June 1, 2012 - Catholic High School

June 1, 2012 - Catholic High School

June 1, 2012 - Catholic High School


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catholic high school

From the Office of the Principal

www.catholichigh.org June 1, 2012

WELCOME: To the parents of the young men who

will be entering Catholic High as freshmen and eighth

graders (our Classes of 2016 and 2017). We look

forward to working with you and your son.


monthly newsletter is our primary means of

communication with parents and is available only

online through the Catholic High website

(www.catholichigh.org). I encourage parents to share

the newsletter with their sons. Educational Mission

and Ministry (see next item) states “we give our

personal attention to developing a spirit of openness

and cordial relations with students and parents.”

Each month each family will receive an email

notifying you that the newsletter is available online.

Important information is contained in the monthly

newsletter and I urge you to read it carefully.


1985, the Brothers of the Sacred Heart of the New

Orleans Province published Educational Mission and

Ministry. This document, which is an articulation of

our educational philosophy, was written so we could

share our rich tradition with those with whom we are

partners in our educational endeavor. Educational

Mission and Ministry guides the operation of Catholic

High. According to this document, "Education

according to the tradition of the Brothers of the Sacred

Heart is holistic education rooted in religious values,

structured through friendly discipline, nurtured by

personal attention and committed to academic


As parents, you are the primary educators of your

children. We thank you for giving us the opportunity

to work along with you in educating your son.

Together we can achieve the mission of Catholic High:

"To teach Gospel values in an environment of

academic excellence according to Catholic tradition

and the spirit of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart."


not be returning to Catholic High for the 2012-2013

school year, please let us know as soon as possible.

SPRING INVITATIONAL: Each spring, Louisiana

State University invites qualifying seniors to take part

in “Spring Testing.” This event gives those students

an opportunity to earn advanced college credits. This

year, 70 members of Catholic High School’s Class of

2012 participated in testing and earned a total of 1,316

credit hours. Catholic High School was once again a

recipient of the Spring Invitational Golden

Achievement Award.


Friday, June 1, and continuing until Friday, July 27,

our summer office hours will be 8 a.m. until 3 p.m.

We will resume regular office hours (7 a.m. until 4

p.m.) on Monday, July 30. Our offices will be closed

on Wednesday, July 4.


Eldringhoff, Academic Assistant Principal]: In

February, students completed on-line course selections

for the 2012-2013 school year. Students received

course verification sheets in late April to ensure that

the courses listed were correct and to provide an

opportunity for students to request changes. Requests

for changes were considered if they met departmental

requirements and if there was available space in the

courses requested. Schedules showing the courses

listed on course verification sheets will be available in

mid-July through the AP Web Direct link on

Edline. The last opportunity for any requests for

course changes will begin on Monday, July 16, and

end on Monday, July 23. Please be sure you have

activated your Edline account by the time schedules

are ready in July.


Tullier, President]:

Monthly Payments—For families who chose our

monthly tuition installment payment plan, payments

will be electronically debited on the 3rd of each month

or on the first business day following the 3rd when the

3rd falls on a weekend or holiday. Therefore, the first

electronic tuition debits for 2012-2013 will take place

on Monday, June 4, 2012. Electronic tuition drafts

will be made monthly from June through December

and February through May 2013.

No tuition installment is due in January 2013. Instead,

in January parents of seniors who chose the monthly

tuition option will have electronic debits of $435 for

the payment of graduation and retreat fees for seniors

($185 for graduation and $250 for retreat fees) and

parents of 8th grade students will have an electronic

debit of $50 for an 8th grade promotion fee. In

addition to these fees debited in January, parents of

currently enrolled students planning to return to CHS

for the 2013-2014 school year must complete a

re-registration form and pay a re-registration fee in

January. The amount of the re-registration fee for

2013-2014 has not yet been set, but for 2012-2013 it

was $450.

Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual Payments—

Families who chose the quarterly, semi-annual or a

nnual tuition payment plan, and who did not elect the

electronic payment option, are to mail all payments to:

Catholic High School Finance Office

Post Office Box 65004

Baton Rouge, LA 70896-5004

In the event that parents who chose annual,

semi-annual or quarterly payments do not make s

cheduled annual, semi-annual or quarterly payments

on time, their tuition payment plans will be converted

to monthly payment plans through an electronic draft.

