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"Del Sudoeste" PDF - Library

"Del Sudoeste" PDF - Library


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September 14<br />

Ocetol members and frosh on their . way to give . th e "S" its annual whitewash.<br />

_.--------,<br />

Registration<br />

September 13-15<br />

"What<br />

little pink card?"<br />

"Oh dear, I think I just signed up for women's p.e.!"<br />

Enrollment Sets<br />

Record<br />

Another record enrollment took place in the<br />

fall when daytime and evening students numbered<br />

nearly 13,000.<br />

This increase over last year's enrollment follo.ws<br />

a trend that has been apparent for the past five<br />

years Enrollment here five years ago was 8,312.<br />

In the spring of 1961, 11,064 students attended<br />

September 15<br />

September 18<br />

More freshmen than ever before, 2,600 in fact, participated in fall orientation. New ideas were introduced<br />

by the orientation workers, under chairman Carolyn Myers, along with Dean Margery Warmer and<br />

Jack Daugherty, of the Activities Office. Working with this staff were campus service organizations:<br />

Oceotl, Xolotl, Anahuac, and the Alumni Association. New ideas included a trial run of registration procedures,<br />

and the selling of frosh beanies.<br />

SDS. h h t<br />

Demand for classes was so eavy t a. many<br />

new class sections had to ~e opened .durlng the<br />

four day registration, especially on Friday when<br />

2 500 freshmen entered the library to enroll in<br />

,<br />

classes.<br />

Frosh Orientation

Kappa Alpha Theta pledges receiving fraternity guests.<br />

Freshman<br />

Camp<br />

Pledge Presents<br />

Boyd Malloy and Larry Marquand look over the student handbook.<br />

September 18<br />

September 10-29<br />

September 22-24<br />

Fraternity<br />

Rush<br />

Peggy Hunt leads a group discussion.<br />

On September 11, a record 270<br />

girls pledged the 11 national<br />

sororities on campus. For ten days<br />

prior to this date the rushees, coming<br />

from such distant places as<br />

Richmond, Virginia, served as willing<br />

audiences to hundreds of<br />

sorority women who sang, performed<br />

skits, fed them and asked<br />

them what their majors were.<br />

The doors of the 12 fraternities<br />

on campus were thrown open to<br />

the 600 men rushing. A record<br />

279 men pledged. From September<br />

10-29, formal rush was in session,<br />

and the rushees were feted<br />

at gala and impressive parties.<br />

"leadership Today is Preparation for<br />

Tomorrow" was the theme of the third<br />

annual Freshman Camp held at Camp<br />

Marston near Julian. Freshmen participated<br />

in group discussions, swimming,<br />

horseback riding, hiking, volleyball, and<br />

Sunday religious services. The Ivory<br />

Tower Quartet, a jazz group composed<br />

of SDS faculty members, provided the<br />

music for the Saturday night dance.<br />

8<br />

Annual Theta Chi luau.

sign up for candidacy in AS<br />

September 28<br />

Ella Fitzgerald swings softly in Peterson Gym to the accompaniment of the Paul Smith Trio.<br />

Foreign-Student<br />

Reception<br />

(<br />

The Cosmos Club holds a reception in S .<br />

students with American students. CIIppS Cotlage to acquaint foreign<br />

October 10<br />

Soon-to-be-fraternity men pick up their bids in the IFe office.<br />

Surf Fever<br />

September 29<br />

AMS surfing film brings interested males to the HS Auditorium.<br />

I.F.Ce Bidding<br />

Barry Owen, SAE, is crowned "King Cotlon" of Chi Omega's<br />

Showboat by Mary Lamprou.<br />

October 6<br />

'Show Boat'<br />

10<br />


Boyd Malloy crowns a surprised queen as Carolyn Morris and Sharyn Campbell<br />

look on.<br />

Queen Marilyn smiles happily from her throne.<br />

Quad<br />

Assembly<br />

Homecoming Court: Judy Thompson, Sara Romberg, Carolyn Morris, Sharyn Campbell, Carolyn Butler.<br />

MARilYN HANSSON, Chi Omega<br />


Kappa Sigs and Thetas joining together won first place in mixed<br />

division with their colorful float, "Disney '20's."<br />

"Lindy's Flight" was the theme that the Sigs and the Chi O's depicted with the<br />

use of natural flowers. The float took second place in mixed division.<br />

Highlighting Homecoming is the building of the many<br />

beautiful and fantastic floats. Weeks of preparation<br />

go into the final plans which are changed, rechanged,<br />

and changed again. Because of the professional quality<br />

of the floats competition among the groups is rugged,<br />

and the winning of a trophy is an unequaled<br />

thrill.<br />

Sigma Phi Epsilon won first in singles division with<br />

its float "Spirit of the '20's." <strong>Del</strong>ta Zeta took second<br />

in this division with its "By the Sea." Taking both the<br />

originality trophy and honorable mention trophy in<br />

mixed division was the Lambda Chi Alpha-Sigma<br />

Kappa float "A City Comes of Age-San Francisco."<br />

Both natural and artificial flower-s were used. Tau<br />

Kappa Epsilon-Pi Beta Phi "Statue of Liberty" copped<br />

the award for best use of natural flowers. The Dorms,<br />

with their float "Silents Please," took the award for<br />

best use of artificial flowers, and <strong>Del</strong>ta Sigma Phi was<br />

awarded the singles division honorable mention trophy<br />

for its version of "Green Door."<br />

Floats<br />

Winning both third place in mixed division and best theme<br />

award was the Theta Chi-Alpha Gam float, "The Sheik-<br />

Valentino-Idol of the '20's."<br />


Christi Davis<br />

Correspondence<br />

Sue Dean<br />

Queen<br />

Judy Heisler<br />

Publicity<br />

Kathy Kemper<br />

House Decoration<br />

Bill Kronberger<br />

Float<br />

Woodie Morehead<br />

Homecoming Chairman<br />

1961<br />

Sigma Chi's win the house decoration sweepstakes trophy.<br />

Joanie Parker<br />

Alumni<br />

Barbara Maloney<br />

Dinner-Dance<br />

Bob Sarsfield<br />

Tr...phy<br />

Gary Solbue<br />

Parade<br />

Ken Sovay<br />

Carnival<br />

HOUSE<br />


Long into many dawns the groups building house decorations<br />

pounded, nailed, paper mached, hauled chicken wire, and cut and<br />

stapled colorful floral sheeting.<br />

Sigma Kappa was second in the women's division and also<br />

took first place in originality for its decoration of a 1920 car running<br />

over a Gaucho.<br />

Pi Beta Phi and Pi Kappa Alpha tied for best construction<br />

awards.<br />

oration.<br />

Alpha Epsilon sorority was judged best on-campus dec-<br />

Selection of the winners was made the Sunday before Homecoming.<br />

The selection committee was composed of Dr. Sue Earnest,<br />

chairman of the speech arts department; Milford Ellison, Point<br />

loma High School art teacher; and Donna <strong>Del</strong>atori.<br />

Roaring Twenties Homecoming 1961 was perhaps the biggest and the most colorful in the history of SDS.<br />

Under the direction of able Woodie Moorhead, this year's Homecoming offered ten major events of competition<br />

and activity. Along with the traditional float building and house decoration contests there was a carnival,<br />

a dinner-dance held at EI Cortez Hotel, and a flapper day on campus. '<br />

From left: Judy Jones, Kathy Kemper, Dominie Cappadonna, Woodie, Carolyn Myers, Karen Barth, and Linda Deets do a bit of the<br />

Charleston.<br />

Zeta Beta Tau took men's division trophy.<br />

Women's division trophy and best portrayal of theme trophy went to<br />

Chi Omega.<br />


Homecoming Queen Marilyn Hansson is escorted across Aztec Bowl by<br />

John Flinn during half-time activities.<br />

Fullback Phil Farias accepts the ball from quarterback Wayne Sevier.<br />

Homecoming<br />

Game<br />

San Diego State Aztec Band marches on the field for half-time<br />


"These darn fire drills are getting to be a pain in the neck."<br />

"This ain't exactly like graduating, but it's sure getting us out of college in a hurry!!"<br />

"Now look son, you can't have those songleaders<br />

- you know they belong to the<br />

schoo!!"<br />

Brothers Bruce and Burch Ertle study for their "Rain Watching 103-A" class during their free hour.<br />

"I wish the man with the peanuts would hurry up ... "<br />

22<br />


Astroff and Elena say goodbye as they leave Uncle Vanya's home.<br />

Dave Brubeck<br />

October 24<br />

Uncle Vanya<br />

October 26-28<br />

In the second LAC sponsored<br />

concert, Dave Brubeck and his trio<br />

brought cool jazz to the campus.<br />

Wesley Foundation<br />

October 27<br />

Uncle Vanyo, a play by Russian dramatist Anton<br />

Chekhov, concerns frustration and failure in the lives<br />

of a group of people who are unable to understand<br />

each other in their loneliness and isolation.<br />

Uncle Vanya, played by graduate student Larry<br />

Link, and his niece, Sonya, played by Andrea Russell,<br />

have been managing a country estate for Sonya's father.<br />

Her father, Professor Serebriakov, played by Edward<br />

Woeten, returns to the estate with his beautiful, young<br />

second wife, Elena, played by Lisa Collins.<br />

The professor immediately antagonizes the household<br />

by his irregular hours and his hypochondria. Both<br />

the brother Vanyo, and the intellectual village doctor,<br />

Jack Winans, fall in love with the professor's young<br />

wife.<br />

Don W. Powell, associate professor of speech arts<br />

designed the fragment of realism setting.<br />

Forest McEue I d<br />

rid n ea s a song at the Wesley Foundation Internalana<br />

inner for foreign students and teachers.<br />

Elena puts off Astroff as Uncle Vanya looks on.<br />


President's<br />

November 1<br />

Banquet<br />

AWS All<br />

Women's<br />

Week<br />

Wally Cubley, Bill Bell, and Sparky Bishop<br />

wonder which one has the Toni.<br />

Newman Club<br />

October 28<br />

Derby Day entrants grovel for a penny in "Flour Frolic."<br />

..._._-<br />

J<br />

....<br />

Main speaker at the annual President's Banquet was President Love.<br />

Knobby knees and coed fashions from<br />

Jeran's were among the attractions of AWS<br />

All Women's Week.<br />

Also presented was a Faculty Tea at<br />

which Boyd Malloy and four professors, Dr.<br />

Henry Janssen of the political science department,<br />

Dr. William Snyder of the philosophy<br />

department, Dr. Vincent landis of the<br />

chemistry department, and Dean Donald<br />

Harder, debated on "An Educated Woman's<br />

Place in the Modern World."<br />

At the Thursday All Women's Assembly<br />

there was a ski movie, and a display of ski<br />

clothes. The winner of the Knobby Knees<br />

Contest - Glenn Clark sponsored by Alpha<br />

Gamma <strong>Del</strong>ta - was announced.<br />

Bermuda Day and Women's Sufferage<br />

Day ended the week.<br />

Modeling new fall fashions are five of the<br />

12 freshmen women selected to participate<br />

in Frosh Fete.<br />

Sigma<br />

Chi<br />

Derby Day<br />

November 4<br />

November 6-10<br />

Dominie Cappadonna and Nedra Snyder<br />

advertise Bermuda Day and Women's Sufferage<br />

Day.<br />

'\<br />

\(DtL-<br />

\\tl'J. 10

Religion<br />

In Life Week<br />

November 13-17<br />

Right: Joan Knight and Sydney LaFonta view the Catholic Church artifacts<br />

displayed in the library during the Inter-Faith Council sponsored<br />

Religion In Life Week.<br />

Montoya November 2<br />

Verse Choir<br />

November 16<br />

Members of the Verse Choir, under the direction<br />

of E. Kingsley Povenmire, perform in the main quad<br />

for Religion in Life week.<br />

After Game<br />

Dance<br />

November 18<br />

Carlos Montoya, the third LAC sponsored<br />

performer, brought his gypsy music<br />

to Peterson Gym. He says of his art,<br />

"Flamenco must come from the heart.<br />

You do not pick up a sheet of music and<br />

say 'Now I play Flamenco.' The music<br />

must come from the guitarist - not from<br />

a book ... one must have music in his<br />

heart before he can play it on the<br />

strings.' ,<br />

Turkey Trot<br />

November 23<br />

"Come on in - the turkey's fine!"<br />

Gary Romero, Mike Davis Mario Mendez Eldridge Cooks and<br />

l K r , 'I<br />

arry orsmeier admire the trophy presented by AMS CounCi<br />

to the SDS Aztecs after their victory over USD.<br />


Oedipus Rex<br />

Nov. 30 - Dec. 10<br />

Oedipus Rex, Sophocles' classic tragedy, was<br />

the second production of the San Diego State<br />

Theatre season.<br />

Starring in the tragic role of Oedipus, a king<br />

who inadvertently kills his father and marries his<br />

mother, was Cedric Jordan. Playing the part of<br />

his mother-wife, Jocasta, was Anne Farrar.<br />

Other performers were Colin McKay as Creon,<br />

Jocasta's brother; Jack Winans as a shepherd;<br />

Irvin "Pat" Hoff as a Corinthian messenger; Frederic<br />

Berling as a leader of the people of Thebes;<br />

and Kenneth Samcoe as Tiresius, the blind<br />

prophet.<br />

Chorus members included Jim Ray, John Dinsmore,<br />

Richard Harrison, Roger Williams, Gary<br />

Solis, Ray Gibbs, Marion Scott, Dave limbach,<br />

Joe Droback and Robert Gray. Barry Owen had<br />

the role of palace guard.<br />

Children of Oedipus were portrayed by Trina<br />

Ciuffo, Teddy Russell, David Scholar, and Sandra<br />

Smith.<br />

The play was directed by Dr. William J.<br />

Adams.<br />

In<br />

Campus<br />

Europe<br />

Tiresius, the blind prophet, rests on his journey to Thebes.<br />

A shepherd tells King Oedipus that he found the King as a baby abandoned in the woods.<br />

It was announced in December by Dr.<br />

Leonard Messier, professor of French,<br />

that SDS will have a 1962 summer campus<br />

at the University Center at Rouen, France.<br />

Rouen a lovely seaport city, has excellent<br />

tr~nsportation connections to Paris.<br />

Included in the six weeks' summer session<br />

will be weekend excursions to Paris, Versailles,<br />

Fontainebleau, Chartres, Chateaux<br />

of the Loire, Mont St. Michel, and the Normandy<br />

region.<br />

A 23 day study tour of France, Monaco,<br />

Italy, San Marino, Austria, Switz~rland,<br />

Germany, Holland, and England .wllI. follow<br />

the summer session at the University .<br />

.Courses in the fields of art, history, geography,<br />

French, and European civilization<br />

will be offered.<br />


December 2<br />

FARMER'S<br />

FROLIC<br />

December 3<br />


Members of the Judo class demonstrate their skill during Fite Nite activities.<br />

Handel's Messiah was performed by the<br />

800 voices of College Chorus in combination<br />

with the 70 piece College Orchestra.<br />

Davis M. loomis conducted the Chorus,<br />

and the Orchestra was under the direction<br />

of Paul V. Anderson.<br />


Kappa Sigs sponsor a BUllermilk Drinking Contest to advertise<br />

their "Farmer's Frolic."<br />

, r-;<br />

f<br />

Marion Richella, John Ross, Carolee Hahn and Dale Jergenson,<br />

soloists in the College Chorus performance of the Messiah.<br />

December 7<br />

Lambda Chi Alpha's entry in pageantry-a float for their chariot queen,<br />

Miss Knockout, Diana Cordova, Kappa Alpha Theta.<br />

CHARIOT RACES December 12<br />

Kappa Alpha Psi strains to win the chariot race, placing ahead of Sigma Chi and Tau Kappa Epsilon. Race was called back, however, and SAE's went<br />

on to win the finals, with their queen candidate, Kay Farmer, Alpha Phi, being named queen of the races.


CAROL<br />

December 14<br />

FINALS<br />

Cindy Runyan typifies the determination<br />

and deep concentration of<br />

students as final exams draw near.<br />

Professor E. Kingsley Povenmire<br />

gives his annual reading of<br />

Charles Dickens' Christmas Carol.<br />

Hhmmm ... this history final is<br />

going to be rough ...<br />


DANCE<br />

December 15<br />

Why are there so many "darling"<br />

distractions ... ?<br />

Even the Aztec looks good ...<br />

Fred Miley, sophomore class president,<br />

presents a trophy to Julie Buchannan,<br />

Alpha Phi, who was chosen Miss Rock<br />

and Roll.<br />

YEOMAN<br />

OF<br />


January 11-13<br />

Let me see, George Washington-first<br />

president ...<br />

A little stretch ...<br />

•<br />

SDS Opere Workshop performers stepped onto the<br />

Music Auditorium stage to present a Gilbert and Sullivan<br />

comic opera, Yeoman of the Guard. The story revolves<br />

around the situation of Colonel Fairfax, the<br />

role sung by Dale Jergenson. He is put in the Tower<br />

of london by a scheming relative who stands to inherit<br />

a fortune if the Colonel dies unmarried.<br />

It seems that just about everyone included in this<br />

little slice of life has a romantic problem.<br />

Featured in the other title roles were John Duitsman<br />

as Sir Richard Chalmondely and Mary Velline as<br />

Elsie Maynard.<br />

Back to the books ...<br />


Students enjoy the swinging tempo of Danny Hale and his orchestra.<br />

The Sailing Club relaxes during semester break after winning the Pacific West Coast Sailing<br />

Championship in December.<br />

Blue Book Ball, sponsored annually by the freshman class at the end of the fall semester, was held this<br />

year in the fabulous Century Room of the EI Cortez Hotel. The theme was "Blue Book and Candle." Under<br />

the direction of frosh president Gerry Berry, and frosh veep Dick Buck, committee chairmen included Randy<br />

Stokes, publicity; Joe Correia, entertainment; Tom Odegard, queens; Joyce Cordell, awards; Sue Lawton, balloting;<br />

Natalie Ault, decorations; Mimi Johnson, flowers; Margaret Cozine and Michen Fischer, bids. Belle<br />

candidates and their sponsors were: Judy Arnsen, Lambda Chi Alpha; Margie Boyd, Sigma Phi Epsilon;<br />

Suz~nne Ch.ristophe~son, Zapotec Hall; Sandee Ferguson, Olmeca Hall; Michen Fischer, Maya Hall; Gerri<br />

J?m~eson, Sigma Chi. Others were Judy Jones, Tau Kappa Epsilon; Lynn Perryman, Kappa Sigma; Ganea<br />

Piccizen, Zeta Beta Tau; Sandra Rogers, Theta Chi; Susan Springstead, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; and Jan<br />

Woods, Alpha Phi Omega.<br />


BREAK<br />

Thrilled, Margie Boyd, Pi Beta Phi, is named<br />

Belle of Blue Book Ball.<br />

Here we go again!<br />

BLUE<br />

BOOK<br />

BALL 25<br />

•<br />

January<br />

June Lake drew many enthusiastic skiers to its<br />

snowy slopes.<br />


January 31<br />

36<br />


\<br />

\<br />

LAC<br />

Suzanne<br />

Bloch<br />

March 1<br />

JuiIIiard String<br />

Quartet February 27<br />

Within three weeks LAC presented three outstanding performances.<br />

The classical genius of the Juilliard String Quartet was<br />

followed a week later by Suzanne Bloch's haunting Renaissance<br />

folk music. A colorful troupe of Ceylon National Dancers performed<br />

the following week at the RussAuditorium.<br />

L'il Abner<br />

Ed Crumley, K Sig, was chosen L'i1 Abner<br />

at the sophomore class sponsored Sadie<br />

Hawkins Dance. Pat Hamacher, Theta, was<br />

named Daisy Mae.<br />

Dave Martin, Tarastec Hall, Ed Crumley, K Sig, and Sparky Bishop, Sig, run from pursuing<br />

femoles.<br />

Dog Patch Races<br />

Sadie Hawkins Day<br />

March 2<br />


The 2nd annual AMS-sponsored all-men's-week<br />

started out with a real bang when a car smash was<br />

held Monday near the commons and free coffee and<br />

cookies were served to the students in Scripps Cottage.<br />

Tuesday, a tug-of-war contest was held with the winning<br />

side getting gift certificates to Art and Dottie's<br />

supper club. Wednesday evening the annual Sports<br />

Dinner was held to introduce high school and junior<br />

college athletes and coaches to the SDS athletic program.<br />

A bike marathon was held on Thursday. Clyde<br />

Tindale was a come-from-behind winner of the first<br />

place award, a two-seater bike. On Friday, sports<br />

and surfing movies were shown to the men students<br />

to end a high Iy successfu I men's week, which was cochairmaned<br />

by Gail Mathers and Arold Hornstein.<br />

Publicity was handled by Arold Hornstein and Mike<br />

Evans.<br />

Stan Kenton March 18<br />

Big band sounds issued from Peterson Gym as Stan Kenton<br />

brought his orchestra here for a jazz concert. Ernestine Anderson, a<br />

new interpretive jazz vocalist, and the Buddy DeFranco Quartet<br />

combined with Mr. Kenton to give a varied evening of music.<br />

The concert was sponsored by the senior class.<br />

All<br />

Men's<br />

Week<br />

April<br />

9-13<br />

Steve Andrews and Joni Knight admire their trophies after winning<br />

the Alpha Chi Omega roller skating contest, which was held {or<br />

the benefit of the Easter Seal Drive.<br />

Upon a Mattress<br />

March 9-17<br />

Presented by the Aztec Musical Comedy Guild, "Once<br />

Upon A Mattress" combined comedy, romance and music in a<br />

spoof of an old fable "The Princess and the Pea."<br />

Jeannie lomac starred as Princess Winifred, a likely candidate<br />

for marriage. Ron lynch played Prince Dauntless the<br />

Drab, a shy, somewhat retarded prince who is completely dominated<br />

by his mother. Princess Winifred is introduced to him<br />

as a possible wife.<br />

Patricia Wetzel as lady larkin and Rick Berry as Sir Harry<br />

played a pair of lovers in a hurry to get married.<br />

Connie Ray, Mike Hoffer, Dennis Allen and Joe Doogan<br />

played in the supporting roles.<br />

40<br />

March 29<br />

Roller Skati ng Contest

Spring<br />

Sing<br />

1962<br />



A rendition of "On My Journey Home," by Tau<br />

Kappa Epsilon fraternity and Kappa ~Ipha .T.h~ta<br />

it t ok the first place award In mixed division<br />

soron y, 0 h Id A '1 13' th<br />

at the 12th Annual Spring Sing, e pn In e<br />

Open Air Theater. . .<br />

Also taking first place tro~hles .wer~, ~h, Omeg,a<br />

S it for "Songs for a Spnng Night, In women s<br />

oron y . f "At th F t f<br />

and Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity or e 00 0<br />

Yonder Mountain," in men's.<br />

Alpha Xi <strong>Del</strong>ta placed first in novelty for its interpretation<br />

of "Tranquilizers."<br />

Senior<br />

Above left: PiKA-Chi 0<br />

entry of "High Barbary",<br />

left; SAE'S and "Tiger<br />

Rag", and below, Kappa<br />

<strong>Del</strong>ta sorority with "Lullaby<br />

of Broadway".<br />

Eleanor<br />

Roosevelt<br />

April 23<br />

Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, "the First<br />

Lady of the World," told a Peterson<br />

Gymnasium audience of 2,000 that at<br />

least a basic education should be given<br />

to everyone in the world so they<br />

can learn how to learn.<br />

She said that the important thing<br />

for education in the non-Communist<br />

nations of the world is to see that<br />

those educated are prepared to go on<br />

learning wherever they want and to<br />

know all the facts of anything new<br />

that they learn.<br />

"Only this way will they be able to<br />

make a choice as to the way in which<br />

they want to live," she said.<br />

Mrs. Roosevelt was brought to SDS<br />

by LAC as the final program of the<br />

year.<br />

Awards Day<br />

April 24<br />

. Gresoro athletic award winner and Woodie Moor-<br />

Left: Christie Davis is presented the women , s dormitory • awar d by Ly. nn Smith: Awards r of the DayDean chairman. Herbert Max C. Peiffer . ' awar, d M'I an yn JHansson H 'I't sorority f her woman<br />

h<br />

3 98<br />

ead, campus organization award winner • 100k on. R' 'g ht· . N~ d Huntington swmne the admire the trophies. Ot her awar dent s W to Mary 0 am, on, or .<br />

award recipient and Bob Butler last year's Peiffer award Winner, be?m a , : rmitory and Boyd Malloy, student qovernment.<br />

GPA; Leo Rogers, Inter-Faith C~uncil; Jack Sharp, fraternity; Dick DaVIS, men s 0<br />

The Pi Kappa Alpha-Chi Omega groups and<br />

Kappa Sigma-Pi Beta Phi groups were second and<br />

third place trophy winners in mixed. Second and<br />

third place awards in women's went to Sigma<br />

Kappa and Alpha Chi Omega. Sigma Alpha Epsilon<br />

placed second in men's division. Other groups<br />

participating were the Dorms, Alpha Phi's, Lambda<br />

Chi Alpha's, <strong>Del</strong>ta Zeta's, Alpha Gamma <strong>Del</strong>ta's,<br />

SPEC, Sigma Chi's, Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta's, <strong>Del</strong>ta Sigma<br />

Phi's, and the Inter-Protestant Angelican Council.<br />

Sandi Van Bibber, AWS Spring Sing Chairman, was<br />

named AWS Woman of the Month during the intermission.<br />

Committee members of Spring Sing included<br />

Sandra Pieri, Mike Siavit, Bob Sarsfield,<br />

Marion Little, Mike Evans, Dominie Cappadonna,<br />

Woodie Moorhead, and Suzanne Gaughen.<br />


-your first college romance was really just so much ecstasy ...<br />


WHEN<br />

• •<br />

•<br />

-homecoming floats were better than ever ...<br />

-how energetic you felt during the parade<br />

after an all-night bout of floatbuilding ...<br />

--as a pledge you'd help to sell a bid ...<br />


V<br />

A<br />

F<br />

R<br />

0 S<br />

0 I<br />

T<br />

B<br />

A<br />

T<br />

L<br />

L<br />

Y<br />

Denny<br />

Berg<br />

Tom Procter<br />

Neal<br />

Petties<br />

Henry<br />

Enriquez<br />

Randy<br />

Chaffin<br />


San Diego State boasted its best record in ten<br />

years, winning seven, losing two, tying one. Under<br />

the direction of new head coach Don Coryell, head<br />

line coach Bill Schutte, backfield coach Charlie<br />

Smith, and assistant line coach Jim Erdenbeck, the<br />

Aztecs brought new glory to San Diego State and<br />

a promising football outlook.<br />

The team was studded with outstanding players,<br />

but each player contributed his most. The result<br />

was a team with speed, versatility, talent and<br />

potential.<br />

Who will ever forget this 1961 Aztec football<br />

season ... when Vic Stark's 17-yard goal beat<br />

Cal Poly 9-6 ... when Sevier's two touchdowns<br />

went in vain in losing to Long Beach State 15-17<br />

... when we rallied in the second half to hand<br />

Redlands a 32-20 defeat ... or beating UCSB<br />

21-6, topping off the best Homecoming week in<br />

years ... or when we matched Fresno State for<br />

three quarters before losing 28-6 ... when a record<br />

88 points was set in Aztec Bowl on the night<br />

we beat Cal Western 54-34 ... or when USD saw<br />

Mario Mendez' four trips to the end zone, a sparring<br />

session between halves, and a 42-12 shellacking<br />

issued by the men of Montezuma ... and the<br />

Aztecs' tremendous effort in stopping MCRD 18-13<br />

giving SDS some of the best football to be see~<br />

here in years.<br />

In the statistics department, Wayne Sevier led<br />

all scorers this season with 59 points, followed by<br />

Mendez with 46, Petties and Carson with 30 each<br />

Cooks 26, and Korsmeier 12 points. Kern Carso~<br />

led in rushing with 6.04 yards per carry, followed<br />

by the regulars Mendez, Stauber Korsmeier and<br />

S~vier. Neal Petties and Eldridge 'Cooks ran ~way<br />

with the pass receiving honors with Petties receiving<br />

19 aerials for 428 yards and 4 touchdowns<br />

and Cooks with 16 catches for 363 yards and .4<br />

touchdowns.<br />

Ken Carson and Neal Petties were named to<br />

the CCAA second-string all-league team.<br />

T~e e.ntire Aztec team led in most departments<br />

against Its opponents. Students of San Diego State<br />

and the pe~ple of San Diego displayed their pride<br />

by supporting the team with fine attendance at<br />

home and away games, and giving Coach Coryell<br />

and the team a standing ovation anhe last game<br />

of the season.<br />

48<br />

Larry Fernandez<br />

Bob Vaughn<br />

Mike Davis<br />

Ed Duckett<br />

BACK ROW, L-R: Eldridge Cooks, Wayne Sevier, Phil Farias, Kern Carson; FRONT ROW: Joe Meeker, Dave Lay, Walt Cub ley, Warren Simmons, Pat<br />

Roberts, Dave Stenson, Don Halte.<br />

Jack Thomerson Coach Coryell<br />

Russ Boehmke<br />

Don Coryell was named new head varsity<br />

football coach in January of 1961.<br />

Coach Coryell received his master's degree<br />

in physical education at the University<br />

of Washington where he lettered on<br />

the Huskie Football team in 1947 and<br />

1948.<br />

He has coached at the University of<br />

British Columbia in 1953 and 1954, Wenatchee<br />

Junior College in 1955 when he<br />

led that team to the Washington State<br />

Championship, Whittier College where his<br />

team was SCIA champs for three years,<br />

and University of Southern California<br />

where he was offensive backfield coach<br />

for the Trojans.

LEFT: Coach Don Coryell discussing the game with line coach Bill Schulte.<br />

BELOW: Joe Rockhold stops Cal Western runner cold.<br />


A new coach and a new team almost won the first game of the<br />

season for the Aztecs, but they had to settle for a 13-13 tie with<br />

Los Angeles State.<br />

Both l.A. and S D S scored early as Larry Korsmeier, Aztec<br />

signalcaller, connected with Neal Petties on a 53-yard scoring<br />

pass play and the Diablos Joe Womack romped 83 yards for six<br />

points.<br />

The game ended in a tie because of the fine effort of Dave<br />

Stenson who blocked a Diablo PAT. If made, the score would<br />

have ended 14-13 in l.A. State's favor.<br />

SDS EDGES CAL POlY 9-3<br />

Journeying back to the Bowl, Coach Coryell's football machine<br />

met Cal Poly's Mustangs in the first home game of the '61 season,<br />

winning 9-6 on a spectacular scoring punch by Kern Carson and<br />

Neal Petties.<br />

Approximately three minutes showed on the clock when Mustang<br />

punter Stan Renolds booted a high kick to Carson who grabbed<br />

it and sprinted toward paydirt with Petties at his side. Evading<br />

tacklers for 50 yards as a result of fine blocking, he was finally<br />

hit on the enemy's 30 yard line. As he was hit he fumbled, but<br />

quick-thinking Petties scooped up the loose ball and raced the remaining<br />

distance. Cal Poly roared back with an attempted field<br />

goal, but it fell short of the uprights. Vic Stark scored earlier for<br />

the Aztecs of a 17 -yard field goal.<br />


Coach Coryell and his San Diegans showed themselves well in the valley<br />

of colleges as a-come-from-behind surge whipped Redlands 32-20.<br />

The Bulldogs unleashed a fierce attack the first two times they had the<br />

ball as they rang the bell 13 times. But the Aztecs, not to be outdone, scored<br />

with a 23-yard pass play and a Mendez plunger before the rest period.<br />

After a talking to during halftime, Coryell's gridmen took warning and<br />

broke down the digit doors with a 60-yard trek by Sevier, a 55-yard pass play<br />

involving Boehmke and Petties, and a Carson interception of a Bulldok aerial<br />

for the finale.<br />

The Aztecs now sported a 2-1-1 record and were preparing for the Homecoming<br />

tilt with the Gauchos of Santa Barbara.<br />

Dick Winkler making a tackle. Phil Farias fighting to catch that ball.<br />

BELOW: Wayne Sevier is on the ground while 1221 Stauber works the ball<br />

around left end for a touchdown.<br />

Gil Warren<br />


For three quarters Long Beach and San<br />

Diego battled, but the 4ger's Tom Turrill<br />

booted Long Beach State to a victory as<br />

he skyrocketed a 22-yarder through the<br />

uprights for a 2-point margin, 17-15.<br />

The San Diegans went ahead early in<br />

the second half 8-7, as Sevier accounted<br />

for the points. The Aztecs other TO was<br />

divided between Mendez and Carson, with<br />

Sevier going the final distance.<br />

The Montezuma eleven never gave up<br />

though, as they came back with an intercepted<br />

pass to the 4ger 19-yard stripe. A<br />

fumble by SDS was all that Long Beach<br />

needed as the gun went off.<br />


The sun was shining, Aztec patriots were shining, and so<br />

were the grid men as the Aztecs posted their first Homecoming<br />

victory since 1955, rolling over Santa Barbara 21-6.<br />

The Aztec ground game proved much superior to the<br />

Gauchos' as San Diego tallied 266 yards rushing against<br />

the foes though they out-passed us 117 yards to 40.<br />

A command performance by the commander himself<br />

thwarted the Beachboys as Sevier went over the goal line<br />

for 12 markers and accounted for 3 extra points. One of<br />

his touchdowns was a planned field goal attempt, but a<br />

fumbled snapback by Jim Stauber turned into six points<br />

for the Aztecs.<br />

Fullback Denny Berg also wrote his name in the scorebook<br />

when he bolted through the line for 2 yards and 6<br />

points.<br />



The Aztecs' loss to Fresno dispelled all<br />

SDS's hopes of representing the CCAA in the<br />

Mercy Bowl, while at the same time it assured<br />

the Bulldogs' appearance.<br />

Early in the first period Bulldog penalties<br />

helped Sevier and Carson move the ball to<br />

the enemy 14-yard line. But a fumble by<br />

San Diego stopped the scoring threat and<br />

Fresno took over.<br />

From the 14, Fresno moved down field and<br />

went over for a six-pointer.<br />

The Aztecs got their only score in the third<br />

period as Carson and Enriquez moved the<br />

ball. Carson saw daylight and took advantage,<br />

ma king the score 7-6, Fresno's favor.<br />

After three quarters of hard fought football<br />

Fresno finally woke up and ran over the<br />

Aztecs with three touchdowns, making the<br />

score 28-6.<br />

RIGHT: Mendez says,<br />

"Stop me if<br />

you can."<br />


On the opening play Aztec Kern Carson took the ball off left<br />

tackle, veered sharply to the left sideline and from there ran 68 yards<br />

for an early touchdown, with Sevier making the score 7-0. Not more<br />

than three minutes later Eldridge Cooks ran out long for a pass.<br />

Breaking behind Pepperdine's defense, he caught the ball five yards<br />

from the goal, and raced across for another six. Sevier again kicked<br />

to make the score 14-0. late in the first quarter, with Cooks catching<br />

another long Sevier pass and Carson running the remaining yardage,<br />

the Aztec score rose to 21. The game produced no more scores except<br />

for the Waves' 6, the result of a long Pepperdine pass.<br />

RIGHT: Cooks catches a long Sevier pass for six points. BELOW:<br />

The Aztecs drag down another foe.<br />


The next three weeks the Aztecs met their city "rivals". The<br />

first game sent Cal Western home a beaten team, then University<br />

of San Diego fell by the wayside. The last game of the season the<br />

Marines went home cleaning their rifles under the pressure of the<br />

Mighty Montezumans.<br />

In a wild game, Cal Western scored 34 points to San Diego's<br />

54 to set a record of 88 total points in the Bowl. The old record<br />

was established in 1951 when SDS trounced l.A. State 64-0.<br />

Seven TD's were recorded as fans saw Eldridge Cooks twice go<br />

the distance, and Carson, Korsmeier, Petties, Mendez and Sevier<br />

each accounting for one.<br />

Doing a creditable job for Cal Western was quarterback Jim<br />

Hombs who completed 14 out of 26 aerials and Jesse Murdock who<br />

was Western's main running threat.


