Conference Schedule IWOT 17 - TNO

Conference Schedule IWOT 17 - TNO

Conference Schedule IWOT 17

Thursday 28 th of November

Time Session in room “Colloquium” Session in room “Winterzaal/Zomerzaal” Room “Lente” and the corridor

10:30 registration Coffee/tea

11:00 Opening Coffee/tea

11:30 Keynote 1: Petru Curşeu, Tilburg University,

Netherlands: “Diversity and emergence in


12:30 Lunch

13:30 “Team learning”

Chair: Steven Dhondt

“Cultural diversity and team composition”

Chair: Stephen Procter

• Helen Pluut, Tilburg University,

Netherlands: Petru Lucian Curşeu, Helen

Pluut, Nicoleta Meslec & Smaranda

Boros, “The magic of collective

emotional intelligence in learning groups

- No guys needed for the spell!”

• Rasmus Oertel, Universität Trier,

Germany: Rasmus Oertel & Conny

Antoni, “Shared leadership – Selfmanagement

as a resource for learning

in teams”

• Joyce Rupert & Karin Derksen,

Groningen University, the Netherlands &

Vrije Universiteit Nederland: Karin

Derksen, Léon De Caluwé, Joyce Rupert

& Robert-Jan Simons, “Teams Creating

Developmental Space for Better Team


• Siegfried Stumpf, University of Applied

Sciences Cologne, Germany: Siegfried Stumpf &

Stefanie Gruttauer, “Culture, personality and

leadership in multicultural teams”

• Anja Gerlmaier, Stephan Hinrichs & Erich

Latniak, Universität Duisburg-Essen, Germany:

Anja Gerlmaier, Stephan Hinrichs & Erich

Latniak: “Diversity in development teams – an

approach to foster innovation?”

• Lander Vermeerbergen, University of Leuven,

Belgium: Lander Vermeerbergen, Geert Van

Hootegem, “Wasting the brains and brawns of

ethnic minorities in teamwork - A quantitative

analysis of the job quality of ethnic minorities

across team types.”

Thursday 28 th of November

Time Session in room “Colloquium” Session in room “Winterzaal/Zomerzaal” Room “Lente” and the corridor

15:00 Coffee/tea break

15:30 “Ambivalence, management and identity”

Chair: Petru Curşeu



• Christiana Anna Lena Horstmeier,

Jacobs University Bremen, Germany:

Christiane A. L. Horstmeier, Astrid C.

Homan, Sven C. Voelpel, “Development

of Multiple Identities: The Role of Social

Support and Feedback from Co-Workers

and the Leader in Developing

Identification With Different Foci”

• Anika Deinert, Jacobs University

Bremen, Germany: Anika Deinert, Astrid

C. Homan, Sven C. Voelpel, “Managing

Diversity: The Role of Leader's Beliefs

and Behaviors.”

Closing session

“Work organization, team behavour and

Innovation performance”

Chair: Per Sederblad

• Paul Preenen, TNO, Netherlands: Paul Preenen,

Steven Dhondt, Karolus Kraan & Robert

Vergeer, “Labour Flexibility and Innovative

Performance: The importance of internal


• Saskia Harkema, Wittenborg University,

Netherlands: Saskia Harkema,” Innovation in

teams from the perspective of complex

adaptive systems theory”

• Angela Jäger, Fraunhofer Institute for Systems

and Innovation Research ISI, Germany: Oliver

Som, Andrea Bikfalvi & Angela Jäger,

“Teamwork and performance. Evidences from a

European large-scale survey.”

19:00 conference diner at restaurant “De Burgt”, Leiden

Friday 29 th of November

Time Session in room “Colloquium” Session in room “Winterzaal/Zomerzaal” Room “Lente” and the corridor

9:00 Opening

9:30 Keynote 2: Alfred Kleinknecht,TNO,

Netherlands: "Walras meets Schumpeter:

Why labour market rigidities are useful for


10:30 Coffee/tea break

11:00 “Lean Production, Sociotechnical teams

and coordination”

Chair: Jos Benders

• Jonas Ingvaldsen, Norwegian

University of Science and Technology,

Norway: Jonas A. Ingvaldsen, Halvor

Holtskog, Geir Ringen, “The

ambivalence of supervisors in industry

revisited: bosses or primus inter


• Monica Rolfsen, Stine Kilskar &Nina

Valle, Institute of industrial economics

and technology management, NTNU,

Norway: Stine Kilskar, Nina Valle and

Monica Rolfse, “Communication within

Lean Production works systems”

• Per Sederblad, Malmö University,

Sweden: Per Sederblad, “How to

coordinate autonomous teams?”

12:30 Intermezzo: Dirk Jan Bolderheij,

Simulation Experience, “Games and


“Decision making, well-being and performance”

Chair: Geert van Hootegem

• Nicoletta Meslec, Tilburg University,

Netherlands: Nicoletta Meslec, P.L. Curseu,

M.T.H. Meeus and Oana C. (Iederan) Fodor:

When none of us perform better than all of us

together? The role of analogical decision rules “

• Wim Sprenger, Opus8 VOF: Wim Sprenger,

“Personal care by highly professional selfmanaging

teams - the fast growing

Neighbourhood Care The Netherlands

(Buurtzorg Nederland)”

• Frank Pot, TNO, Netherlands: Frank Pot,

Steven Dhondt, and Karolus Kraan, “The

Importance of Organisational Level Decision

Latitude for Well-being and Organisational



Friday 29 th of November

Time Session in room “Colloquium” Session in room “Winterzaal/Zomerzaal” Room “Lente” and the corridor

13:30 “Linkages and collaboration”

Chair: Monica Rolfsen

“Conflicts, creativity and mindfulness”

Chair: Klaas ten Have

• Stephen Procter & Mark Burridge,

University of Leicester, England:

Stephen Procter and Mark Burridge:

“teamworking and performance:

establishing the nature of the linkages”

• P.L. Curşeu, Tilburg University,

Netherlands: Petru Lucian Curşeu &

Sandra G. L. Schruijer, “Collaboration,

escalation of commitment and framing

in group decision making”

15:00 Closing session

15:30 Meeting of IWOT international Committee



• Eva Lovén, Linköping University, Sweden: Eva

Lovén, “Teamwork and conflicts in creative and

innovative work: comparing innovation, lean,

and psychosocial literature”

• Alan Johnson, EM LYON, France: Alan R.

Johnson, “A Social Influence Interpretation of

Members’ Interpersonal Processes Over Time

and Team Level Outcomes using Informative

Hypotheses and Bayes Factors”

• Peter Oeij, TNO, Netherlands: P.R.A. Oeij, S.

Dhondt, J.B.R. Gaspersz , E.M.M. de Vroome,

“Exploring links between complex innovation

projects, defensive behaviour and mindful

infrastructure of teams”

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