VARIETY IS TOLD $36,000,000


Last Year Alone Totals

Went Up to $2,700,000;

Expansion Planned


New York—Henry Ford II was the winner

of the 1956 Humanitarian Award of

Variety Clubs International. The presentation

was made Saturday night to

Joseph McDaniel, secretary of the Ford

Foundation. Ford was on the west coast

and could not reach New York in time

for the presentation after votes were


NEW YORK—Since 1927, Variety Club

tents have spent approximately $36,000,-

000 on charitable enterprises and during

1955 the total reached $2,700,000, Nathan

D. Golden, International Heart chairman,

reported to the opening session of the 20th

aiuiual convention Wednesday ^9).

This announcement was greeted with

cheers, led by Sir Thomas O'Brien of the

London delegation, who is general secretary

of the National Ass'n of Theatrical and Kine

Employes of Great Britain, the British

counterpart of the American lATSE headed

by Richard F.


O'Brien delivered a brief talk in which he

described the growing enthusiasm of Variety's

British members for the work they have


George C. Hoover, International chief barker,

presided at the sessions.

Golden also reported that 250,000 individuals

have benefited from the organization's

welfare activities and many others have been

aided indirectly. In all the "heart" activities

the tents have made special efforts to aid

physically handicapped and afflicted children.

Golden stated.

Details of the expenditures were made

known at the business session held Friday and

the individual reports from tents were used

as the basis for the annual Heart Awards

made at the closing banquet Saturday night.

John H. Rowley, first assistant chief barker,

who is president of Rowley United Theatres,

was elected chief barker to succeed Hoover.

The Dallas tent, of which Rowley is a member,

collected $108,567 for its charity program

during the year and is aiming for $110,000

this year.

Three tents were seeking allocation of the

next convention—Las Vegas, with a delegation

of 57 in attendance, and Dublin. These claims

were scheduled for decision Saturday.


Following custom, no advance announcement

was made of the man selected for the

annual Humanitarian Award, a feature of the

closing banquet Saturday night. The committee

which made the selection was made up of

77 well-known editors, business leaders and

others prominent in public life, among whom

were Sir Winston Churchill, himself a winner

of the award, and Bernard Baruch, who was

? ^^

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