The following is the schedule of tuition payments for

annual, semi-annual and quarterly payment plans:

Annual Payment—$8,030.00 due on July 1, 2012

Semi-Annual Payments—$4,015.00 due on July 1,

2012 and December 1, 2012

Quarterly Payments—$2,007.50 due on July 1,

October 1, December 1 and February 1, 2013

Parents who chose the annual, semi-annual and

quarterly payment plans must pay graduation and

retreat fees for seniors ($185 for graduation and $250

for retreat fees) and parents of 8th grade students must

pay a fee of $50 for an 8th grade promotion fee. In

addition to these fees due in January, parents of

currently enrolled students planning to return to CHS

for the 2013-2014 school year must complete a

re-registration form and pay a re-registration fee in

January. The amount of the re-registration fee for

2013-2014 has not yet been set, but for 2012-2013 it

was $450. These payments should be mailed to the

Catholic High School Finance Office at the above


Please understand that if a student’s tuition account

becomes two months or more past due, he is subject to

suspension from classes and exams until the

outstanding balance has been paid. Any exceptions

must be approved by the President. Thank you for

your understanding and cooperation.


“Back-To-School Afternoon” will be held on Sunday,

August 12, from 4-6 p.m. Additional details will be

included in the August Catholic High Newsletter.

Please mark your calendar for this event.

FOOTBALL PROGRAM: Parents who would like

to place an ad in Catholic High’s 2012 football

program should contact Vicki Melancon at 383-0397

(or e-mail vmelancon@catholichigh.org) before

Thursday, June 28. Ads may be placed for a business

or for your child (or a group of friends). Costs range

from $50 to $175. We will be printing approximately

1,000 programs and selling them at home games.


ORIENTATION: All students are required to wear a

coat and tie and to be properly groomed on the day of

their orientation. School pictures will be taken at that

time. If your son does not have a coat, he may come

with a dress shirt and tie and we will provide a coat for

the picture. Please note we do not have every size.

It is particularly important that your son’s hairstyle

meet CHS grooming requirements. If your son’s

hairstyle does not meet CHS grooming requirements,

he will not be allowed to complete the orientation

process; in effect, he will be suspended from school

until he has an acceptable haircut. If you have any

questions about a hairstyle or whether or not it will be

acceptable at CHS, please contact Brian Hightower,

Assistant Principal for Discipline, for an appointment.

Please call him in advance of your visit so he can be


ORIENTATION SCHEDULE: Orientation for all

students will take place on Monday, August 6, and

Tuesday, August 7. Your son must be present for

orientation at his properly assigned time. Corrective

measures will result from unexcused orientation

absences. Students must report to the wrestling room

according to the following schedule:

Monday, August 6





8th Grade 8 a.m. A – Z

8:30 a.m. A – C

9 a.m. D – H

11th Grade 9:30 a.m. I – L

10 a.m. M – R

10:30 a.m. S – Z

11 a.m. A – C

11:30 a.m. D – H

9th Grade Noon

I – Me

12:30 p.m. Mi – R

1 p.m. S – Z

Tuesday, August 7





8 a.m. A – C

8:30 a.m. D– H

10th Grade 9 a.m. I – Mi

9:30 a.m. Mo – Si

10 a.m. So – Z

10:30 a.m. A – C

12th Grade

11 a.m. D – H

11:30 a.m. I – Mi


Mo – Sk

12:30 p.m. So – Z

You may be bringing your son to Catholic High for his

orientation, especially if he is one of our

underclassmen. If that is the case, we welcome you to

come into the Union and relax while orientation is in

process, but please allow your son to complete

orientation himself, unaccompanied by you. The

process typically lasts about an hour. Thanks for your

understanding in this matter.

DEBIT CARD: Balances on returning students’

debit card accounts from the 2011-2012 school year

will be carried into the 2012-2013 school year. This

balance will be applied toward your son's minimum

deposit at orientation. If you have any questions

regarding your balance, please contact Pinney

Johnson, Bookstore Manager.

SENIORS: During the summer seniors must have a

formal portrait taken by Brad Messina Photography

for inclusion in the CHS yearbook. For this picture,

hairstyles must meet CHS grooming requirements.

[Note: the requirements outlined in the previous item

for Orientation dress and grooming apply to our

seniors also.]