The fans who came to see the big intra-city rivalry game between the Un.iversity<br />

of San Diego and San Diego State will never forget halfback Mario<br />

Mendez, at least USD won't, because Mendez scored four touchdowns and<br />

Sevier and Cooks added two more as the Aztecs stomped the Toreros, 42-12.<br />

San Diego couldn't have played a better offensive game, leading in all<br />

departments. The passing was superb as the quarterbacks com?leted 6 ~u! of<br />

7 passes. They also executed the I formation expertly, despite the brilliant<br />

defensive effort by Torero linebacker Jim O'Leary.<br />

USD's quarterback Pat Herminger called signals well, but the Toreros<br />

could not break away for long gains because of the tough Aztec defense. Joe<br />

Gray scored both touchdowns for the university on identical one yard plunges.<br />

Also aiding Mendez and the Aztecs on their trips downfield were Joe Rockhold,<br />

Gil Warren and Jim Stauber.<br />

Joe Gibbs<br />


In the last Aztec game of the season the ball didn't start rolling toward<br />

the goal line until early in the second period, when Farias intercepted a<br />

Marine pass and ran to their 44 yard line. From that Marine 44, Aztec backs<br />

Mendez, Stauber and Korsmeier powered to the goal line with Mendez<br />

putting the six points on the score board. Moments later the Marines rolled<br />

88 yards in nine plays for their six, with the conversion making it seven.<br />

With half of the second quarter gone Korsmeier fired a 39 yard pass to<br />

star end Neal Petties for six more points. Then late in the same quarter<br />

Aztec Simmons set up another touchdown by downing Marine Joe Lee as<br />

he was trying to punt. From there Sevier moved the ball forward with a<br />

pass to Mendez and a scoring pass to Gil Warren, making the score 18-7.<br />

The Marines scored again in the second half, after slashing 80 yards<br />

over the hard-to-drive Aztecs. With the score 18-13 the Marines had four<br />

minutes in which to score, but a pass interception by Korsmeier stopped<br />

them cold.<br />

The victory gave the Aztecs a 7-2-1 overall season, best in 10 years,<br />

and was State's ninth conquest over the tough Leathernecks in 24 meets.<br />

Joe<br />

Rockhold<br />

BACK ROW, L-R: Mike Collins, John Boyles, Don Royal, Gabriel Escalera, George Theros, Pat McGee, Ken Knust, Tom Barnett, Jim Crawford, Denny Moor~,<br />

Lynn Gordon. CENTER ROW, L-R: Dick Wells, coach Orval Warren, mgr., John Dorsey. Mike Davis. Dale Hawley, Barry Owen, Larry. Tayl~r, Tom Scah,<br />

Ron Chillo, Larry Boland, Roger Mumby, Gary Branstotter, Jeffrey Blake, mgr., Tom Bass, assistant coach. FRONT ROW, L-R: Dave Bird, Dick Hess, Ron<br />

Greenig, Danny Hale, Jim Carpenter. Dale Hilman, Bill Parrish, John Quesenberry, Dick Sefton, Stan Nelson.<br />

J.V. WINS 4, LOSES 2<br />

This year two new men took over the JV-Frosh team,<br />

Dick Wells as head coach and Tom Bass as assistant coach.<br />

Before the season started Coach Wells commented, "We<br />

have several good-looking prospects, the squad is willing,<br />

and we hope to improve on last year's record; however,<br />

our schedule is tougher and only time will tell."<br />

The Papooses were victorious over Sweetwater J.e.,<br />

Palomar J.c., Long Beach J.V., and San Fernando Valley.<br />

SDS's only defeats were heartbreakers to Oceanside J.e.<br />

and UCLA Frosh, 20-25, and 0-6, respectively.<br />

Outstanding players were Ed Redman, split end; quarterback<br />

Lynn Gordon; John Darcy, who carried well from<br />

the halfback position; Ron Greenig, outstanding as a defensive<br />

halfback and fullback Dale Hawley. John Boyles<br />

showed potential for next year at the tackle spot.<br />

The combining of the majority of this year's Frosh-JV<br />

men and next year's returning varsity players makes for a<br />

fine prospect for next year's varsity team.<br />


SDS<br />

Opp,<br />

Coach<br />

Dick Wells<br />

24 14 Sweetwater JC<br />

42 13 Palomar JC<br />

20 25 Oceanside JC<br />

0 6 UCLA<br />

8 6 Long Beach JC<br />

26 8 Son Fernando Volley<br />

LEFT: Sevier passes for more yardage.

Mike Draglla<br />

C<br />

0<br />

C<br />

R<br />

It's crowded at the beginning of the Aztec Invitational.<br />

, ~<br />

BACK ROW, L-R: Ed Spies, mgr., John Coombes, Willie Green, Mike Dragila, Jim Montgome:<br />

v , John Ha!liburton,<br />

Choc Sportsman, coach; FRONT ROW: Arvid Olson, Art Mikolon, Doug Adamson, Ernie Porlee, Mike<br />

Golden, and Doug Palenschat.<br />

U 0<br />

N S<br />

T<br />

R<br />

S<br />

Doug<br />

Palenschat<br />


3rd.-Mt. San Antonio A.A.U.<br />

1st.-long Beach State Invitational<br />

1st.-Whittier S.P.A.A.U.<br />

1st.-Santa Barbara A.A.U.<br />

1st.-Post Six American legion<br />

1st.-Aztec Invitational<br />

1st.-Pacific Southwest District A.A.U.<br />

Championships ..<br />

2nd-California Collegiate Championships<br />

Y<br />

Ernie Portee<br />

Jim<br />

Montgomery<br />

Mike<br />

Golden<br />

..<br />

2nd<br />

IN C.C.A.A.<br />

Although the SOS harriers out-ran Long Beach, 45-50, in L.B.'s own<br />

Long Beach State Invitational, they weren't quite strong enough to do the<br />

same in the conference meet. Instead they settled for a runner-up spot for<br />

only the second time in the past 11 years. All the other nine have been<br />

firsts for the Aztec cross-countrymen.<br />

This year's leading runner for the Aztecs, Mike Oragila, is probably<br />

one of the best runners in the Southwest. This year he placed 1st four times,<br />

one of which was the conference finals, and 2nd twice, on top of representing<br />

SOS in the national finals at East Lansing, Mich.<br />

Always close behind Oragila were Portee, Montgomery, Golden, Palenschat,<br />

and Coombes, with Adamson coming up fast at the end of the<br />

season. Portee finished second for the Aztecs in every race except the<br />

Aztec Invitational, in which Jim Montgomery nosed him by a couple of<br />

seconds.<br />

Since the team consisted of two juniors with the rest freshmen and<br />

sophomores, next year's squad will surely be tops in the southwest. Coach<br />

Sportsman no doubt will be as proud of them as he has had a right to be<br />

of his past cross-countrymen .<br />

56<br />

Mike Dragila and Ernie Portee after 1 'h miles of running.<br />

Art Mikolon is leading the pack at the half mile mark.

B<br />

A<br />

s<br />

V<br />

K<br />

A<br />

R<br />

S<br />

, E<br />

T<br />

B<br />

A<br />

T<br />

L<br />

Y<br />

L<br />

Its all hands In basketball.


Although this year's Aztec basketball team didn't<br />

prov to b the most prolific in producing victories,<br />

it did provide the fans with exciting basketball, for<br />

fiv CCAA games were lost by a total of 14 points.<br />

The team was coached by Dr. George Ziegenfuss,<br />

assist d by Noel Mickelson.<br />

This Aztec team probably played the toughest<br />

schedule San Diego State has ever faced. Encountering<br />

schools such as Bradley University and Evansville<br />

College who were nationally ranked, Loyola University<br />

of Los Angeles and the regular teams, the Aztecs<br />

hod a rough and tumble season all the way.<br />

The Aztecs started their season with victories over<br />

Redlands and Pepperdine. Pepperdine was an 80-78<br />

overtime thriller. Then meeting Loyola, the squad<br />

lost its first game 90-54. Coming back home, the<br />

Aztecs played Evansville and Whittier. Losing to<br />

Evansville, 84-89, which proved to be the best showing<br />

for the Aztecs in the season, and beating the<br />

Poets 63-60, showed that the Aztecs were tough.<br />

As Christmas vacation came, the Aztecs went<br />

traveling to meet five mid-western schools who all<br />

proved their superiority to the Montezumen.<br />

Mike Steffen shows how its done!<br />

Bock Row, I. to r.: Glenn Smith, mgr.; Noel Mickelson, coach; Norm Ostapinski, Mike Ofner, George Ziegenfuss, head coach. Center Row: Louis Lake, Mike<br />

Steffen, Bruce Joyce, Harry Stadnyk, Gory Clark, Tom Tenney. Front Row: Dick Maureau, Donny Hendrickson, Carl Hunter, Bill Marseilles, Clyde Hadley,<br />

Willie Williams. Missing are Tim Jones and Tony Garnier<br />


SDS Opp<br />

67 54 Redlands University<br />

80 78 Pepperdine College<br />

54 90 Loyola University<br />

84 89 Evansville College<br />

63 60 Whittier College<br />

61 83 Evansville College<br />

64 88 Bradley University<br />

70 78 Toledo University<br />

60 81 Western Michigan<br />

51 82 Drake University<br />

83 62 University of Nevada<br />

57 71 Colorado State University<br />

55 80 Long Beach State<br />

74 66 San Fernando State<br />

60 49 Cal Poly ISLO)<br />

65 77 Fresno State<br />

88 71 Pasadena College<br />

81 77 Los Angeles State<br />

55 59 U. C. Santa Barbara<br />

58 64 Pepperdine College<br />

78 79 Long Beach State<br />

88 80 San Fernando State<br />

84 87 Col Poly ISLO)<br />

69 73 Fresno State<br />

85 65 Los Angeles State<br />

73 77 U. C. Santo Barbaro

Right: Maureau throws a block into his opponent.<br />

Lower Right: Hunter can't be stopped now.<br />

Lower Left: Up, over and another goal.<br />

Coach Ziegenfuss stands high.<br />

Losses to Evansville, 61-83, Bradley,<br />

64-88, with the help of all-American<br />

Chet Walker, Toledo, 70-78, Western<br />

Michigan, 60-81, and finally Drake, 51-<br />

82, rounded out the swing. Carl Hunter<br />

was the mainstay for the Aztecs as he<br />

averaged about 15 points a game. The<br />

team now had a 3-7 record.<br />

The Aztec Kiwanis tournament was<br />

held the last of December. Winning<br />

the first night 83-62 over Nevada and<br />

losing the championship to Colorado,<br />

the Aztecs took second place.<br />

League play got underway and at<br />

the first game Long Beach State walloped<br />

an ice-cold Aztec team 80-55.<br />

San Fernando and Cal Poly were SDS's<br />

next two victims but Fresno was too<br />

much, despite the 19 points apiece contributed<br />

by Maureau and Hadley, the<br />

team lost 65-77. Pasadena proved no<br />

worrier but winning a close one over<br />

Los Angeles, 81-77, and losing a heartbreaker<br />

to UC Santa Barbara, 55-59,<br />

we came home exhausted and with a<br />

league record of 3-3.<br />

Pepperdine got revenge, winning<br />

64-58 on a balanced scoring attack by<br />

the Waves. The next week Long Beach<br />

nipped us 79-78 in the last seconds.

A victory over San Francisco and a loss to Cal Poly brought us<br />

within three games of the end of the season.<br />

The rebounding power of Fresno's Mike McFersen was too much<br />

and we lost 69-73. The last weekend we were victorious over Los<br />

Angeles but lost the final game to UC Santa Barbara 75-77, despite<br />

desperate last efforts. This completed the 1961-62 season and<br />

SDS had a 10-16 overall record and a 5-7 conference record<br />

Playing their last season for SDS were Carl Hunter Norm Ostapinski,<br />

and Danny Hendricksen. '<br />

High scoring average honors went to Dick Maureau who averag~d<br />

15.8 points per game. Carl Hunter placed second with a 15.3<br />

POints per game, followed by Ostapinski-8.1, Garnier-7.1, and<br />

Hadley-7.0 points per game.<br />

. . . there were three bears-Mama bear, Papa bear, and ...<br />

SDS<br />

55<br />

58<br />

76<br />

94<br />

54<br />

73<br />

62<br />

73<br />

81<br />

58<br />

72<br />

86<br />

86<br />

68<br />

65<br />

99<br />

67<br />

71<br />

84<br />

68<br />

Opp<br />

50<br />

73<br />

87<br />

55<br />

66<br />

71<br />

54<br />

71<br />

71<br />

59<br />

61<br />

76<br />

75<br />

108<br />

73<br />

62<br />

59<br />

59<br />

64<br />

75<br />


US Navy "Phib Pac"<br />

Pepperdine Frosh<br />

Loyola Frosh<br />

MCRD All-Stars<br />

Whittier Frosh<br />

Chapman Frosh<br />

MCRD All-Stars<br />

Palomar College<br />

NTC<br />

South Western C.<br />

San Bernardino VC<br />

Cal Western JV<br />

NTC<br />

US Navy "Phib Pac"<br />

Pepperdine Frosh<br />

Oceanside<br />

Long Beach JV<br />

Cal Western JV<br />

South Western C.<br />

Palomar College<br />

Back Row, L-R: Carl Benton, coach; Joe Michael, Larry Willis, Larry Meek, Tony Maio, Jim Scott, mgr. Center Row:<br />

Ron Jones, Fritz Ziegenfuss, Jorge Ortegon, Marty Garrel, Mike Sermershiem, Bill Corley. Front Row: John Hayward,<br />

Don Furrow, Paul Hagen, and Gary Neal. Missing is John Boyles.<br />


Under the direction of Coach Carl Benton, the Frosh basketball team compiled<br />

an impressive record, winning 14 games and losing seven.<br />

The first four players of the starting five all averaged in double figures and<br />

they all had over 200 total points. Marty Garrett led the scorers with 344<br />

points and a 16.4 game average; Larry Meek, former Escondido High great<br />

was in close second with 338 points and a 16.1 average; Fritz Ziegenfuss<br />

was third with 263 points and 12.5 game average and Paul Hagen was<br />

fourth with 218 points for a 10.9 average. Rounding out the first five scorers<br />

was Larry Willis who compiled 165 points for an 8.3 average.<br />

Through the season, Larry Meek and Marty Garrett continually fought for<br />

game scoring honors. Occasionally one other team member would come<br />

through, thus proving the potential of the other squad members .<br />

Meek and Willis, both 6'5", fought for rebound honors. Meek placed<br />

first with 255 rebounds for the season. Backing him up were Willis, Ziegenfuss<br />

and Garrett.<br />

The team as a whole did quite well, averaging 73.4 points a game, 42.7<br />

rebounds per game and hit 42.8"10 of goal shots.<br />

With consistent high scoring as the team had done and with the height<br />

of Larry Meek and Larry Willis, the Frosh team should add quite a lot to next<br />

year's varsity.<br />

Below: Paul Hagen breaking toward the basket.


SDS Opp<br />

19 5 Alumni<br />

35 2 UC Santa Barbara<br />

17 11 University of Arizona<br />

15 9 San Jose State<br />

34 0 UC Berkeley<br />

27 3 Cal Poly ISla)<br />

36 0 San Fernando VC<br />

15 6 Japanese AWA<br />

17 9 Fresno State<br />

19 11 San Bernardino VC<br />

23 3 long Beach State<br />

36 0 los Angeles State<br />

Aztec Aaron Oliverson works his opponent's shoulders to the mat.<br />

w<br />

R<br />

V<br />

A<br />

E<br />

S<br />

T<br />

R<br />

S<br />

L<br />

I<br />

N<br />

T<br />

Y<br />

G<br />

Dick Winn holds the advantage in his match.<br />

Coach Harry Broadbent<br />

Back Row, I. to r.: Lou Villaescusa, Dave Stenson, Merrell Davis, Aaron Oliverson, John Thompson, Dick Winn. Front Row: John Davies, Dennis Payne,<br />

Willie Green, Pat Bennell, Len Fierro, Tom Logans. Missing are Steve Meek, and Jim Welty.<br />

John Davies scores on Dill, UCLA, at NTC Invitational.<br />


This year's wrestling team virtually "tore apart" every opponent<br />

it met in league play and other meets. In the newly<br />

organized CCAA league for wrestling, the Aztecs took all of<br />

the dual meets and grappled out 92 points in the CCAA tournament<br />

to bring home the first place trophy. The squad<br />

won hard-fought victories over schools such as the University<br />

of Arizona, 17-11, San Jose State, 15-9, and Fresno State,<br />

17-9. Other commendable achievements performed by the<br />

Aztec wrestlers were a seventh place in the Pacific Coast<br />

Invitational Meet with 29 points, and a fourth place in the<br />

Naval Training Center Invitational. The best team effort was<br />

shown in beating los Angeles State, 36-0.<br />

The men heading the list in points accumulated through<br />

the season were John Davies with 70 points, Merrell Davis<br />

with 68, Dick Winn with 51, Dennis Payne with 50, and<br />

logans, Bennett, Thompson and Oliverson, with 49, 47, 41,<br />

and 39 points respectively.<br />

John Davies received the Dierdorff Brothers Award for the<br />

Most Valuable Wrestler in the 1961-62 season. Co-captains<br />

were Dennis Payne and Pat Bennett.<br />

"The team should continue strong," is Harry Broadbent's<br />

outlook for next year's squad. With only two grapplers finishing<br />

their eligibility, Willie Green and Dick Winn, San Diego<br />

State should see some fine wrestling in the 1962-63 season.<br />


Kirk, Orville Hay, Bill Clauder, Randy Veal, Frank Brown, Jon Blanc. Missing are: Lane Criswell, Joe Hall, Fred Oden, Bill Stevens, and<br />

Mike Dragila wins his mile race with a good ten yards lead.<br />


Ending the season with a 6- 1-0 record in dual<br />

competitions, the' Junior Varsity wrestlers followed in<br />

the footsteps of the Varsity in their winning ways.<br />

Coached by Tom Bass and Harry Broadbent, the<br />

team had its first real season schedule.<br />

Wrestlers who contributed most to the success of<br />

the team were lane Criswell, Jim Welty, Gerry Kirk,<br />

Orville Hay, Randy Veal and Bill Clauder. These<br />

wrestlers also competed in varsity competition various<br />

times throughout the season.<br />

Bill Clauder was the Most Improved Wrestler winning<br />

five matches despite an injury which hampered<br />

him during the season.<br />

Jim Montgomery, left, and Mike Golden catch their breath after finishing first and<br />

second in the 2-mile.<br />

T<br />

v<br />

R<br />

A<br />

A<br />

R<br />

C<br />

S<br />

K<br />

I<br />

T<br />

y<br />

SDS<br />

35<br />

20<br />

11<br />

21<br />

27<br />

40<br />

17<br />


Opp<br />

5 Imperial Valley<br />

15 SDCC<br />

22 EI Camino<br />

18 SDCC<br />

o Guad'har AC<br />

3 los Angeles CC<br />

16 Cerritos JC<br />

68 /<br />

.-<br />

Tom Logans trying to gain the advantage.<br />

Right: Werner Willoughby and, left, John Eurich in the 880<br />

yard<br />


Back Row, L-R: Choc Sportsman, coach; Richard Howell, Werner Willoughby, Gary Rankin, Argee West, John Coombes, Ron Igelman, Jim Montgomery, and Bob<br />

Larsen, assistant coach. Middle Row: Ernie Portee, Dave Gentry, Tom Logans, John Eurich, Darrell Nelson, Mike Dragila, Bill Gould, Frank Lowe, manager. Front<br />

Row: John Erickson, Ed Ott, Doug Adamson, and George Dill.<br />

~-<br />

---_.........--<br />

• •<br />


Although this year's team is a young one with many<br />

sophomores and Junior College transfers it is expected<br />

to do considerably better than lost year's "cellar<br />

dwelling" in the CCAA. With men like Nelson, Gould,<br />

Dill, Dragila and Montgomery who will probably be<br />

point gainers for the Aztecs in the CCAA championships,<br />

SDS should represent itself well in this conference.<br />

The high jump, broad jump, 100, 220 and hurdles<br />

were the events Darryl Nelson, ex-prep star from<br />

Kearney High, competed in. Through the long Beach<br />

State meet Nelson led in total number of points and<br />

probably will end the season that way. Backing up<br />

Nelson were Mike Dragila, defending CCAA chomp in<br />

the mile, record breaker George Dill in the javelin,<br />

Bill Gould in the hurdles, Jim Montgomery and Mike<br />

Golden in the two mile, John Coombes in the half,<br />

Ed Ott in the quarter, and Ernie Portee in the mile.<br />

Argee West and Gory lindstrom were hampered with<br />

injuries most of the season.<br />

Jack Woy comes to the ground after clearing the pole vault.<br />

_________ ..... 4<br />


-Ul!<br />

III<br />

From left, Ed Ott, Gary Rankin, and Art Mikolon begin th eir 440, ending with the first three places.<br />

Back Row, L-R: Dick Wells, coach; Allan Shields, Ken Cox, Ben Lopez, Jim Shandera, Jim Webb, Dick Macy, John Martin, Jerry Beaverf. Middle Row: Dick<br />

Slinkard, Bob Logan, Chris Beckwith, Arvid Olson, Milo Prodanovich, Ron Frindt, Jerry Rogers, Larry Karmen, manager. Front Row: Ken Fallon, Jeff Young, Dennis<br />

Baxter. Missing are Jerry Harmon, Roy Reichert, Sid Shankland, Sandy Svatko.<br />

Left: Ernie Portee drives<br />

through the tape to win the<br />

mile with Jim Montgomery<br />

taking second.<br />

'rt<br />

--_.--<br />

..,..,.<br />

'-<br />

I<br />

.}--<br />

- ·.-j,-E:34!J~-~<br />

-----~'.....,.~-.....: .<br />

~~.<br />

Above: Bill Gould, right, takes the first hurdle in his<br />

race.<br />


The Frosh team makes Varsity performers, and that is what this year's<br />

Frosh track team is doing to its fullest extent. At the time the <strong>Del</strong> Sud was<br />

ready for printing the team was undefeated in dual competition and finished<br />

first in the Southern California Relay ahead of all local frosh teams including<br />

UCLA, USC and Oxy. The mile 'relay team consists of Allan Shields, Ben Lopez,<br />

Ken Cox and Sandy Svatko.<br />

Best performances by individual members were from Sandy Svatko 50.5<br />

in the 440 yard run and anchor man on the relay, Ray Reichert improving<br />

from 11'6" to 13' in the pole vault, Ken Fallon, consistant at 6' in the high<br />

jump and Jerry Beavers outstanding in the 100 and 220 yard dashes. Jim<br />

Webb who threw the discus 130' was the potential record breaker on the<br />

squad.<br />

Record breaker Norm McMillan clears the bar with ease.<br />

Below: Running the half, Mike Draglia, left, and John Coombes<br />

finish 1st and 2nd.<br />

_..IIJ--.lLi..,.. .....<br />

Ron Frindt broadjumps high into the air.<br />

Left: Two very strong runners,<br />

Ben Lopez, left, and Sandy<br />

Svatko, round the second<br />

curve of the 880 yard run. 73

Dave Flessner<br />

only gets a piece of the ball as he fouls it back.<br />

V<br />

B<br />

A<br />

A<br />

R<br />

S<br />

S<br />

E<br />

I<br />

B<br />

T<br />

A<br />

Y<br />

L<br />


Fresno State was the "thorn" in the side of the SDS baseball team this season,<br />

as one weekend seemed to weaken hopes of the Aztecs coming out on top in the<br />

CCAA. That weekend Fresno State took a single game 6-4, and then swept a double<br />

header the following afternoon 9-8 and 8-2. At that time the Aztecs were 5-4 in<br />

conference play, the other loss going to San Fernando.<br />

The team was composed mainly of sophomores and seniors. Seniors ending their<br />

eligibility this year were Larry Thompson, Jerry Stryker, Burt Swain, Bob Lucas, Butch<br />

Richards, Morgan Newman, Bob Steel and Dick Salomon.<br />

The leading hitter in the first part of April was Jerry Stryker who batted .429.<br />

Also at this time Butch Richards, Burt Swain and Bob Estavillo were leading in the<br />

RBI department and many of the other first stringers were batting in the .300's.<br />

Defensively Joe Gabaldon was the all around handyman, alternating between the<br />

mound, first base and the outfield. Dick Soloman, all-CCAA outfielder, was at his<br />

usual peak. Larry Kramer, Stan Michaels, Roger Quast, Paul Scollard and Larry<br />

Thompson help up the mound staff well.<br />

SDS beat the city rivals, Cal Western and USD, and won two games from Stanford<br />

6-5, 20-2, and were victorious in sweeping three double-headers up until the Fresno<br />

series. The teams downed in the doubleheaders were Arizona State, Long Beach<br />

State and San Fernando State. Butch Richards and Bob Steel were co-captains. Head<br />

mentor was Charlie Smith. He was assisted by Noel Mickelsen.<br />

L<br />

Bob Lucas watches one of his teammates slide into homeplate for a run .<br />


A low pitch throws dirt up at Dave Flesner's<br />

toes<br />

r:.""" ..~. --<br />

.- -~<br />

Coach Smith watches with great interest.<br />

'/; «:<br />

Right: First baseman, Joe Gabaldon,<br />

stretches for that speeding ball.<br />

Back Row, l-R: Charlie Smith, head coach; Joe Gabaldon, Roger Quast, Stan Michaels,<br />

• I<br />

larry Thompson, Noel Micke<br />

• Isen, asst. coac h. , t<br />

Dave Flesner Nor- l n<br />

man Marr, Dave Walden, Jerry Stryker, larry Kramer, Bill lefler, Bob Estavillo, Burt Swain, John Ferguson. Front Row: Mike Murphy, Bob lUC~S, D.ek<br />

Arevalo, Butch Richards, Morgan Newman, Bob Steel, Paul Scollard, Dick Solomon, Bruce Cohen, Jim Mann, John Frabotta, Dick Maxey, an IC<br />

Sefton, mgr.<br />

Dick Solomon hits a good bunt down the third base line.

