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: May

OnlarioMPTAAsks Tent 28 Salutes Charter Members

Film Rental Data

TORONTO—Tlie Motion Picture Tlicatros

Ass'n of Ontario, in a move to prevent the

closing: of additional theatres tluoughout the

province, has placed the services of its newly

formed Exhibitors Relations Committee at

tlie disposal of hard-pressed theatres owners

to pres.s for film rental relief.

Association President Lionel Lester said

this week that the special committee, of which

lie is chairman, has launched a survey of

independent exhibitors to obtain information

on possible rental difficulties. Other member.s

of the committee are H. C. D. Main and Harry

S. Mandell, both past presidents of MPTAO.

"Many theatres ai-e closing as a result of

high cost of operation and in particular, excessive

film costs," Lester said. "The problems

of our Ontario members who, in our

opinion, must secure relief from the film

distributors in order that the theatres may

continue to operate, will be brought to the

attention of the National Exhibitors Relations


The Canadawide committee was established

under the chairmanship of Dave Griesdorf,

Toronto, at the convention last November of

the National Committee, Motion Picture Exhibitors

Ass'ns of Canada to handle complaints

of independent exhibitors. The MP-

TAO committee has asked for facts and figures

concerning operation of individual theatres

and Lester said the information would be

treated as confidential "unless the committee

feels that it is in your interest" to divulge the


Information sought includes boxoffice receipts

for the last 12 months, total cost of

film rentals for the same period, an itemized

list of operating expenses with a separate

tabulation of any salaries to the exhibitor

and members of his family and complete

information on present film contracts including

names of distributing companies.

Tlie committee has asked that such statements

be signed by the exhibitor and certified

by an accountant.

MGM Magnetics Need

Sprocket Changeover

WINNIPEG—MGM Manager A. G. Levy

announced that commencing with "Kismet"

magnetic prints of MGM product also may be

u.sed in optically equipped theatres, providing

the present sprockets are changed to the

foxhole type. Theatre supply houses, now

changing the spi-ockets of various circuit

houses, have announced they will do the same

for any theatre for less than $20.


In order to make this change, a theatre

manager needs to provide the following information

for the equipment companies: (1>

how many pairs of sprockets are required

some machines have four and would require

four pair? for the two machines: others have

five and would require five pairs 2 advise

i : 1 )

as to type of equipment (projection head and

sound head receipt of an exhibitor's

order, the required sprockets will be forwai-ded

and the theatre's projectionist can

install them. The sprockets thus replaced

must then be forwarded to the supply house

to be ground for another account. When

changeover has been completed, it will be

necessary to notify the Winnipeg MGM office.


Tent 28, Toronto, paid tribute to its

11 charter members at the recent

Heart .Award fete. Of the surviving

nine, six were present. They are, in

top photo, left to right: Nat Taylor,

J. J. Fitzgibbons, Ernie Rawley and

Oscar Hanson. They are posed with

present Chief Barker Dave Griesdorf.

To his left are the two other charter

members, Ben Okun and Gordon

Lightstone, with club chaplain Kev.

G. .\. t'herrier. In photo at right, Dan

Krendel, left, previous winner of the

Heart .\ward, presents the annual

Heart Award to James K. Nairn.

Eight Hamilton Theatres

Unite in Foto-Nite Pool

HAMILTON, ONT.—Eight theatres here

have united in a pool to operate the Foto-Nite

promotion. In the gi-oup are the following

houses and their respective managers: Delta,

Mi-s. Lila Whillans: Emph-e, Al Smith;

Mountain, Bus Hodgins: Queen's. Ted Wilson:

Windsor, Bill Britt: York, Dick Warner;

Roxy-Dunda.s. John Grant; Roxy-Burlington,

Gordon Gotts.

Foto-Nite chief George Oullahan, Toronto,

in cooperation with the eight managers, inaugurated

a citywide registration campaign

May 1, followed by concentrated radio, screen,

lobby, herald, window card and newspaper


Resident Foto-Nite organizer from May 1

to 23 is Ben Sommers, who was brought from

Winnipeg to assist local managers in theiiinitial

campaign. The Hamilton Foto-Nite

pool will be headquartered at the Delta Theatre

linder the supervision of A, Kent Craig,

president and general manager of Kent Hamilton


Canadian ARTE Approves

Limit on Investment

OTTAWA—The Canadian Ass'n of Radio

and Television Broadcasters has formally approved

the policy of the Canadian Broadcasting

Corp. to limit foreign investment in

stations of this country, according to a letter

from T. J. Allard. association vice-president,

to Transport Minister Marler in the federal


The CBS recently decided to place a limit

of 20 per cent on foreign ownership, the same

as stipulated in the U.S. for radio and TV

stations. This action was taken when RKO

Distributing Corp. of Canada, Toronto, applied

to the CBS for permi-ssion to purchase

privately owned TV and radio stations at

Windsor, which is opposite to Detroit.

Holdovers Stay High

In Toronto Houses


TORONTO— "Oklahoma! at the Tivoli and

"The Swan" at Loew's and the Uptown, both

in their second weeks, set the business pace

among the first runs during a week in which

there were holdovers at nine theatres. "On

the Threshold of Space," the new one at the

Odeon, registered nice returns.

(Average Is 100)

University The Birds and Eglinton, the Bees

(Poro), 2nd wk 105

Hyland The Lodykillers (JARO), 6th wk 95

Impenol The Court Jester (Para), 3rd wk 100

Loew's, Uptown The Swan (MGM), 2nd wk 130

Nortown Anything Goes (Para) 100

Odeon On the Threshold of Spoee 1 10

(20th-Fox) .

Shea's— Serenade (WB), 2nd wk 110

Tivoh Oklahoma! (Magna), 2nd wk 135

Towne Geordie (British Lion), 6th wk 95

Outdoor Competition Shows

Vancouver Downtown Trade

VANCOUVER— Another off week was reported

by the downtown houses. With the

start of daylight saving time, night baseball

and drive-in competition, business slowed

down earlier this year than usual. Matinee

business was away off in all spots. "The

Swan" limped through a second week. The

teen crowd gave "Rock Aiound the Clock" at

four theatres an average week.

Capitol—The Swon (MGM), 2nd wk


Cinemo Meet Me in las Vegas (MGM)

2nd wk Averoge

Orpheum—Cockleshell Heroes (Col) Fair

Poradisc Border Street (SR); The Square

Ploza-Circle Rock Around the Clock (Col). Average

Strand- The Body Snotchers (IFD); Indestructible

Man IFDi Good

Studio Magic Fire Rep) Poor

Vogue The Lodykillers Foir

(JARO), 2nd wk

End Kiddy Show Season

TORONTO—Following the adoption of daylight

saving time in Ontario, Saturday children's

shows at theatres have started to close

for the season. One of the first to terminate

was the Odeon Movie Club at Brantford.

12, 1956 89

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