PARKING FOR 2012-2013 [From Brian

Hightower]: Only those students who pay parking

fees will be allowed to park in either the school’s main

parking lot or the westmoreland parking lot.

Security is provided in both lots to help ensure the

safety of our students and their vehicles. The CHS

Board of Directors has set the parking fee for the 2012

2013 school year at $285. Seniors and juniors will be

able to purchase parking passes during student

orientation. Sophomores who have a current driver's

license may purchase any remaining parking passes

after school has begun. Freshmen are not allowed to

park in either lot and should plan accordingly. If you

have questions about student parking, please contact



Wednesday, August 8, will be a special day of school

designed exclusively for our 8th and 9th graders. Our

other students, that is, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders, are

not to report to school. This special day for new

students is designed to acquaint them with Catholic

High in an atmosphere that is less hectic than a day

with the full student body in attendance. We will

begin with a Liturgy for all 8th and 9th graders at 7:30

a.m. We will run a full schedule of shortened classes.

Lunch will be served. Students must have their ID/

debit cards (that they will have received at

orientation) for this first day of school. Students will

be dismissed about 2:15 p.m.


publishes an online directory of CHS students that

will be available through the Catholic High website.

It includes each student’s name, year of graduation,

phone number, address, and parent(s)’ name(s), phone

number(s) and address(es). Safe Homes participation

is also indicated. If you do not wish to have any of

the above-noted information included in this directory,

please contact Laura Poche, 2012-2013 Mothers’ Club

President (757-9977). Otherwise, the information

(obtained from your son’s 2012-2013 registration

form) will appear in the student directory.


the first quarter of each school year, the Guidance

Office, with parental approval, will provide teachers

with the names of students with special health

concerns or diagnosed learning differences on a

“Special Needs List.” For a student with learning

differences to be on this list and receive any classroom

accommodations (such as extended time for testing or

special seating), a copy of the student’s

psycho-educational evaluation or a letter from the

diagnosing physician must be kept on file in the

Guidance Office. For a student with special health

issues, a note from his physician is required.

Please send all documentation to the Guidance Office

by Friday, August 3, 2012. If a student’s name

appears on the list, it remains his responsibility to talk

to each of his teachers about his health concern or

learning difference. Parents of incoming eighth

graders and freshmen should note that elementary

schools do not transfer documentation of learning

needs to the student’s high school. If you have any

questions regarding this practice or any other concern

regarding your son, please contact the Guidance



CHS SENIOR: Tuesday, August 7, at 6 p.m. in the

CHS gym presenters from the activities office, the

campus ministry team, and the guidance department

will share important information about senior year

events so both you and your son can have a smooth

and enjoyable final year at CHS.


PRODUCTIVE SUMMER: I hope that you and

your family have a wonderful summer. Please know

of my continued prayers for you, especially for your

son. In late July, our August issue of the Catholic High

Newsletter will be published.

Catholic High School

Orientation Item List 2012-2013

The orientation process includes fees and supplies listed below. Students may pay for items at checkout with a

check, cash, VISA, Mastercard or Discover (sorry, we do not accept AmEx). If you pay by check, please leave

the amount line blank (to be filled in at checkout); however, for security reasons PLEASE MAKE CHECK

PAYABLE TO CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL. Prices on this list are based on information available at the

time of publication and are subject to change. Please contact Mrs. Pinney Johnson, Bookstore Manager (383-

0397) if you have questions regarding the Bookstore Sales process.




www.catholichigh.org and follow the link on the home page

that reads “Order Books Online” – please allow 7-10 days for

delivery. Orders placed between June 1 st and 7 th will receive

Free Shipping

ORIENTATION FEES: ID/Cafeteria Debit Card [REQUIRED] Minimum Deposit Amount $30.00


(2-pk combo available to accommodate PE lockers)

Yearbook [OPTIONAL]


Single 6.00




Parking Security Fee - Grades 10,11,12 Only [OPTIONAL] 285.00

CPR Course Fee (Juniors Only) 50.00


Student Agenda Required for 8 th and 9 th graders but available to all students 8.00

Art I Art Supply Package 35.00

Art II Art Supply Package 35.00

Fine Arts Survey

Art Supply Package

The following items will be available at Orientation for

students that wish to purchase them:

Gym Shorts Adult sizes small to x-large 16.00

- 2X and 3X 18.00

Gym Shirt Adult sizes small to x-large 10.00

- 2X and 3X 12.50

Small gym tote Black nylon tote 15.00

Large gym tote Orange canvas duffel with shoulder strap 30.00

Pencil Bags Black or Orange available 5.00


Parents are invited to shop at the Bookstore beginning Monday, August 13, 2012

This allows us the opportunity to dedicate our service to the students during their first week of school.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!