~,<br />


Rain did not seem to bother the Aztec netters this year as victory<br />

was the only word they knew.<br />

The team had good depth as shown by the scores. Four matches<br />

were won 7-0, another, against UCR, 6-1 and against Pepperdine<br />

4-3j the first time we've claimed victory over the Waves.<br />

In the Pepperdine match a come-from-behind victory in the doubles<br />

bracket cinched the laurels. After the yearbook went to press the<br />

undefeated netters still had to face los Angeles Statej the match<br />

which decides the CCAA championship and determines if we are<br />

to maintain our reign as conference champs for the fourth straight<br />

year.<br />

Top man Gary Bunker and second man Bobby Ray were outstanding<br />

on the court in both the singles and the doubles. The team was<br />

coached by AI Olsen.<br />

Gary Bunker charges the net after a forcing return.<br />

The call is strike as Buck Michaels fires in a fast one.<br />


Frosh baseball team started its season strong and hoped to finish that way. The squad boasted good<br />

batters, including Ron Greenig, Gary Johnson, larry Boland, Gary Branstetter and Dick Conklin, the<br />

long ball hitter. Halfway through the season Johnson was leading with the best batting average, and<br />

Efren Cavazos was doing well at the mound.<br />

The toughest series the Frosh "Papooses" played was the San Fernando Valley State series where<br />

they split a double header. San Fernando trounced us 11-1 the first game, but in the nite-cap we<br />

rallied and nipped them 7-6. Around the middle of April the Frosh record was eight wins to seven<br />

losses. All indication points in the direction of a continuing winning streak.<br />

T<br />

V<br />

E<br />

A<br />

R<br />

S<br />

,<br />

N<br />

N<br />

,<br />

T<br />

Y<br />

S<br />

Bobby Ray Barry Landon<br />

Back Row, L-R: Bill Slinkard, Dennis Kraus, Jon Clark, Lyle Olsen, coach; Dennis Watson, Efren Cavazos, Bob Watkins, Bill Marseilles, Dick Conklin,<br />

Fritz Ziegenfuss, John Grove, Frank Ramirez, Arnold Cota, Fred Dickson, Brent Livingston. Front Row: Charlie Brunelle, Larry Boland, Mike Fitzgerald, <strong>Del</strong><br />

England, Gary Branstetter, Jim Weir, Ron Greening. Missing is Gary Johnson.<br />

Back Row, L.R: John Wallen, John Lehton, John Emrich, Barry Landon. Front Row: Brent Harrington,<br />

Gary Bunker, Bobby Ray, Gary Hammond.<br />

I---+--L<br />

~)<br />

John<br />


G<br />

Y<br />

V<br />

A<br />

M<br />

N<br />

R<br />

S<br />

A<br />

S<br />

T<br />

T<br />

y<br />

c<br />

s<br />

Back Row, L-R: Gary Becker, Phil Thomas, Bob Burkholder, Fred Kasch, coach. Front Row: Dave Sleet, Terry McPherson and<br />

Mike Johnston. Missing is Fred Kasch Jr.<br />

Thomas shows the hard way to come down from the rings.<br />

Fred Kasch Jr. shows his good form on the flying rings.<br />


Fred Kasch Jr. was the mainstay for this year's Aztec<br />

gymnastic team. Copping high point honors on the Aztec<br />

team with nearly half of the total team points for the year,<br />

competing in all ten events of each meet, placing sixth in<br />

the Western Intercollegiate Gymnastic Meet, and finishing<br />

twelfth in the nation in the NCAA meet in Albuquerque, New<br />

Mexico, were the many honors Kasch earned this year.<br />

Backing up Kasch in all meets were Gary Becker, Phil<br />

Thomas, Bob Burkholder and Mike Johnston. The frosh on<br />

the team were Terry McPherson and Dave Sleet.<br />

Despite the competition that the Aztecs met, and the smallness<br />

of the team they were quite successful. In the UCLA<br />

Invitational they ranked fourth, in the California State College<br />

meet they finished third, and in the CCAA tournament<br />

the "Ironmen" finished second behind Long Beach State.<br />

The Aztec gymnast won three dual meets, lost one and<br />

placed second in a tri-angular meet this season.<br />

Right: Thomas holds the interest of the<br />

crowd as he performs on the parallel<br />


v<br />

S<br />

W<br />

A<br />

,<br />

R<br />

S<br />

I<br />

M<br />

M<br />

Back Row, L-R: Coach Bill Burgess, Darrell Holmgren, Dave Szuch, Jeff Smith, Jack Lewis, Stan Williams, Bob Read, asst. coach.<br />

Front Row: Ron Buttemere, Bob Rollinger, Don Arthur, Denny Moore, Lance Lembeck, AI Burton.<br />

,<br />

T<br />

y<br />


Peterson Gym ushered in a new era of sports for Montezumen.<br />

1962 was the first year SDS has had a swimming team<br />

and when the '62 <strong>Del</strong> Sud went to press the swimming squad<br />

boasted a 5-1 record with the only loss going to long Beach<br />

State. For most of the men, it was their first time swimming in<br />

competition.<br />

Darrell Holmgren, Stan Williams and lance lembeck were<br />

the main winners in the sprints and Ricky Evans was the outstanding<br />

backstroker. Ron Buttemere and Denny Moore did the<br />

best in the breaststroke, Dave Szuch stroked the fastest in the<br />

distance and Don Siebert was the Aztec's best diver.<br />

N<br />



v In its second year in Varsity standing, this year's crew<br />

showed much promise, even early in the season. During its<br />

A<br />

first regatta it narrowly lost to long Beach while winning over<br />

USc. In the same regatta the frosh came in first, coming out<br />

victoriously over Orange Coast College, long Beach College,<br />

R<br />

and USc.<br />

After the publication of the <strong>Del</strong> Sud, the team went on to<br />

C S<br />

row against Orange Coast College, Stanford, loyola, and<br />

UClA.<br />

R<br />

The returning lettermen were Buddy Alexander, Bob<br />

Powers, and coxswain John Ware. All three teams, varsity, JV,<br />

and frosh, were coached by <strong>Del</strong> Beckley.<br />

E<br />

w<br />

T<br />

y<br />

L-R: John Ware, coxswain; Earl Alexander, Robert Powers, Richard Tazelaar, Harvey Sims, Gary Muirhead, George Braun, Richard Powell and<br />

Doug Houser.<br />

J. V. CREW<br />

L-R: John Peeling, Martin Kovacevich, Gary Muirhead, Justin Myers, John Davies, coxswain; Robert Sargent, Doug Houser, Russell Small,<br />

