Cordless Examination Headlight

Cordless Examination Headlight

Cordless Examination Headlight




rechargeable design

✔ Bright LED light

✔ Adjustable light beam

✔ Flexible and reinforced

link to lamp housing

✔ Adjustable headband

✔ Multipurpose

✔ Approx capacity 1.5 hours

✔ Weight ca 300 grams

Adjustable band

Charger connector

On/off switch

Flexible link

Battery pack

Beam adjuster

Bright LED light


Examination Headlight

The ENTERVIEW II ® is a compact, cordless

headlight which overcomes the need

for connection to a fibre optic light source,

separate battery pack or transformer, and hence

increases freedom and mobility.

The balanced design of the ENTERVIEW II ® headlight

permits comfortable use during longer periods of time.

The light emitting diode (LED) provides enough light for a

regular outpatient session.

The ENTERVIEW II ® is a versatile aid that is suitable for use in

ENT, plastic surgery, gynaecology, maxillo facial surgery etc.

Product codes:

670500 Enterview II ® headlight

671160 Fast battery charger with Euro plug

671181 Power cord UK plug for battery charger

671182 Power cord US plug for battery charger

671170 Wall bracket

670259 Spare pair of battery packs


Postbus 483

3990 GG Houten

Tel : +31 (0)30-221 9600

Fax: +31 (0)30-221 9609

We continuously strive to improve and update our products and thus reserve the right to make alterations without prior notice.

Ferbruary 2007

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