Make a gift

“For Our Boys.”

$1 - $49 – 76

$50 - $99 – 46

$100 - $249 – 152

Have you made your gift to PAGE 27?

If not, please respond by June 30, 2012.

CHS seeks the support of 100% of the families of current students through a gift to PAGE. As of

May 25, 64.1% of parents have made a gift to PAGE 27. Gifts to PAGE are a vital resource in

covering the gap ($1,750), the difference in the cost to educate your son(s) and the actual tuition paid.

If your name is not included in the list below, please know your participation is important to the

mission of CHS. Please join the donors listed by making a gift that is appropriate for your family

before June 30, 2012. Gifts to PAGE 27 have been made in the following ranges:

$250 - $499 – 77

$500 - $999 – 96

$1,000 - $1,999 – 126

$2,000 - $2,499 – 16

$2,500 - $4,999 – 19

$5,000 or more – 12

The PAGE 27 appeal was led by dedicated volunteer parents.

The CHS Office of Advancement is most appreciative for the support, energy, guidance and initiative in their outreach to peers.

PAGE 27 Chaircouple

Kathleen and John Lovretich, parents of Max ‘14 and Sam ‘16

8 th Grade Class Coordinators

Lacy and Bernie Corrippio ’82

parents of Nicholas ’09, Garrett ’11 and Roman ‘16

9 th Grade Class Coordinators

Alice and Wayne Madere

parents of Wes ’15 and Max ‘14

10 th Grade Class Coordinators

Joan and Sonny Chastain ’82

parents of James ‘14 and Sam ‘16

11 th Grade Class Coordinators

Kathy and Dwayne Honoré

parents of Daniel ’12 and Travis ‘13

12 th Grade Class Coordinators

Valerie and Russell Primeaux

parents of Steven ’04, Mark ’07,

Philip ’10 and Brian ‘12

The following CHS families are graciously acknowledged for their gifts to PAGE 27:

Kate and Robert Abbott

Sue and Barry Abshire

Lisa and Tom Adamek

Christi and Boyd Adams

Suzie and Andy Adler ‘82

Tracie and Daniel Aguillard

Darlene Aguillard

David Aguillard

Stacie and Paul Aguillard

Donna and Rasheed Ahmad

Patti and Haven Aldrich

Beverly Alexander

Melanie and Steve Amond

Charlene and Eric Amos

Leah and Jody Anderman

Melanie and Nolan Anderson

Debbie Anderson

Susan and Bryan Andries

Ana Elizabeth and Brett Angelloz

Robin and Angelo Annaloro

Anonymous (13)