and Richard WoJicki.<br />

"Stroke, Stroke, Stroke." Coxswain John Ware leads his varsity on the bay.<br />


V<br />

G<br />

A<br />

R<br />

S<br />

0 I<br />

L<br />

F<br />

T<br />

Y<br />


Regardless of the wins and losses this year's Aztec golf<br />

team was the best SOS has composed. Losing only one man<br />

from last year, Mike Hall, but gaining Paul Tuttle, the team<br />

showed great strength because of the depth of the squad.<br />

Probably the finest match the Aztecs played was against<br />

MCRO where they had a team average of 72.5 strokes for<br />

18 holes. But MCRO could not be put down as they emerged<br />

victorious with 28 points to our 26. Up until April 6, 50S'<br />

only other loss was to USC 24-30, but the remainder of the<br />

schedule looked promising in producing victories for the<br />

Aztecs. The most important tournaments were the Northern<br />

California Intercollegiates where all the top schools in the<br />

west compete, and the CCAA championships.<br />

Chuck Courtney, two years on the second team NCAA,<br />

was first man and top point winner. Coach Frank Scott said<br />

"Courtney is probably just as good, if not better than Gene<br />

Littler was when Littler played for SOSin 1951."<br />

Chuck Courtney<br />


~~~~a~;c~r:":~~:: Howard Dodson, Richard Clark, Gary Dunsmore, Pete Knudson, coxswain; Gordon Sutorius, Donald Hilts, Doug Reed, and<br />

Back Row, L-R: Frank Scott, coach; Jim Fournier, Chuck Courtney, Carl Welty. Front Row: Alan Campbell, Kevin Fleming,<br />

Paul<br />

Tuttle.<br />


A<br />

R<br />

C<br />

Z<br />

U<br />

L<br />

T<br />

G<br />

U<br />

E<br />

B<br />

B<br />

C<br />

Y<br />

Joe Rockhold, Aztec star, prepares to pass the ball to Jim White.<br />

Bob Prahl, # 86, looks like he means business.<br />


Aztec Dave Lay is trying to get that ball, but what will he do with it when he<br />

gets it?<br />

/ ,<br />


Rugby at SDS hit an all-time peak in interest,<br />

enthusiasm and competition, even though the team's<br />

5-4 record was not too impressive. The interest was<br />

shown in the publicity given to the sport and by<br />

the enthusiasm displayed by the fans and the<br />

players. The competition, USC, UCLA, and the New<br />

Zealand All-Stars, world's top rated rugby team,<br />

was the best SDS has seen in the sport.<br />

Loyola edged SDS 13-11, the San Diego Town<br />

Team lost 14-13, and Pomona College came through<br />

to win in the last five minutes 8-5. If the Aztecs had<br />

won this game, they would have taken first place<br />

in the Southern California Rugby Union.<br />

Since many players contributed equally to the<br />

team's success no outstanding members can be<br />

singled out.<br />

The Junior Varsity played five games, winning<br />

two and losing three. Their victories were over Loyola<br />

and the San Diego Town Team; their losses<br />

were to Pomona College, UCLA, and UCR.<br />

The two teams were coached by Don Hartley,<br />

head coach, and Frank Mattarocci, assistant. Both<br />

of the coaches played for Cal during the last<br />

decade.<br />

Below:<br />

SOS<br />

o<br />

13<br />

13<br />

9<br />

5<br />

14<br />

9<br />

5<br />

16<br />

SCRUNCH!<br />

Opp<br />

9<br />

11<br />

o<br />

3<br />

51<br />

13<br />

14<br />

8<br />

o<br />

UC Berkley<br />

Loyola<br />

UC Riverside<br />

SO Town Team<br />

New Zealand All-Stars<br />

SO Town Team<br />

UCLA<br />

Pomona College<br />

USC<br />


~<br />

~<br />

~<br />

~.<br />

~<br />

~.<br />

~<br />

~<br />

a<br />

~.<br />

~<br />

~<br />

~<br />

jl><br />

'"'<br />

~<br />

a<br />

~<br />

....<br />

l!iO<br />

~<br />

ii{iil<br />

~<br />

~<br />

~.<br />

9)<br />


Jack Sharpe<br />

President<br />

Julia Jorgensen,<br />

President<br />


Sherill Battjer,<br />

Vice President<br />

Bob Christensen<br />

Vice President<br />


Barbara Musso,<br />

Secretary<br />

Pan hellenic Council was chartered in 1949<br />

to maintain on a high plane sorority life and<br />

intersorority relationships, and to cooperate<br />

with the college administration in its effort<br />

to maintain high social and scholastic standards<br />

throughout the whole college.<br />

Inter-fraternity Co u n c i I was<br />

chartered in 1947 to promote the<br />

interests of SDS and of the member<br />

fraternities, to regulate fraternity<br />

rushing to promote interfraternity<br />

athletics, to raise fraternity<br />

scholastic standing and to<br />

execute all matters pertaining to<br />

point fraternity actions.<br />



Joe Kiefer<br />

Secretary<br />

Ken Clayman<br />

Treasurer<br />

lynn<br />

loughery,<br />

Treasurer<br />

Penny Rutledge,<br />

Scholarship<br />

92<br />

Otis Paul<br />

Scholarship<br />

Pat Dennis<br />

Activities<br />


Chi Omega<br />

Nancy Akers<br />

Marilyn Bailey<br />

Nikki Beckett<br />

Jeunesse Bell<br />

Sharon Brown<br />

Jerilyn Buck<br />

Diane Chapman<br />

Carole Chase<br />

Cathy Chesrown<br />

Lynda Conrad<br />

Joyce Cordell<br />

Barbara Crownover<br />

Margaret DeWitt<br />

Patti Duggan<br />

Kay Elliot<br />

Linda Faure<br />

Alice Fox<br />

Sharon Garrow<br />

Roylene Gould<br />

Marilyn Green<br />

Diane Gruss<br />

Loretta Hess<br />

Jan Hogg<br />

Sharon Holmes<br />

Anne Hubley<br />

Joan Hull<br />

Lynne Kidder<br />

Mary Lamprou<br />

Campus<br />

Set Pace<br />

Leaders, Homecoming Queen<br />

For Chi Omega's<br />

Marilyn Hansson was chosen 1961 Homecoming Queen ...<br />

The Chi Omegas captured first place in women's house decorations<br />

for Homecoming ... The Chi O-Sigma Chi float won second place<br />

· .. The annual Showboat dance was held at EI Nadadero ...<br />

Prominent members on campus include Carilyn Hansson, Marilyn<br />

Hansson, and Lynne Ball Smith, members of Who's Who ... Marilyn<br />

Hansson, Pat Skelton Isberg, Lynne Kidder, and Lynne Ball Smith,<br />

members of Cap and Gown ... Sharon Brown, sophomore secretary<br />

· .. Judy Shaffer, sophomore class treasurer ... Chi Omega officers<br />

are Marilyn Hansson, president ... Carilyn Hansson, vice president<br />

· .. Carole Chase, secretary ... Melinda Mellusi, treasurer.<br />

Virginia Larkin<br />

Marlene Liddell<br />

Linda Lundquist<br />

Diane Lyons<br />

Melinda Mellusl<br />

Linda Ann Moore<br />

Suzanne Murdock<br />


President<br />

Jeri Norstrom<br />

Nikki Norstrom<br />

Nancy Olson<br />

Joan Parker<br />

NlIIa Pate<br />

Marion Pasas<br />

Sue Percival<br />

Lynn Perryman<br />

Susan Reno<br />

Sandra Rogers<br />

Judy Shaffer<br />

Lynne Ball Smith<br />

Ann Todd<br />

Diane Tollefson<br />

Nancy Vreeland<br />

Elizabeth Webster<br />

Brenda Wright<br />

94<br />


Ernie Andrade<br />

Jim Ball<br />

Jerry Beavers<br />

AI Campbell<br />

Greg Campbell<br />

Theta Chi<br />

Jack Colbert<br />

Des Cole<br />

Pat Dennis<br />

Max DeVolder<br />

John Eurich<br />

Theta Chi's Boast<br />

New House; Four in Who's Who<br />

Mike Evans<br />

Richard Foss<br />

Chuck Franck<br />

Ron Gallant<br />

Doug Gascon<br />

Joe Goffeney<br />

Anthony Grindl<br />

Ron Grow<br />

Bob Haeger<br />

Van Ingle<br />

Gary Johnson<br />

Lewis Kirkpatrick<br />

Bob Kling<br />

Ron Kling<br />

Bruce Luyendyk<br />

Larry Marquand<br />

Fred Maxwell<br />

Phil Newell<br />

James Paschall<br />

Bryson Pennoyer<br />

Theta Chi-Alpha Gam float "The Sheik" took best theme and third in mixed<br />

division ... second in 1961 Spring Sing ... ranked fourth in scholarship ...<br />

outstanding on campus were Mike Evans, Who's Who, <strong>Del</strong> Sudoeste editor,<br />

Senior class vice-president, publicity chairman-AMS council, Xolotl ... Jim<br />

Gould, Who's Who, AS vice-president, Blue Key secretary-treasurer, Oceotl, <strong>Del</strong><br />

Sud business manager ... Pat Dennis, Phi Eta Sigma president, Oceotl, delegate<br />

to NIFC convention, Commissioner of Activities-IFC ... Skip Sutherland, Who's<br />

Who, upper division rep-AS council, Activities Board, Oceotl, Tau Sigma ...<br />

Larry Marquand, Who's Who, Student California Teachers Association vicepresident,<br />

Oceotl vice-president, Rush Chairman-IFC ... Bob Van Stelle, <strong>Del</strong><br />

Sud photo editor, Pre-Legal Society ... John Eurich, <strong>Del</strong> Sud sports editor,<br />

track ... Ron Grow, Arnold Air Society president ... Tom Vogt, Model United<br />

Nations personnel director ... Tony Grindl, Tectons, track, swimming ... John<br />

Southard, Jim Ball, Dean's List ... Social activities ... Playboy dance and the<br />

choosing of Pi Phi Sandy Jaworski as 1961 Miss Playmate ... Christmas party<br />

for underprivileged children ... Dream-Girl formal ... chapter president was<br />

Jim Gould ... Pat Dennis, vice-president ... Pete Danielson, secretary ...<br />

John Southard, treasurer.<br />

Hal Pinkerton<br />

Ed Pozorski<br />

Tom Reynolds<br />

Ralph Rinder<br />

Manuel Robles<br />


President<br />

Barry Rockwell<br />

Don Scholl<br />

AI SI'ocum<br />

Dean Smith<br />

John Southard<br />

Randy Stokes<br />

Len Stoll<br />

Bob Stuckey<br />

Jerry Summers<br />

Skip Sutherland<br />

Mike Swatzell<br />

Gary Tutt<br />

Bob Van Stelle<br />

Tom Vogt<br />

Gary Walcher<br />

Ox<br />

"Maybe they did go that-a-way-but who wants to leave the party?"<br />


Alpha Phi<br />

Susan Anderson<br />

Sue Babbe<br />

Pat Bartlett<br />

Bev Bauer<br />

Pat Berry<br />

Mary Bray tan<br />

Judy Brigham<br />

Marilyn Brunner<br />

Kay Bryan<br />

Julie Buchanan<br />

Arlene Castletan<br />

Sue Chapin<br />

Kathie Clare<br />

Pat Cooper<br />

Alpha<br />

Derby<br />

Phi Wins Sigma Chi<br />

Day<br />

Sweepstake<br />

Sue Doeg<br />

Janet Dugan<br />

Dottie Dunn<br />

Shannon Anne Dunn<br />

Rosemary Ekberg<br />

Kay Farmer<br />

Judy Ferguson<br />

Barbara Ferver<br />

Peggy Fountain<br />

Suzanne Gaughen<br />

Janet Gibson<br />

Jaclyn Glaze<br />

Linda Harbaugh<br />

Patti Hardcastle<br />

Marie Hoff<br />

Marilyn Hoff<br />

Dimi Howe<br />

Lannie Huffstutler<br />

Barbara Jensen<br />

Karyn King<br />

Eddie Klenke<br />

Jeannie Lomac<br />

Lynn Loughrey<br />

Carol Maggia<br />

Chris McDonald<br />

Diane McQueen<br />

Linda Meddock<br />

Eloise Miller<br />

Sandy Hayes served as Alpha Phi president this year ... Lynn<br />

Loughrey and Leslie Sullivan were vice presidents ... Sue Chapin,<br />

secretary ... Carol Ann Smith, treasurer ... Alpha Phi won the<br />

annual Sigma Chi Derby Day ... Major functions included Founder's<br />

Day in Beverly Hills ... The Christmas Formal ... The Heart Fund<br />

Drive ..• Prominent members on campus are Lynn Loughrey, AWS<br />

president Who's Who Pat Bartlett, AWS secretary Dimi<br />

Howe, Spurs president Kay Bryan, head songleader Marion<br />

Minor and Julie Buchanan, song leaders ... Sandy Hayes, Angel<br />

Flight commander " Who's Who ... Linda Meddock, <strong>Del</strong> Sudoeste,<br />

senior editor .•. Barbara Jensen, chairman of the Publicity<br />

Committee.<br />


President<br />

Marion Minor<br />

Jeanne Myers<br />

Susie Nachant<br />

Sharon Neal<br />

Paget Reid<br />

Cookie Rogers<br />

Susan Sanders<br />

Sheila Shay<br />

Ter; Shonaker<br />

Carol Anne Smith<br />

Terry Smith<br />

Bobbi Speer<br />

Barbara Spurgeon<br />

Linda Stewart<br />

Nancy Strong<br />

Leslie Sullivan<br />

Marilyn Sutorius<br />

Dorothy Wagner<br />

Jan Watson<br />

Happy<br />

Halloween!<br />

98<br />


Sigma Chi<br />

George Abdelnour<br />

Mike Abdelnour<br />

John Barnier<br />

Pot Bennett<br />

Pete Boss<br />

John Boyles<br />

Gory Branstetter<br />

Wayne Britt<br />

Don Burnette<br />

Bob Burton<br />

Mel Caines<br />

Bob Christensen<br />

Bill Clauder<br />

Bernie Crawford<br />

Jeff Davee<br />

Merrill Davis<br />

Bill Deane<br />

Dick Donaldson<br />

Jim Dubbs<br />

Dove Engstrand<br />

Jim Ferris<br />

Rolph Friedeman<br />

Jeff Goff<br />

Don Holte<br />

Ty Hamner<br />

Mike Holzer<br />

Bing Howe<br />

Phil Hutchens<br />

Don Kelm<br />

Jim Kelly<br />

Steve Kirkpatrick<br />

Steve LaDow<br />

Roy Lessard<br />

Rich Macy<br />

Dick Maddox<br />

Sigs Emp<br />

hasize Three A's-Academics;<br />

Athletics; Activities<br />

IFC sports were taken for the eighth straight year ... Fite Nite for the fiftll<br />

year ... ranked third in scholarship ... won house decoration sweepstakes<br />

· .. Sigma Chi-Chi Omega float "Lindy's Flight" won second in mixed division<br />

· .. active on campus were Dave Smith, commissioner of finance ... Bob<br />

Christenson, IFC vice president Bob White, AS council, <strong>Del</strong> Sud fraternity<br />

editor ... Mike Neil, Dean's list Ray letsinger, AS council ... Bob Burton,<br />

Oceotl president ... inter-collegiate sports claimed Mario Mendez, larry Korsmeier,<br />

Don Halte, larry Fernandez, Sparky Bishop, Renny Simmons, Dave Stenson,<br />

football ... Pete Colonelli, Bruce Joyce, Bill Marseilles, Mike Ofner, basketball<br />

· .. Mike Dragila, Ray Ratele, track Merle Davis, Pat Bennett, Bill Brinton,<br />

Bill Clauder, Tom Ryghm, wrestling Gary Bunker, Roy lessard, Jim Dobbs,<br />

tennis ... Jerry Stryker, Joe Gabaldon, Bill Brinton, Bernie Crawford, larry<br />

Thompson, Vance Gage, baseball ... George Abdelnour, Chuck Charman,<br />

Dave Hileman, Will Charman, Jack Purdum, crew ... social functions were<br />

third annual Derby Day ... lynn Perryman, Miss Derby Day ... Sweetheart<br />

ball ... Sigma Chi-Kappa Alpha Theta annual Halloween party, luau ...<br />

serving as officers were Steve Evans, president ... Dick Roppe, vice president<br />

· .. Will Charman, secretary ... Mike Neil, treasurer.<br />

Rick Metcalf<br />

Mike Morton<br />

Ed Nefflen<br />

Mike Neil<br />

Bob Odie<br />

Ed Ott<br />

John Powell<br />


President<br />

Scott Reynolds<br />

Keith Richardson<br />

Vince Ricchiuti<br />

Gory Romero<br />

Dick Roppe<br />

Roger Roppe<br />

Hermino Rosa<br />

Wally Runnels<br />

Skip Runner<br />

Dove Seldon<br />

Thatcher Sigler<br />

Dove Smith<br />

Ed Snively<br />

Cop Wallington<br />

Bob White<br />

Jim White<br />

Mike Wimbush<br />

Mitch Woodbury<br />

Don Young<br />

"Don't let that rushee get away'"<br />

100<br />


Karen Adams<br />

Julie Anthony<br />

Natalie Ault<br />

Nancy Bannister<br />

Pat Bannister<br />

Diana Bartelle<br />

Kappa Alpha<br />

heta<br />

Janet Bateman<br />

Lorraine Beal<br />

Lee Ann Bergtold<br />

Gayle Brotherton<br />

Pat Burgad<br />

Kathy Cholewa<br />

Nancy Clements<br />

Janice Cook<br />

Diana Cordova<br />

Pamela Dake<br />

Diane Dawson<br />

Margaret Doig<br />

Functions,<br />

Activ<br />

ities<br />

Scholarship<br />

Tea Fills<br />

Theta Calendar<br />

'.''4' .•' '4''.''4''.' '4''t'<br />

Diane Driver<br />

Mary Eads<br />

Liz Eagle<br />

Kathy Estey<br />

Kathie Feeley<br />

Camille Finglet<br />

Jan ice Friddle<br />

Norma Gale<br />

Diane Gerlach<br />

Ces Godbout<br />

Judi Goddard<br />

Linda Griffiths<br />

The Christmas Formal, the Scholarship Tea with Pi Beta Phi, and<br />

the Kappa Alpha Theta Fashion Show occupied much of the Thetas'<br />

time .. ' Sorority officers are Joni Wilde, president. , , Carolyn<br />

Sedlock, vice president , , , Kathy Stevens, secretary , , , Kathy<br />

Estey, treasurer , . , Prominent Theta members on campus include<br />

Robin Carr, Theta Chi dreamgirl , , . Ces Godbout, copy editor of<br />

the <strong>Del</strong> Sudoeste and secretary of the Activities Board , , , lisa<br />

Collins, the femme lead in the Theatre Guild production of Uncle<br />

Vanya, . , . Lucille Brosseau, Who's Who,<br />

Pat Hamecher<br />

Gail Haniman<br />

Terry Higgins<br />

Judy Hull<br />

Ginger Irvine<br />

Judy Johnson<br />


President<br />

Mimi Johnson<br />

Lael Johnston<br />

Shirley Jorgensen<br />

Betsy Limbach<br />

Michele McDonald<br />

Ann McEver<br />

Rozanne Mack<br />

Mary Marston<br />

Gail Moody<br />

Joyce Nelson<br />

Nancy Neyenesch<br />

Barbara O'Neil<br />

Maria Rivera<br />

Carolyn Sedlock<br />

Salli Small<br />

Sue Springstead<br />

Kathy Stevens<br />

Linda Strada<br />

Millie Teawell<br />

Linda Thornquest<br />

Mirjana Tomas<br />

Linda Trott<br />

Mary Wille<br />

Ky Winchester<br />

Nancy Winters<br />

Barbara Woike<br />

Jan Woods<br />

Beth Zantiny<br />

Presenting the Thetas,<br />

,<br />

102<br />


Steve Abbott<br />

Dennis Adams<br />

Doug Allyn<br />

Gene Anderson<br />

Newton Armstrong<br />

Kappa Sigma<br />

Denny Berg<br />

Jerry Bowers<br />

Dave Burney<br />

Dick Carson<br />

Randy Chaffin<br />

AI Ciragliano<br />

George Cramer<br />

Allen Crawford<br />

Ed Crumley<br />

Kappa Sigs<br />

Bill Curtis<br />

Spring Sing;<br />

Harmonize<br />

Activities with<br />

IFC Sports; Farmer's Frolic<br />

I<br />

I<br />

I,'<br />

I<br />

Brian Doni<br />

William Dow<br />

Brian Dodd<br />

Mike Gontesky<br />

Dwight Gove<br />

Arold Hornstein<br />

Gaylord Huffaker<br />

Henry Hurley<br />

Jerry Joyce<br />

Chuck Keith<br />

Dave Kennedy<br />

AI Lambert<br />

Dennis Lottermoser<br />

Gib Morton<br />

John Meulmester<br />

Kappa Sigs took second in IFC sports ... "Disney '20's" K Sig-<br />

Theta Homecoming float won first in mixed division ... campus<br />

activities claimed Ned Huntington, AS council, AMS president ...<br />

Who's Who ... Mike Sandlin, Ray Dittamore, Bill Stevens, Tom<br />

Decotiis, wrestling ... Denny Berg, Randy Chaffin, Gaylord Huffaker,<br />

Dave Lay, football ... Bill Daw, Butch Rickards, Hilbert<br />

Mercado, Jerry Bowers, baseball ... Bob Werts, Gene Anderson,<br />

Randy Chaffin, Mike Eddy, Bob Prahl, New Huntington, Jim White,<br />

rugby Farmer's Frolic ... Sweetheart formal ... Christmas<br />

formal New Year's dance were Kappa Sigma social events ...<br />

Ned Huntington was chapter president ... Jim Peterson, vice president<br />

... Jim White, secretary. , . Bill Marsh, treasurer.<br />

Jon Miller<br />

Bob Olson<br />

Jim Peterson<br />

Bob Prahl<br />

Bob Ramirez<br />


President<br />

Henry Ramirez<br />

Jim Ray<br />

Raphael Reichert<br />

Dennis Richards<br />

Brent Soffe<br />

Phil Saffel<br />

Mike Sandlin<br />

Don Shank<br />

Frank Shunk<br />

Mike Skelley<br />

Charles Stuart<br />

Sonny Sturn<br />

Dick Tazelaar<br />

Jim Thompson<br />

Bob Viora<br />

104<br />

Grant Weaver<br />

Bob Weir<br />

Jim White<br />

Jim Woodall<br />

Rufus Young<br />

"Pluto's<br />

left toe is out of proportion,"<br />


itz... ---- _<br />

Sharon Barrows<br />

Patsy Boggs<br />

Karen Briggs<br />

Janet Bucknell<br />

Lorraine Buerkle<br />

Barbara Bunten<br />

Alpha Gamma <strong>Del</strong>ta<br />

Sandra Burnham<br />

Carolyn Byrnes<br />

Cathy Cheverie<br />

Margaret Cozine<br />

Rene Ann Cuthbertson<br />

Portia Darelius<br />

Martha Davis<br />

Sue Dean<br />

Darlene Duerr<br />

Susan East<br />

Barbara Floore<br />

Jeanne Genaro<br />

Alpha<br />

House<br />

Gams Boast Newest<br />

On Campus<br />

Norma Giannone<br />

Gaynor Godenius<br />

Chris Goertler<br />

Kay Humphreys<br />

Lynn Hutts<br />

Pamela Jacobs<br />

Karen Jacobson<br />

Doris Jahn<br />

Linda Jones<br />

Lorraine Kemp<br />

Lee Kendrick<br />

Mary Ann Knight<br />

International Reunion Day, the Spring Formal, Mother's Day<br />

Breakfast, and the Christmas Dance were activities on the Alpha<br />

Gemme <strong>Del</strong>ta calendar this year ... Active Alpha Gams are Cathy<br />

Cheverie, <strong>Del</strong> Sudoeste, organizations editor ... Carolyn Morris,<br />

Homecoming attendant ... Janet O'Malley, member of Cap and<br />

Gown ..• Who's Who .•. Sue Dean, chairman of the Homecoming<br />

Queen Tea ... Barbara Musso, Panhellenic secretary ...<br />

Chapter officers include Jan O'Malley, president ... Sandi Burnham,<br />

vice president •.. Rene Ann Cuthbertson, secretary ... Linda<br />

Luallin, treasurer.<br />

Cynthia Larson<br />

Nand Leland<br />

Sally Jean Logan<br />

Geraldine Lomen<br />

Linda Luallin<br />

Jerelynn McCorkell<br />


President<br />

Irma Mix<br />

Carolyn Morris<br />

Barbara Musso<br />

Ann Oslund<br />

Ellen Pfadenhauer<br />

Melinda Rees<br />

Betty Robinson<br />

Penny Rutledge<br />

Vicki Rutledge<br />

Martha Sleeper<br />

Gwen Smith<br />

Carol Steinmetz<br />

Nancy Streshly<br />

Carol Sturgeon<br />

Suzy Swenson<br />

Susan Thomson<br />

Mary Ann Wallace<br />

Paulette Weber<br />

Pauline Weber<br />

Mary Ann Williams<br />

Carol Wright<br />

She's lovely, she's engaged, she's an Alpha Gam .<br />

106<br />

..~<br />


Pat Abbott<br />

Mickey Allison<br />

Frank Arrington<br />

Gary Becker<br />

Terry Britton<br />

I,.<br />

Sigma Alpha Epsilon<br />

Steve Dale<br />

Chuck Davis<br />

Ted Faris<br />

Terry Farrell<br />

Jon Fremo<br />

SAE'S<br />

Many<br />

Highlighted<br />

by Purple<br />

Lalo Gonzales<br />

Bill Gould<br />

Lynn Hanus<br />

Joe Hitt<br />

Bob Jensen<br />

Social<br />

Events<br />

and Gold Ball in Spring<br />

Dave Learned<br />

Chuck Lindsay<br />

Dave Kidwell<br />

Roger King<br />

Larry Kohmescher<br />

Dennis MacDonald<br />

Andrew Mason<br />

Sam Matson<br />

Dick Maxey<br />

Don Maxted<br />

Prominent SAEs include Steve Meek, AS council, Oceotl ...<br />

Jack Woy, Bud Nelson, track ... Lalo Gonzales, IFC rush chairman<br />

... Jerry Monell, Terry Farrell, yell leaders Mickey Allison,<br />

tennis Larry McParlen, IFPC president Roger King, IFPC<br />

treasurer Fred Miley, sophomore class president ... Dick Soloman,<br />

Bob Steel, baseball Social events included Black and<br />

White Christmas formal Purple and Gold week end in Palm<br />

Springs ... John Drumm was president ... Bob Steel, vice president<br />

... Jim Crane, secretary ... Andy Willis, treasurer.<br />

Jack McEncroe<br />

Lawrence McParland<br />

Norman McVey<br />

Steve Meek<br />

Roger Mumby<br />


President<br />

Barry Owen<br />

Bill Owen<br />

Otis Paul<br />

Elan Place<br />

Norm Potter<br />

Fred Rader<br />

Ron Roberts<br />

Arthur Samuel<br />

Ned Smith<br />

Lon Wahler<br />

1<br />

Andy Willis<br />

John Willis<br />

Jack Way<br />

Mike Way<br />

Tim Wright<br />

Jim Young<br />

Lee Young<br />

I hell the gold' Hail the lions in days of ald."<br />

"Hail the purp e, al ,<br />

b...<br />

108<br />

_<br />


Sigma Ka<br />

a<br />

Margo Axtell<br />

Barbara Bachman<br />

Linda Boyce<br />

Anna Lou Brewer<br />

Brenda Broadway<br />

Lois Bruhn<br />

Anna Capt<br />

Patti Carlile<br />

Lynn Clark<br />

Patty Colonell<br />

Lenore Cowan<br />

Carol Dawson<br />

Marilyn Dupree<br />

Janet Ekrem<br />

Sigma<br />

Activity<br />

Kappa's Stress Academics,<br />

on Campus<br />

Janice Ekrem<br />

Susan Felker<br />

Barbara Fry<br />

Jolene Gillard<br />

Edie Howe<br />

Linda Hamilton<br />

Jan Hammer<br />

Jackie Hardin<br />

Joyce Harry<br />

Joann Helmer<br />

Gail Hickcox<br />

Cheryl Horn<br />

Carla Hosmer<br />

Karen Jansen<br />

Many Sigma Kappa's held offices on campus this year ...<br />

Willena Beyer served as Judiciary Board chairman ... Betti Sams<br />

was Xolotl secretary ... Sandy Perman took the minutes at Anahuac<br />

meetings ... Flag twirlers were Marilyn Dupree, Joann Helmer, and<br />

Shirley Sheldon The Jingle Bell Ball was a major fall activity<br />

at Christmastime House officers include Willena Beyer, president<br />

... Lynn Clark, vice president ... Barbara Fry, secretary ... Linda<br />

Lamar, treasurer.<br />

Sharon Judy<br />

Sherry Karr<br />

Linda Lamar<br />

Kay Laswell<br />

Barbara Leamon<br />

Pauline Martin<br />

Linda Menzie<br />

Barbara Miller<br />

Kathy Morey<br />

Sally Nunn<br />

Linda Oden<br />

Liz Ogden<br />

Nancy Otey<br />

Sandra Perman<br />


President<br />

Janet Person<br />

Carolyn Quinn<br />

Judy Ray<br />

Norma Rogers<br />

Cindy Runyan<br />

Betti Sams<br />

Gayle Sanborn<br />

Pat Sepessy<br />

Mary Ann Shank<br />

Shirley Sheldon<br />

Judie Smith<br />

Marlene Smith<br />

Sue Snell<br />

Kathy Starr<br />

Barbara Thomas<br />

Pat Tingey<br />

Carol Wight<br />

Let's see those Sigma Kappa smiles, girls.<br />

110<br />


John Barker<br />

Gary Bennett<br />

Larry Bennett<br />

George Benter<br />

John Blackwood<br />

Pi Kappa Alpha<br />

Dick Brooks<br />

Wayne Breise<br />

Peter Burgert<br />

Dick Butcher<br />

Walter Cubley<br />

Jim Dale<br />

Vernon Deason<br />

Dennis Dieb<br />

Dave Flanders<br />

Earl Hale<br />

Homecoming Big as Pike's Sponsor<br />

Queen, Win Float Sweepstakes<br />

John Harms<br />

Bob Harvey<br />

Joe Hewitt<br />

Dale Hilmen<br />

Geoffrey Holt<br />

Jerry Hulbert<br />

Norm Jangaard<br />

Jack Lay<br />

Mike Lembeck<br />

Boyd Malloy<br />

"Last of an Era," Pi Kappa Alpha-Alpha Phi Homecoming float,<br />

captured sweepstakes award ... Chapter sponsored Marilyn Hansson,<br />

Homecoming Queen ... Took second place and best construction<br />

with house decorations "23 Skidoo" ... Outstanding PiKA's<br />

included Boyd Malloy, AS president, Who's Who Jim Street,<br />

lower division rep ... John Blackwood, cheerleader Bob Johnston,<br />

rugby team coach ... Jack Hamilton, best dressed man on<br />

campus ... Mike Spurgeon, sophomore rep .... Mike Lembeck,<br />

upper division rep .... Joe Rockhold, Wally Cubley, Jim Stauber,<br />

football Major functions were Turkey Trot ... Dream Girl<br />

weekend Sweethearts of the Diamond aided Pi Kappa Alpha in<br />

rush ... Chapter officers were Tom Macklin, president ... George<br />

Scoortis, vice president ... Jim Street, secretary ... Vern Deason,<br />

treasurer.<br />

Dick Mayfield<br />

Allen McBeth<br />

Bob McCorquodale<br />

Bruce Montgomery<br />

Gary Montgomery<br />


President<br />

Ron Myhro<br />

Dave Olson<br />

Jerry Reynolds<br />

Dennis Shea<br />

Gary Solbue<br />

Mike Spurgeon<br />

Jim Stauber<br />

Dennis Stanger<br />

Jim Street<br />

Bruce Tatnen<br />

John Thompson<br />

Mike Thorsnes<br />

Gary Todd<br />

Jerry Waddle<br />

Charles Walsh<br />

John Wenzel<br />

Bill Yturralde.<br />

"And then she says-'You PiKA's are all alike.' "<br />

112<br />


Susan Albretsen<br />

Sharon Barcom<br />

Joan Bartels<br />

Mona Basich<br />

Mary Bevington<br />

Alpha Chi Omega<br />

Linda Brown<br />

Dominie Cappadonna<br />

Joyce Clark<br />

Carol Creighton<br />

Susan Cunningham<br />

Angela <strong>Del</strong>la Torre<br />

Pat Depew<br />

Kathy Engelbrecht<br />

Margaret Fanton<br />

Cheryl Fox<br />

Alpha Chi's<br />

Academically<br />

Have Good Year<br />

and Socially<br />

Mary Co Graff<br />

Gail Haynes<br />

Carol Henrickson<br />

Ann Henry<br />

Sue Henry<br />

Kaye Herman<br />

Beverly Hill<br />

Mary Lee Hogan<br />

Karen Holmes<br />

Kathleen Holmes<br />

The Christmas Formal at the Catamaran Hotel and the annual<br />

Roller Skating Contest in the Quad were Alpha Chi Omega activity<br />

highlights ... The Alumnae Fashion Show was a fall function ...<br />

Outstanding Alpha Chi's this year included Barbara Mr:J.,:"ey, vice<br />

president of Angel Flight and the junior class ... Dominie Cappadonna,<br />

AWS Frosh Orientation chairman ... Sharlyn lipsey, AWS<br />

Scripps Cottage chairman ... Sandie Van Bibber, senior class<br />

secretary and AWS Spring Sing chairman ... Officers are Janet<br />

Dwyer, president ... Margie Fanton and Barbara Maloney, vice<br />

presidents ... Joyce Clark, secretary ... Diane Clifton, treasurer.<br />

Pat Hooper<br />

Georgianna Hyatt<br />

Susie Jennings<br />

Sharlyn Lipsey<br />

Sharon Lynch<br />


President<br />

Sandra McClain<br />

Barbara Maloney<br />

Joal Maloney<br />

Anita Marion<br />

Judy Michael<br />

Miding Miraflor<br />

Suzanne Pearson<br />

Claudia Peck<br />

Pat Putnam<br />

Valerie Rose<br />

Beverly Slocum<br />

Marigene Swerdfeger<br />

Tina Templeton<br />

Kathie Upshaw<br />

Robin Vail<br />

Sandie Van Bibber<br />

Vonnie Varner<br />

Sharon Waxon<br />

Bonnie Weber<br />

Stephanie York<br />

Look-I told you she'd volunteer to eat the candle!<br />

114<br />


Zeta Beta Tau<br />

Zebes Stress Scholarship<br />

With Varied<br />

Social Activities<br />

Don Barach<br />

Ronald Baranov<br />

Mike Bennett<br />

Mel Brav<br />

I<br />

I<br />

I<br />

Harvey Chernack<br />

Warren Dean<br />

Bart Doctor<br />

Louis Gadless<br />

Harold Goffman<br />

Steve Gordon<br />

Fred Hernandez<br />

Steve Isaacson<br />

ZBT's house decorations "St. Valentine's Day Massacre" won<br />

first in men's ... Social activities included the Sweetheart dance<br />

... Pajama party Initiation formal New Year's Eve party<br />

... ZBTahiti luau ZBTijuana party Jack Sharpe was IFC<br />

president and a member of Who's Who Ken Clayman served as<br />

IFC treasurer ... Tennis lettermen were Mike Sperber and Steve<br />

Gordon ... Ron Doctor, graduate representative ... Officers were<br />

Ken Clayman, president . . . Skip Perlis, vice president . . . Ron<br />

Petcher, secretary ... Richard Wayne, treasurer.<br />

Bud Kader<br />

Buddy Kitaen<br />

Gary Leonard<br />

Don Levi<br />

Mike McStroul<br />

Milt Mollick<br />

Skip Perlis<br />

Bill Pine<br />


President<br />

Phil Sarfan<br />

Bob Schriebman<br />

Irwin Siskin<br />

Mike Sperber<br />

Lewis Spivak<br />

Arthur Vetter<br />

Dick Wayne<br />

Ed Weiss<br />

"Hey! They really do have knees!"<br />


Alpha Epsilon<br />

Alpha Epsilons Take<br />

Homecoming<br />

Award,<br />

Active<br />

Part<br />

in Campus<br />

Politics<br />

Shirley Barad<br />

Brenda Beitner<br />

Bonnie Belkin<br />

Marsha Davis<br />

Barbara Finerman<br />

Ruth Freedman<br />

Darilyn Gelman<br />

Sheila Gibson<br />

Suzanne Goodman<br />

Layne Herrmann<br />

Sandra Hoffing<br />

Liz Holmes<br />

Lois Kaplan<br />

Winnie Krone<br />

Carolyn Kwint<br />

Alpha Epsilon captured first place for best on campus Homecoming<br />

decorations ... Outstanding AE's included Carolyn Myers,<br />

upper division representative, Hillel vice president, and Special<br />

Events board member ... Bonnie Belkin, frosh secretary ... Carolyn<br />

Kwint, Homecoming Dance decorations chairman . . . Roberta<br />

Schwartz, Orientation publicity director ... Carolyn Fine, AWS cultural<br />

chairman ... Officers are Carolyn Fine, president ... Carolyn<br />

Myers, vice president ... Lois Kaplan, secretary ... Linda Shulkind,<br />

treasurer ... Brenda Beitner, historian.<br />

Marti Leland<br />

Leslie Martin<br />

Eileen Menachem<br />

Elaine Moss<br />

Carolyn Myers<br />


President<br />

Ganea Picaizen<br />

Nelly Ross<br />

Judy Schu Itz<br />

Roberta Schwartz<br />

Linda Shulkind<br />

Sharyn Snyder<br />

Ellen Spivak<br />

Myrna Turest<br />

Marion Zmora<br />

Clap yo' hands!<br />

118<br />


Joe Averna<br />

Gerry Barry<br />

Jim Birkel<br />

Ingo Bischoff<br />

Bob Bley<br />

Ken Boyle<br />

Tau Kappa Epsilon<br />

Gary Brage<br />

Skip Brotten<br />

Phil Brenes<br />

Dennis Coates<br />

Rodger Chapel<br />

Dave Collins<br />

Tom Clovis<br />

Paul Dean<br />

Fred Dickson<br />

Drake Thomas<br />

Dan Ellis<br />

Gordon Elser<br />

TKE's Again Win Spring Sing; Enjoys<br />

Successful Social Season<br />

Ray Guinn<br />

Danny Hale<br />

Chuck Hard<br />

Alan Henderson<br />

Don Herstedt<br />

Dick Howell<br />

Doug Huse<br />

Roger Jones<br />

Phil Keller<br />

Bill Keiselhorst<br />

George Koester<br />

Brooks Madison<br />

Tau Kappa Epsilon was led by Don Bowers, president ... Gail<br />

Mathers, vice president ... Will Rochin, secretary ... Tim Considine,<br />

treasurer ... Best use of natural flowers award was won by TKE-Pi<br />

Phi Homecoming float "Statue of Liberty" ... Outstanding on campus<br />

were Woodie Moorhead, senior class president, Homecoming<br />

chairman, Who's Who ... Frank Almond, Who's Who ... Gerry<br />

Barry, freshman class president ... Leroy Zimmerman, head cheerleader<br />

Norm Ostapinski, basketball ... Dennis Nix, Xolotl<br />

president Alan Campbell, golf Social events included Varsity<br />

Drag Cornction Carousel Unique was the mid-year<br />

book sale.<br />

Gail Mathers<br />

Bill McFarland<br />

Thad Montgomery<br />

Dennis Nix<br />

Norm Ostapinski<br />

Fran Pall<br />


President<br />

Tom Palmer<br />

Byron Pepper<br />

George Regan<br />

Ken Richards<br />

(Will) Refugio Ysmael Rochln<br />

Jerry Sandlin<br />

Herb Schmidt<br />

Morgan Silverthorn<br />

Dave Sleet<br />

Bill Storm<br />

Brian Sutton<br />

Jack Swing<br />

Phil Taylor<br />

Warren Theis<br />

Jim Thorburn<br />

Randy Veal<br />

Bob Watkins<br />

Darrell Wick<br />

Larry Wickstrom<br />

Bill Wooten<br />

"There's only one bar in town ... BOO!"<br />

120<br />


Gamma Phi Beta<br />

Genie Almond<br />

Marcia Anderson<br />

Judy Arnsen<br />

Georganna Brink<br />

Lorri Brown<br />

Janne Calloway<br />

Gamma<br />

Phi<br />

Brightly<br />

Crescent Shines<br />

In Campus<br />

Activities<br />

Gayle Christiansen<br />

Cathy Clark<br />

Penny Cook<br />

Kathee Corso<br />

Pamela Gell<br />

Betty Gingery<br />

Diane Goodell<br />

Sue Hanzlik<br />

Marilee Hare<br />

Ann Hawkins<br />

Linda Hunter<br />

Janet Jensen<br />

Barbara Kirkham<br />

Johanne Kuntz<br />

Marilou Lange<br />

Charlene Laws<br />

Sue Lindquist<br />

Alice McKee<br />

The Gamma Phi Beta's held their annual Christmas Dance at the<br />

University Club ... The Polka Party highlighted spring activities ...<br />

Outstanding Gamma Phi's on campus include Sharyn Campbell,<br />

Homecoming attendant ... Gayle Christiansen, sorority editor of<br />

the <strong>Del</strong> Sudoeste ... Joan Hancock, AWS publicity chairman .<br />

Sandie Shipe, Aztec city editor and Greek Week chairman .<br />

Donna Schmitz, Pan hellenic office manager ... linda Tripp, WRA<br />

president ... Joan Hancock, Pat lazos, Elaine Myhro, Sandie Shipe,<br />

and lynn Woodward, members of Spurs ... Officers are Pat lazos,<br />

president ... Doris McQuaide and Sue lindquist, vice presidents ...<br />

Barbara Kirkham and Penny Cook, secretaries ... linda Tripp,<br />

treasurer.<br />

Linda McMenomy<br />

Doris McQuaide<br />

Diane Moore<br />

Laurie Moore<br />

Meridith Morris<br />

Elaine Myhro<br />


President<br />

Sue Nebel-Thau<br />

Scharel Phinney<br />

Carol Roberts<br />

Paula Roel<br />

Donna Schmitz<br />

Sidney Selby<br />

Sandie Shipe<br />

Carol Slaughter<br />

Dorene Stait<br />

Linda Tripp<br />

Suzanne Upton<br />

Kathy Warner<br />

Sue Warner<br />

Sidney Wilson<br />

Lynn Woodward<br />

Allow me to introduce myself.<br />

122<br />


<strong>Del</strong>ta Sigma<br />

Jerry Aalfs<br />

Jeff Bada<br />

Bill Bathe<br />

Dick Bennett<br />

Bob Bennett<br />

Peter Bollman<br />

Efrem Cavazos<br />

Dean Carlson<br />

John Champion<br />

Ken Darby<br />

<strong>Del</strong>ta Sigs Swing<br />

with<br />

Out Socially;<br />

Books Too<br />

Do Well<br />

Tom Hall<br />

Bob Harvey<br />

Doug Houser<br />

Jim Ivie<br />

Arie Korporaal<br />

