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|3iTi I'ollock, projectionist at the Capitol, is

going into the oil burning business with

liis son . . . Alfred Perry, president of Empire-

Universal Films, was here to confer with his

new manager, Charlie Backus . Myers,

Odeon relief manager, was hospitalized with

a heart attack.

Frank Fisher, vice-president of Odeon Theatres,

before leaving for the east after a tenday

visit, reported an overall increase in theatre

business in western Canada in spite of

TV and bingo competition ... A local


executive said the theatre business is

being held together with soft drinks, popcorn

and candy sales . . . From a local paper:

"It's getting so that every time Grace Kelly

and her prince blow their noses, the U. S.

press sends up rockets and, Canadians, we're

wearying of it all." P. S. "The Swan"

was a disappointment on ite first showing


A bingo game held in Victoria grossed $18,000,

with thousands turned away. The theatres

were really hurt . teenage "leather

windbreaker crowd" are giving local movies

plenty of grief, especially at night performances

. theatre operations are in

full .swing in British Columbia and Alberta,

with business reported on the slow side.

George Combes, shipper at JARO, resigned

to join the Canadian Air Force ... A film

exchange manager was trying to sell an

exhibitor with the following talk about an

oldie: "You should get this picture for your

house. It's not too old and really stupendous."

The exhibitor said, "Are you kidding?

It's so old I saw it on TV last night and so

bad my wife turned it off and went to bed."

Gerry Alderson of Creston, who is


a drive-in at Penticton, was arrested by

RCMP and taken back to Creston, charged

with theft of tools which were recovered by

police on the site of the new ozoner .

Dorothy Prat was elected president of the

Vancouver Film Council. Other officers are

James D. Patterson and Ernest Gross, vicepresidents;

Daniel Muir, secretary . . . Winnifred

Renworth, 46, well known organist

in theatre and radio ciixles, died . . . 'With




Also new British-Luxury Chairs ovailable



Spring edge steel bottom seat cushions and

iully upholstered bocks—spring back types also.

Carpeting, osphalt, rubber. Vinyl tiles and



Drop us a line—we will give you photographs

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Theatre Chairs, Carpet, linoleum and Tile Division.


MARINE 5034-5428

theatre business on the slow side, an exhibitor

said the cashiers along theatre rowhere

are catching up on their pulp magazine

reading while trying to sell tickets at the

same time. This looks bad, he said, as does

seeing ushers gossiping with the cashiers in

the boxoffice instead of being on the floor

where they belong.

Preliminaries to choose a Miss Canada 1956

will be held the last week in May at the

Vogue Theatre. Announcement that the Vancouver

theatre is playing host to the Miss

Canada pageant this year was made by Manager

Al Jenkins of the Vogue. First prize,

which can be won by a Vancouver girl, is a

screen test with the Rank film organization,

an all-expense trip to England, a $1,000

scholarship and a second trip to Atlantic City

for the Miss America contest. A crosscountry

trip to visit all Odeon theatres will

follow the Atlantic City trip. The Miss

Canada contest will be held in all Rank

houses across Canada.

Many theatres In the suburban areas have

increased grosses by enlarging or building

parking lots. A theatre executive said this

trend indicated that many of the now closed

theatres had lost business because of their

locations in crowded neighborhoods where

no parking areas were available . . Bill


Myers jr., local projectionist, joined the staff

of Trans-Canada Films and will work in

the studio, which is now making TV films for

CBC stations.

Courtesy pays, but sometimes a little gets a good effect, too. A Fi'aser

Valley drive-in theatreman recently proved

it. While he was running a Sunday night

sponsored show, a dog-fight (honest!) slowed

up refreshment service halfway through the

break and patrons who had been served

began honking. Striding to the mike, the

manager, already nettled by the fracas in

the stand, reminded the honkers that Sunday

evening shows were allowed only because

all services were donated, that there had been

an unforeseen delay in serving other hungry

and thirsty patrons and that disturbances

might result in the Sunday shows being shut

down by tolerant authorities. Warming to his

task, he reminded the noisemakers who had

already been served, that the show would

continue as quickly as possible and "if you

want these Sunday evening shows to continue

—then shut up!" P. S.: They did!


William Robinson, booker at UCA has returned

to duty after being on sick leave for

three weeks Atkinson, manager of


Astral Alliance Films, said the double

action program, "Day the World Ended" and

"Phantom From 10,000 Leagues," will open

at the Princess here on June 8.

To Narrate TV Series

MONTREAL—Associated Screen News has

signed Danny Gallivan to narrate its forthcoming

television series of films, entitled

"This Week in Sports." Gallivan is particularly

known for his radio and television coverage

of hockey as well as a sportscaster.

"This Week in Sports" a sports action newsreel,

is a 15-minute roundup of the week's

major international activities in the world of

sports, including top Canadian events.

75 Per Cent of Films

Okayed in Ontario

TORONTO—Chauman O. J. Silverthorne

of the Ontario censor board, in his annual

report to Provincial Treasurer Dana Porter,

pointed out that 75 per cent of all featurelength

pictures had been approved "without

deletions or classification."

English-language features in standard

width during the fiscal period had the following

sources: United States, 305; Great Britain,

57; India and Israel, one each. Foreignlanguage

films were as follows; Italy, 76;

West Gei-many, 23; France and Soviet Russia,

eight each; Czechoslovakia and Mexico,

two each, and Poland and Sweden, one each.

The total was 485, with the number from the

United States stationary, but those from

Great Britain showing a slight drop.

Silverthorne said that 23 per cent of the

485 featiu'es were in languages other than

English. Those from the USSR, Poland and

Czechoslovakia had "nationalistic and cultural

content," but without offensive tones,

he said.

"Once again there was almost a complete

absence of family-type entertainment so

prominent a few year's ago," the censor chief

asserted. "The cuirent taste of the motion

picture producer on this continent, who appeals

to the adult mind, is responsible for the in the number of films being treated

and classified. On occasion, sex was presented

in an offensively candid manner, and

brute force and violence, emphasized by the

vividness of color, required restriction.

"The lack of family fare ... is to be regretted,"

Silverthorne continued. "The absence

of the unpretentious homey-type of film

with constructive moral and social values,

once important economically to the producer,

has brought hardship to the smaUer operator

in rm-al and urban situations alike."

Silverthorne said: "This department believes

that the motion picture occupies an all-important

place in communications and that

the screen art can function and exercise its

responsibilities without resort to sex, cruelty

and sadism, resulting in dangerous social


Buzz Blondell Is Manager


Blondell, a native of Winnipeg, has been appointed

manager of the Capitol Theatre on

Queen street. Blondell succeeds the late

Robert C. Harvey. The new manager comes

to this city from Brantford, where he was

manager of the Odeon Theatre. He has been

in the theatre business tor 21 years and

worked for some years in Toronto and Sarnia

before moving to Brantford. A veteran of

World War II, he served for some time with

the R.C.A.F.

Film 'Oedipus Rex'

TORONTO—The Audio Pictures studio at

310 Lakeshore Rd. is making a screen version

of "Oedipus Rex," the ancient tragedy

by Sophocles, which was featured last summer

in the Shakespearean Festival at Stratford,

Ont. The director of the pictui'e is

Tyi'one Guthr-ie, who was the producer at

Stratford. Ai-thui- Gottlieb is president of




12, 1956

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