Shanna and David Arrighi ‘73

Allison and Alton Ashy

Missy and Rodney Averett

Brooke and Brock Avery

Stephanie and Ron Babb

Ainslie and Brad Babin

Paula and Russell Babin

Dana and Tom Baggett

Jennifer Bagnerise

Kathy and Dan Balhoff ‘81

Sharon and George Balhoff

Cheryl and Michael Bankhead

Connie Bannister

Lydia and Michael Barbee

Allison and Jeff Barbin ‘88

Lauren and Louis Barfield ‘89

Nan and Tim Barfield ‘82

Barbara Barnett

Andrea and Gerard Barrack

Kellie and Bob Barton

Claire and David Bateman ‘80

Cherie and Jeffrey Baudier

Tonya and Brian Becnel

Rita and Gerard Becnel

Carol and Mark Bellue

Stacie and Scott Bemis

Traci and Brian Bergeron

Connie and Frank Betts

America and David Bienvenu

Yvonne and Michael Bienvenu

Ainsley and John Bishop ‘84

Lynn and Travis Blanchard

Patricia and Joe Bloise

Vicki and Matthew Scott Bollich

Shawn and Stephen Bone

Cindy and Stanley Bonis

Lisa and Michael Bonnecaze

Liz and Remi Bonnecaze

Linda and Dayne Bonvillain

Suzanne and Martin Bordelon

Robin and Michael Borruano

Mignon and Richard Bosse

Brad Bourg

Diane and James Bourgeois

Alice and Daniel Bowers

Bridgett and Jim Boyce ‘85

Fiona and David Boyd

Pamela Boyle

Cindy and Bill Bozeman ‘82

Laura and Chad Brackin

Janet and Todd Branch

Molly Brand

Lorilin and John Braymer

Donna and Frank Brian ‘82

Renee and Kevin Brian ‘86

Janet and Donald Brignac

Sherry and Rob Brouillette

Patricia and Louis Broussard

Kay and Val Browning

Angie and Jeb Broyles ‘88

Kema and Kurt Bueche

Tina and Stephen Bujenovic

Linda and Tom Burnett

Melissa and Robert Burns

Nan Butler

Mari and Charles Buzbee

Betty and Larry Cain

Katherine and Steve Caldwell

Cheryl and Kevin Callerame

Jeannie and Mark Calvit

Dave Campagna

Kathryn and Mike Campesi

Toni and Robby Cangelosi ‘80

Meg and Rick Capdevielle

Frances and Stephen Capps

Steve Carleton

Mary and Scott Carmouche

Nicole and Richard Caronna

Reneè and Chris Caruso

Tina and Mike Cashio

Maria and Alan Cayer

Stephanie and Dean Cazenave

Shannon and Fred Cerise

Joan and Sonny Chastain ‘82

Elif and Edward Chiasson

Ashley and Darryl Clark

Erin and Shawn Colclough

Allison and Maurice Coleman ‘82

Chantelle Collier

Terri and Mel Collins

Mindy and Kevin Colomb

Madelaine and Luis Colon

Laurina and Mark Conger

Janet and John Connolly

Allyson and Stuart Corder

Liz and Sterling Core

Karla Coreil

Kerin and Jeff Cotten

Susan and Robert Creel

Stephanie and Ray Crochet

Katherine and Jeff Crosby

Dana and Gregory Cross

Bridget and Leonard Culotta

Denise and Scott Culotta

Susan and George Cunningham ‘81

Lisa and Roger Daggett

Charlene and Vance Daigle

Cynthia Daigneault

Darlene and Robert Daigrepont

Carol and Danny Daniel

Christine Dansereau

Victoria and Don Dartez

Kerry and Rick David ‘85

Teri and Chris Davidson

Britt and Richard Davies

Chelsea and Keith Day

Marc DeArmond

Helen and Jeff Dedon

Ann and Ron DeJean

Marti and Scott DeLee

Michelle and Bob DeMeulenaere

Brenda and Leland Denison

Charlene and Kevin Denoux

Patricia and Mike DePaul

Toni and Scott Deranger

Susan and Ron Devillier

Tommy Dewey

Darleen and John Dias

Judy and Kraemer Diel ‘61

Rachel and Michael DiResto

Gena and David Doucet

Deborah Doucet

Danielle and Brian Dubreuil

Stacy and Gregg Dubroc

Laura and Ken Duhe

Kim and Michael Duprè

Linda and Birnie Dupuy ‘81

Connie and Cliff Durand

Brigid and Mike Durel

Jeanne and Brian Dyess

Tiffany and Brian Dykes

Michelle Eaglin

Fontayne Earle