Bob Krause<br />

Victor Kytasty<br />

Allen Lee<br />

Ryndle Lee<br />

Oliver Lynch<br />

<strong>Del</strong>ta Sigs ranked first in scholarship ... Jay Headley and Jerry<br />

Aalfs were active in Oceatl ... Dave Schmitt was a member of Phi<br />

Eta Sigma, freshman honorary scholarship fraternity ... Jim Walters<br />

played J.Y. football Tom Martin was a <strong>Del</strong> Sud photographer<br />

... Sailor's ball Carnation ball ... Luau were major social<br />

events Jay Headley served as president ... Bob Krause, secretary<br />

Dave Schmitt, treasurer.<br />

Tom Martin<br />

Steve McDaniel<br />

John McQuitty<br />

Jim Metis<br />

Vance Mills<br />

Dick Navjoks<br />

John Paine<br />

Frank Palomino<br />

John Purdy<br />

George Quick<br />


President<br />

Don Redding<br />

Rod Rogness<br />

Claude Safford<br />

Adolph Sanchez<br />

Bob Sargent<br />

Dave, Schmitt<br />

Ronnie Sedberry<br />

Rick Somers<br />

Bill Storgell<br />

Bill Truex<br />

Jim Walters<br />

Fred Williams<br />

John Williams<br />

Dr. John Merrill<br />

"Who says his suit is Sanforized?"<br />

124<br />


<strong>Del</strong>ta Z<br />

a<br />

Eloise Anderson<br />

Susan Barr<br />

Merilyn Beyrer<br />

Loretta Brown<br />

Charlotte Craighton<br />

<strong>Del</strong>ta Zetas<br />

Year • In<br />

Begin Prosperous<br />

Remodeled<br />

House<br />

Lynda Deegan<br />

Carol Down<br />

Jeanette Dutton<br />

Marcia Ellis<br />

Susan Fisher<br />

Elizabeth Geiser<br />

Pat Graham-Rogers<br />

Barbara Hansen<br />

Marjorie Higgs<br />

Marie Jeffrey<br />

)<br />

Marian Stille represented the <strong>Del</strong>ta Zeta's on campus as society<br />

editor of the Aztec and member of the Publications Board, Who's<br />

Who ... DZ's sponsored the "Come as You Are" breakfast for other<br />

sororities on campus ... Mistletoe Magic was the name chosen for<br />

the annual Christmas Dance ... The Spring Formal was the setting<br />

for the selection of the <strong>Del</strong>ta Zeta Man ... Officers are Donna<br />

Peeples, president . . . loretta Brown, vice president . . . Judy<br />

Mathews, secretary ... Marie Shoemaker, treasurer.<br />

Jackie Karcher<br />

Judy Mathews<br />

Georgia Miller<br />

Polly Morris<br />

Sylvia Palmer<br />


President<br />

Ann Pelczar<br />

Susan Phillips<br />

Deborah Paste<br />

Stephanie Rathmann<br />

Diane Rosten<br />

Marilyn Rue<br />

Susan Schmidt<br />

Diane Shelby<br />

Marie Shoemaker<br />

Donna Spencer<br />

Marian Stille<br />

Sharon Stratton<br />

Mary Strohte<br />

Oh, look-there are 88 keys!<br />

126<br />


Roger Alford<br />

Steve Bailey<br />

John Bell<br />

Dick Blackwell<br />

Jack Boisen<br />

Lambda Chi Alpha<br />

Rick Bolan<br />

Ray Brain<br />

Malcom Brazelton<br />

Ron Bronk<br />

Charles Brunelle<br />

Jim Carruthers<br />

Greg Cochran<br />

Robert Cox<br />

Terry Crocker<br />

Bill Dalrymple<br />

New Crescent Auxiliary Assists Lambda Chis;<br />

Spring Formal Bi 9 Event<br />

Dave Dryer<br />

Dick Duhamel<br />

Lew Fay<br />

Dave Franken<br />

John Freymueller<br />

Ron Frindt<br />

E. W. Gordon Jr.<br />

Mike Hall<br />

Ed Heim<br />

Jim Hodges<br />

Jacey Humes<br />

Ralph Inzunza<br />

Alan Jacobson<br />

Bob Kingsman<br />

Bill Kronberger<br />

Second place in fraternity scholarship went to the men of<br />

Lambda Chi ... Fifth place in IFC sports ... "San Francisco,"<br />

Lambda Chi-Sigma Kappa Homecoming float, won honorable mention<br />

and best construction and design ... Active on campus were<br />

Rich Lessor, IFC, Oceotl ... Bill Kronberger, IFC, chapter float chairman<br />

... Dick Vaughn, IFC public relations director ... Lew Fay,<br />

Mike Richardson, and Stan Johnson, MUN Norm Marr, baseball<br />

. .. Mike Hall, golf ... Ron Bronk, tennis Stan Johnson, track<br />

... On the social calendar were the Christmas formal ... Cross and<br />

Crescent dance ... New Year's Eve party ... Go to Hell party ...<br />

Bird of Paradise ball ... Crescents aided Lambda Chi at their social<br />

functions ... Bob DePhilipps served as chapter president ... Denny<br />

Baker, vice president ... Ron Bronk, secretary ... Mike Hall,<br />

treasurer.<br />

Bill Lehmann<br />

Rick Lessor<br />

Dave Lyman<br />

Russ Mathews<br />

Phil McLewin<br />


President<br />

Tom Nicholson<br />

Dave Paul<br />

Gary Piazzoni<br />

Dave Pitts<br />

Terence Quinn<br />

Bob Rankin<br />

Mike Reed<br />

Mike Richardson<br />

John Ripko<br />

Dick Robinson<br />

Barry Rosser<br />

Randie Shreve<br />

Gerald Teudt<br />

Dennis Tuttle<br />

John Ware<br />

Art Werner<br />

Phil Winter<br />

Lambda Chi Alpha-Sigma Kappa float.<br />

128<br />


Pi Beta Phi<br />

Betty Adams<br />

Julie Baker<br />

Ellen Barbour<br />

Diana Beechler<br />

Marilyn Bender<br />

Charlotte Benson<br />

Margie Benson<br />

Sherill Bottier<br />

Margie Boyd<br />

Patsy Boyle<br />

Beverly Buehner<br />

Carolyn Butler<br />

Ann Carroll<br />

Connie Clark<br />

Pi Phi J<br />

in Social,<br />

Arrow H its Mark<br />

Academic<br />

Life<br />

Linda Cleator<br />

Anne Cobb<br />

Jan Collins<br />

Lynne Cowhick<br />

Sharon Culver<br />

Linda Dobbs<br />

Carolyn Erskine<br />

Stephanie Evans<br />

Michen Fischer<br />

Dexter Fisher<br />

Diane Gamble<br />

Sharon Galyean<br />

Jo Hansen<br />

Margaret Hawley<br />

Peggy Hunt<br />

Sandra Jaworski<br />

Janet Johnson<br />

Judye Jones<br />

Kathy Kemper<br />

Cynthia Lundh<br />

Susan McArthur<br />

Sheila McKenzie<br />

Marion McLaughlin<br />

Bonnie Miller<br />

Rita Parker<br />

Carol Pezzopane<br />

Gaynel Ramsey<br />

Ann Redding<br />

Pi Beta Phi was well represented on campus this year by Judy<br />

Thompson, Sara Romberg, and Carolyn Butler, Homecoming attendants<br />

... Sherill Bottler, Panhellenic vice president ... Sharon Culver,<br />

AWS treasurer ... Jean Collier, Kappa Sigma sweetheart ...<br />

Carolyn Butler, upper division representative, Who's Who ... Judy<br />

Thompson, AWS vice president, Who's Who Sydney Shook,<br />

member of Cap and Gown and Angel Flight Major activities included<br />

the Christmas Dinner Dance ... Dads and Daughters Night ...<br />

The Mum Sale ... The Mother's Club Christmas Party ... Pi Phi<br />

officers are Jean Collier, president ... Beverly Buehner, vice president<br />

... Ann Carroll, secretary ... Margie Benson, treasurer.<br />


President<br />

Susan Rieff<br />

Susan Ritland<br />

Sara Romberg<br />

Susan Ross<br />

Ginger Rubsam<br />

Mary Jane Schroeder<br />

Sydney Shook<br />

Carolyn Sigler<br />

Nedra Snyder<br />

Ann Stevning<br />

Suellen Stickney<br />

Margaret Tamer<br />

Judy Thompson<br />

Linda Thompson<br />

Mary Willis<br />

Judy Wilson<br />

Linda Wood<br />

Mum's the word.<br />

130<br />


Dick Bachman<br />

Howard Baumann<br />

Vince Biondo<br />

Tom Boardman<br />

Bob Bohn<br />

Craig Brittain<br />

Tom Burke<br />

Sigma Phi Epsilon<br />

Walt Burrows .<br />

Craig Cramer<br />

Edward Dahlkamp<br />

Ronald Dake<br />

Chuck Davis<br />

Mike Dennington<br />

Chuck Devereaux<br />

Willie Englander<br />

Bill Elliott<br />

Mike Freed<br />

George Gallagher<br />

John Gallo<br />

Bob Gibbs<br />

Charles Graf<br />

Sig-Eps<br />

Sport Red Vests; Enjoy<br />

*<br />

•<br />

Swimming In Back Yard<br />

Dick Grennan<br />

Vince Griffin<br />

Fred Hammett<br />

Lynn Haynes<br />

Cliff Henderson<br />

Wes Hills<br />

Jerry Hutter<br />

Larry Jones<br />

AI Knoll<br />

John Lacy<br />

Mike Lane<br />

Thacher Linke<br />

John Loss<br />

Lester Louis<br />

John Maley<br />

Rick Martin<br />

Dick Mauerhan<br />

Charles McCutcheon<br />

Dave McMahon<br />

Wes Meier<br />

Larry Murphy<br />

Ellis Nelson<br />

Bob Nelson<br />

Doug Newcomb<br />

Garvin Nowell<br />

Tom Odegard<br />

Brian Odell<br />

Dennis O'Shea<br />

Prominent Sig Eps were Joe Kiefer, AS council, IFe secretary,<br />

Blue Key, Who's Who ... Dan Ornelas, Greek Week chairman ...<br />

Doug Newcomb, AMS secretary Scott Snell, athletic board, Oceotl,<br />

crew Tom Procter, football Howie Baumann, Shelton Gray,<br />

crew First place in single division went to Sig Eps for their Homecoming<br />

float "The Spirit of the '20's" ... Social events included<br />

Queen of Hearts formal ... Annual social probation party ... Pi Phi-<br />

Sig Ep pledge charity football game ... Serving as president was Joe<br />

Kieffer ... Cliff Henderson, vice president ... Scott Snell, secretary<br />

... Dick Sims, treasurer.<br />


President<br />

Mike Palmer<br />

Tom Procter<br />

Roger Quast<br />

Lonnie Randol<br />

Mike Riley<br />

Bruce Sandell<br />

Donn Sarbaum<br />

Gary Sawaya<br />

Ed Schadeck<br />

Bob Scott<br />

Stewart Sheppard<br />

Dick Sims<br />

Frank Skalecky<br />

Larry Slatten<br />

Paul Starr<br />

Walt Steffen<br />

Joe Sullivan<br />

Tom Swiers<br />

Chuck Thomas<br />

Ben Trovaten<br />

Wayne Trutra<br />

132<br />

Reg Vitek<br />

Jessie Wells<br />

Gary Wigdahn<br />

Ed Young<br />

Duke of Hardy<br />

"Potato chips, potato chips .....<br />


Alpha Xi De ta<br />

Donnalee Adams<br />

Susan Akin<br />

Grace Anderson<br />

Karen Barth<br />

Ramona Brown<br />

Marla Brubaker<br />

Christmas Rose Ball, Dads' Night<br />

Spark<br />

Alpha Xi Activities<br />

Wanda Cameron<br />

Loxi Caradine<br />

Linda Deets<br />

Carolyn Duncan<br />

Joyce Dyar<br />

Linda Garnett<br />

Nancy Grimard<br />

Patricia Hawk<br />

Marian Hawley<br />

Carlene Hearst<br />

Jaredene Homesley<br />

Jo Johnston<br />

Alpha Xi <strong>Del</strong>ta's were led this year by Judi Herz, president .<br />

Marian Hawley, vice president ... Carolyn Duncan, secretary .<br />

Karen Schnick, treasurer ... The Christmas Rose Ball highlighted<br />

fall activities ... Other functions included the Steak and Beans<br />

Dinner ... Father-Daughter Night ... The Spring Picnic ... Judi<br />

Herz represented Alpha Xi on campus as a member of MENC, Sigma<br />

Alpha Iota, and the National Education Association.<br />

Barbara Kent<br />

Elaine Kluch!n<br />

Christine larson<br />

Karen Larson<br />

Ann Lee<br />

Sally Macy<br />


President<br />

Mary Ann Morgan<br />

Janet Murray<br />

Carolie Palmer<br />

Judy Perry<br />

Jayne Pierce<br />

Tinalee Rice<br />

Karen Schnick<br />

Janet Squires<br />

Carol Stough<br />

Barbara Toston<br />

Dorothy Toston<br />

Lona Wiemeyer<br />

Linda Williams<br />

Johanna Williamsen<br />

Yvonne Willoughby<br />

Merle Yamer<br />

Suzanne Ziegler<br />

There's nothing like a man.<br />

134<br />


Wayne Bartos<br />

Gary Blair<br />

Jim Chapman<br />

Bill Coleman<br />

Mike Cookie<br />

Alpha Tau Omega<br />

Jary Croom<br />

Boyd Dennis<br />

Carl Dodge<br />

Hugh Doyle<br />

Greg Faulk<br />

Alan Goetz<br />

Phil Hanf<br />

Jeff Harrison<br />

John Hayes<br />

Jim Haynes<br />

Ato's Fire<br />

Begin<br />

Cannon Many Times;<br />

Plans for New House<br />

Paul Hebert<br />

Terry Hitchcock<br />

Ron Hogan<br />

Doug Hone<br />

Terry Hoopes<br />

Phil Hunsaker<br />

John Kean<br />

Mike Lambe<br />

Brandie Lane<br />

Vic Landa<br />

Mike Lennon<br />

Paul Marks<br />

Dick Maureau<br />

Lance Miller<br />

Dick Montgomery<br />

Capturing sweepstakes in the annual Chula Vista Fiesta de la<br />

Luna was "College Daze," the ATO-KD float The men of ATO<br />

were led this year by Bob Tholl, president Jary Croom, vice<br />

president ... Paul Marks, secretary ... Mike Lennon, treasurer ...<br />

Shipwreck was the outstanding social event ... Prominent men<br />

included Dick Maureau and Mike Steffen, basketball ... Jim Haynes,<br />

swimming ... Chuck Rosenberger, wrestling.<br />

Bill Morland<br />

Bill Muench<br />

Mike Munz<br />

Mike O'Connor<br />

Doug Ogilvie<br />


President<br />

Pete Ogilvie<br />

Bill Paff<br />

Gene Pastula<br />

Ralph Pawley<br />

Bim Plumb<br />

Bill Quapp<br />

Robbie Recht<br />

Phil Robbins<br />

Mike Robertson<br />

Ray Robinson<br />

Chuck Rosenberger<br />

Jerry Sasse<br />

Frank Sell<br />

Jack Shaw<br />

Gerry Shoaf<br />

Art Sobke<br />

Mike Steffen<br />

"I wish they'd think of a way to get me out of here."<br />

136<br />


Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta<br />

Rosl!lmarie Asaro<br />

Peggy Bartz<br />

Ann Bath<br />

Pat Beland<br />

Kathleen Bell<br />

Barbara Bertoy<br />

Ginny Bishop<br />

Ginny Cave<br />

June DaPont<br />

Jackie DuVigneaud<br />

Rochelle Gosselin<br />

Diane Hallett<br />

Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta's<br />

Spring<br />

Bridal<br />

Sponsor Annual<br />

Fashion Show<br />

Diane Hamilton<br />

Bridget Hayes<br />

Carole Heilbron<br />

Ann Hilsen<br />

Judy Hinrichs<br />

Nicki Hock<br />

Susan Horrall<br />

Judy Jenkins<br />

Nancy Johnson<br />

Julie Jorgensen<br />

Linda Koenig<br />

Barbara Krager<br />

The annual spring Bridal Fashion Show is a major event on the<br />

Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta calendar, as is the White Rose Formal ... The Mother's<br />

Day Breakfast and the annual retreat are other KD activities ...<br />

Members prominent on campus are Julie Jorgensen, president of<br />

Panhellenic and member of Cap and Gown, Who's Who ... Peggy<br />

Bartz, Pep Club president Pat Beland, majorette ... Linda Koenig,<br />

Cap and Gown member Officers are Pat Mehl, president ... Judy<br />

Jenkins, vice president Linda Koenig, secretary ... Karen Pirnie,<br />

treasurer.<br />

Ann Kullmann<br />

Sylvia Lawler<br />

Jean Leafdale<br />

Diane Mathews<br />

Bonnie Maydole<br />

Mary Morley<br />

PAT MEHL<br />

President<br />

Diana Morris<br />

Judy Olive<br />

Nancy Olive<br />

Mary Lou Pheil<br />

Karen Pirnie<br />

Sue Pray<br />

Sheila Rogers<br />

Nancy Shaver<br />

Corine Sibley<br />

Bonnie Stedt<br />

Janet Taylor<br />

Adrienne Vaccaro<br />

Joann Wetterskog<br />

Carol Woods<br />

Nora Wright<br />

Mara Zeltins<br />

KD's rush prospective pledges.<br />

138<br />


Kappa Alpha Psi<br />

Kappa Alpha Psi Stresses<br />

Junior Pan hellenic was organized in 1956 to promote friendship<br />

among the pledge delegates and to unify the sororities.<br />

, I<br />

Athletics;<br />

Does Well in Fite Nite<br />

Kappa Alpha Psi captured first place in<br />

the Marine Corps basketball tournament ...<br />

Second in Fite Nite ... Bal Caribe ... Sweetheart<br />

Ball . . . Mix and Meet were major<br />

social events . . . Walt Martin served as<br />

IFPC secretary ... Napoleon Jones, Oceotl,<br />

Social Work Club, wrestling ... AI Colum,<br />

outstanding boxer ... Tom logans and Andrew<br />

luckey, varsity wrestlers ... Charles<br />

Davis, track ... Roland Marterhand, intercollegiate<br />

Forensics ... Willie Horton, symphony<br />

violinist ... John Doggett, American<br />

Civil liberties Union ... Chapter officers included<br />

Sam laZarus, president ... Napoleon<br />

Jones, vice president . . . Charles Davis,<br />

secretary-treasurer.<br />


President<br />

Pat Hardcastle<br />

Co-President<br />

Eloise Miller<br />

Co-President<br />

Marilyn Beyrer<br />

Secretary<br />




Walt Martin<br />

Secretary<br />

Clifton Blevins Kern Carson<br />

Eldridge Cooks J. Dorsey<br />

Willy Horton Jim Jones<br />

Napoleon Jones Tom Logans<br />

Leroy Martin Walter Martin<br />

Robert Vaughn Roy Walker<br />

Inter-fraternity Pledge Council was chartered in 1960<br />

to create better public relations among the fraternities and<br />

the public and to promote better fraternity relations in<br />

general.<br />

140<br />

The Sweetheart of Kappa Alpha PsI.<br />


::De! SuJoe9te<br />

1962<br />

mike c.:<br />

Cditor<br />

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Sororities p. 90<br />

Fraternity<br />

favorites p. 142<br />

Seniors p. 154<br />

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Music<br />

Department . p. 220<br />

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Alumni p. 270<br />

Model U.N p. 271<br />

Dedication p. 272

Discussing one of the many problems they were faced with throughout the year, A.S.<br />

council members begin another meeting in Scripps cotlage.<br />

Lynne Smith seems<br />

rather ecstatic after<br />

Woodie Moorhead<br />

announces forthcoming<br />

Stan Kenton concert.

Blue<br />

Key<br />

Cap and<br />

Gown<br />

A<br />

I-<br />

Blue Key, whose members are selected on the basis of<br />

leadership, scholarship, and service to the students and faculty,<br />

is the national honor society for junior and senior men.<br />

First organized on campus in 1933 and holding tapping<br />

ceremonies three times yearly, the group is composed of<br />

outstonding campus leaders in all fields. The chapter strives<br />

to foster friendship among student groups and among students<br />

and faculty, and awards a $50 scholarship to an<br />

outstanding lower division student each semester. Steve<br />

Meek was the recipient of the award for the fall semester.<br />

New members of Blue Key who were tapped later in the year<br />

are RussBoehmke, Richard Davis, Ted Glover, Woodie Moorhead,<br />

Jack Sharpe and Joel Stein.<br />

The senior women's honor society was<br />

established in 1932 to encourage activities<br />

and scholarship of women on campus<br />

for the purpose of rendering a<br />

service to the school and community. The<br />

major projects are a student leadership<br />

tea, a scholarship tea, and the awarding<br />

of a $50 scholarship. Membership is<br />

limited to 16 women who have a grade<br />

point average of 2.8 and who are outstanding<br />

in three fields.<br />

I.<br />

I-<br />

Carilyn Hansson<br />

Chancellor<br />

Judy<br />

Thompson<br />

Max Gresoro<br />

President<br />

Pat<br />

Isberg<br />

Sydney<br />

Shook<br />

linda<br />

Koenig<br />

Frank Almond<br />

Vice President<br />

Jim Gould<br />

Secretary-Treasurer<br />

Ned<br />

Huntington<br />

lynne Kidder Mclewin<br />

lynne<br />

Ball Smith<br />

Marilyn<br />

Hansson<br />

156<br />

Randy<br />

Chaffin<br />

Joe<br />

Kiefer<br />

Chuck<br />

Inskeep<br />

I<br />

Julia<br />

Jorgensen<br />

Marchelle<br />

Fox<br />

Jan<br />

O'Malley<br />


RACHAEL ABDELNOUR-Social Science-. LEE<br />

ADAMS - General -. SHERMAN ADAMSON<br />

JR._Personnel Management-Phi Mu Alpha;<br />

Tau Sigma. FLORENCE ALLEN-Palitical Science-<br />

Pi Sigma Alpha. CHRISTINA ALMGREN<br />

_Elementary Education-Alpha Phi; SCTA.<br />

Senior<br />

Class<br />

THEODORE ALTMAN-Engineering-. MARY<br />

ANDERSON - Mathematics - Pi Theta; Alpha<br />

lambda <strong>Del</strong>ta; lutheran Student Association.<br />



SOHN-Social Science-lambda Chi Alpha;<br />

SCTA.<br />

Woodie Moorhead<br />

President<br />

GLENDA ARMSTRONG-Elementary Education<br />

-<strong>Del</strong>ta Phi Upsilon; Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta Pi. THUR-<br />

MAN AUSTIN-Political Science-. NATHAN<br />

AYER JR.-Geology-. GRACE BAILEY-English-Alpha<br />

Gamma Sigma. LINDA BAILEY-<br />

English-<strong>Del</strong>ta <strong>Del</strong>ta <strong>Del</strong>ta; Concert Choir.<br />

JULIE BAKER-Elementary Education-Pi Beta<br />

Phi; Public Relations Board. NORMAN BALD-<br />

WIN-Chemistry-. RUFUS BANKS JR.-Engi.<br />

neering-SAM. JOHN BARKER-Social Science<br />

-Pi Koppa Alpha; Activities Boord. MAR-<br />

GARET BARTLETT-Elementary Education-Chi<br />

Omega; AWS secretary.<br />

Mike Evans<br />

Vice-President<br />

Sandra Van Bibber<br />

Secretary<br />

Sara Romberg<br />

Treasurer<br />

Highlighting a busy year for the senior class was the sponsoring of the Stan Kenton-June<br />

Christy Concert in March, which packed Peterson Gym. Other events included the annual senior<br />

class picnic at the Red Rooster Inn, in Ramona, and the assembly introducing the 1962 members<br />

of Who's Who at SDSC. Council members were Lynne Ball Smith, senior awards day;<br />

Carilyn Hansson, graduation; Marilyn Hansson, activity calendar; Cathy Cheverie, spring Blue<br />

Book Ball; Lois Bruhn, Baccalaureate; and Jim Kellogg, senior class picnic. President Woodie<br />

Moorhead was chairman of the senior assembly.<br />

Lynne I!all Smith Carilyn Hansson Marilyn Hansson<br />

Cathy Cheverie Lois Bruhn Jim Kellogg<br />

1<br />

•<br />

Class<br />

of<br />

1962<br />

I'm short HOW many units?<br />

158<br />


JAMES BARTLEY JR.-Microbiology-Newmon Club.<br />

MICHAEL BASALO-Psychology-Psi Chi. LEE BAX.<br />

TER-Life Science. MARGARET BEARDEN-History-<br />

Phi Alpha Theta president.<br />

LOUISE BOUCHER - Elementary Education - Alpha<br />

Chi Omega; Angel Flight; SCTA; <strong>Del</strong>ta Phi Upsilon.<br />

DONALD BOUCHER - Biology - Aztec Christian Fellowship;<br />

Phi Sigma Xi. KATHRYN BOWMAN-Elementary<br />

Education-Chi Omega. CAROL BOYD-Ac·<br />

counting-Accounting Society.<br />

EDWARD BECKER-English-German Club; Young<br />

Republicans; "Tiger at the Gates;" "The Visit."<br />

DIANA BEECHLER-Elementary Education-Pi Beta<br />

Phi; SCTA. ANTHONY BEDFORD-Policical Science.<br />

NANCY BEGLEY-Educatian-<strong>Del</strong>ta Phi Upsilon.<br />

CLIFFORD BOYD - Industrial Arts - Industrial Arts<br />

Club. PATRICIA BOYLE-Home Economics-Pi Beta<br />

Phi; Little Sisters of Minerva, president; Cetza; Wesley<br />

Foundation. MARGARET BRADLEY- Nursing -<br />

Student Nurses' Association. ELMA BRADSHAW-<br />

Nursing-Nurses' Association.<br />

LARR! BENNETT - Chemistry - Pi Kappa Alpha;<br />

Americon Chemical Society; Aztec Ski Club. BARBARA<br />

BERTOY-Sociology-Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta. ROBERT BIGE·<br />

LOW-Engineering. MAXWELL BLANCHARD-Geology;<br />

Lambda Chi Alpha.<br />


ER-Social Science-Aztec Ski Club; SCTA; Photography<br />

Club. ROBERT BREININGER-Marketing-<strong>Del</strong>ta<br />

Sigma Phi; Marketing Association; Le Cercle Francais;<br />

Newman Club; Arnold Air Society. ANNA BREWER<br />

-Education-Sigma Kappa.<br />

MARY BLANKINSHIP-Nursing-Gamma Phi Beta;<br />

Xolotl; Aztec Ski Club. DONALD BLESI-Broadcasting-Alpha<br />

Epsilon Rho. secretary; Alpha Gamma<br />

Sigma; Sports Director. KERMIT BONNER-Industrial<br />

Arts-Industrial Arts Club. DARYL BOTTJER-Industrial<br />

Arts-Alpha Phi Omega, president; Sabre Society;<br />

Arnold Air Society; Homecoming Committee.<br />


Elementary Education-<strong>Del</strong>ta Phi Upsilon. LINDA<br />

Elementary Education-<strong>Del</strong>ta Phi Upsilon. LINDA BRI-<br />

GANTI-English. KAREN BRIGGES-French-Alpha<br />

Gamma <strong>Del</strong>ta; Le Cercle Francais; SCTA; AWS, vicepresident,<br />

president.<br />

I(<br />

I<br />

Judith Heisler, Alpha Gamma <strong>Del</strong>ta<br />

talented young woman journalist, has had<br />

a busy college career as editor of the <strong>Del</strong><br />

Sudoeste in '61, organizations editor of<br />

the <strong>Del</strong> Sud in '60, and society editor of<br />

the Aztec in spring '60. She was also<br />

Homecoming publicity chairman, secretary<br />

of Cetza, AWS Spring Sing Program chairman<br />

and a member of Who's Who.<br />

Marian Stille has directed much of her<br />

time toward campus activities. She has<br />

been active as publicity chairman of AWS,<br />

Greek Week publicity chairman, president<br />

and vice president of <strong>Del</strong>ta Zeta, editorial<br />

assistant of the <strong>Del</strong> Sudoeste and Aztec<br />

Society editor. She is also a member of<br />

the Publications Board and of Who's Who.

WILLIAM BROADBENT-Social Science--Dean's Lis!.<br />

Phi Alpha Theta; Pep Board Chairman. LUCILLE<br />

BROSSEAU-Pre-Iaw-Kappa Alpha Theta, secretary;<br />

Unethical Practices Committee; Homecoming Secretary;<br />

SC Intercollegiate Conference, secretary; XololI,<br />

secretary; AS Award 60-61; AWS Award 60-61;<br />

Greek Week Committee Chairman; Judiciary Board<br />

Chairman. LOIS BROWN-Elementary Education-<br />

SCTA; Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta Pi. TRUETT BROWN-Industrial<br />

Arts-Industrial Arts Club, vice president; Kappa<br />

<strong>Del</strong>ta Pi; Dean's List. DIANA BUCCINO-Elementary<br />

Education"""7'SCTA; Anahuac.<br />

JAMES CARROLL- Business Management. HELEN<br />

CARTER- Education - Young Democrats. PAMELA<br />


Kappa Pi. BRADFORD CHAFFIN-Business Management.<br />

BEVERLY BUEHNER-Elementary Education-Pi Beta<br />

Phi, vice-president; SCTA, secretary; XololI; Little<br />

Sisters of Minerva. BARBARA BUNTEN-Elementary<br />

Educatian-Alpha Gamma <strong>Del</strong>ta; SeTA. JOSEPH<br />

BURKE-I ndustrial Arts. DONALD BURNSIDE-Business<br />

Management-<strong>Del</strong>ta Sigma Phi; SAM; Dean's<br />


CYRIL CHAIN-Engineering-Engineer's Association.<br />

MARLYIN CHAMBERLAIN-Nursing-Student Nurses'<br />

Association; Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship; Women's<br />

Recreation Association. DOROTHY CHANDLER-<br />

Art. PATRICIA CHAPPELL-Home Economics-Home<br />

Economics Club. CAROL CHASE-Sponish-Chi Omega;<br />

Alpho Mu Gamma; Sociedad Hispanica.<br />

BOB BURTON-Social Science-Sigma Chi, secretary;<br />

Aztec Geagraphy Club; SCTA; Phi Alpha Theta; Pi<br />

Sigma Alpha; Oceoll, president; AMS Council;<br />

Homecaming Publicity Chairman. THEODORA BUR.<br />

TON-Elementary Education-Chi Omega; Greek<br />

Week Exchange Dinners Chairman. GWENDOLYN<br />

MILLS BUTLER-Elementary Education-Chi Omega;<br />

SCTA; Little Sisters of Minerva; Angel Flight. RICH-<br />

ARD BUTLER-Business Management-Sigma Alpha<br />

Epsilon. PAULA BWY-Elementary Education-Alpha<br />

Chi Omega; <strong>Del</strong>ta Phi Upsilon; Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta Pi;<br />

SCTA.<br />

EDWARD CHERRY- Physical Education - CAHPER;<br />

Varsity Football; Varsity Baseball. CATHY CHEVERIE<br />

-Sociology-Alpha Gomma <strong>Del</strong>to; <strong>Del</strong> Sudoeste,<br />

photography secretory, organization editor; Senior<br />

Class Council; Aztec Ski Club. ROBERT CHOLEWA-<br />

Political Science-Tau Kappa Epsilon, vice-president;<br />

IFC Judiciary Committee. OTTILIE CHOMIAK-Elementary<br />

Education-ACE; SCTA. LEONARD CHRIST-<br />

Industrial Arts - Industrial Arts Club, treosurer;<br />

Epsilon Pi Tau, treasurer.<br />


-English. NANCIE CAMPBELL-Art-Angel Flight;<br />

ISA. ROSALYN CANFIL-Elementary Education-<br />

ACE; <strong>Del</strong>ta Phi Upsilon, president. HARRIET CARR-<br />

Elementary Education.<br />

CARL CHRISTENSEN JR.-Industrial Arts-Industrial<br />

Arts Club, treasurer. KATHLEEN CLARK-Elementory<br />

Education-<strong>Del</strong>ta Phi Upsilon; Dean's List; Cetza,<br />

president; Spurs, president; AWS Service Chairmon;<br />

Alpha Lambdo <strong>Del</strong>ta, secretary. KENNETH CLARK-<br />

Political Science--Young Democrats; Phi Kappa Sigma.<br />


CLARK-English-Sigma Kappo; Greek Week Publicity<br />

Choirmon.<br />

• ,,(<br />

.{<br />

•<br />

John Berg has been active at San Diego<br />

State as president and vice-president of<br />

Blue Key, vice president and secretary of<br />

Alpha Phi Omega, president of Wesley<br />

Foundation, president of Inter-Protestant<br />

and Anglican Council, a member of Oceotl<br />

and Who's Who.<br />

Judy Thompson, Pi Beta Phi, has been<br />

active at San Diego State as lower Division<br />

Representative, vice president of AWS, and<br />

as a member of Cap and Gown, Kappa<br />

<strong>Del</strong>ta Pi, <strong>Del</strong>ta Phi Upsilon, and Who's<br />


Pretty Lynne Ball Smith has been an<br />

outstanding leader in campus activities as<br />

Sophomore Representative, Junior Class<br />

vice president, Awards Day chairman, vice<br />

president of <strong>Del</strong>ta Phi Upsilon, and as a<br />

member of Cap and Gown, Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta<br />

Pi, Alpha Lambda <strong>Del</strong>ta, and Who's Who.<br />

She has also maintained a 3.75 grade<br />

point average!<br />

Woodie Moorhead has served San Diego<br />

State well as Upper Division Representative,<br />

Senior Class president, Homecoming<br />

chairman, chairman of the Special Events<br />

Board, vice president and secretary of<br />

Tau Kappa Epsilon, as a member of Who's<br />

Who, and as lay-out editor of the '60 <strong>Del</strong><br />

Sudoeste.<br />

MARY CLARK-Elementary Education-SCTA; Canterbury<br />

Association. PETER CLEMONS-Accounting-<br />

Accounting Society. GEORGE CLEVEN - Physics.<br />

DIANE CLIFTON-Elementary Education-Alpha Chi<br />

Omega, treasurer; <strong>Del</strong>ta Phi Upsilon; Alpha Lambda<br />

<strong>Del</strong>ta, treasurer; Dean's List; SCTA; AWS Service<br />

Chairman. WILLIAM CLIFTON-Education.<br />

LEO CRAWFORD-Social Science-Phi Alpha Theta.<br />

GRAHAM CRIBBS - Physical Education. WILFORD<br />

CRUZ - Marketing - Marketing Association; Frosh<br />

Football; Baseball; Varsity Football. BETTY CRYSTAL<br />

-Physical Education-CAHPER; SCTA. RENE CUTH-<br />

BERTSON-Home Economics-Alpha Gamma <strong>Del</strong>ta;<br />

Home Economics Club; Greek Week; Homecoming<br />

Committee.<br />

RONALD COHEN-Political Science-Governor of<br />

Circle K for Cali-Nev-Ha; MUN <strong>Del</strong>egate; Young<br />

Democrats, vice-president; Pi Sigma Alpha; Anahuac.<br />

JAMES COLAS-Elementary Education-Dean's List.<br />

YALE COMBS JR.-Accounting-Tau Kappa Epsilon;<br />

Accounting Society; Beta Alpha Psi. GLENN COMER<br />

-Spanish-Anahuac. LUELLACONNELL-Elementary<br />

Education-SCTA.<br />


-Social Science. IMOGENE DARR-Personnel Manogement-Beta<br />

Gamma Sigmo. RICHARD DAVIS-<br />

History-Phi Alpha Theta; Upper Division Representative;<br />

Tarastec House Council; Inter-Dorm Council.<br />

DONALD DAY - Civil Engineering-ASCE; Sigma<br />

<strong>Del</strong>ta.<br />


ER-Physics-Sigma Pi Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma. PA-<br />

TRICIA COOPER-Elementary Education-Alpha Phi,<br />

treasurer; Junior Class Cabinet; AWS Service Committee;<br />

Young Republicans. PAUL COPELAND-History-Aztec;<br />

Foreign & Sports Car Association.<br />

JOAN CORNWELL-Political Science-Alpha Phi.<br />

SUE DEAN-Elementary Education-SCTA; Homecoming<br />

Queens' Chairman. WAR,REN.DEAN-Zoology-<br />

Zeto Beta Tau, vice president, Aesculapians; Oceotl.<br />

CHRISTINE DELF- Elementary Education - Newman<br />

Club; Anahuac. GLORIA DE LOS COBOS - Art.<br />

WAYNE DEVORE - Marketing - SAM.<br />


TELLO- Elementary Education - SCTA. RICHARD<br />

COYNE-Elementary Education. MARY CRAIL-General.<br />

JUDY CRAM-Elementary Education-Chi Omega;<br />

SCTA.<br />

WALLACE DICKEY-Marketing-Morketing Association;<br />

SAM; Tau Sigma; Track. JOAN DIENES-Physical<br />

Education-CAHPER, president; Modern Dance<br />

Club. VICTOR DILLOWAY - Engineering. LINDA<br />

DOBBS - Secretarial Management - Pi Beta Phi;<br />

Cetza, president; Little Sisters of Minerva; Freshman<br />

Class Representative. JAMES H. DOBKINS-Physics<br />

-Sigma Pi Sigma, vice president.

DIANE DODGION-Engineering-Alpha Phi, presi.<br />

dent; ASCE, secretary; Homecoming Queen Attendant;<br />

Freshman Class, secretary. JOHN DOREN-So.<br />

ciology-Sigma Alpha Epsilan; SAM. HUGH DOYLE<br />

-Art. EDGAR DUCKETT JR.-Physical Education_<br />

<strong>Del</strong>ta Tau <strong>Del</strong>ta; CAHPER; SCTA; Varsity Football;<br />

Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball; Aztec Ski<br />

Club; Aztec Foreign & Sports Cor AssociatiQn.<br />

DARLENE DUESBURY-English-Aztec Ski Club; Anahuac.<br />


_Art-Theta Chi; Senior Class, viee president; AMS<br />

Council; <strong>Del</strong> Sudoeste, editor; Publications Board;<br />

Xolotl. DALE EYMAN-Business Management-Tau<br />

Sigma, treasurer; Young Republicans; Dean's List;<br />

Dormitory Resident Assistant. MARGARET FANTON<br />

_Elementary Education-Alpha Chi Omega; SCTA.<br />

CLINTON FERGUSON - Industrial Art - Arnold Air<br />

Society.<br />

CAROLE DUFFY-English-Modern Donce Club. BAR.<br />

BARA DUHRSEN-Nursing-Student Nurses' Associa.<br />

tion, president; Newman Club; Miss Aztec Engineer.<br />

EDMOND DUKE - Physics. LINDA DUNCAN - Ele·<br />

mentary Education-Baptist Student Union. JACQUE.<br />

LINE DUNLAP-Education.<br />


-Geology - Tectons. DAVID FILLET- Chemistry-<br />

Aesculapians, secretary, treasurer; Pre-med Society;<br />

Anahuac. LAWRENCE FINNIN-Physics-Sigma Pi<br />

Sigma, president. CAROLYN FISCUS-General.<br />

RUTH DUNSMORE-Education-ACE, vice-president;<br />

Alpha Lambda <strong>Del</strong>ta; <strong>Del</strong>ta Phi Upsilon. JANET<br />

DWYER-Business Education-Alpha Chi Omega,<br />

president; Pan hellenic Judiciary Board; Pi Omega<br />

Pi. MARY EADS-Home Economies. GARWOOD EB.<br />

ERLING-Social Science-Theta Chi; Circle K. JAMES<br />

EDMONDS JR.-Physics-Sigma Pi Sigma.<br />

DOUGLAS FLEIG-Marketing-Marketing Association.<br />

GERALDINE FLINT - Elementary Education-<br />

SCTA, secretary; Anahauc; Aztec Christian Fellowship.<br />


FOLSOM-Social Science. RICHARD FOSS-Accounting-Theta<br />

Chi; Accounting Society.<br />

PATRICIA EGAN - Elementary Education. WILLIAM<br />

ELLIOTT-Mathematics-Sigma Phi Epsilon; Phi Eta<br />

Sigma; Tectons. MARCIA ELLIS-Elementary Education-<strong>Del</strong>ta<br />


Microbiology-Inter-dorm Council, treasurer; College<br />

Y; Phi Mu Epsilon; Maya Hall wing president.<br />

JAMES EMERSON-Music-Phi Mu Alpha; Sigma Pi.<br />

DENVER FOX JR. - Elementary Education - SCTA;<br />

Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta Pi, president; Freshman Class, treasurer;<br />

Wesley Foundation. MARCHELLE SASARAN FOX-<br />

Elementary Education-Pi Beta Phi; <strong>Del</strong>ta Phi Upsilon;<br />

Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta Pi; Cap & Gown; Cetza. SAMUEL<br />

FRAMONDI - Marketing - Marketing Association.<br />

WALTER FRICKE-Education-Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta Pi. JACK<br />

FULLER-Economies-Alpha Phi Omega; Tau Sigma;<br />

Canterbury Association; SAM.<br />

Kappa Alpha Theta is proud of lucille<br />

Brosseau, an outstanding leader in campus<br />

activities. Her past record of activities includes<br />

being Homecoming secretary, Greek<br />

Week Open House chairman, secretary of<br />

Xolotl, and resident assistant of Maya Hall.<br />

She is also a member of the Faculty Committee<br />

on Unethical Practices and of Who's<br />

Who.<br />

lovely Carolyn Butler has been active<br />

on campus as Upper Division Representative,<br />

secretary of the Junior Class, Homecoming<br />

attendant, and as a member of the<br />

Finance Committee, Pi Beta Phi, and of<br />

Who's Who.<br />



Generol-Alpho Kappo <strong>Del</strong>ta. KENNETH GADDIS<br />

-Generol. ROY GAllON-Industrial Management<br />

-SAM.<br />

HILARIO GONZALES-Industrial Management; Sigma<br />

Alpha Epsilon, president, secretory, treasurer;<br />

Junior Closs, president; IFC, Rush Chairman; Supreme<br />

Court; OCEOTl; SAM; Tau Sigma. BYRON GOOD-<br />

MAN-Mathematics-SCTA. E. W. GORDON, JR.-<br />

lndustriol Management-Lambda Chi Alpha; SAM;<br />

Dean's list. STEPHEN GORDON-Social Science-<br />

