Design Your Own Abutments and Save - Glidewell Dental Labs

Design Your Own Abutments and Save - Glidewell Dental Labs

Design Your Own Abutments and Save






Authorized Distributor and

Certified Training Center



Design custom implant abutments and then output to your own

milling machine or partner with Glidewell to outsource Inclusive

Custom Abutments, BruxZir Solid Zirconia or Prismatik Clinical

Zirconia copings. Send your abutment design for CAM output

and receive an Inclusive Custom Implant Abutment with a

matching zirconia coping or crown wax-up.

$99* per

Titanium Abutment from

your wax-up or 3Shape

AbutmentDesigner # file

$129* per

All-Zirconia Abutment

from your 3Shape

AbutmentDesigner # file

$129* per

Zirconia Abutment with Titanium

Insert Abutment from your

3Shape AbutmentDesigner # file

$40 per

3 mm Titanium Insert (pictured

Lab Screw and milled zirconia

abutment NOT included in price)

$129 – Modelwork

$139 – Modelwork

$139 – Modelwork

Inclusive Titanium Abutments and Zirconia Abutments with Ti-Insert are compatible with Neoss, NobelReplace # ,

NobelActive # , Brånemark System # RP, Straumann # Bone Level, Biomet 3i # Certain # , PrimaConnex # and Zimmer Screw-

Vent # . Inclusive All-Zirconia Abutments are compatible with Biomet 3i # Certain # , Zimmer Screw-Vent # and NobelReplace #

implant systems, in all sizes.

*Plus $7 shipping each way. With a design file, there is only a return shipping fee.

# Not a trademark of Glidewell Laboratories. Prices subject to change without notice.

— See reverse for Inclusive ® Abutment options —

3Shape Scanner and Software

■ Complete Basic Package: starting at $31,000



The D700/D710 Scanner is a two-camera, 3-axis

motion system. The cameras have reduced angles,

which allows scanning of impressions and

inlays to improve overall accuracy.

The new generation of AbutmentDesigner allows

for faster customized abutments. $5,000

additional cost with 3Shape System purchase.

$99/custom titanium abutment with design file.

Scan of wax-up abutments and wax-up implant

bridges for copy milling. The scan can

be further modified (e.g., overall reduction or

using Sculpt Toolkit).


Paired with the 3Shape AbutmentDesigner module, this

kit allows labs to retain control of the abutment design

process and then use Glidewell’s precision implant milling

services. This powerful combination opens access to

custom implant solutions for 20 of the most popular implant

platforms while allowing your lab to maintain design


For an in-house custom abutment solution, combine a

zirconia mill, 3Shape AbutmentDesigner software, the

Inclusive Scanning Abutment Kit and Glidewell’s 3 mm

Abutment to design and mill zirconia abutments on site.

The Inclusive Scanning Abutment Kit is included, at no

charge (a $725 value), when the AbutmentDesigner module

is purchased from Glidewell Direct.


As a lab, we know firsthand the impact that expensive

implant components have on your bottom line. Glidewell

Direct implant components were developed to provide

quality, precision implant parts for an affordable price.

$33 /5 pack

NobelReplace #

Lab Screws

$79 /5 pack

NobelReplace #

Waxing Sleeves


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