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l^orris Leiko, RKO distikt manaRer, ended

26 years affiliation with the company

and moved to New York as sales representative

for Paramount in charge of "The Ten

Commandments" and "War and Peace." He'll

be comins back, however, when a date is set

for the farewell testimonial dinner now being

iu-ranged . . . Robert Bial heads the new

Arkay Sign Studio, successor to Luthi Sign

& Display Co.. 614 Film Bldg. Matt Bial, a

brother, is head of the art department .

The film exchange employes Local B-5 will

hold a benefit drawing June 6 for an RCA

radio clock, an RCA table radio, a GE mixer

and Universal electric coffee percolator. All

Local B-5 members are accepting contributions.

Robert Yodice, 44, onetime assistant manager

at Loew's State, and In recent years

manager of a chain of parking lots, died

last week. He is survived by his wife and

four children . Wolf is home from

Texas, where he looked over his theatre interests

and visited relatives . . . Arthur Marchand,

assistant to P. L. Tanner, head of Film

Transit Co.. and his wife are vacationing

in Lake Worth. Fla. . . . "Diabolique" was

in its fifth week at the Heights Art Theatre.

Barbara Salzman has resigned as bookeroffice

manager at IFE. Until her successor

is named. Florence Friedman Harris, who

held that post until her marriage, is holding

down the fort for District Manager Mark

Goldman . Butterfly," made in

Japan, has a first run local booking at the

Heights Art Theatre this month . . . Danny

Rosenthal, UA manager, was called to New

York by the illness of his mother . . . Wedding

bells rang April 29 for Paula Stutz, one

of the twin daughters of E. J. Stutz, managing

director of the Circle Theatre. Paula

became the bride of Lawrence Lilbiger.

Betty Kaplan, secretary to MGM manager

Jack Sogg, won a bowling "Oscar" for rolling

the most pins over average for all

women's leagues at the Trianon Bowling Alley

in March . have been notified

that the Grafton in Grafton will close May

15. after which it will be dismantled . . .

Also closing is the Palace in Continental .

Bert Schoonmaker of the World Theatre, Toledo,

is a gi'andpa. John jr. was born to the

wife of Bert's son.

Larry Kunz, local salesman for American

Seating Co., died. Prior to moving his offices

to Brookpart road, he occupied space in the

National Theatre Supply Co. storeroom on

Payne avenue. He left his wife, a son, who is

attending Case Institute of Technology, and

a daughter .

Silverthorne announced

his Hippodrome will play "The Man Who

Knew Too Much," the second Paramoiuit

picture ever to play there. Paramount pictures

usually play the Loew theatres.

Columbia Pictures was excited over the

May 9 world premiere of "Autumn Leaves"

SIGNS KENTUCKY TAX REPEALER—A. B. 'Happy" Chandler, governor of

Kentucky, signing the repeal of the Kentucky state amusement tax covering theatre

admissions up to and including 50 cents. Witnessing the signing are, left to right:

Russ Brown, Trail and Mills theatres, Morehcad; Jim Denton, Majestic, Owingsville;

Johnny Smith, South Williamson; Jim Atteberry, Grand, Frankfort; Bob Cox, Schine

district manager, Lexington, and Gene Lutes, Chakeres Theatres Kentucky manager

and chairman of the Kentucky theatre tax repeal

at the Allen Theatre, with Cliff Robertson

here for the event H. MacManus

testimonial dinner 14 at Rasso's restaurant,


105th and Euclid avenue,


to be an industry milestone in.sofar as attendance

is concerned. MacManus has left

Cooperative Theatres of Ohio, where he was

assistant to President Milton A. Mooney, to

manage the Starlite, Telegraph and Parkside

Drive-ins in Toledo.

Newcomers to Industry

Open Cleveland Airer

CLEVELAND—Spring opening of the Peai'l

Road Drive-In. located at 7591 Pearl Road,

took place Friday i4) under an arrangement

between the present owners and two newcomers

in the local theatre field who will operate

it with an option to purchase it at close

of the present season.

The new operators are Fi-ank Schiessl and

Alfred H. Homeier. said to be interested in

motels in Florida.

The Pearl Road Drive-In, with a 725-car

capacity, was built last year by local interests.

It is the newest outdoor theatre in the

Greater Cleveland area. Under the new

arrangement, just announced by Jerome

Friedlander, attorney who handled the tr-ansaction,

all buying and booking will be done by

Milton A. Mooney's Cooperative Theatres of

Ohio. Opening double feature program wa-s

"The Last Hunt" with Robert Taylor and

"Square Jungle" with Tony Curtis.

The former operators of the theatre do

not participate in its operation in any way.

according to Friedlander. James J. Barton,

owner of the land on which the theatre is

built, confirmed that he has leased it to the

new operators.




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12, 1956

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