Zeta Beta Tau; Varsity Tennis; Oceatl; Commissioner<br />

of Activities.<br />

'10<br />

tie<br />

10-<br />

)n.<br />

In-<br />

CHARLES GAllUCCI-General-Tau Sigma; Newman<br />

Club; SAM. JON GAMON-Elementory Education-<br />

Canterbury Association, secretory, vice-president; Inter<br />

Faith Council; Le Cercle Francois. RICHARD GAR-<br />

NER-Industrial Arts-I EA. ROGER GASKINS-Economics-Pre-legol<br />

Society; United Campus Christian<br />

Fellowship.<br />


-Business Management-AS vice president; Senior<br />

Representative; AMS Judiciary Boord; Blue K y, secretory-trec<br />

surerr Oceoll; Theta Chi, president,<br />

treasurer; Tarastec Hall, president; Inter.Darm<br />

Council, president. JULIE GRAND-Nursing-Student<br />

Nurses Association; Young Republicans; United<br />

Campus Christian Fellowship. BEVERLY GRAND.<br />

STAFF-English-SCTA; Baptist Student Union; The.<br />

ater Guild.<br />

Ito<br />

~a<br />

pi;<br />

".<br />

\:Y<br />

VIRGINIA GASTON-Elementary Education-SCT A.<br />

ELIZABETH GEISER-Sociology-<strong>Del</strong>ta Zeto, vicepresident;<br />

Sociology Club; Marketing Association,<br />

secretory; Xolotl; Anahuac. LOUIS GEORGE-Social<br />

Science-Pi Kappa Alpha. CONNIE GIBSON-Business<br />

Management, SAM.<br />

DIANA GRASSFIELD-Art-Kappo Pi; Theater Guild;<br />

Musical Comedy Guild. MAX GRESORO JR.-Eco·<br />

nomics-Varsity Football; Blue Key, president; Beta<br />

Gamma Sigma; Oceotl. YERVAND GRIGORIANS-<br />

Civil Engineering-Cosmos Club. RONALD GROW-<br />

Industrial Arts-Theta Chi; AFROTC, Commander;<br />

Arnold Air Society: Sabre Society.<br />

.0<br />

;Cs<br />

b.<br />

In<br />

e'<br />

I;<br />

p-<br />

MARY GLASSON - Elementary Education - SCTA;<br />

Canterbury Association; Anahuac. THEODORE GLOV-<br />

ER - Marketing - Beta Gamma Sigma, president.<br />

WILLIAM' GODDARD-Psychology-Tau Sigma; SAM,<br />

vice president. GENE GOLlIET-lndustrial Arts-Industrial<br />

Arts Club.<br />

CAROL GRYSEELS-Home Economics-Home Economics<br />

Club; Newman Club. JACK HAGLER-Elementary<br />

Educotion-Kappo <strong>Del</strong>ta Pi. DONNA HAHN<br />

-Secretarial Management-Tri S, president; Publicity<br />

Code, chairman; Home Economics Club.<br />

THOMAS HAHN-Zoology-Lombdo Chi Alpha.<br />

,-<br />

I>;<br />

;.1<br />

>.<br />

I-<br />

r-<br />

I;<br />

Joel Stanley Stein has worked hard during<br />

his years at San Diego State as is<br />

shown by his accomplishments. He was<br />

president of Alpha Epsilon Rho and a<br />

member of Who's Who. He directed an<br />

Air Force closed circuit TV series and he<br />

also has directed and produced "Co-Existence."<br />

Frank Almond, outstanding student of<br />

music, has been heaped with campus honors.<br />

He has been president of Concert<br />

Choir, secretary of Blue Key and choral<br />

director of Phi Mu Alpha. Also, Frank was<br />

assistant conductor of Aztec Concert Choir<br />

and a soloist in two College Chorus performances.<br />

He has been awarded the music<br />

department Outstanding Service Key, and<br />

has been honored by election to Who's<br />

Who. Frank has not only found time to be<br />

active on campus and in his fraternity Tau<br />

Koppe. Epsilon, but has maintained a 3.9<br />

grade point average.

THOMAS HALL-Civil Engineering-<strong>Del</strong>ta Sigma Phi,<br />

ASCE; Teclons; Varsity Crew, Sigma <strong>Del</strong>la. DAVID<br />

HAMILTON-Industrial Management. GARY HAM-<br />

MOND-Music-Phi Mu Alpha. EDWARD HANSEN-<br />

Industrial Arts-Wesley Foundation, Alpha Gamma<br />

Sigma. CARlLYN HANSSON - Education - Junior<br />

Class, secretary; Commencement Chairman; Cap &<br />

Gown, president, vice-president; Chi Omega, president,<br />

vice-presidentr Cetza, treasurer; Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta<br />

Pi, vice president.<br />

BARBARA HEMPEL-Business Education-Trl S. CLIF-<br />


Elementary Education-Lombda 0 110 Sigma; SCTA;<br />

<strong>Del</strong>ta Phi Upsilon. JILL HENN-Art. PATRICIA HEN-<br />

NEUSE-Microbiology-Phi Mu Epsilon, pr sid nt,<br />

VID<br />

rei<br />

onon.<br />

.In.<br />

MARILYN HANSSON-Education-Chi Omega, president;<br />

Freshman Class, secretary, Finance Board, secretary;<br />

Pan hellenic Rush Chairman, Cap & Gown;<br />

Activities Calendar; Senior Class Council, Lower<br />

Division Representative; Homecoming Queen. JOSEPH<br />

HARDY-History-Sigma Alpha Epsilon; AMS Council;<br />

Sailing Club. MARGARET HARMON-English.<br />

JAMES HARRELL- Pre-medical - Aesculapians, vice<br />

president; Anahuac. SUSAN HARRIGAN-English.<br />

DON HENSLEY - EI mentory Education. MARILEE<br />

HENSLEY-EI m ntary Education-SCTA; 0 en's lht.<br />

JUDITH HERZ-Music-Alpho Xi 0 IIQ, pr lident;<br />

MENC, tr asurer; SCTA; Sigmo Alpho Iota, I cr •<br />

tory; Emerson Club; AWS; Music and Dromo Chair.<br />

man, Dress Codo Chairman; Spring Sing Choirmon.<br />

JEANETTE HICKMAN-EI m ntary Educotion-SCTA;<br />

Wesley Foundation. MARGARET HIGLEY - MUlic-<br />

<strong>Del</strong>ta Omicron.<br />

lito<br />

tho<br />

lis.<br />

Pi;<br />

CY<br />

GEORGE HARTLEY - Civil Engineering. HAROLD<br />

HARTMAN-Business Management. MARIAN HAW-<br />

LEY-Elemenlary Education-Alpha Xi <strong>Del</strong>ta, vice<br />

president; SCTA; Cetza. MARY SANDRA HAYES--<br />

Elementary Education-Alpha Phi, president; Penhellenic<br />

Workshop Chairman; Angel Flight, president,<br />

vice president, treasurer; Cetza; Xolotl; Cap & Gown,<br />

secretary; AS, secretary; AWS, vice president; Who's<br />

Who; Woman of the Month; Sweetheart of Tau<br />

Kappa Epsilon. SYLVESTERHAYS--Marketing-Marketing<br />

Association.<br />


Aztec Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship. EDWARD<br />

HElM-General-Lambda Chi Alpha; AMS Repre.<br />

sentative; Arnold Air Society. JUDITH HEISLER-<br />

Journalism-Alpha Gamma <strong>Del</strong>ta; Czeta, secretary;<br />

Homecoming Publicity Chairman; Spring Sing Program<br />

Chairman; Publications Board; Public Relations<br />

Board; <strong>Del</strong> Sudoeste, editor, organization editor;<br />

Aztec, society editor; Young Democrats. LLOYD<br />

HEIYDT-Social Science.<br />


-Physics. GERALD HIRSCH-Social Science-Arnold<br />

Air Society. GORDON HOARD-Indultriol Arts-In·<br />

dustrial Arh Club; Eplilon Pi Tau. STEPHEN HOLLO-<br />

WAY-Plychology-Lombda Chi Alpho, Psi Chi.<br />

MARGARET HOLMAN-English-Alpho Mu Gamma.<br />

GLORIA HOLTON - Speech - Brocos, president;<br />

Theatre Guild, secretary, treasurer; Skull & Dagger,<br />

secretary, treasurer. SUSAN HORRALL-Psychology-<br />

Kappa <strong>Del</strong>la; AWS Judiciary Board; AS Central<br />

Judicial Council. JOHN HOWO - Industrial Arh.<br />

WILLIAM HOWO-Engineering-Engineer's Association;<br />

Arnold Air Society; Oriental Students Club.<br />

Ida<br />

ies<br />

b.<br />

an<br />

I-<br />

"t,<br />

ra·<br />

In.<br />

'so<br />

Is.<br />

p;<br />

01<br />

b.<br />

I·<br />

e-<br />

d;<br />

f<br />

Alpha. Phi is proud of Sandra Hayes, an<br />

outstandang leader in campus activities.<br />

Sandra has distinguished herself as Command~r<br />

of Angel Flight, secretary to the<br />

Associated Student Body, vice president of<br />

AWS, secretary of Cap and Gown, president<br />

of Alpha Phi, and as a member of<br />

Cetza and Who's Who.<br />

The highest office in student government,<br />

Associated Student Body president,<br />

was held by Boyd Malloy. He also served<br />

as president of Oceotl and of Pi Kappa<br />

Alpha. He was a member of Blue Key and<br />

Who's Who.

I<br />

Editor-in-chief of the <strong>Del</strong> Sudoeste was<br />

Mike Evans. Mike was also active as vice<br />

president of the Senior Class, vice president<br />

and secretary of Theta Chi, art and<br />

beauty editor of the <strong>Del</strong> Sud in '60-'61,<br />

and as AMS publicity chairman. He was<br />

also a member of Xolotl, Anahuac, Homecoming<br />

Committee Publications Board, Public<br />

Relations Board and Who's Who.<br />

Skip Sutherland has served San Diego<br />

State well as Upper Division Representative,<br />

President of Theta Chi, Greek Week<br />

chairman, IFC Rush chairman, and as a<br />

member of Tau Sigma, Oceotl, and Who's<br />

Who.<br />

110<br />

pha<br />

"I .<br />

Pi,<br />

CY<br />

-'nesrislip;<br />

~iot<br />

ub.<br />

AI·<br />

re-<br />

Id;<br />

BERNICE HOYT-Business Education-Pi Omega Pi.<br />

PATRICIA HULL-Elementary Education. DAVE HUM-<br />

PHREY-Marketing-Circle K, vice president. JEF-<br />

FREY HUNTER-Chemistry. NED HUNTINGTON-Accounting-Kappa<br />

Sigma, president; Accounting Society;<br />

Letterman's Club; Rugby Club; Blue Key;<br />

Oceoll; AMS, president; Upper Division Representative;<br />

IFC Judicial Board; Athletic Baard.<br />

LINDA JOHNSTONE-English-Kappa Alpha Theta;<br />

Home Economics Club; Modern Dance Club; Cetza.<br />

LARRYJONES - Business Management - Sigma Phi<br />

Epsilon. SHARON JOPE - Elementary Education-<br />

<strong>Del</strong>ta Zeta; Dean's List. JULIA JORGENSEN-Ele·<br />

mentary Education-Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta, president; Pan·<br />

hellenic, secretary, vice president, president; Kappa<br />

<strong>Del</strong>ta Pi; <strong>Del</strong>ta Phi Upsilon; SCTA; ACE; Cap &.<br />

Gown; AWS Council. KATHLEEN KALAB-Social<br />

Science-Pi Sigma Alpha; Phi Alpha Theta; Alpha<br />

Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta; Newman Club; Anahuac; Young<br />

Democrats.<br />


Personnel Management-Alpha Phi Omega; Alpha<br />

Gamma Sigma; Newman Club; Circle K; SAM; Tau<br />

Sigma; Young Republicans. GRACE ICHISHITA-Education-SCTA;<br />

United Campus Christian Fellawship;<br />

College Y; Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta Pi; Pi Theta; <strong>Del</strong>ta Phi Upsilon.<br />

PATRICIA ISBERG-Elementary Education-Chi<br />

Omega; Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta Pi; SCTA; Cap & Gown, treasurer;<br />

Alpha lambda <strong>Del</strong>ta, president; Cetza; <strong>Del</strong>ta<br />

Phi Upsilon; AWS, secretary. CLARETHA JACKSON-<br />

Saciology-Social Work Club.<br />

JOHN KALLING-Engineering-5AE; Aztec Ski Club;<br />

Circle K. BARBARA KENNEDY-Elementary Education-SCTA;<br />

<strong>Del</strong>ta Phi Upsilon; Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta Pi.<br />

RICHARD KENNETT- Business Management. JULIA<br />

KETLER-Elementary Education-ACE; <strong>Del</strong>ta Phi Upsilon.<br />

STANLEY KING-Elementary Education.<br />

NORMAN JANGAARD-Life Science-Pi Kappo Alpha;<br />

Oceoll; Anahuac; AS Publicity Code; Phi Sigma<br />

Xi, vice president. DWIGHT JEFFREY-Psychology-<br />

Dormitory Judiciary Board; AMS Judiciary Board.<br />

MARIE JEFFREY-General-<strong>Del</strong>ta Zeta, secretary;<br />

Tri S; Tau Sigma; Young Republicans; Christian<br />

Science Organization, secretary, treasurer. ROBERT<br />

JENSEN - Accounting - Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Accounting<br />

Society; Inter-fraternity Council. DORIS<br />

JOHNSON-General.<br />

NORMA KIPP-Elementary Educatian-SCTA; Kappa<br />

<strong>Del</strong>ta Pi; <strong>Del</strong>ta Phi Upsilon. LAURENCE KLEMM-<br />

Chemistry-Lutheran Student Association; American<br />

Chemical Society; American Rocket Society. HARRY<br />

KNECHT-Business Administration. GAYLEN KNUT-<br />

SON - Chemistry - Sigma Phi Epsilan; American<br />

Chemical Society. JOHN KNUTSON-Mathematics.<br />

NANCY JOHNSON-Elementary Education. RICHARD<br />

JOHNSON-Business Management. BARBARA JOHN-<br />

STON - Education - Wesley Foundation. GEORGE<br />


Sociology-Social Welfare Club; Wesley Foundation;<br />

Cetzo.<br />

LINDA KOENIG-Social Science-Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta, secretory;<br />

XololI; Cetza; Cap & Gown; Phi Alpha<br />

Theta' Alpha Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta. JOYCE KOHLER-Erement;ry<br />

Education-SCTA; Wesley Foundation; Mayo<br />

Hall, wing president. CHARLES KORTY-Mathe·<br />

motics. CHARLEY KOTEK-Civil Engineering-ASCE;<br />

Cosmos Club, secretory; le Cercle Francais. LARRY<br />

KRAFT-Marketing-Marketing Association.


MANN-Elementary Education-Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta; SCTA;<br />

Le Cercle Francais. MARIE KWON-Psychology_<br />

Modern Dance Club, secretary, president. GARY<br />

LANDERS-Accounting-T 0 Itee H a II, t rea sur e r.<br />

GENIE LANDON-Elementary Education.<br />

HELENLOKKE- Elementary Education - <strong>Del</strong>ta Phi<br />

Upsilon; ACE; Anahuac. NETA LOO-Nursing-Student<br />

nuress' Association. ELWYN LOSS-Engineer·<br />

ing. SUSAN LOVELACE-Social Science. DAVID<br />

LOVELL-Engineering.<br />

LARRY LANDON - Industrial Arts - Anahauc; lndustrial<br />

Arts Club; Epsilon Pi Tau; Freshman Tennis.<br />

MARVIN LANDON-Psychology-Tau Kappa Epsilon;<br />

Pep Rally Committee; Homecoming Committee.<br />

WILLIAM LANDRY-Mathematics-Freshman Basketball.<br />

LINDA LANDSBERG - Journalism - Aztec, reporter.<br />

ALMA LARA-Elementary Education.<br />

TERRY LUALLIN-Physics. JANET McCLEAVE-Elementary<br />

Education - Kappa Alpha Theta; SCTA.<br />

RONALD McCLEAVE-Zoology-Koppa Sigma. LES-<br />

LIE MciNERNY-Social Welfare-Social Work Club.<br />

JEANELLA McKENZIE-English-Anahuac.<br />

MA\ ..S LARKIN-Elementary Education-<strong>Del</strong>ta Phi<br />

Upsilon. CYNTHIA LARSON-Elementary Education<br />

-Alpha Gamma <strong>Del</strong>ta; SCTA; Junior Pan hellenic,<br />

president; Olmeca Hall, vice president. KATHRYN<br />

LAYTON-Art. OLGA LEIFERT-Business Education-<br />

Pi Omega Pi; SCTA. LOUIS LESSOR-Psychology-<br />

Lambda Chi Alpha, vice president; Freshman<br />

Wrestling; Founder's Day Chairman; Xolotl, treasurer;<br />

Oceotl; Blue Book Ball chairman; Greek Week In<br />

Committee.<br />

LYNNE KIDDER McLEWIN-Elementary Education-<br />

Chi Omega, treasurer; Crescents; SCTA, treasurer<br />

president, state secretary; <strong>Del</strong>ta Phi Upsilon; Koppe.<br />

<strong>Del</strong>ta Pi; Cap & Gown. PHILIP McLEWIN-lndustrial<br />

Management-Lambda Chi Alpha; SAM; Dean's<br />

List. DAVID McMILLAN-Mathematics-Aztec Ski<br />

Club; Rugby. JAMES MACCUBBIN-General. MAR-<br />

ILYN MALONEY-English-Alpha Chi Omega, president.<br />

MEDORA LETHBRIDGE- Soci a Iog y - A Iph a Chi<br />

Omega; Sweethearts of the Diamond. CAROLE LEW<br />

-Nursing-Oriental Student's Club; Student Nurses'<br />

Association; Cosmo Club. STANLEY LEWANDOWSKI<br />

-Business Management-SAM; Tau Sigma. GLORIA<br />

LIM-General. BETSY LIMBACH-Elementary Education-Kappa<br />

Alpha Theta; SCTA; ACE; AS Social<br />

Committee; <strong>Del</strong> Sudoeste, staff.<br />

DELORES MANLEY-Marketing-Marketing Associa·<br />

tion. RALPH MANN - Mathematics - Sigma Alpha<br />


Social Science-Theta Chi, secretary; IFC, vice president,<br />

secretary, rush chairman; SCTA, president;<br />

vice president; Who's Who; Oceotl, vice president;<br />

Public Relations Board; Publicity Code; Dean's List;<br />

Freshman Camp Chairman.<br />

Chrijlie ::Davij<br />

Active on campus has been Christie<br />

Davis. She has been publicity code chairman,<br />

Senior Class Representative Upper<br />

Division Representative, AWS Ori~ntation<br />

chairman, president of Cetza, wing president<br />

of Zapotec Hall, and a member<br />

of the lectures and Assemblies Committee,<br />

and Who's Who.<br />

Jerry Archer has been active on campus<br />

as editor and managing editor of the<br />

Daily Aztec. He has also m~intained a 3.0<br />

grade point average and IS a member of<br />

Who's<br />


flO<br />

cI<br />

~non.<br />

In.<br />

Larry Marquand, shown here with "Ox"<br />

the mascot of Theta Chi, has been an outstanding<br />

leader in campus activities. He<br />

has been active as Spring Rush chairman,<br />

secretary, and vice president of IFC, vice<br />

president of Oceotl, vice president and<br />

president of SCTA, secretary of Theta Chi<br />

and a member of the Public Relations<br />

Board, Publicity Code Committee, and<br />

Who's Who.<br />

James Gould was active on campus as<br />

Senior Representative, Associated Student<br />

Body vice president, secretary-treasurer of<br />

Blue Key, president and treasurer of Theta<br />

Chi, president of Tarastec Hall, president<br />

of Interdorm Council and as a member of<br />

AMS Judiciary Board, and Who's Who.<br />

ho<br />

ho<br />

is·<br />

Pi;<br />

::V<br />

10<br />

C$<br />

b.<br />

rn<br />

e-<br />

I;<br />

e-<br />

,-<br />

I;<br />

,I<br />

I.<br />

I<br />

LOIS MARTIN-Sociology-Alpha Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta.<br />

DORIS MATLIN-Elementary Education-Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta.<br />

THOMAS MATSON-Industrial Management-<br />

United Campus Christian Fellowship: Wesley Foundation:<br />

Inter Protestant & Anglican Council, president:<br />

Inter Faith Council: Tau Sigma: Arnold Air<br />

Society; Sabre Society: SAM, secretary. MORIMASA<br />

MATSUMOTO-Banking & Finance-SAM. WILLIAM<br />

MATTOON-Industrial Arts-Industrial Arts Club;<br />

Accounting Society: Epsilon Pi Tau.<br />

CHARLES MORGAN - Physical Education - Kappa<br />

Sigma: CAHPER: Freshman Baseball. CAROLYN<br />

MORRIS - Elementary Education ~ Alpha Gamma<br />

<strong>Del</strong>ta; SCTA; Homecoming Princess; Crescents;<br />

Lambda Chi Alpha Princess: Greek Week Committee.<br />


MUSSO - Elementary Education - Alpha Gamma<br />

<strong>Del</strong>ta: SCTA: ACE: Crescents; Pan hellenic, secretarytreasurer:<br />

AWS Judiciary Board, secretary. HERMAN<br />

NEHLSEN-Marketing-Marketing Association, president:<br />

SAM: Tau Sigma.<br />

VAN MAULIS-Geology. FRED MAXWELL-Business<br />

Management-Theta Chi: SAM. PATRICIA MEHL-<br />

Speech-Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta, president: Theater Guild.<br />

DORENE MEISCH-Nursing-Student Nurse's Association.<br />

ROY METCALFE-Chemistry.<br />

MIKE I. NEIL - Pre-law - Sigma Chi. FREDERICK<br />

NERVO-Pre-law. PIERRE NEY-Economics-Pi Kappa<br />


Education - SPEC; CAHPER. ROY NORMAN-<br />

Chemistry-American Chemical Society.<br />


Business Management-SAM: Marketing Association;<br />

Tau Sigma. JANET MILLER-Speech-Brocas;<br />

Cap & Gown. RAYMOND MILLER-Accounting-<br />

Theta Chi: Accounting Society; Beta Alpha Psi.<br />

MIDING MIRAFLOR-Elementary Education-Alpha<br />

Chi Omega; Angel Flight; Cetza.<br />

JANET O'MALLEY _ Psychology - Alpha Gamma<br />

<strong>Del</strong>ta, president: Psi Chi: Cap & Gown; Cetza: AW~,<br />

treasurer, judiciary board; Homecoming Queen s<br />

I chairman. RONALD OMsTED-Biology. HAROLD OR-<br />

CUTT- Public Administration - Pi Sigma Alpha.<br />

ROSE ORRANTIA-English. DOLORES ORTEGA-Elementary<br />

Education-SCTA.<br />


Nursing-Student Nurse's Association. ROY MOORE<br />

-Engineering. DURWARD MOORHEAD-Art-Upper<br />

Division Representative: Senior Class president;<br />

Homecoming Chairman: Special Events Board chairman;<br />

Tau Kappa Epsilon, vice president, secretary;<br />

<strong>Del</strong> Sudoesle, lay-out editor. LIONEL MORDECAI-<br />

Physics-Sigma Phi Epsilon.<br />

JOHN OsBURN-Accounting-Sigma Alpha Epsilon;<br />

Accounting Society; Musical Comedy Guild. DA.R-<br />

LENE OSTER-Home Ecanomics-Home EconomIcs<br />

Club. CAROLE PADEN-Elementary Education-Alpha<br />

Gamma <strong>Del</strong>ta' Phi Mu Epsilon, president; Newmon<br />

Club. Young' Democrats; Pan hellenic Council.<br />

STEPHEN 'PALL-Psychology-Tau Kappa Epsilon;<br />

Phi Mu Alpha. NANCY PANGBORN-Home Economics-Home<br />

Economics Club, president; Maya<br />

Hall, treasurer.


DUE-Journalism-Azetc, staff; Mayo Hall, publicity<br />

chairman. GEORGE PARKER-Mechanical Engineering-Tau<br />

Kappa Epsilon; SAE. VIRGINIA<br />

PARKER- Elementary Education - SCTA. DOUGLAS<br />

PATINO-General.<br />

YVONNE PITHA - Elementary Education. DAVID<br />

PITTS-Social Science-Lambda Chi Alpha; Circle<br />

K; Newman Club. SHARON PLATT-Secretarial Management-Tau<br />

Sigma; Tri S; Canterbury Association.<br />

GLENN POLATTY-Industriol Arts. LARRY POPE-Industrial<br />

Arts-Industrial Arts Club.<br />

I<br />

I<br />

WILLIAM PATTEN - Finance - Sigma Chi. BOBBI<br />

MC CALL PAUL - Elementary Education - Gamma<br />

Phi Beta; SCTA; Cetza; Sophomore Class, secretary;<br />

AWS Representative. BARBARA PAYTON-Nursing<br />

-Student Nurses' Association. BETTY PEARA-<br />

Harne Economics - Home Economics Club. MIKE<br />

PEARLMAN - Social Science.<br />

DEBORAH POSTE - Elementary Education - <strong>Del</strong>to<br />

Zeto; SCTA. LE ROY PRICE-Sociol Sci nee-Alpha<br />

Tou Omega. WALTER PROFFITT JR.-Public Administration.<br />

DON PYKE-Art-Art Guild; Kappa Pi;<br />

Newman Club; Dormitory Resident Assistont. NANCY<br />

QUICK-Home Economics-SCTA.<br />

DONNA PEEPLES - Elementary Education - <strong>Del</strong>ta<br />

Zeta; Xolotl; SCTA. BRYSON PENNOYER-Physics-<br />

Theta Chi; Sigma Pi Sigma; IRE; Wesley Foundation.<br />


-Marketing-Kappa Sigma; Marketing Association;<br />

Freshman Football; Varsity Rugby; Oceotl. THEO·<br />

DORA PFAU - Education - <strong>Del</strong>ta Phi Upsilon; Pi<br />

Theta.<br />

EUGENE QUIGLEY - Banking & Finance -lambda<br />

Chi Alpha; SAM. ELAINE QUON-Home Economics<br />

-Home Economics Club; Oriental Students Club.<br />

RICHARD RAFTER-Chemistry-Sigma Pi; American<br />

Chemical Society, president. BARBARA RAMBY-Elementary<br />

Education-SCTA; Mayo Hall, president;<br />

Wesley Foundation. PONCIANO RAMIREZ-Geography-Arnold<br />

Air Society; Sabre Society.<br />

SUSAN PHILLIPS-Social Science-<strong>Del</strong>ta Zeta; Dean's<br />

list. VERDUN PHILLIPS-Elementary Education. JACK<br />

PIERCE-Industrial Arts-Epsilon Pi Tau; Kappa<br />

<strong>Del</strong>ta Pi; Industrial Arts Club; SANDRA PIERI-English-AS<br />

Secretary; Unethical Practices Boord. LOUIS<br />

PILSON-Industrial Arts-Anahuac, president.<br />

ROLAND RAY-Industrial Arts-Epsilon Pi Tau; Industrial<br />

Arts Club; los Buzos. JAMES REA-Philosophy-Philosophy<br />

Club; German Club; Aztec Christian<br />

Fellowship; United Campus Christian Fellowship;<br />

Young Democrats. HOWARD RECTOR- Industrial<br />

Arts - Alpha Phi Omega; Industrial Arts Club.<br />

JAMES REED-Elementary Education-Pi Kappa Alpha;<br />

Greek Week Brochure Chairman. JOHN REED-<br />

Pre-low-lambda Chi Alpha, vice president, secretory;<br />

Pre-legal Society; Musical Comedy Guild;<br />

Oceotl.<br />

• •<br />

AMS president, Ned Huntington, has<br />

been active on campus as Upper Division<br />

Representative and president of Kappa<br />

Sigma. He was a member of the Student-<br />

Faculty Committee on fraternal problems,<br />

Oceotl, Blue Key, Rugby Club, and Who's<br />

Who.<br />

Lynn Loughrey was the only junior to<br />

be chosen as a member of Who's Who<br />

this year. She has been active as president<br />

of Associated Women Students, treasurer<br />

of Panhellenic, office manager of Pcnhellenic,<br />

and vice president of Alpha Phi.

Jan O'Malley has directed much of her<br />

time toward campus activities as treasurer<br />

of AWS, Homecoming Queen chairman,<br />

president and treasurer of Alpha Gamma<br />

<strong>Del</strong>ta, and as a member of Cap a ..d<br />

Gown and Who's Who. She has also<br />

maintained a 3.0 grade point average.<br />

Jack Sharpe has been active on campus<br />

as treasurer of IFC, president and secretary<br />

of Zeta Beta Tau, and as a member of<br />

AMS Judiciary Board, Student-Faculty<br />

Committee on Fraternal Problems and<br />

Who's Who.<br />

ROBERT RETTI N GER-Psychology_ Theta Chi;<br />

Arnold Air Society. JAMES RIDDELL-Social Science<br />

-Anthropology Society. VIRGINIA RIGGS - Elementary<br />

Education-<strong>Del</strong>ta Phi Upsilon. ALBERTROD-<br />

RIGUEZ-Industrial Arts-Industrial Arts Club; Epsilon<br />

Pi Tau; Newman Club. SARA ROMBERG-Art_<br />

Pi Beta Phi; Women's Tennis; Senior Class, treasurer;<br />

Homecoming Court.<br />

ANNE SCHANK-Marketing-<strong>Del</strong>ta Gamma, rreesurer;<br />

Marketing Association, vice-president. MARI-<br />

LYN SCHARN-Micrabiology-Phi<br />

Mu Epsilon.<br />

ROSEMARIE SCHMID-Home Economics-Home Economics<br />

Club, secretary; Newman Club. DAVID<br />

SCHMITT - Accounting - <strong>Del</strong>ta Sigma Phi; Account·<br />

ing Society; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Gamma Sigma; Beta<br />

Alpha Psi. CARLETON SCHROEDER JR.-Political<br />

Science-Rugby; Alpha Gam Man.<br />

RIC~ARD ROPPE-Social Science-Sigma Chi, vice<br />

presiden t, Freshman Basketball; Varsity Basketball;<br />

Oceotl. JACQUELINE ROSE-Physical Education-<br />



BIO-Spanish-Alpha Mu Gamma; Sociedad Hisponicc.<br />

GARY SCHROEDER-Zoology-Aesculapians; Pi<br />

Sigma Xi. MARY SCHROEDER-Elementary Education-Pi<br />

Beta Phi; SCTA; ACE; <strong>Del</strong>ta Phi Upsilon;<br />

Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta Pi. POLLY SCHUNERT-Elementary Education-SCTA;<br />

<strong>Del</strong>ta Phi Upsilon. EVELYN SCOTT-<br />

Home Economics. WAYNE SEDEN-Engineering-<br />

SAE; lAS.<br />

,<br />

I<br />

F.RANK<br />

ROBIN RULE- Art. MARY RUSSELL- Education.<br />

VERNON SAFFORD - General- <strong>Del</strong>ta Sigma Phi.<br />

SCTA; Industrial Arts Club; Faotball Manager:<br />

SALLY SAHA-Elementary Education. RICHARD SALL-<br />

STROM-Business Management.<br />

SANCHEZ-Marketing - Marketing Associaloon;<br />

SAM; Beta Gamma Sigma. ELIZABETH<br />

SANDER - Elementary Education - SCTA; WAYNE<br />

SANDER - Engineering - Institute of Industrial Engineers,<br />

vice president. PHILIP SARFAN-General_<br />

Zeta Beta Tau; Circle K. TREVA SATTERTHWAITE_<br />

Elementary Education.<br />

JUDITH SEYMOUR-Sociology-Alpha Chi Omega;<br />

Young Republicans, secretory; AWS Frosh Fete Chairman;<br />

Dress Code Commillee. EMERSON SHARP-<br />

Psychology. JACK SHARPE-Accounting-Zeta Beta<br />

Tau, president, secretory; IFC, president, treasurer;<br />

Oceotl, treasurer; Who's Who. JIMMIE SHERRICK-<br />

Geology - Tectons, president. CAROL SHIGLEY-<br />

Social Science - Lutheran Association; Musical<br />

Comedy Guild.<br />

WILLIAM SHIPLEY- Business Management - Sigma<br />

Alpha Epsilon; Tau Sigma; Varsity Track; Oceoll;<br />

Aztec, sports editor; AMS, vice prl!sident. MARY LOU<br />

SHOEMAKER-General. SIDNEY SHOOK-Elementary<br />

Education-Pi Beta Phi; Angel Flight; Cap & Gown;<br />

Alpha Lambda <strong>Del</strong>ta; lillie Sisters of Minerva.<br />

JESSE SIMMONS-Accounting-Accounting Society.<br />



Accounting. RONALD SJOGREN-Geogrophy-Aztec<br />

Geography Club. RONALD SLOCUM-Business Monagement-Tau<br />

Koppo Epsilon, president; Oceoll;<br />

XololI; Baseball.<br />

MICHAEL SPERBER- Economics - l to Beta Tau,<br />

Varsity Tennis, Oceoll; Freshman Cabinet; Gr k<br />

Week Committee. DORENE STAIT-EI men tory Edu.<br />

cation-Gamma Phi Beta; SCTA. JOHN STALEY JR.<br />

-Phisics-Pi Kappa Alpha; AMS Council. ANN<br />

STANDIFORD-Home Economics - Hom Economics<br />

Club, United Campus Christian Fellowship.<br />

CORNELIA SLUIS-Secretarial Management. CHARLES<br />

SMITH-Business Management-Lambda Chi Alpha;<br />

SAM; Freshman Basketball; Oceoll; IFC Representctive.<br />

DONALD SMITH-Social Science. DAVID SMITH<br />

-Business Administration-Sigma Chi; Marketing<br />

Association; Oceoll; Commissioner of Finonce.<br />

JOANNE STANSBURY-El m ntary Education - Chi<br />

Omega; <strong>Del</strong>la Phi Upsilon, Kappa <strong>Del</strong>la Pi; Lambda<br />

Chi Alpha Cress & Cresc nt Girl. JAMES STEELE-<br />

Accounting-Accounting Soci ty; Tau Sigma, Beta<br />

Alpha Psi. KATHLEEN STEVENS- English - Kappa<br />

Alpha Theta; Angel Flight; Hom coming Commillee;<br />

Greek Week Committe; Founder's Day Committ e;<br />

Canterbury Auociation; Belle of Blu Book Ball,<br />

Sigma Chi Sweetheart; Queen of Sigma 0 110 ChI,<br />

<strong>Del</strong> Sudoeste, staff. MARIAN STILLE-5aciology-<br />

<strong>Del</strong>la leta, president; Alpha Phi Gamma; Publica·<br />

tions Board; XololI, Aztec, society editor.<br />

KATHERINE ELLIOT SMITH-Elementary Education-<br />

Chi Omega; SCTA, vice-president. KENNETH SMITH<br />

-Socialogy. LYNNE BALL SMITH-Elementary Education-Chi<br />

Omega; <strong>Del</strong>ta Phi Upsilon; Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta<br />

Pi; Cap & Gown; Sophomore Representative; Junior<br />

Class, vice-pres ident, Pan hellenic Rush Council.<br />

PATRICIA SMITH-Secretoriol Manogement-Wesley<br />

Foundation, secretary.<br />

CHARLOTTE STOUT-Elementary Education-SCT A;<br />

Interfaith Council, treasurer; United Campus Christ.<br />

ian Fellowship, president, United Compus Christian<br />

Fellowship National Council. FRANK STRATTON-Engineering-ASCE;<br />

Sigma <strong>Del</strong>la; Civil Engineers So·<br />

ciety. SHARON STRATTON-Generol-<strong>Del</strong>la leta-<br />

American Chemical Society; SCTA; Newman Club.<br />

JOSEPH STRAWN-5acial Welfare--Psi Chi; Alpha<br />

Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta.<br />

RICHARD SMITH-P h y sic a I Ed u co ti 0 n-CAHPER.<br />

WALTER SMUDllN - Elementary Education-SCTA.<br />

DIANE SNELL- Art. DONALD SOUlA - Business<br />

Management-Alpha Phi Omega; Sigma Pi; Tau<br />

Sigma; SAM; Marketing Association; Roger Williams<br />

Club.<br />


-Social Science-Wrestling Team. MILDRED STUART<br />

-Psychology-Alpha Lambda <strong>Del</strong>ta; Alpha Mu<br />

Gamma; Alpha Kappa <strong>Del</strong>la. CARLE STURl-Psycholagy-Lambda<br />

Chi Alpha.<br />

. J.o.e Kiefer has been active as Upper<br />

DIVISIon Representative, secretary of IFC<br />

se~reta~y of Oceotl, president of Sigm~<br />

P.h, Epsilon, and as a member of the Spe-<br />

~a~ ,Events Board, Finance Committee,<br />

os Who, and Blue Key.<br />

Julia Jorgensen has served San Diego<br />

State well as president, vice president, and<br />

secretary of Pan hellenic, vice president of<br />

Cap and Gown, president of Kappa delta,<br />

and as a member of Kappa <strong>Del</strong>ta Pi and<br />

<strong>Del</strong>ta Phi Upsilon. She has also maintained<br />

a 3.2 grade point average and was<br />

chosen a member of Who's Who.

Chi Omega is proud of Marilyn Hansson.<br />

She has been active as secretary<br />

of the Freshman class, secretary of the<br />

Finance Board, Panhellenic rush chairman,<br />

Home Coming Queen and lower division<br />

representative. She is also a member of<br />

Cap and Gown, Senior Class Council,<br />

Activities Calendar Committee and Who's<br />

Who. She has maintained d 3.6 grade<br />

point average.<br />

Chi Omega is also proud of Carilyn<br />

Hansson. She has been active as secretary<br />

of the Junior Class, commencement chairman,<br />

president of Cap and Gown, vice<br />

president and president of Chi Omega,<br />

treasurer of Cetza, and president of Kappa<br />

<strong>Del</strong>ta Pi. She has also maintained a<br />

3.75 grade point average.<br />

DAVID STUTZ-Business Management-Lambda Chi<br />

Alpha; SAM. PATRICIA SUlLIVAN-Home Economics<br />

-Newman Club; Home Economics Club. DELILA<br />

SVEDBERG-H 0 m e Econ 0 m i c s-Home Economics<br />

Club. ALAN SVOBODA-Marketing-SAM. BURTON<br />

SWAIM-Social Welfare--Tau Kappa Epsilon; Social<br />

Welfare Club; Varsity Baseball.<br />

VAUGHAN THOMPSON - Mathematics - Alpha Phi<br />

Omega; Circle K; Roger Williams Club; Pep Club.<br />


TRIMMER-Elementary Education. RICHARD TROEL-<br />

STRUP-Psychology-Young Democrats; Committee<br />

For Student Action; Psi Chi. IRIN UMEMOTO-Philis.<br />

ophy.<br />


Economics. WALLACE SYLVESTER - Engineering<br />

DWIGHT TARDY _ Chemistry - Phi Sigma Kappa.<br />

GEORGE TATE-Physics.<br />

SA~DRA VAN BIBBER-English-Alpha Chi Omega;<br />

SenIor Class, secretary; Greek Week Dance Chairmon;<br />

Spring Sing Chairman. LAWRENCE VAN DOR-<br />

EN-5igma Pi Sigma; IRE. RICHARD VAN DUSEN-<br />

Industrial Arts-Industrial Arts Club; Dean's List.<br />

LINDA VAN GUNDY - Elementary Education-Chi<br />

Omega; SCTA. EDNA VAN HORN-Nursing-5tu·<br />

dent Nurses' Association.<br />

CARMEN TAYLOR-5acial Welfare. JAMES TAYLOR<br />

-Psychology-ACLU; Psi Chi. JOHN TAYLOR-In·<br />

dustrial Arts-Industrial Arts Club; Epsilon Pi Ta~,<br />

president. JULIA THAYER-Education-Pi Beta Ph,.<br />

ROBERT THOLL-Industrial Arts-Alpha Tau Omega;<br />

Industrial Arts Club; Oceol/.<br />

DARLENE VERNON-Physical Educotion-SPEC;<br />


ment. EVANGELINE VON GUNDEN-Elementary Edu·<br />

c!ltion-5CTA. 10NA WADE-Spanish-Alpha Mu<br />

Gamma; SCTA. CHARLES WAGNER-Psychology-<br />

Lambda Chi Alpha; Freshman Baseball; Varsity Baseball;<br />

Dean's List.<br />

FRANCINA THOMAS--Saciology-Alpha Kappa ~I.<br />

pha. BARBARA THOMPSON_Elementary Educa!lon<br />

-5CTA. DAVID THOMPSON-Civil Engineering;<br />


THOMPSON-Accounting-Accounting Society.<br />

DOROTHY WAG~ER-Elementary Education-AI·<br />

pha Phi; ACE; SCTA; Sophomore Class, vice president;<br />

Cetza, vice president; Homecoming Committee;<br />

AWS Service Chairman. JOHN WAHL-General.<br />

RONALD WALKER - Physical Education. WILLIAM<br />

WALTERS-Accounting _ Accounting Society; Toltec<br />

Hall. secretary-treasurer. JOHN WARE-Mathematics<br />

-Lambda Chi Alpha; Crew; Phi Eta Sigma; Xolol/.

KATHRYN WARNER-Business Education _ Gamma<br />

Phi Beta, treasurer; Little Sisters of Minerva. DONNA<br />

WATERS-Education. BERTA WEATHERBY-Elementary<br />

Education. THElMA WEEKS-Journalism-Aztec,<br />

feature editor; Alpha Phi Gamma. DOUG WEIMER-<br />

English-Pi Kappa Alpha; Aztec Ski Club.<br />

PRESTON WILLIAMS-Mar ting-Mark ting Association.<br />

JUDY WllLMARTH - Physical Educotion-<br />

SPEC, vic .presid nl, CAHPER. PEGGY WILSON-<br />

Physical Educotion - appo D Ito Pi; Pi Th 10.<br />

HERMAN WONG-Moth motics-Orienlol Siudenis<br />

Club. CAROL WOODS-Microbiolagy- oppo D Ita,<br />

tr osur r; Phi Mu Epsilon, vic -pr sid nl.<br />

I<br />

II<br />

JOHN. WELBURN-Industrial Arts-Epsilon Pi Tau;<br />

Industroal Arts Club. EDWARD WELCH-Business<br />

Management - Tau Sigma, secretary, treasurer;<br />

SAM, president, vice president; Golf. IVAN WELLS-<br />

Engineering-American Society of Civil Engineers.<br />


NERHOLM-Psychology-lambda Chi Alpha.<br />

CHARLES WOOTEN-Sociol Sci nc -Tou Kappo Ep.<br />

silan. CURTIS WRIGHT - Social Sci nc. DAl<br />

WRIGHT JR.-Saclol Sci nce-Sigmo Phi Epsilon.<br />

KEISUKE YAMADA - EI m nlory du(otion-En·<br />

gin er's Associolion; SAM; Ori ntol Slud nts Club,<br />

presid nt, vlce-pr sid nt. RUFUS YOUNG JR.-5oclol<br />

Sci nce-Koppo Sigma; AS Suprem Courl; AMS<br />

Council.<br />

JOHN WENZEL - Accounting - Pi Kappa Alpha.<br />

HOWARD WEXLER-Business Management. PATRICIA<br />

WHITE-Business Education-Alpha Gamma <strong>Del</strong>ta'<br />

Pi Omega Pi. CHARLES WILCOX-Microbiology. '<br />

I<br />


Physics-IRE. LETTYZANE - Microbiology-Phi Mu<br />

Epsilon.<br />

Max Gresoro was a member of Beta<br />

Gamma Sigma, Oceotl, and president of<br />

Blue ~ey. He was a varsity letterman in<br />