Mary and Christopher Eddy

Suzanne and Michael Edmonson

Jean and Frank Edwards

Leslie and Stephen Edwards

Kathryn and Charles Elkins

Latonia and Calvin Encalade

Marci and Paul Esch

Lynn Evans

Melissa and Eddy Facundus ‘81

Dana and John Fairchild

Flossie and David Falencki

Kristen and Brian Feigles

Candi and Paul Ferachi ‘84

Angela and Chris Ferrara

Norma and Karl Fetzer

Lynn and Joe Finnegan

Deborah and John Fisher

Donald Flowers

Melessa and Glenn Fontenot

Kim and Kynan Fontenot

Georgette and Glynn Fontenot

Ana and Pat Forbes

Lisa and Milam Ford

Allison and Norman Ford

Ann and Michael Francioni

Stacy and George Francise

Chris and Keith Frederic

Stephanie and Tony Frederic

Renee and Robin Free

Monette and Charles Freeburgh

Shannon and Michael Frierson

Karen and Farrell Frugé ‘78

Roni and Duane Frugé

Louise and Landon Futch

Becky and Steve Gammon

Jennifer and Alex Garn

Christina and Drew Gaudet

Stephanie and Richard Gaudin ‘77

Anne Marie and Steve Gaudin ‘83

Laura and John Gaupp

Cindy and Billy Gauthier ‘82

Tonya and Adrian Genre

Ann and Todd Gerald ‘79

Judith and Michael Giorlando

Xiao and Gary Goay

Lana and Patrick Goldsmith

Courtney and Kent Gonsoulin

Stephanie and Keith Gonthier

Jimmy Goodrum

Meg Gough

Jeri and Chris Graham

Anne and Robert Graham

Claire and Greg Grandy

Tina and Richard Grant

Rene and Gary Graphia

Julie and Raymond Gray

Carol Green

Emily and Hunter Greene

Jan Grenfell

Kathy and John Grenfell

Julie and John Guerin

Michelle and Douglas Guidroz

Donna and Richard Guillot

Michelle and Jim Guitreau ‘83

Lauren and Albert Guttzeit

Jill and Philip Hackney ‘88

Jim Hall

Ann and Robert Handy

Marci and Brian Hanegan ‘86

Vonda and Dave Hannaman ‘74

Nancy and Ed Hardin ‘86

Melba Ann and Dean Harris

Denise and Albert Hart

Kimberly and Glen Harvey

Caryn and Charles Hawkins

Camille and Thomas Heap

Robyn and Wayne Heap

Barry Hebert

Stacy and Cliff Hebert

Lisa and Troy Hebert

Margaret Heffron

Mary and Woody Heywood

Michelle and Donovan Hicks

Mary and Tommy Hidalgo

Linda and Jon Hirsch

Uyen and Billy Hoang

Karen and Jeff Hoffmann

Karen and Derrik Holden

Jackie and Guy Holdridge

Diana and Gregory Holmes

Kathy and Dwayne Honoré ‘83

Karen and Jim Hubicz

Teri and Pete Huff

Trina Hull

Monica and Brandon Hunt

Ashley and Mark Hunt

Susan Hunt

Beth and Bill Hurdle

Elizabeth and Charles Hurst

Amanda and Tre Hymel

Lisa and Michael Ibert

Madeline and Tom Isacks

Claudia and Ted Jack

Catherine and Jon Jackson

Gloria and Richard Jackson

Karen and John Jakuback

Lori and Edward James

Chantal and George Jeha

Samantha and Donnie Jett

Georgia and Sean Johnson

Kelley and Chris Jones ‘95

Diane and Todd Jones

Jill and Mark Jordan

LaToya and Edwin Joseph

Allison and Clint Junot

Sousi and John Kaltakdjian

Nancy and Chris Keaton ‘85

Kimberley and Elwood Keim

Jan and Nolan Keller ‘85

Gayle Kellner

Tim Kellner

Jerelyn and Perry Key ‘78

Aimeé and Tom Killeen

Hal Kilshaw ‘75

Suzanne and Darren Kimball

Penny and Marty King

Jennifer and Martin Kleinpeter ‘79

Alecia and Greg Kleinpeter

Cindy and Steve Kleinpeter

Stephanie and Charles Kurzweg

Carla and Robert Kusch

Jeany and Doug LaBar

Tina and Dwayne Labatut

George LaCour

Susan and Michael Lala

Collette and Brent Lambert

Chris and Tony Lanata

Amanda and Kyle Landry

Heather and Ben Landry

Kim and David Landry

Carolyn and Richard Landry

Tara and Windell Landry

Brigette and Michael Langley

Trinidad and Lynn Lanier

