160.

First place winner was the National Carbon

team, made up of Earl Gehringer, Bob

Bullock, Carl Lucht and Harry Lee.

Oliver Theatre Supply Co. was runnerup.

Local 160 was third, National Theatre Supply


Because of the working schedules of the

projectionists, there will be no end of the

season banquet this year. Neither will there

be a championship playoff with the Detroit

Nightingales, as in previous years.

Cynthiana Midway Opens

CYNTHIANA. KY.—The Midway, outdoor

theatre four miles south of town, has been

open for business the past several weekends,

planning to start its regular schedule as soon

as weather permits.

Albany Man Buys Tenn. Theatre

ALBANY, KY.—B. C. Byers, local businessman,

recently bought the Ray Cooper Theatre

in Byrdstown, Tenn. At the same time,

he sold his property in Monticello, Ky., to

Curtis Cooper.

Cast Toppers in 'She-Creature'

Set for top roles in "The She-Creature."

Golden State production, were Tom Conwa

and Cathy Downs.

Opens New Kentucky Airer

SOUTH SHORE. KY.—Formal opening of

the new Blue Grass Drive-In was held Friday

night (41. W. B. Hannah, who operates

a local indoor theatre, is the owner. National

Theatre Supply Co. equipped the drive-in.







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