football for two years and still maintained<br />

a 3.86 grade point average! He was chosen<br />

AMS Man of the Month and as a member<br />

of Who's Who.<br />

Richard Davis has served San Diego<br />

State well as Men's Dormitory Representative<br />

to AS Council, Upper Division Representative,<br />

senior resident assistant of T~rastec<br />

Hall, house judiciary board chairman<br />

and staff representative to Interdorm<br />

Council. He is also a member of Phi<br />

Alpha Theta and Who's Who. He has a<br />

3.0 grade point average.

189<br />

J'" ,

I<br />

Marga<br />

Axtell<br />

Pat<br />

Bartlett<br />

Cynthia<br />

Boyd<br />

D. Cappadonno<br />

Carol<br />

Dawson<br />

Coral<br />

Down<br />

Harry Bohlin Jerry Budd<br />

Ron Cohen<br />

Ron Demier<br />

Marilyn<br />

Dupree<br />

Mike<br />

Evans<br />

Alice<br />

Fox<br />

Lix Geiser<br />

Norma<br />

Giannone<br />

Ce<br />

Godbout<br />

I<br />

I<br />

Xolotl<br />

II<br />

Willie Horton Tom Logans<br />

Dean<br />

McDaniel<br />

Bob<br />

Stuckey<br />

I<br />

XOlOTl was organized in 1942 as a coeducational<br />

service organization for the purpose of advising and<br />

counseling new freshmen and transfers to the academic<br />

and service activities of 5DS. This year, Xolotl<br />

sponsored the Frosh Beanie sale and assisted in various<br />

activities during freshmen orientation week.<br />

Dennis Nix<br />

President<br />

r<br />

f<br />

Vaughan Thompson John Wills<br />

Jim<br />

Wright<br />

Jan<br />

Hamner<br />

Ginger<br />

Irvine<br />

Linda<br />

Jones<br />

Bill Kronberger<br />

Rich Lessor<br />

Marion<br />

Little<br />

Circle k<br />

CIRCLE K, a men's service organization, is sponsored<br />

by the Kiwanians. Their motto is "We Build."<br />

Among the many activities this year was the annual<br />

Pancake Breakfast with the proceeds going to charity<br />

of their choice. The officers for the year were:<br />

Mike 51avit, president; Dick DeNeure, vice president;<br />

Dean McDaniel, secretary; Roy Harrison,<br />

treasurer.<br />

Mike Siavit<br />

President<br />

Linda<br />

Luallln<br />

Lance<br />

Miller<br />

Doug<br />

Newcomb<br />

Nancy<br />

Olson<br />

Jan<br />

O'Malley<br />

Donna<br />

Peeples<br />

190<br />

Norma<br />

Rogers<br />

Penny<br />

Rutledge<br />

Betty<br />

Sams<br />

Karen<br />

Schnick<br />

Shirley<br />

Sheldon<br />

Carol Wright 191

I<br />

I<br />

II<br />

Oceotl<br />

OCEon was organized at San Diego<br />

State in 1933. It is an honorary service<br />

organization for men students who have a<br />

"C" average and outstanding service to<br />

the college. One of the activities Oceotl<br />

includes is painting of the "5" on Black<br />

Mountain.<br />

Bob Burton, President<br />

Kathy Estey<br />

President<br />

Cetza<br />

CETZA is a lower division honorary<br />

service organization for women. A 2.5<br />

grade average, 15 hours of school service<br />

and participation in at least on<br />

school activity are the membership qualifications.<br />

The officers for th fall sem s-<br />

ter are: Kathy Estey, pr sid nt; Andi<br />

Tromblee, vice pre sid nt; Sally Nunn,<br />

secretary; Barbara Spurgeon, treasur r.<br />

Jerry Aalfs<br />

John<br />

Blackwood<br />

Ken Clayman<br />

Warren<br />

Dean<br />

Pat Bartlett<br />

Mary Bevington<br />

Ann Carroll Sharon Cummings<br />

Pat Dennis<br />

lalo<br />

Gonzales<br />

Steve Gordon<br />

Jim Gould<br />

Jay<br />

Headley<br />

Arold<br />

Hornstein<br />

linda<br />

Garnett<br />

Pat Hamecher<br />

Kay Herman<br />

Kathy Kemper<br />

Ned Huntington<br />

Norm Jangaard<br />

Nap Jones<br />

Joe Kiefer<br />

AI Knoll<br />

Boyw Malloy<br />

Carol<br />

Kidder<br />

linda<br />

lundquist<br />

Nikki Nordstrom<br />

Sally Nunn<br />

Ann Oslund<br />

larry<br />

Marquand<br />

Steve Meek<br />

Gary<br />

Montgomery<br />

Dick Roppe<br />

Dick Sims<br />

Dave Smith<br />

Judy<br />

Smith<br />

Barbara<br />

Spurgeon<br />

Barbara<br />

Tosten<br />

Andi Tromblee<br />

Kathy Upshaw·<br />

192<br />

i<br />

~,~---------<br />

Scott Snell<br />

Mike Sperber<br />

Jim Street<br />

Skip Sutherland<br />

Ben Trovaten<br />

Bob Weir<br />


Jack<br />

Anderson<br />

Mike<br />

Angus<br />

Harry<br />

Bohlin<br />

John<br />

Berg<br />

Jim<br />

Brenner<br />

Leonard Christ Gordon Hoard<br />

John<br />

Howo<br />

Larry Landon<br />

Harry Leon<br />

William<br />

Mattoon<br />

Richard<br />

Buck<br />

John<br />

Buckton<br />

Jerry<br />

Budd<br />

Don<br />

Dernier<br />

Ray<br />

Fellers<br />

Irvin Peterson Jack Pierce<br />

Roland<br />

Ray<br />

Albert<br />

Rodrigu8%<br />

Alan Sachrison<br />

John<br />

Welburn<br />

Dan<br />

Fuller<br />

Jack<br />

Fuller<br />

Jim<br />

Hively<br />

Jose<br />

Ibarra<br />

Kirby<br />

Johnson<br />

II<br />

Alpha Phi<br />

Omega<br />

ALPHA PHI OMEGA is a national service fraterity.<br />

Membership is open to all men students who<br />

are interested in serving the school and the community.<br />

One of the activities the group participates<br />

in is the publishing of the student Redbook. Officers<br />

for the year were: Darryl Bottjer, president; Jack<br />

Fuller, first vice president; Jim Wright, second vice<br />

president; Dave West, secretary; Jake Ybarra,<br />

treasurer.<br />

Darryl Bottier, president<br />

EPSILON PI TAU, from left, row 1: Dr. W. Carlisle Anderson, Dr. Lawrence W. Luce, Dr. Kenneth Phillips, Robert O'<strong>Del</strong>l, Dr. Donald W. Thiel. Row 2: Wirt L. Mc-<br />

Loney, Paul W. Shartel, Charles W. Lanz, Dr. Frank J. Irgang, Walter B. Ford, Dr. James D. McMullen, Clifford P. Ramback, Engle A. Rohrer.<br />

Epsilon Pi Tau<br />

Tom Knepher<br />

Dave<br />

lloyd<br />

Justine<br />

Myers<br />

Steve<br />

Sampson<br />

Ralph<br />

Seewald<br />

EPSILON PI TAU is an honorary professional society or fraternity operating in<br />

the complimentary fields of industrial arts education and industrial vocational education.<br />

Its purpose is threefold: (1) to recognize the place of skill; (2) to promote<br />

social and professional proficiency; (3) to foster and reward research, and to publish<br />

and use its results.<br />

The San Diego State College Alpha Beta chapter was established May 19, 1956.<br />

Candidates for initiation are selected from among the top twenty per cent of the<br />

junior and senior class students majoring in industrial arts.<br />

John Taylor, President<br />

194<br />

195<br />

Mike<br />

Siavit<br />

Von Thompson<br />

Dave<br />

West<br />

John<br />

Wills<br />

Jim<br />


Skull<br />

And<br />

Dagger<br />

SKUll AND DAGGER members are, from left, row 1: Erv Hjemvik, Gloria Holton, Bill Van loo, Hunton Sellman, adviser. Row 2: Bill Hektner,<br />

Bob Kruggel, Gary Newton.<br />

KAPPA PI, row 1, from left: Janet Kerr, Charles Krausie, Juanita Wilhelm, Carol Dawson, lorraine Myers, president; Diann<br />

Wilkie, secretary; Dr. Harold Gregor, advisor. Row 2, from left: Don Pyke, Edward Branson, Elaina lobdell, Russel Hickman,<br />

vice president; lynn Schwart%, Diana Grassfield, Robert Marriott, Thomas Erickson.<br />

Kappa Pi<br />

Student 1<br />

Nurses<br />

SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT, row 1, from left: Roy Gallon, Frank Stewart, Munson Scott, Earl Miller, president;<br />

Dave McKee, Carrol Roppe, secretary; Felix Ellis, Bob Simons, Bill Goddard, vice president; Dav~ Kennedy .. Row. 2, fro~ left: Karl<br />

Ramsing, Tom Matson, secretary; Don Sou%a, Jake Ibarra Jr., Dave Clark, treasurer; Max Arehart, DIck Boyle, Jlm Lisee, DIck Bourne,<br />

Dick Iudis.<br />

ST~DENT NURSES are, from left, row 1: Virginia Palmer, Jean Sullivan, Barbara Duhrsen, fall president; Brenda Smith, spring president;<br />

Julle Grand. Row 2: Cathleen Plikshe, Judith Bailey, recording secretary; linda Moomey, linda Hunter.<br />

PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB members ar~ from left, row 1: Marilyn Smith, Nancy Carr, Sandy lugar, secretary; Sue Buzzell, president; Pat<br />

Forsberg, "reasur~r; Mary McCart.hy, WIlma Burk, Su~ Thompson. Row 2: Marge Rhodes, Sherry Scott, Peggy Hanm, Marilyn Austin, Bonnie<br />

Madsen, londa Tripp, Jo Anne Smith, Row 3: Angela Tllere, Martha McCarthy, Carolyn Galkoski, Ginna Redfern, Carol Brown Jackie Rose Paula<br />

Sangster. ' ,<br />

Sam<br />

Pep Club<br />

PEP CLUb, row 1, from left: Toni Berardino, president; Marion little, vice president; Deanna Thelen, secretary; Mike Evans, Jan Wilbur, Carlene Hearst, Mary Anna<br />

Wehell, treasurer. Row 2, from left: linda McMenomy, Barbara Durden, Marilyn White, Karen Hanks, loxi Caradine, Barbara Kent, Garedene Homesley, linda Williams,<br />

Sherron Kent.<br />

Physical<br />

Education<br />

Club<br />

196<br />


PHI MU ALPHA officers are from left: Frank Almond, choral director; James M.<br />

Thornburgh, secretary; Herbert A. Price Jr., vice president; Richard W. Robinette,<br />

president; Alan Lee Moody, treasurer; Patrick Hale Thornburgh, warden.<br />

Phi Mu<br />

Alpha<br />

f ASk ha lain' Ka Johnson Judy Sinclair Linda Tripp. Row 2: Linda Gordon, Carol ••<br />

SIGMA ALPHA IOTA, Row 1, from left: .Mary V~lIine, ~ebelkahR.Maha fey, .n~·d' t~c ~ '.e:retar~' L;nn. Sam~el, president.'Not Pictured: Judy Sierven, Jerri McCorkell,<br />

Hahn, Chris Goertler, Marian Richetta, vIce presIdent; Tina ee Ice, treasurer, u I er, ,<br />

Bert McNichol.<br />

Sigma Alpha Iota<br />


a national honorary music fraternity<br />

for male students. The<br />

group encourages loyalty and<br />

fosters the ideals of brotherhood<br />

and service in the musical<br />

world.<br />

• . Bill Goddard, Alan Libby, president; Dale Eyman, treasurer;<br />

TAU SIGMA, Row 1, from Left: Karl Ramslng, secretary, d' . M nson Scolt Jr., Earl Miller, Richard Bourne, Dick<br />

Donald Jackel, Don Souza. Row 2: Dr. Robert Hungate, ~ Vlser, u<br />

Boyle, Allen Jaffe, vice president; Dr. Roy Cameron, edvlser.<br />

Tau Sigma<br />

Society of Engineers<br />

• Lon Frank E. Stralton, treasurer; David Thompson, Charley Kotek, Roger Walsh, .Joseph Tur-<br />

THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS, Row 1, from ~eft:. R~ch~:~dent~:Jim Condra, Donald Day, Richard Orvik, Tom Hall, Tom Hale, Robert GIbbs, LeRoy<br />

ban, Jim Lamb. Row 2: Philip Johnson, adviser; Ronald McKenZie, VIC P ,<br />

Givens.<br />

PHI MU ALPHA members are from left, row 1: Gary Lee Parks, Robert H. Baker, Bill Eads, James M. Thornburgh, Richard W. Robinette, Dennis Foster,<br />

John D. Blyth, adviser; Alan Lee Moody, Don Artimez, John D. Smith, Ted Lucas. Row 2: Gary R. Hammond, Raymond D. Gibbs, David Amos, James<br />

Long, Howard Bryant, Ted Bietz, Wendell Shoberg, Dick Couchois, Pete Peterman. Row 3: Monte Snyder, Hale Thornburgh, Gary Porter, Bob Graf, Steve<br />

Wood, Steve Karo, Jim Carlsen, Richard Naujoks, Leonard Johnson, Warren R. Carnie. Row 4: Bob Cox, Herbert Price Jr., Robert W. White, J. R.<br />

Emerson, Robert Finnin, Charles Kroupa, John Ottaiano, Angel G. Martinez, Ron Berger, Ron Carl, Bob Dove, William Gauthier.

Julie Anthony Sherill Battier Nande Campbell Sharon Culver<br />

ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY officers are from left: Ron Grow, commander; Daryl Battier,<br />

deputy of administration; Jerry Hirsch, operations officer; Larry Desch, deputy of operations;<br />

Dennis Domingo, informations officer.<br />

ARNOLD<br />


AIR<br />

ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY is an honorary group of outstanding<br />

AFROTC cadets. The prospective members must have an<br />

overall grade point overage of 2.0 and at least a 3.0 in air<br />

science. He must successfully complete and pass a national<br />

and local training period lasting one semester and show<br />

high interest, aptitude, good personality and ability to<br />

further interest in air power.<br />

I.<br />

-~""ftc __<br />

II<br />

Jill De Selm Margaret Doig Dexter Fisher Gayle Griggs<br />

Ginny Larkin<br />

Sandra Hayes - President<br />


ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY, from left, Row 1: Tom Knepher, Don Echelberger, Joe Bonpensiero, Ray Fukamizu, Tito Ramirez, Larry Desch, Jim Vlasek. Row 2: Jerry<br />

Hirsch, Bill Bird, Ray Fellers, Ed Heim, Ray Rodes, Clint Ferguson. Row 3: Ron Chan, Dennis Domingo, Ken Savoy, Phil Winkler, Daryl Battier, Ron Grow.<br />

ANGEL FLIGHT is a national women's<br />

honorary service organization. Its purpose<br />

is to promote interest in the AFROTC program<br />

as well as air power. To qualify for<br />

membership, a girl must have a 2.5 grade<br />

average and have attended SDS for at<br />

least one semester.<br />

Linda Lundquist Barbara Maloney<br />

I<br />

Marion<br />

Mclaughlin<br />

Miding Miraflor Joann Nlewoehner<br />

201<br />

Nancy<br />

Olson<br />

Bev Sanders<br />

Kathy Stevens<br />

Linda Mathers Jan Watson

II<br />

Aztec<br />

Spurs<br />

AZTEC SPURS, row 1, from left: LaRue Brown, Betti Sams, Solly Logon, Carol Steinmetz, Ann Carroll, Demi Howe, fall president; Judy Schaffer, Pot Bartlett, Dee Lyons,<br />

Sally Nunn, Judy Johnson, Linda Mills, spring president. Row 2: Sue Ritland, Lynn Woodward, Alice Fox, Charlotte Benson, Janice Crowell, Chris Goertler, Marty<br />

Sleeper, Sandy Shipe, Elaine Myhro, Jan Friddle, Margaret Doig. Row 3: Linda Woods, Kathy Kemper, Pat Lazos, Adrienne Gerhardt, Theresa Herschold, Sharon<br />

Brown, Linda Lundquist, Nikki Nordstrom, Paget Reid, Norma Giannone, Linda Oden, Joan Hancock.<br />

AZTEC SKI CLUB, from left, row 1: LeRoy Zimmerman, Yvonne Gough, Marie De Hoff, Carol Robinson, Sidney Wilson, Don Albright, pre.ldent; Sherry Shaffer, Dione<br />

Goodell. Row 2: Belle Long, Neal Heis, Chuck Antoniak, Jim Montgomery, Jack Kalling, Phil Taylor, Dick Lindner, Bill Turple. Row 3, Bob Peteraon, Don Mc-<br />

Millan, Bill Fiss, Nancy Neyenesch, Susan Hanzlik, Mike Dragila, Jim Basford, Dennis Coates, Dove Hileman, Cathy Che.erle.<br />

Aztec Ski<br />

Club<br />

1<br />

I<br />

MARKETING ASSOCIATION, row 1, from left: Wallace Kickey Wilford Cruz N ..<br />

chairman of marketing department. Row 2: Herman W. Nehlsen r'd : 0 are~dra G?rg, ~atrlcla Daly, James Cameron, Or. Richard D. Darley, adviser; Dr. E. Hale,<br />

Jim DeLong, Richard Dauber, Frank Sanchez. ' p esl ent, ouglas Fleig, Richard Vaughan, Ray Raymonde, vice president; Robert Jeter, treasurer;<br />

Marketing<br />

Association<br />

AZTEC SKI CLUB was organized in 1960.<br />

It is open to all students who are interested<br />

in skiing. Activities include lessons in<br />

dry land skiing and trips to Mammoth and<br />

Big Bear during the semester breaks. Officers<br />

this year were: Don Albright, president;<br />

Bill Flenniken, vice president; Vonnie<br />

Varner, secretary, linda Stocken, treasurer.<br />

Phi Mu Epsilon<br />

MENC<br />

MUSIC EDUCATORS NATIONAL CONFERENCE, row 1, from left: Warren Carnie r . " sident;<br />

Gary Hammond, president; Linda Gordon program cha'r J d H ,p ogram chairman; Kay Johnson, corresponding secretary; Dick COUChOIS,vice pre<br />

, . .' I man; u y erz treasu . B . R' A I M rtinez<br />

Edith Savage, adViser; Gilbert Sloan, Ann Stock Karen Lafoon Luc Sh '. rer, annie ogers, recording secretary. Row 2: Joe Googan, nge a ,<br />

Cortopassi, Lynn Samuel, Bert McNichol Pamela'Smith Ronald' B y ;n, ~arllyn Allen, Charles Kroupa, Bob Graf, Gerald Kirk David Amos, Bob Farris, Roylene<br />

Bernard Farmer, Joanne Kellett, Judy Si~c1air Carolee 'Hahn Mar~rgeRr,. hat ro CFardo, Ellen Barbour, Carole Buechel, Graham Elle: Richard C. Flye, adviser. Row 3:<br />

J<br />

. " Ion IC e ta rank Aim d J L • D' Allen<br />

oanne Pennen, Jennie Larcom. Row 4: Douglas Barber Bruce Cox B b Bak' J on, ame, ong, Tlnalee Rice, Nancy Dryer, Jolene Eaton, 'one. '<br />

Don Artimez, Ted Beitz, Ron Carl, Ralph Wright Joh~ Ross J r °B kl er, R ames M. Thornburgh, Wendell Shoberg, Bob Finnen, Monte Snyder, Dick RobIMetle,<br />

, , ames uc es, obert Brande.<br />

PHI MU EPSILON, from left, Row 1: Letty Zane, Carol Woods, Ethel Bird, Jill .De Selm, Nancy Merriken. Row 2: Dr. Mabel<br />

Myers, adviser; Kay Ellsberg, Marilyn Scharn, Carol Hodapp, Pat Henneuse, preSident.<br />

--~----~~--......,<br />


KAPPA DELTA PI, from left: Denver Fox, president; George<br />

Rohrer; vice president; Sharon Smith, corresponding secretary;<br />

Robin Briscoe, recording secretary, Peggy Wilson, treasurer,<br />

Dr. Clyde Crum, adviser.<br />

Kappa<br />

<strong>Del</strong>ta Pi<br />

KAPPA DELTA PI is an honorary education fraternity<br />

for those students who are interested in<br />

teaching. The purpose is to strive for high ideals<br />

in the education profession.<br />

DELTA PHI EPSilON, Row 1, from left: lynne Kidder, Jo Anne Stansbury, leanor Briel, Rosalyn Canfil, Mavis larkin, Diane Clifton, Darlene McCain, Ruth Dunsmore.<br />

Row 2: Beryl Campbell, lynne Smith, Norma Kipp, Jackie Dunlap, Glenda Armstrong, Amy Stevens, linda Dawson, Mary Jane Schroeder, Nancy Begley, Polly Schunert.<br />

Row 3: Julia Jorgenson, Kathleen Clark, Judy Thompson, Barbara Kennedy, Irene Henkel, Helen lakke, Margaret Romero, lynn Riggs, Theodora PIau.<br />

<strong>Del</strong>ta Phi<br />

Epsilon<br />

DELTAPHI EPSILON promotes professional attainment<br />

and sets up a high goal of achievement for<br />

undergraduate and graduate students. The qualifications<br />

for membership include, elementary education<br />

majors, undergraduate women students, and<br />

must be in the upper 15 % of the class.<br />

KAPPA DELTA PI, Row 1, from left: Jacqueline Dunlap, Darlene McCain, Judith Rogers, lana livingston, lois Brown, Barbara Kennedy, Betty Knowles, Sharon Smith,<br />

Row 2, Marilyn Mayer, Robert Almgrem, Glenda Armstrong, Francis Offner, Muriel Hin, Paula Bwy, Jack Hagler, Emma Belle McCoy, George Rohrer, Robin<br />

Brisco, Julie lewis.<br />

OFFICERS ARE: Beryl Campbell, adviser; lynne Smith, vice<br />

Stansbury, treasurer; Glenda Armstrong, recording secretary;<br />

responding secretary; Rosalyn Canfil, president.<br />

president; Jo Anne<br />

Nancy Begley, cor-<br />

Newman<br />

Club<br />

Tid Barbara Mellecker Virgil Bertel, Marcel Martineau,<br />

NEWMAN CLUB, Row 1, from left: Do~na E~Ie °H chmuth Flo Quirk. Row 2: Jim Bartley, Jim Kaul-<br />

Father Straling, Father Kraft, Ken ~auc e~ ~n M:sely Vivian Sanchez Jerry Bell, Ken Goldkamp.<br />

mann, Veronica lucero, Jerry GOOdrri' ode~lggE'; McCambridge, Jim Thiaba~lt.<br />

Row 3: John Henley, Ken Kerns, ave 0 ,<br />

Row 1, f~om left: Rose. Marie Thom~son, Ethel Spahn, Mary luies Dickson, Beverly Schwartz, Juanita Wilhelm, Cathie Sharpe, Donna Bell. Row 2: Carol Dietrich, J<br />

Peggy W,lson, Judy W,lImarth, Bern,ce Hoyt, Truett Brown, lee Castle, Jack Pierce, Cecil Caufield, Denver Fox, Dr. Clyde Crum, adviser.<br />


Hillel<br />

~ILLEL, Row 1, from left: Allen Samuels, Marlene Gittleman, Berry Paisin Elaine Lipinsky vice president; David<br />

mas, treasurer; Renee Rubin, Stephen Effron. Row 2: Linda Karel, Gary Effron, Ted 5 r<br />

Elaine Kluchin, secretary,' Douglas Cohen, 0<br />

a<br />

I<br />

e Beshansky. Row 3: Liz Holmes, Jlm B<br />

ummers,<br />

kb' d<br />

Bonnie<br />

J<br />

Belkins,<br />

Alan Gale, president; Bill Miller. 00 In er, erome Karp,<br />

UNITED CAMPUS CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP: Row 1, from Left: Linda Williams, Loxi Caradine, Charlotte Stout, Sandra Dollar, Mary Sue Manley, Sharon Cummlng_, Barbara<br />

.Manley. Lake. Row 2: Mike Angus, Dane West, Ralph Wright, Dr. Sherwood Nelson ' a dvi vrser: Ra biIn B' mcoe, David Wallick, College Pastor; Bob Sarsfield, Roger Dennis Williams,<br />

United<br />

Christian<br />

Fellowship<br />

Members are called to find ways of living and<br />

working together as ':'hristians while being caught<br />

up in the day-to-day life of the college ... in<br />

study, in discussion, in extra-curricular programs<br />

and organizations.<br />

OFFICERS ARE: Dr. Nelson, adviser; Bob Sarsfield, treasurer; Charlotte Stout, president;<br />

Ralph Wright, secretary; David Wallick, College Pastor; not pictured. Anne<br />

Brownell,<br />

vice president.<br />

Wesley<br />

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE, Row 1, from left: Marie Jeffre Nanc Vr ..<br />

Don Albright, reader. Row 2. Dr Glenn L H dg Yd'. yo leeland, Me ... lle de Armond, Leo Rogers, president·<br />

J LTd' " . a e, a vlser; or ene Gref secretor 0 W Ik '<br />

. . anzer, a vlser; John Nelson, James L. Vlasek, vice president.' y; on a er, treasurer; Mrs.<br />

Aesculapians<br />

Christian<br />

AESCkULAPLIANSmembers are fi...m left, Row 1: Phil Brenes • . 5c ien c e<br />

b ows g, arry Helgeson, J. S. Campbell, R. H. Martindale' presIdent, Thomas McGrath, J. W. Scott, Chuck Gra-<br />

Warren Dean, Susan Deeter, John Buckton, James Anderson,' J~~wRa2m: sReoyb,ertBley, Richard MacDonald, John Grim,<br />

Richard Alexander.<br />

W.ESL~YFOUNDATION, Row 1, from Left: Donald Hughes, Susan Young, John Buckton, Margaret Roemer, Ken Lawrence, Margie Garrison, Bob Jones, Mary Will, Lloyd<br />

Fnedncks, Tom Matson. Row 2: Marilyn Bainbridge, Forest McEuen, Mary Arbuckle, Sue Park, Leslie Hartzell, Ruth McClure, Ruth Ann Yost, Carol Boyle, Claudia Pierson.<br />

Ro~ 3: Ralpha Arbuckle, Marion Little, Narendra Garg, Ocean Olsen, Sue Walla, Dorothy Fackler, Sue Calhoon, Kathy Hosman, vice president; Judy Howe, Mary Borcherding,<br />

Dave Capehart. Row 4: Mike McMahon, Vernon Hill Jr., Barrie Knowlton, Richard Naujoks, Tom Humphrey, president; Bill Ridgwny, Bob Bell, Dick Boiack, Ray<br />

Robinson, Dwight Miller, treasurer.<br />


PHI ETA S.IGMA, R?w 1, .from Left: John Emrich, treasurer; Art Mikolon Jr., Dr. Herbert<br />

C. Peiffer, advIser; Jim Ball, Pat Dennis, president. Row 2: Otis Paul, J. R. Morgan,<br />

Stephen E. Brown, Dennis Matson, Terry Brown, Dennis Bunde, secretary.<br />

Phi Eta Sigma<br />

SCTA<br />

The local chapter of the Student California Teachers'<br />

Association was started at San Diego State in 1949. The<br />

organization's aim is to create high ideals of professional<br />

ethics and attitudes, to improve educational services<br />

in general, and to foster active cooperation between<br />

student groups in teachers' education.<br />

Alice Fox, treasurer; Geraldine Flint, secretary; Lynn Kidder, president; Kay Elliott<br />

Smith, elementary vice president; Sharon Graham, news letter editor; not pictured,<br />

Larry Marquand, secondary vice president.<br />

Phi Alpha Theta<br />

Industrial Arts Club<br />

ALPHA ~AMBDA ~ELTA, Row 1, from Left: Nina Pilling, Margaret Blake-<br />

~ock, tWI~m~.J. Ralcher, Alice Hsu, Janice Friddle, Judy Johnson president·<br />

loret a ar In, Linda R~snick. Row 2: Dorothy Collier, Judy St~rey, Char~<br />

otte Benson, Geneva HIckman, adviser; Janet Ewalt Patricia M' L R<br />

Brown, treasurer; Corinne Gardner, secretary; Debra' Tinker, vicelz;;es~e~: INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB, Row 1, from left: George Pohlman, William Mattoon, Charles Johns, Ed Taylor, Robert O'<strong>Del</strong>l, adviser; John Kerr, president; Darlene Nixon,<br />

Stan Flores, vice president; R. F. Ray, secretary; Leonard Christ, Harry Fairchild, Eugene Patterson, Harold Ross. Row 2: John Freymueller, John West, Jim Griswold,<br />

Dick Pope, Leonard Hansford, Albert Rodriguez, Alan Lambert, Clifford Boyd, John Welburn, Irvin Peterson, Henry A. Landis, Robert Hawken, Gene Golliet, Howard<br />

Alpha Lambda <strong>Del</strong>ta<br />

PHI ALPHA THETA is a National Honor Society in History. The on campus membership for Fall 1961 is:<br />

Stofer.<br />

Margaret Bearden, president<br />

James Holmerg, secretary<br />

William Lockett, vice president<br />

Arthur Pettit<br />

Betty Nesvold<br />

Kathleen Pray<br />

Alexander Pressuttl<br />

Rodney Walker<br />

Margaret Vierhus<br />

Richard C. Davis<br />

Robert Amos<br />

Kathleen Kalab<br />

William Broadbent<br />

Gloria Jones<br />

Bernice Beagles<br />

Gillett Bechtel<br />

Robert E. Burton<br />

Barbara Carlsen<br />

Clyde Crum<br />

Linda Koenig<br />

Marcia Larkworthy<br />

208<br />


MAYA<br />

Linda<br />

HALL<br />

Heller<br />

Spring President<br />

Linda Oden<br />

Fall President<br />

. ~.<br />

Girls battle at all-dorm picnic during a volley ball game.<br />

First floor, from left, Row 1: Joyce Kohler, Elizabeth Waller, Helene Zealand, Annie Gay, Tina McCambridge, Cicely Overman,<br />

Sammy Jenkins. Row 2: Kay Ellsberg, Bobbie Cowie, Linda Mills, Joyce MacDonald, Barbara Monahan, Mary Dickenson,<br />

Susie Duce, Dianne Wald. Row 3: Marilyn Mark, Ingred Ohlig, Chris Symens, Carol Cathcart, Chris Snell, Dorothy Wade,<br />

Barbara Moss, Andy Vaccaro, Penny Price, Karen Sumrall, Janet Foster, Kathy Eckhart, Sandy Easton.<br />

Second floor, from left,<br />

Row 1: Sharon Wall,<br />

Nancy N i eke r son, Pat<br />

Smith, Susie Norfleet, Jera-<br />

Iyn Godfrey, Donna Hunter,<br />

Jeanette Purdue. Row<br />

2: Noel Hale, Phyllis Gelfark,<br />

Leslie Bakkelea, Chic<br />

Dugan, . Audrey . Brucker,<br />

Myrna Turest, Karen Stephens,<br />

Ruth Freund, Karen<br />

Wheeler. Row 3: Barbara<br />

Ickis, Jane Stubbe, Bonnie<br />

Bullock, Donna Drobnick,<br />

Carolyn Fiscus, Gay Parker,<br />

. Linda . Heller, . Linda<br />

Davidson, Earline Skinner,<br />

Joyce Moody, Sue Simpson,<br />

Donna Fleming, Marty<br />

Reents.<br />

MAYA<br />

HALL<br />

Quiet hours in Maya are strictly enforced.<br />

Third floor, from left, Row 1: Tina Zee, Linda Hart, Coleen Davis, Emilee White, Sharon Caraway, Molly McGuire. Row 2:<br />

Lura Elijah, Jeannie Grkouic, Gail Speigal, Joyce Morden, Jill Kenney, Alexia Costa, Lorna Bolliger, Linda Hixson, Karen<br />

Hull. Row 3: Jill Fieger, Alberta Maschal, Barbara Misterly, Veronica Lucero, Kathy Buchanan, Janet Ikerd, Suzanne Thayer,<br />

Nancy Allen.<br />

Maya girls make dates during record-breaking talkathon.<br />


o Wt-...J<br />

OLMECA fall officers are, from left: Jetta Dowell, social chairman, Ann Barnes, vice president, Pam Holt, president;<br />

Jewell Fox, secretary; Mary Neeson, treasurer. Row 2: Sharon Swope, second east president, Marth MacKirdy, co-historian,<br />

Pat McLean, co-historian; Mrs. E. Guynes, head resident; Linda Williams, publicity; Joan Nelson, A. W. S. chairman.<br />

Rehearsing parts in future production "I was a teenage dorm doll."<br />

o<br />

H<br />

Spring officers are, from left: Ann<br />

Barnes, A.W.S., Kathy Kosvic, president;<br />

Mary Montgomery, vice<br />

president, Carol Tubesing, secretary-treasurer.<br />

Row 2: Sandra Fergeson,<br />

A.W.S.; Barbara Van Boskirk,<br />

publicity; Sabra Clardy, president,<br />

Sylvia Foster, vice president;<br />

Joy Montemayor, secretary-treasurer.<br />

L<br />

M<br />

E<br />

A C<br />

L A L<br />

OLMECA<br />

HALL<br />

Mary Dawn Scott does the twist in the typical dorm<br />

sophisticated attire.<br />

FALL SEMESTER HALL COUNCIL, Row 1, from left: Dorothy Collier, vice president; Diane Gates, secretary; Judy Goodrich, treasurer, Pat Tingey, president;<br />

Alice Rathbun, WRA representative; Nancy Coleman, social chairman. Row 2: Roberta Soderberg, publicity chairman; Mary Johnson, historian;<br />

Bonnie Mason, A.W.S. representative; Kathy Kosnic, wing president; Sabra Clardy, wing president; Corinne Gardner, wing president; Jeannine<br />

Lee, wing, president; Lynn Austin, wing president.<br />

1215<br />

Favorite sport is aggravating those with hay fever.

TOLTEC<br />

HALL<br />

First floor, from left, Row 1: Dave Smith, Tom Perry, Bob Slyker, Pat Bradshaw, Bill leonhard, Virgil Trammell, Pat Moran, Dan Sibbet, Mohammed Ishoque, Yukinori<br />

Nagashima. Row 2: Bill Baxter, Bob Hebrlein, Dave Bowling, Steve Allen, Richard Johnson, John Chapin, Jack Dickens, Ed Mann, Bill Thompson, Sid Shankland,<br />

Mohammed Ata, Glenn McMurray.<br />

latest survey rates Howdy Doody on top as the favorite TV show among the men.<br />

TOLTEC<br />

HALL<br />

Clint Buttner, Gene Hohmernud, Phil Bowers, Tom Humphreys, Warren Smith, Jim Pendley, Dan Gallardo, Craig Marken, Barri<br />

Cruickshank, Winn Fuchs, Fred Focke, Jim Barton. Row 2: John Schilling, John Holbrook, Don Frump, Dale Hawley, Tom Scali, Gerry Hoffman, John Minch, Ron<br />

Jones, Bill Waite, Dennis Watson, Bill Hicks, Steve Cole, Bill McNabola, Dick Nichols, Charles Goodwin, Ken lyon, Ken Pickell, Tom Wilzbach, Bob DeVore, Gary<br />

McCauley, Dale Eyman.<br />

not another lecture on dressing properly.<br />

* (ci> :if" ... *11 ( ., Mother never<br />

me that I'd do my own ironing.<br />

Third floor, from left, Row 1: J. Vernon Cook, Rick Cobb, Asrat Wolde, Ned Kilius, Mike Evans, Curt Clevin, Winfield Yeaney, Jess Cota, Bill Waite, Tom Frank,<br />

Dave Bonham. Row 2: Mike Woodbury, Dale Hawley, Richard Grommoll, Harvey Chernack, Gerry Nelson Joe Colonelli, Bill Dunn, lyle Hedgepath, Dan Mclaughlin,<br />

Don Kester, Knox Cologne, Tom Green, Tom Scali, Gary landers, Sergig Noriega, Marcel Martineau.<br />


Ann Bruck<br />

Spring President<br />

Lyn Noah<br />

Fall President<br />


officers are from I ft· L . .-""~<br />

Wiseman, Shirlee e. orrame Van Meter<br />

Swanson, Kathey Starr. '<br />

Ann<br />

Bruck,<br />

ZAPO<br />

HA L<br />

HALL<br />

I don't ca re j'f<br />

you are the McG' uue S· Isters-sin g, gosh-darn it, sing!!!<br />

" . '1<br />

;';t~<br />

F~.' fl•• r f,.m ,oft, ' Iff(> , , , ~'"<br />

~~'m •• , '.w 2, Pu~ L::'~'S.". B~" C.roll. Pefmer IJ<br />

eppard, Diane Rosten. Rog, C~rme'J) Leech, Sally Smit ,Barbara Barrett, Gloria<br />

ger, Nancy Burke, Betsy Danfo~t~gmJann, , oann Beavan. Toni Beradino ,mr;;, LGmda ragg, Pope, Kay Betty Ken-<br />

"", Pu' M,.dg., S.". D:.~;,~;.: :;:"'" Sh.ro.\~::;:'.~·;:'~' tx: AII.~: N~:::';~~;:b"h~••re, C.roll..<br />

Q'9<br />

)<br />

Second p fl oor, from left R<br />

yam Baker, Carolyn Curt~W 1: Dorothy Hawkins<br />

oung: Bonnie Rehmer A '5, Frances Berry, Gaii<br />

Cummms, Kathy <strong>Del</strong>ah' nn Bruck. Row 2: Sandra<br />

nolte, Jeri Nelson May: Pat Dobson, Dawn Ober<br />

Sheila McKee . R ow ' 3 agg . M,e Moseley, M Kathy McO mre .-<br />

everly Ford All . ary clntire, Cheryl B I<br />

BSh ,ene Ferg oy e,<br />

aron Doblins N usson, Sharon O'N '11<br />

Hubb ar d ,ancy Dunn Y e' ,<br />

t Nancy Grah ,vonne Ramos, Sue<br />

am, Suzanne Christoffason.<br />

New recreation room off<br />

ers fun and relaxotion for Zap girls.<br />

Third floor, from left<br />

Melinda Halverson K Row 1: Lorraine Van<br />

MCammack, BI . Shirlee s'waanthY son Ramsey. M '1 Row 2: MpaetteFr, oxJuanita<br />

Ja Zarilla, Angela Mcintire S<br />

y<br />

, err, D~ Sm'" M' •• ,. Whll., V,," J 'h ... B,'." D.ro", "' ' usen ",,"al, ., '<br />

, 0 nn Lehnerts. onahue, Rhoda Teaze , SZh" aronowBre3: wer, Mary CarolMcI~tir Hardine, nc E ve lerboni, yn Rocar, kJacqueline<br />

N<br />

g, Carolyn Roe, Dorothy ancy<br />


David Loomis directs<br />

a section of College<br />

Chorus.<br />

Music<br />

Department<br />

The Aztec Ambassadors-San Diego State's Men's Glee.<br />

The San Diego State Concert Choir

o<br />

CD<br />

r+ ,....<br />

CD<br />

en<br />

MAJORETTES, Row 1: Jeanette Lowe; Patty Gerdts. Row 2: Chris Goertler; Judy Storey, head; Pat Beland.<br />

FRAG TWIRLERS, from left: Lynne Samuels, head; Janet Jensen; Marilyn<br />

..<br />

C)<br />

«1<br />

en<br />

l-<br />

Q)<br />

-<br />

- l-<br />

u..<br />

--<br />

..<br />


Radio<br />

-<br />

Television<br />

SDS debaters added another successful year to their credit. The debate team took honors in Long<br />

Beach by winning the sweepstakes award in the Spring Individual Events Championship Tournament.<br />

Sheldon Gero, a retired Navy chief with 20 years experience, led the team to victory by winning<br />

first place in the interpretive reading event. William Van Loo and Mike Siavit were second and third<br />

in the event.<br />

Other SDS winners were Linda Butler, first in junior women's extemporaneous and second in women's<br />

impromptu; Candy Trimble, third in women's impromptu; Paul Lucas, third in oratory and second<br />

in extemporaneous and Ruth Chambers, second in women's interpretive reading. Sixteen students<br />

competed for SDS.<br />

Dick Castro and Bruce Chassy, both speech majors, flew to Kansas in March to participate in The<br />

Heart of America Debate Tournament against 24 colleges and universities including Dartmouth, Harvard,<br />

Northwestern, Ohio State, Notre Dame and West Point.<br />

Castro and Chassy competed against the top 38 debate teams from the western state colleges and<br />

universities at Clairmont Men's College and were chosen to compete in the National Debate Championships<br />

at West Point in May. This was the twelfth straight year SDS has qualified for the Tournament.<br />

In the past the teams have taken one second and one third place.award.<br />

Ginger Brubeck pauses in script memorization with fellow co-workers Jeff Honeycutt and Diana<br />

Grassfield in KEBS staff room.<br />

Bill Fouch cues up a record in music hour of KEBS.<br />

As San Diego State College expands so does its curriculum in<br />

radio and television. It is one of the few broadcasting curriculums<br />

in the nation and offers a four year study in radio, television, and<br />

other related subjects leading to the bachelor of science degree in<br />

broadcasting. Radio and television operates the new closed circuit<br />

classes in Health Education and Psychology and works closely with<br />

the San Diego television and radio stations. They have originated<br />

"Happy Hideout", a children's hour in their own FM radio station<br />

KEBS. They have also developed "San Diego State Profile", a television<br />

program on a local San Diego station bringing much credit<br />

to our college through broadcasting.<br />

DEBATE TEAM, left to right: Mike Siavit, Pat Walsh,<br />

Dr. Jack Mills, Dick Castro, Judy Thompson, John<br />

Wahlen, Candy Trimble, Bruce Chassey, Linda Butler,<br />

Dick Saunders, Pete Paladino, Dr. Robert Benjamin,<br />

Randie Schreve, and Dr. Dennis Day.<br />

Debate<br />

Team<br />

Last minutes preparations are made by Dick Myers before new<br />

closed circuit television classes in Health Ed. begin.<br />

Dick Saunders, kneeling,<br />

and Pete Paladino, John<br />

Whalen, and Mike Siavit admire<br />

trophies the Debate Team has<br />

won through the years.<br />

226 •<br />

Tom Skinner, foreground, and Tim Steele operate monitors in closed circuit<br />

&_'_ .. : .. :_-<br />

Johanna Paladino with Prof.

AFROTC<br />


Clockwise: Poncianos R' D<br />

Howo, Edward Heim. emrrez, aryl Botti er , Robert Rettinger, Jerry<br />

William<br />

.Thu,rsday finds the cadets of the Air Force ROTC holding drill<br />

period In Aztec Bowl.<br />

The Group Staff, the senior men of the AFROTC .<br />

ministrative and drill field if r are qrven adas<br />

commissioned Air Force ~~~~~~~s to prepare them for experience<br />

Ac~omplishments of the Drill Team include a second '<br />