Michael LaPlace

Merrill LaPlante

Melissa and Chris Latour

Catherine and Keith Lauter

Sally and Samuel LaVergne

Joe Layman

Kim and Thanh Le

Pam and Eba LeBlanc

Diane and Marcy LeBlanc

Colleen and Randy LeBlanc

Rena and Todd Ledet

Carol and Edwin Lee

Marla Lefeve

Lyn and Cyril LeJeune

Stephanie and David Lemoine

Cherie and James Lemoine

Walter Leonardi

Mark Leto

Roslyn Leto

Kelly and Byron Lewis

Ellen and Jim Lieux ‘67

Lea Ann and Richard Lieux ‘79

Sheri and David Lindsey

Joyce and Steve Lindsey ‘65

Angela and Darryl Long

Joy and David Lonibos

Ava and Tom Losavio ‘74

Anne and Paul Lovell

Kathleen and John Lovretich

Shaye and JP Luckett ‘81

Missy and Mark Lusco

Gretchen and Wayne Macaluso

Marie-Josèe and Guy Macarios

Anna and Robert Magazine

Maria and Bruce Magee

Karen and Paul Mainieri

Jaimie and Ryan Majoria

Beverly and John Maloney

Sharon and Tom Mann

Theresa and Timothy Mann

Laura and Larry Manthei

Cathy Marcus

Suzanne and Charles Marquette

Bonnie and Chuck Mart

Gayle and Roger Massey

Anne and Fred Matthews ‘86

Kathy and Charles McDowell

Christy and Rod McGehee ‘90

Janet and Andy McGinty ‘78

Tracey and John McGoey

Diane and Kelly McGovern

Marcia and Lee McKinzie

Melanie McKnight

Erin and Donald McLean

Kate and Michael McLean

Cathleen and Bradford McManus

Sandy and Dave McNamara

Laura and Russell McNiece

Donna Melancon

Pam and Jeffrey Melancon

Laura and Chadwick Melder

Rhonda and David Mese ‘79

Erin and Jeffrey Meyers

Angela and Euclid Michel

Missy and Russell Michiels

Lisa and Robert Miketinas

Mary and Jeffery Miller

Brad and Melanie Miller

Sherre and Thomas Miller

Dawn and Jeffrey Mire

Pamela and Donald Mistretta

Arline and Samuel Mistretta

Lisa and William Mitchell

Jill and Tommy Moffitt

Kristin and Gerald Molloy

Paulette and Mark Monistere

Madalyn and Barry Moore

Dana and David Moore

Ana and Brent Morales

Jenny and Walter Morales ‘80

Paula and Mark Moreau

Chris and Michael Morgan

Jennifer Morris

Tina and Michael Morris

Lori and Troy Mouton

Risa and Tim Mueller

Lisa and Dwayne Murray

Catherine and James Murray

Maria and Yasuo Namba

Sharon and Darrell Nash

Tinè and Keynon Neames

Tressler and Donald Netters

Suzette and David Newton

Kimmai and Dan Nguyen

Anne and Phung Nguyen

Annette and Kevin Nicosia

Alicia and James Nosacka

Elia and Horacio Nunez

Andrea and Thor Nygaard

Leah and Brian Olinde ‘81

Amy and Jeffrey Opdyke

Gwen and Kevin Ortego ‘79

Ingrid and Enrique Osuna

Stacy and Darron Oubre

Amy and Mitchel Ourso

Michelle and Robert Palmisano

Janile and Ezra Parks

Marian and Thomas Patterson

Nina and Harold Pavur

Charles Pecquet ‘85

Jodi and Brian Perrodin

Janice and Vernon Pfister

Deborah and Gary Pickell

Liz and Chip Pierrotti

Dedra Pipes

Angie and Lane Pitre

Sharon and Gregory Pizzolato

Luz and Christopher Plater

Laura and Jay Poché

Sherri and Anthony Pocorello

Kathleen and Anthony Polito

Suzette Polito

Lisa and Alan Porche

Laura and Bradley Poret

Anne-Scott and Jacques Pourciau ‘90

Jennifer and Greg Price ‘86

Mary Ellen and Jere Price

Valerie and Russel Primeaux

Wendy and Joe Quinlan ‘87

Michell and Scott Rabalais

Theda and Paul Race

Mina and Steve Raymond

Bridget Reed

Christie and Joey Reviere

Sheila and Mark Reynaud

Wendy and Keith Richardson

Theresa Richoux

Laura and Frank Ringo

Mimi and Vincent Rispone

Cindy and Len Riviere

Heather and Barry Robert

Stephanie Robert

Kartina and Reginald Roberts

Clay and Richard Roberts ‘74

