Join Corus as a Technical Apprentice - Tata Steel

Join Corus as a Technical Apprentice - Tata Steel

Corus Engineering Steels

Have you got the drive for a career

in metallurgy?

Join Corus as a Technical Apprentice

Corus the

future in steel

Corus is an international company that manufactures,

processes and distributes metal products and provides

related services in design, technology and consultancy.

Corus has manufacturing

operations in many countries with

major plants located in the UK,

The Netherlands, Germany, France,

Norway and Belgium and employs

some 41,000 people.

Corus Engineering Steels is committed

to the manufacture and marketing of

engineering steel products. Our

philosophy is one of continuous

improvement. We aspire to being a

leader in all aspects of the business


From our production facilities in

Rotherham, Brinsworth, Stocksbridge

and Wednesbury, Corus Engineering

Steels produces high quality materials

for the aerospace, automotive, energy

related and specialist mechanical

engineering industries.

Many of today’s managers, team leaders

and key workers joined the company as

apprentices. If you feel you can make a

difference, read on.

NVQ le

Typical Technical Apprentice training plan

Year 1 Year 2



Health and safety legislation

HR Issues

Introduction to CES

Product Development

New products are developed, existing

ones modified and problems solved.

An apprentice may take responsibility

for all or part of a project and be

involved in sampling for customers,

monitoring test results etc.

Melting & Casting

Steel is melted, refined and cast.

Apprentices spend time on plant

monitoring quality and carrying out

tasks to ensure they see all aspects

of the process route.


Ingots are remelted under controlled

conditions to produce a higher

quality product. Apprentices

undertake projects on plant to

understand the remelting process.

Primary Rolling

Product from melting and casting is

rolled or re-rolled to meet customer

requirements. Apprentices aid

product quality maintenance and

respond to specific departmental



Key skills

BTEC national

The apprenticeship is an

in-depth programme

providing you with the skills

and expertise required to

become a Metallurgist.

What is metallurgy?

Metallurgy is the study of the physical

and chemical behaviour of metals and

alloys. At Corus Engineering Steels,

metallurgists are employed in a variety

of roles to ensure our products meet the

highest technical requirements for safety

critical applications in the automotive,

aerospace and energy markets.

You could be involved in a vast range of

attachments from overseeing

manufacturing, to directing new product

developments in order to ensure the

final product meets customer standards.

The technical function at CES is staffed

by highly skilled people and as a

Technical Apprentice you would develop

your own knowledge and expertise for a

successful career, through both

structured training and work experience.

Year 3 Year 4


Primary rolled product is finished to

exact customer specifications e.g. by

turning, straightening, heat treatment

etc. Apprentices learn how to use

testing equipment and work on

technical projects.

Secondary Rolling

Steel is rolled from cast blooms or

primary rolled billet to straight and

coiled bar. Apprentices can be

responsible for gathering process

data and providing information for


Bright Bar

Bar is heat treated, bright drawn,

straightened and inspected.

Apprentices will inspect the product

properties and quality after heat


Forensic Metallurgy

Issues with material are investigated

and resolved using specialist

techniques. Apprentices are involved

in individual investigations with

support from staff in the department.

Further HE opportunities

BTEC higher national or foundation degree

vel III

Apprenticeship overview

Corus offers rewarding, well paid

careers for talented people. Join

Corus as an advanced Modern

Apprentice and not only will you earn

a salary as you gain skills, experience

and qualifications, you will also be

building yourself an exciting future.

Metal is our business and we need

technologists to look at the metal we

produce and develop the processes

we use for the future.

Training takes place in a variety of areas

including Analytical Laboratories,

Metallurgical Laboratories, Product

Technology and Process Plant areas and

is supplemented by attendance on a

day release course at a local college of

Further Education.

The Corus Engineering Steels Advanced

Modern Apprenticeship is a Government

approved scheme leading to Nationally

Recognised Qualifications. The

apprenticeship scheme is delivered in

partnership with Met Skills and local

training providers and colleges.

Can you meet the challenge?

Metal is our business and we need technologists to look

at the metal we produce and develop the processes we

use for the future.

For enquiries email:

For more information including entry

requirements and how to apply visit and

click on the apprenticeships tab.

Where are they now?

Ben Scothern

Recruited Started at Rotherham in September 2007

Apprentice Experience


Current Job

Best bit about Job

Currently in first attachment working at Aldwarke Primary Mill

Working towards ONC qualification and to gain a HNC apprentice qualification

1st Year Technical Apprentice

The variety of departments in which apprentices are placed and being able to go out on

plant and be hands on, rather than just being sat in the office

Jonathan Chambers

Recruited Started at CES in Rotherham in 2001

Apprentice Experience Melting Shop and Bloom Caser, Primary Mill, Roundwood 11" Mill, Thrybergh Bar Mill,

Bright Bar Rotherham, General Laboratories, Product Development


ONC, HNC, HND, NVQ 2, NVQ 3. Currently studying for a BEng (Hons) degree in

Materials Engineering

Current Job

Shift Process Metallurgist Thrybergh Bar Mill

Best bit about Job Well balanced mixture of “hands on” work and development/project work

Teri-Leigh Gillespie

Recruited Started at CES in Rotherham in 2006

Apprentice Experience Experience in the Melting Shop, Product Technology, Primary Mill, Remelted Steels


Key Skills level 3. Currently working towards NVQ level 3 and ONC in metallurgy.

Aiming to achieve HNC in metallurgy and then move on to a degree

Current Job

Technical apprentice

Best bit about Job Having a balance of working on the shop floor using practical skills and working in

the office using analytical skills. Won SMEA travel award and attended an international

conference in Dusseldorf, Germany for five days to gain an insight in to working

practices there

Steve Kinsey

Recruited Started as a Technical Apprentice in 1991

Apprentice Experience Experience in steel making, Primary Rolling, Bar Finishing, Coil Bar Mill,

Stocksbridge Billet Finishing, Product Development, Aldwarke Primary Mill


City and Guilds, ONC, HNC, BEng Hons Materials Engineering. Currently studying for

MBA at Warwick, sponsored by Corus. Won Pontifex travel award, Armourers and

Braziers medal and IOM3 2006 Frank Fitzgerald medal and travel award

Current Job

Quality Manager, Aldwarke Primary Mill and finishing department

Best bit about Job Always being challenged and never knowing what may happen on a day to day basis

Care has been taken to ensure that this

information is accurate, but Corus Group plc,

and its subsidiaries, does not accept

responsibility or liability for errors or

information which is found to be misleading.

Copyright 2008


Corus Engineering Steels

Rotherham Works

PO Box 50

Aldwarke Lane


S60 1DW

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