~~~;~~:~:y ~~:~~:~ d~~~:::~i:<br />

an won a trophy for best in their division.<br />

T~~;~~:~;~no~~~da;~~~~n~:.~:c:<br />

Addis, adviser Robert Bedore, Tom E ne ' kson, Tom Ryg, h Ru fus Ban ks, Dick Orvick, Bill Pipes, Doug Bailey, Tom Smith, editor.<br />

Ron Chan<br />

Fall Group Commander<br />

, Twice a semester San Diego State student engineers and journalists combine<br />

efforts to produce a publication of special interest to SDS engineering<br />

studen~s and professional engineers throughout the United States. The<br />

mag~zlne, called, the Aztec Engineer, contains articles written by or concerning<br />

students In the School of Engineering.<br />

The ,A.ztec,Engineer has three objectives. It provides an outlet for student<br />

Writing, ~nfor~s the p~ofessional engineering community of the SDS<br />

Sch.o,olof Englneerl,n~, and Informs engineering students of career opportU~ltles,<br />

current cctivities, and general interest technical and feature ma-<br />

Joe C. McDoyle<br />

Spring Group Commander<br />

Drill team competing in Arizona<br />

'f<br />

Ron Grow<br />

Rifle Team Captain<br />

terial<br />

Ȧssistant ~rofessor of .Enginee.ring Robert Bedore is engineering<br />

of the magazine. Journalism adviser is Prof. Arthur Wimer. '<br />

adviser<br />


Editor<br />

Engineering Week-February 18 -25, 1962<br />

228<br />




Editor<br />

To you, the owner of this fortieth<br />

volume of the <strong>Del</strong> Sudoeste,<br />

the third largest ever produced:<br />

we hope you are proud of it. "The<br />

best for your money" was the<br />

goal of the 1961-1962 <strong>Del</strong> Sudoeste<br />

staff, and with three pages of<br />

full-color photography in the<br />

homecoming section, a full-color<br />

photograph for the cover, spot<br />

color in the administration section,<br />

and larger activities, sports, and<br />

senior sections, I feel we have<br />

honestly done our best to give<br />

you an annual which has not only<br />

met our goal, but, we hope, has<br />

met with the greatest possible approval<br />

from you and the rest of<br />

the student body and the faculty,<br />

Putting out a yearbook is not an<br />

easy job, but considering the<br />

thousand and some-odd hours<br />

spent by the photographers in<br />

and out of the darkroom and the<br />

countless hours spent by the rest<br />

of the staff, I thin k we couldn't<br />

have put out a better yearbook.<br />

My thanks to Frank S. Holowach,<br />

our adviser, for his cooperation in<br />

assisting us in producing this 1962<br />

edition of the yearbook, and to<br />

Cecil Hamilton's Studio for all his<br />

help, ..<br />


Activities Editor<br />


Head Photographer<br />


Sorority Editor<br />


Fraternity Editor<br />


Business Manager<br />

LIZ LANG<br />

Administration Editor<br />


Organizations Editor<br />

230<br />

, .. my special thanks also to my wonderful, enthusiastic staff, who worked much harder and<br />

much better than I ever expected, and whose past experience made the difference in meeting<br />

our deadlines.<br />


Editor-in-Chief<br />


Photo Secretary<br />

Spring<br />


Copy Editor<br />

JOHN<br />

Sports<br />

EURICH<br />

Editor<br />


Senior Editor<br />


DEL<br />


AZTEC<br />

STAFF<br />


Photographer<br />


Assistant<br />

I l<br />


Adviser<br />

Jerry Archer was selected to edit the Aztec<br />

for both the fall and spring semesters, assisted<br />

by John Wood and Bruce Dillon, managing<br />

editors for the fall and spring semesters, respectively.<br />

The paper, published four times<br />

weekly, strived for increased editorial com-<br />


Editor<br />

ment and mirroring of campus opinion. Student<br />

reactions to these endeavors were varied,<br />

to say the least.<br />

Features included It's All Greek, devoted<br />

to sorority and fraternity activities, and Social<br />

Shorts, which dealt with dormitory activities.<br />


Photographer<br />


Assistant Sports Editor<br />


Assistant<br />

<strong>Del</strong> Sud business manager Jim Gould taking<br />

care of I business, as. usual ...<br />


Photo Secretary<br />

Fall<br />


Photographer<br />


Fall Managing Editor<br />


Spring Managing Editor<br />

232<br />



Fall City Editor<br />

Spring Society Editor<br />


Fall Society Editor<br />

Spring Columnist<br />

CAROL<br />

Feature<br />


Editor<br />


Spring Sports Editor<br />

Aztec reporters at work.<br />


Advertising Secretary<br />


Advertising Manager<br />

234<br />


Fall Assistant Copy Editor<br />


Fall Sports Editor<br />


Fall News Editor<br />


Spring News Editor<br />


Spring Photo Editor<br />


The <strong>Del</strong> Sudoeste of 1961-62 will be a volume cherished by all students who<br />

have been on the campus this year and especially those who are approaching<br />

graduation. Your participation in the events of this year will be recorded here. In<br />

the future, as you peruse these pages you will realize more fully than you do now<br />

the great values that have come to you through your association with San Diego<br />

State. Your experiences during the college years will be more meaningful to you as<br />

you look back upon them, and you will<br />

realize in future years that the preparation<br />

you have gained has been more important than you can possibly realize at this<br />

moment. It is for this reason that the <strong>Del</strong> Sudoeste will be a cherished possession<br />

in your homes in the future.<br />

In the years to come your pride in San Diego State will surely develop<br />

beyand<br />

your present hopes and expectations, and the record of your own achievements<br />

will bring to the college great pride because of your association with it.<br />

Malcolm A. Love<br />

President<br />


DR. ERNEST B. O'BYRNE, vice president of the<br />

college, is in charge of public relations between 50S<br />

and the community. His job also entails coordination of<br />

research, administration, and representing 50S<br />

in civic and professional groups.<br />

DR. DONALD R. WATSON, dean of the<br />

college, pilots the academic and<br />

instructional program of 50S, and<br />

works closely with President Love in dealing<br />

with problems of the faculty.<br />

DR. DARRElL HOLMES, executive dean, is also the<br />

administrator of the college building program.<br />

All new campus facilities have been<br />

built under his supervision.<br />

DR. MAURICE M. LEMME, dean of graduate<br />

and professional studies, supervises all<br />

graduate work. The office of the Graduate Division<br />

is also under Dr. Lemme.<br />

Deans<br />


DR. MANFRED H. SCHRUPP, dean of education and<br />

extended services, is the head of teacher<br />

education and of the extended services programssummer<br />

school, extension and<br />

evening classes.<br />

DR. MElVIN A. ANDERSON, dean of<br />

admissions and records, is in charge of the<br />

college IBM procedures and heads the<br />

program for the admitting of all freshmen<br />

and entering upperclassmen, and<br />

maintains a complete accounting of all students<br />

currently and formerly enrolled.<br />

DR. HERBETC. PEIFFERJR., dean of students,<br />

manages and coordinates the development<br />

of student services.<br />

DR. DONALD F. HARDER, dean of counseling<br />

and testing, supervises the college<br />

advisory program, and directs the Student<br />

Personnel Services Center.

Deans<br />

Adv<br />

MRS. MARGERY ANN WARMER dean of activities<br />

administers the college proqrcrn of activities '<br />

and the student scholarship program.<br />

Coordinator of all women's activities<br />

on campus is Marjorie Wallace,<br />

activities adviser. She is a member of<br />

the AWS council, the Activities Board,<br />

and works with Panhellenic. Her work<br />

also includes the scheduling of all events<br />

on the master calendar.<br />

DR. SIDNEY l. GULICK, dean of arts and sciences<br />

deals with the special programs of superior '<br />

students. His job also includes approving excess<br />

study loads, and presiding over the<br />

arts and sciences council.<br />

As activities adviser, Jack Daugherty's<br />

job includes working with IFe and AMS<br />

councils, and freshman orientation.<br />

He sits in on the AS council as a voting<br />

member, and advises Homecoming officials<br />

and AS elections officers.

Air Science<br />

Graduate<br />

Manager<br />


Division Chairman '" have never seen a sadder bunch of ... "<br />

In March, 1961, Don Ritchey<br />

returned to his alma mater to take<br />

the position of graduate manager.<br />

A SDSstudent from 1951-1955, Don<br />

was president of IFC, the junior<br />

class, Theta Chi fraternity and<br />

Blue Key. He was honored by<br />

being elected to Who's Who for<br />

two years.<br />

Don is currently completing<br />

work on a master's degree in business<br />

management, and is serving<br />

as a part-time faculty member,<br />

teaching one speech course.<br />

Under the direction of Mr. Ritchey, Aztec Shops offers the student a general book and supply store.

Business Administration<br />

Education<br />


Division Chairman '" wonder what this button is for ... 1"<br />


Division Chairman<br />

"Next we'll build the Washington Monum nt."<br />

Business Administration has been aid .<br />

puter center and a modern high d ed by the Installation of a corngift<br />

the Rohr Management Ga spee computer. The division received as a<br />

study of the albacore industrv v a new concept in teaching. A monumental<br />

Commerce. Published was a :e:a~ ~ompleted for the U.S. Department of<br />

Quarterly Business Review" G s u ent magazine, "The San Diego State<br />

. overnor Brown .<br />

den to the State Board of A appointed Dr. Charles W Lam<br />

. ccountancy a d h . •<br />

me~ bership committee of Americ A,.n. e was also elected to the<br />

Business. an ssoclahon of Collegiate Schools of<br />

To help meet the need for teachers, 650 students were enrolled in elementary<br />

education, and considerable growth was experienced in all the<br />

secondary education programs. SDS was awarded a contract by the United<br />

States Office of Education to offer a six week NDEA Guidance and Counseling<br />

Institute. Special education programs included speech correction and<br />

teaching of the mentally retarded. Introduced as additional media in the<br />

CLS were a Min-Max machine, and listening post and kinescope recordings.<br />

248 249

Engineering<br />

Fine Arts<br />


Division Chairman<br />

"When , had my erector set •.<br />


Division Chairman<br />

"'I MUST b on of Iho

Health, P.E., Recreation<br />

Humanities<br />


Division Chairman "The old swimmin' hole was never like this."<br />


Division Chairman ..... listenIng to RadIo KDEO ••• "<br />

ith ~xp~nsi~n o~ the physice] education division includes Peterson Gym<br />

WI Its I~e intericr gymnasiums, six handball courts 12 tennis courts a<br />

baseball field and two practice fields two Olympl'c S'I"Z "" 'I<br />

d t h db' • e sWimming poo s<br />

an wo ar - ounce, outdoor basketball, volleyball courts. The divisio~<br />

ha~ several authors and co-authors of books pamphlets and ma "<br />

Qrtl~les. National positions were held by coaches. Dr. Frederick W g:z,"~<br />

camed on a research project for the San Diego Heart Association." asc<br />

During the past year the greatest enrollment of students in humanities<br />

courses at 50S took place. Added to the forei~n language department v: ere<br />

Portuguese and Russian and advanced courses In other languages, especl~lIy<br />

German. To aid students is the Foreign Language Lab, and the ~~adlng-<br />

Writing Improveme t Center. The division is looking forward to cfficiel recognition<br />

as a college of arts and sciences.<br />

252<br />


Life Science<br />

Physical Scienc<br />


Division Chairman<br />


Division Chairman "If ~ = MOd. why do n't q r<br />

361 4'*<br />


Social Science<br />

<strong>Library</strong> Science<br />


Division Chairman<br />

"If your house is here ... "<br />


Division Chairman "I'll lust close my .y •• for a cond,"<br />

This most diversified division was host in the spring to the Western<br />

Model United Nations. Considerable additions were made to the geography<br />

department's map collection, graduate courses in anthropology were added<br />

to the curriculum, and Dr. Frank Young read a paper at the national meeting<br />

of the American Anthropological Association. Dr. Charles Yahr served as<br />

chairman of the college curriculum committee, and Dr. Lauren Post published<br />

a book, "Cajon Sketches." Journalism held its annual spring Journalism<br />

Day for high school students, and Dr. Robert Wilcox served on the National<br />

Council of American Society for Public Administration.<br />








-.J »<br />

- (J)<br />

o<br />

(J)<br />

z 0<br />

:J ()<br />

0 -<br />

»<br />

Freshman Sophomore Upper Division Upper Division<br />

Representative<br />

Representative Representative Representative<br />

Linda Thompson Mike Spurgeon Mike Lembeck<br />

Carolyn Myers<br />

U<br />

I- rn<br />

Z 0<br />

tu<br />

(J)<br />

0<br />

:J<br />

-i<br />

C<br />

I- 0<br />

(f)<br />

rn<br />

0 Z<br />

w -i<br />

Upper Division<br />

Lower Division<br />

•<br />

Senior<br />

Representative<br />

Peggy Hunt<br />

I-<br />

Skip Sutherland<br />

Junior<br />

Representative Representative Representative<br />

Dexter Fisher Christie Davis<br />

«<br />

()<br />

-<br />

0<br />

U<br />

C<br />

0 Z<br />

(f) ()<br />

(f)<br />

- r<br />

«<br />

-i<br />

Upper Division<br />

Representative<br />

Dick Davis<br />

Upper Div"lon<br />

Representative<br />

Joe Kiefer<br />

Lower Division<br />

Representative<br />

Steve Meek<br />

Lower Division<br />

Representative<br />

Jim Street


Every male student attending SDS<br />

is automatically a member of AMS.<br />

All Men's Week is the highlight<br />

of AMS' year. Included this year<br />

were a men's fashion show, a car<br />

smash, a beard growing contest, surfing<br />

films and sports banquet honoring<br />

high school athletes.<br />

Many after game dances were<br />

sponsored by AMS, as were various<br />

sports films throughout the year.<br />

In the spring AMS held a President's<br />

Conference, hosting AMS<br />

presidents from all the southern<br />

California colleges and universities.<br />

The Man of the Month Award was<br />

given each month to an outstanding<br />

man on campus.<br />


President<br />


President<br />

AWS is an organization compos d<br />

of all the women stud nts at 50S.<br />

Among the programs sponsor d by<br />

AW5 was All Worn n's W k which<br />

included a Knobby Kn s conI st,<br />

Frosh Fete, a Faculty T a and a ki<br />

movie. The week ended with B rmuda<br />

Day and Women's Suff rag Day.<br />

Another ev nt was Spring Sing,<br />

the colorful and comp titiv songfest<br />

so long prepared for by th various<br />

campus groups.<br />

A Thank Goodness It's Food dane<br />

was sponsored to coli ct food for<br />

needy Tijuana families. Admission<br />

was one can of food per person. An<br />

end-of-school street dance was jointly<br />

put on by AW5 and AMS.<br />

In March AWS presented Girls'<br />

league Day and invited high school<br />

Girls' leagues to spend a day on<br />

campus.<br />

Every month an outstanding woman<br />

was the recipient of the Woman<br />

of the Month Award.<br />


Vice President<br />


Secretary<br />


Treasurer<br />


Vice President<br />


Secretary<br />


Treasurer<br />

262<br />

:ow ~'. ~o: ~eft: AI sKnoll, Bob Wier, Doug Newcomb,. secret~ry; Ned Huntington, president; Arold Hornstein, treasurer; Mike Slavit.<br />

L<br />

ow S'h' 0,. a!ms, o~ny Sturn, Jack Daugherty, advIser; MIke Evans, publicity chairman; Gail Mathers Jerry Monell. Missing are<br />

arry Ip ey, vICe preSIdent, and Bob Burton. '<br />

Th<br />

Pat Bartlett. Row 2: Carolyn Fine, Dominie Cappa-<br />

. M on Lynn Loughery, Judy ompson, .<br />

kow 1: from left: Sharon Culver,. B~nnle as Sandra Pieri, Nedra Snyder, Margaret DeWItt.<br />

donna, Sherill Battier, Mrs. Marl0rle Wallace,

ACTIVITIES: Clockwise from bottom: Barbie Jensen,<br />

Jack Daug.h~rty, Dr. Thomas Gillette, Boyd'<br />

Malloy, Dr. Wilham Snyder, Bob Lewis, chairman;<br />

Skip Sutherland, Sue Pericval, Mrs. Mar.<br />

gorie Wallace, adviser; Ces Godbout.<br />

INTERNATIONAL; from left: Charles D. Kelley,<br />

secretary; Rodney C. Walker, chairman; Prof.<br />

Minos D. Generales, faculty adviser; Dr. Richard<br />

C. Gripp, faculty adviser. Not pictured: Dr.<br />

Irving Tebor, Richard West.<br />

en<br />

(J)<br />

(J)<br />

......<br />

-<br />

ĒEo<br />

U<br />

PUBLIC RELATIONS, clockwise from left: Carolyn<br />

Myers, Rex Salmon, Mike Evans, Gordon Lee,<br />

Jerry Archer, Dr. Frank Robertson, Sonny Sturn,<br />

Elon Place.<br />

ATHLETICS; from left: J. H. Nell, Don Ritch r,<br />

Dennis. LOllermoser, Dr. Donald Eidemlller,<br />

Scoll Snell, AI Olson, Dean Herbert Peiffer.<br />

en<br />

-0 1-<br />

ro<br />

o<br />

m<br />

PUBLICATIONS, Row 1: left to right: Marian<br />

Stille, Dr. James C. Julian, Dr. James W. Taylor,<br />

Dr. W. C. Anderson. Row 2: Mike Evans,<br />

Jim Street, Jerry Archer, Boyd Malloy, Frank<br />

S. Holowach, Don Ritchey.<br />

LECTURES AND CONCERTS; from left: Boyd<br />

Malloy, Dexter Fisher, Jack Daugherty, Edward<br />

Neuner, Dr. Aubrey Wendling, Sharon<br />

Brown, Peggy Hunt.<br />


(f)<br />

(J)<br />

(J)<br />

+'<br />

+'<br />

-<br />

ĒEo<br />

U<br />

SPECIAL EVENTS; from left: Jack Daugherty, Ken Sovay, carOII,y~n~·-~~;~;;;~;~-----~---:~~====~==<br />

Myers, Bill Kronberger, Suzanne Doeg, Woodie Moorhead.<br />

FINE ARTS; from left to right: William Bowne, adviser; Linda Thompson,<br />

Marion Little, Roylene Gould, J. D. Smith, adviser.<br />

(f)<br />

(f)<br />

-<br />

ro<br />

U<br />

c<br />

ro<br />

E<br />

.c<br />

(f)<br />

(J)<br />

l-<br />

lL.<br />


President<br />


Vice Presld nl<br />

PEP; Row 1: left to right: Margot Nilson, Marilyn Mark. Row 2:<br />

Dick Davis, Jack Daugherty, adviser; Gary Solbue.<br />

Freshman class activities for the year included fall<br />

semester's Blue Book Ball, a tug-a-war against the<br />

Sophomore class, a tiddley wink contest with the<br />

other classes participating, and a College Bowl debate<br />

against the sophomores, juniors, and seniors.<br />


Secrelary<br />

(f)<br />

\J<br />

L.<br />

ro<br />

o<br />

m<br />


Treasurer<br />

F'.NANCE; Row 1, left to right: Marilyn Hansson, Dave Smith, Joe<br />

Kiefer. Row 2: Dean Herbert, C. Peiffer, Don Ritchey.<br />

266<br />

Cabinet members include, Row 1, from left:<br />

Dick Buck, vice president; Gerry Barry, presi~<br />

dent; Bonnie Belkin, secretary. Row 2: Joe Correia,<br />

Roz Mack, Mike Myers, Natalie Ault, Joe<br />

Sullivan.<br />


Andi Tromblee<br />

Vice President<br />

Fred Miley<br />

President<br />

U><br />

o<br />

"U<br />

::J<br />

o<br />

3<br />

o-,<br />

CD<br />

()<br />

-<br />

~<br />

(J)<br />

(J)<br />

en<br />

en<br />

ro-<br />

U<br />

L..<br />

o<br />

--<br />

C::J<br />

J<br />

Gerald Hoffman<br />

President<br />

Barbara Malon y<br />

Vic re,ld nl'<br />

Sharon Brown<br />

Secretary The Sophomore class sponsored a variety<br />

of activities this past year which included<br />

a rock and roll dance, a Sadie Hawkins race<br />

and dance, a tug-of-war against the freshman.<br />

class, a party for crippled children,<br />

and IS planning to bring Harry Belafonte to<br />

the campus in the fall.<br />

Besides sponsoring a surfing film and a<br />

class banquet in February, the Junior class<br />

began working on the spring Blue Book Ball,<br />

which would be held June 7 in the Century<br />

Room of the EI Cortez Hotel. General chairman<br />

for the dance was linda Williams, publicity<br />

was handled by Gayle Christiansen<br />

and Janice Johnson was Bids chairman.<br />

Karen Wheel.,<br />

Secretary<br />

Judy Schaffer<br />

Treasurer<br />

Ted Summe ..<br />

Treasurer<br />

Cabinet members include, row 1, from left:<br />

Ginger Irvine; Sharon Brown, secretary; Jud~<br />

Shaffer, treasurer; Fred Miley, president; And.<br />

Tromblee, vice-president. Row 2: Nikki Nordstom;<br />

Linda Conrad; Dick Hart; Maria Rivera;<br />

Marion Little; and Gail Moody.<br />

Cabinet members include, row 1, from left:<br />

Lois Annette Anderson; Ted Summers, treasurer;<br />

Pat Andrew; Katye B. Anderson; Dexter<br />

Fisher; Gerald D. Hoffman, president. Not pictured:<br />

Barbara Maloney, vice president; Karen<br />

Wheeler, secretary.<br />

268<br />


Purposes of the Alumni Association are to further the<br />

community interest of San Diego State College, to establish<br />

mutual beneficial relationships between San Diego<br />

State College and its alumni and to promote and establish<br />

friendly comradeship among members of the association.<br />

To fulfill these purposes the association establishes<br />

scholarships and student loan funds, and publishes the<br />

Quarterly which enables communication between the<br />

alumni, former students and the college campus. It provides<br />

the tropies for Homecoming Queen, "Man of the<br />

Year" and "Woman of the Year", and also co-sponsors<br />

the exciting Red and Black Game.<br />

A membership of nearly one thousand distinguishes<br />

the association as one of the largest in the State league<br />

of State College Alumni Association in which it maintains<br />

membership.<br />

Alumni<br />

Association<br />

Bryant Kearney, Alumni president,<br />

president, to an alumni meeting.<br />

Row 1, from left: Muriel Tolle, Bryant Kearney, president; Mrs. Philip Klauber. Row 2, from left: Don Ritchey, Ross Bond, Lynn McLean, Frank Nottbusch,<br />

Dean Herbert Peiffer.<br />

senior<br />

Mayor Charles Dail speaks to visiting delegations at<br />

the first General Assembly. Seated at the table are<br />

Rodney Walker, Secretary-General; Dr. Jack Mills,<br />

President, General Assembly, and Duke Kelley, Executive<br />

Assistant.<br />

Model U.<br />

April 11-14<br />

To be nominated as host of the Model United Nations i<br />

greatest honor which can be awarded 0 member of th M.UN. A<br />

host of the 12th annual Model U.N., SDS was responsibl for h<br />

formation of the Secretariat and the running of th Conf r nc .<br />

Following a welcoming speech by Dean Darrell Holm and<br />

Mayor Charles Dail, Lt. Gov. Glen M. And rson and Dr. Jo ph<br />

Sisco, director of U.N. Political and Security Affairs, addr s d th<br />

General Assembly. Also addressing a General Assembly m ting<br />

was Indian-born Chakravarthi V. Narasimhan, unders cr tory for<br />

U.N. special political affairs and chief of cabin t of th S er ary-<br />

General.<br />

Thirteen years ago Stanford University instigated the M.U.N. to<br />

give students a better understanding of the complexity of bringing<br />

together countries from throughout the world, and to giv h s<br />

students knowledge of how the United Nations war and ottempts<br />

to strive toward the common goals of their charter: "p ac<br />

with justice, and a better world through international cooperation."<br />

From left to back: Ken Lyons, director, office of Conference<br />

Facilities; Dave Paul, Undersecretary, Off<br />

Campus Facilities; Dave Lyman, Undersecretary Housing;<br />

Vaino Hoffren, Secretary-General, high school<br />

M.U.N.; Margaret Cuomo, director, Officer of Public<br />

Relations; Steve Jackstadt, Undersecretary, Housing;<br />

Christie Davis, Deputy Director, Personnel; Duke Kelley,<br />

Executive Assistant; Rodney Walker, Secretary-General;<br />

Don Sibbet, Director, Agenda and Procedures. From<br />

right to back: Michael Richardson, Conference Co-ordinator;<br />

Lew Fay, Comptroller; Doug Patino, Deputy<br />

Director, Agenda and Procedure; Sharon Shaffer, .undersecretary<br />

for Publicity; Lorrie Crawford, Editor,<br />

M.U.N. REVIEW; Roget Seater, Undersecretary, Committees;<br />

Lewis Perry, Director of International Court of<br />

Justice; Ken Stubbs, Undersecretary for Publicity.

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