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September 14 to 20 2014

The New Nissan Qashqai


Fact Jeke

The world's most popular compact crossover

now enters its second generation

with the introduction of the all new 2014

model. Witnessed firsthand last Friday

at the Nissan Clover Leaf showroom as it was

officially launched, one thing is for sure, creativity

is taking centre stage when it comes to

vehicle production.

The first generation model proved to be

overwhelmingly popular, achieving more

than two million sales worldwide since its

2007 launch. Now, the all-new, all-improved

Qashqai is set to continue this success in a

market segment which is unequivocally led by

Nissan. The new Nissan QASHQAI ultimately

personifies Nissan’s ‘Innovation that Excites'


This is a compact crossover produced by

the Japanese car manufacturer Nissan since

December 2006. It replaced the off-road capable

body-on-frame Mistral/ Terrano as its

small SUV offering. Nissan named it after the

Qashqai semi-nomadic tribe living in mountainous

Southwestern Iran. It’s a compact

SUV suited for both urban driving and bundu

bashing. It has been built at Nissan's Nissan

Motor Manufacturing UK (NMUK) Sunderland,

Tyne and Wear in the last eight years. It

clearly has some English in its DNA.

It is the first model to be styled by Nissan Design

Europe in London, and was globally presented

at the 2006 Paris Motor Show marking

the beginning of its successful journey.

Since its facelift in 2010, the Qashqai has

sold over 200 000 annual units in Europe every

year, and the first generation has sold more

than 2 million units in world over during its

7.5 year production run. An award winner,

The New Qashqai was named Car-Of-The-Year

at What Car? Awards in London early this

year and has been the official vehicle for the

Cosafa Cup, increasing its brand visibility.

The Qashqai is a rival to such cars as the

Toyota RAV4, Hyundai iX35, BMW’s X1, and

the Honda CR-V. Its pricing is competitive as

well with the price under US$50 000.

The sub-Saharan African market offers

the 2014 Qashqai in five-model range supported

by three engine variants and two trim lines,

in a 1.2T, 1.5dci and 1.6dci variants. Nissan

South Africa is aiming for high sales as Africa

is rapidly becoming urbanised with hip young

people rapidly moving into business positions

as the continent’s rapid development accelerates.

It’s affordable, efficient, modern, trendy

and energetic in its execution, the new Nissan

Qashqai is not just a reworked original with

a renewed lease on life. Longer, wider, lighter

and redesigned from the ground up, features a

refreshing, trendy new design, state-of-the-art

technology and more.

This compact SUV spearheaded a revolution

and now it’s back in the year 2014. With

a more powerful, bold new design, the all-new

Nissan Qashqai is the agile urban crossover

created to take on the city – and more. It’s

packed with advanced, intuitive technology

and state-of-the-art connected services, its dynamic

ride and handling give you complete

control, always. Being in Harare, you can

take on the city and embark on an urban adventure.

The intensity of the all-new Nissan

Qashqai means you can take on the world in


Taking a drive in this car you can experience

an explosion of innovation. It’s the intelligent

new urban triathlete with looks to

match. Razor sharp and more predatory than

ever, with a proudly provocative, aerodynamic

profile, the all-new Nissan Qashqai makes

a powerful statement wherever it goes: The

original crossover is back like never before

and you won’t be disappointed with its performance

and handling capabilities.

For the ones who struggle to reverse

without bumping into walls or other cars, it

comes fitted with four cameras that deliver a

panoramic exterior view to make reversing

and parking a real cinch. The bird’s eye view

lets you check out the lay of the land from

above, then opt for different dual views while

manoeuvring – once you experience it you’ll

never want to drive without it.

In this new model, you can avoid any

scratches. Whether you are in drive or reverse,

push the camera button to switch off the overhead

for a side view – it’s great for checking

how close you are to the curb. You are guaranteed

that those blind spots are covered. In reverse,

you see what’s directly behind and use

the overhead view to check for short objects

that may otherwise be hidden below your window.

Nissan’s chassis control functions deliver

responsive and engaging handling, while delivering

a smoother ride experience.

Till next week, keep it pumping and God bless


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the road ahead

The Nissan LEAF is taking pride of place on the

Nissan Stand at the Zimbabwe Auto Show on

13-14 September.

The 100-percent electric Nissan LEAF

has globally soared in popularity and

sales. Now in its fifth year of global

production, and delighting more than

100,000 owners world-wide, the Nissan

LEAF is visiting Zimbabwe and taking a

bow at the Auto Show.

Your Nissan Dealers in Zimbabwe

will be manning the stand at the Auto

Show. Along with the LEAF, they will

be showcasing a selection of the local

Nissan range, including Nissan passenger

model ALMERA, extraordinary JUKE and

exciting NEW Qashqai, sturdy pickups

NP200 and NP300 HARDBODY, and the

highly capable yet luxurious PATROL. The

Nissan Team is looking forward to see you

at the show.

InnovatIon and excItement Is In our dna

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