Denise and Mark Robichaux

Sandra and Claude Rodriguez

Angie Rogers

Suzanne and Robert Rohli

Elizabeth and Joey Romano

Shelly and Kenneth Romero

Julie and Mark Root ‘78

Monica and Michael Roppolo

Melissa and David Ross

Theresa and Blair Roussel

Jeanne and Shaan Rube

Beth and James Ruiz ‘74

Karen and Larry Ruth

Kristi and Shawn Sagrera

Allison and Blanchard Sanchez

Molly and Mark Sanchez ‘82

Nicole and Michael Sanders

Mary Sandifer

Charla and Dennis Sartain

Paula and Tommy Savoie

Annette and Jeffrey Savoy

Suzette and George Say

Kelly and Mark Schexnaildre

Karen and Arnold Schexnayder

Laura and Harry Schexnayder

Bridgit and Mark Schexnayder

Christine and Paul Schexnayder

Tina and Guy Schexnaydre

Deborah and George Schwartzenburg

Michelle and Lee Scioneaux

Michelle and Wyatt Seeger

Olga and Slava Sereda

John Shamma

Jane and Steve Sherman

Maria and Kevin Shingleton

Donise and Gary Shipley

Alan Shore

Pam and Neil Shows

Maria and Casey Shumaker

Elizabeth Sibillie

Marla and Joel Silverberg

Andrea and Ric Simmons ‘81

Stacy and Andy Simon ‘77

Stephanie and Dennis Simoneaux

Renee and John Sims

Selmin and Erdal Sipahi

Linda and Bob Skapura

Daniel Slezak

Katherine and Cale Smith

Cathy Smith

Rhonda and Carl Soileau

Jean Soileau

Marla and Steven Spedale

Penni and Joe Sperier

Donna and Stephen St. Cyr

Aurora and Clay Stafford

Lynda and Patrick Stagg

Michelle Stears

Curtis Stephens

Amy and Ronnie Stephens

Shelia and Todd Sterling

Shannon and William Stout

Allison and James Strate

Marcel and Randy Stuart

Tanya and Stanley Stuart

Meliva and Val Suico

Ashley and David Sulik

Cynthia and Scott Summers

Lisa and Ernie Summerville

Jeanne and Norman Sutton ‘76

Lori and Steve Talamo ‘84

Mary and Raymond Tangney

Carlous and Ray Tate

Debbie and Brent Taylor

Francelle and Kirk Theriot

Bridget and Robert Thibodaux

Charlotte and Alan Thibodeaux

Linda and Scott Thompson

Angee and Steve Thompson ‘77

Edith and Lyman Thornton

Lisa and Tim Thriffiley

Stacy and Joseph Toranto

Dane and Ronald Torres

Delle and Chris Toups

Corey and Shaun Toups

Tu-Trinh and Nee Tran

Trish and Mike Treloar

Kelleé and Graham Tujague ‘81

Renèe and Patrick Tullier ‘75

Vicki and Russell Turner

Beth and Jim Veazey ‘86

Laurie and Richard Venable

Scotti and Mike Vermaelen

Leslie and Galen Vicknair

Tammy and Greg Vidrine

Janet and Jimmy Vidrine

Dawn Vince

Amy and Michael Vint

Christina and Flint Virgets ‘78

Sheri and Dana Vutera

Shannan and Hilton Waits

Katy Walker

Johnelle and George Wallace ‘85

Mia and Joel Wallace

Tammy and Toby Wallis

Simone and Bret Walsh

Marie and Michael Walsh

Julie and Richard Wampold

Sandra and James Wand

Marce and Bob Warner

Christine and Edward Watson

Teri and Bill Watson

Cindy and Mike Watts

Lisa and Mark Westmoland

Heather and John Westra

Carla and Stephen Whalen

Habiba White

Sharon and William Wilkins

Tiffany and Daryl Williams ‘92

Renee and Gary Williams

Cathleen and Mark Williams

Martha and Miles Williams ‘79

Betty and Chris Willis

Paula and Tom Wills

Charlene and Alphonzo Wilson

Beth and Jim Wilson

Linda and Michael Wilson

Jennifer and Daniel Wiltz

Kimberly and David Winstead

Melissa and Craig Wiseman

Vicki and Brad Wolf

Ann and Rudolph Wolf

Erin and Douglas Woolworth

Lea and Randy Wroten

Rhonda and Keith Wyckoff

Dana and Mark Ydarraga

Gay and John Young

Gina and Jesse Zeringue

Elizabeth and Chris Zielewski

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