Palfinger Crane Passion 11 2014

The magazine with a passion for crane technology

The magazine with a passion for crane technology


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PaLcom P7:














Contents | CRANE Passion


PALcom P7


News from the world of PALFINGER.

06 L-crane

PALFINGER will present the completely revamped

L-crane model series as a highlight at IAA.

07 P-Fold

A new assistance system enabling cranes to be

folded and unfolded in an automated fashion was

presented at the IAA.

11 Job report Hörmann

Hörmann is constructing halls

across Germany with a fleet of modern cranes.

12 Job report Gross

The Gross group, Europe's largest ADAC partner, is

placing its trust in intelligent crane technology for its

fleet of recovery and towing vehicles.

17 Mounting Competence Centre

The MCC has developed a standardised and

optimised compact crane assembly kit.






Franz-Wolfram-Scherer-Straße 24

A 5020 Salzburg/Austria

Telefon: +43 (0) 6 62/46 84-0





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Information for customers and partners



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PALFINGER AG, Oliver Willms


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cuStomEr bENEFit

dEar PartNErS aNd FriENdS oF PaLFiNGEr!

standing still is like taking a step backwards – this is particularly applicable to companies that

aspire to be innovation leaders. We measure ourselves against this aspiration. The latest example is

the PALcom P7, the entirely newly developed crane remote control for our loader cranes. our

primary aim was to make this link between human and machine so simple and intuitive that it

makes our customers' work even easier. In the end, the PALFINGER development department

worked together with external experts, research institutes and practical workers. You can read

about what the PALcom P7 can do, what ideas guided us during development and what our

customers have to say in our cover story from page 8 onwards.

"Ateliers mécaniques Dostert", our primary importer in Luxembourg, has been closely linked to

PALFINGER for 40 years. since the early days, owner Franz Dostert has sworn by the products from

salzburg – partly due to the fact that PALFINGER is a technological leader. A nice compliment for

us from a long-standing partner. You can read about what else links Dostert and PALFINGER in our

portrait from page 15 onwards.

of course, PALFINGER makes its expertise available worldwide. With lifting solutions tailored to the

country and use in question, our aim is to make our customers' work even more cost-effective and

simple. More than 4,500 sales and service support points in over 130 countries spread across all

continents ensure that we are always close to our customers. Current examples of how our

products are used around the world can be found from page 18 onwards. But you can also reach us

on the Internet, at any time and from anywhere in the world. our activities in this area are

summarised for you on page 5.

I hope that reading CRANE PAssIoN provides you with plenty of ideas for your work.

Wolfgang Pilz (CMo)


NEWS | CRANE Passion



Assembly training for the sales team

UNDER THE SLOGAN "Recognising quality", the

majority of the sales team took advantage of the

opportunity to witness first-hand the individual

steps involved in the production of our PALFINGER

cranes. For a whole week, we swapped theory for

practice and assumed the role of an assembly operator.

Following a general introductory training

session led by training officer Paul Grubits, we

were immediately faced with the task of assembling

the extension boom system. Under the expert

eyes of the assembly team, we had the opportunity

to look at and assemble the many detailed

solutions and quality characteristics. "It's a perfect

opportunity to gain an understanding of the

quality that goes into each and every component

of a PALFINGER crane. That will undoubtedly help

us in our day-to-day dealings with customers,"

says Bernhard Kletzl, a member of the sales team.

From the assembly of extension booms, control

valves and knuckle booms to the "marriage" (connection

of the arm assembly to the base), as well

as the electronic assembly and inspection of the

crane, we were able to witness the entire process

involved in the crane manufacture, first hand.

PALFINGER awarded "Green Brands"

PALFINGER is the first company in Austria to be awarded the "Green Brands Austria 2014/15" seal for its commitment to sustainability

and the conservation of resources. Green Brands is an independent international organisation based in Ireland. Following a three-stage

awarding process carried out by the Green Brands organisation, Herbert Ortner, CEO of PALFINGER AG, had the honour of receiving the

award. "We have invested a great deal in making our entire value chain eco-efficient over recent years and intend to carry on optimising it.

We are proud to be a Green Brand," said Ortner when he was presented with the seal. Any company that wishes to receive the quality seal

needs to practise environmental sustainability and live by this both inwardly and outwardly. The following measures implemented by

PALFINGER were just some of those that played a key role in the decision:

• Use of (environmental) management systems at manufacturing and assembly locations

• Preparation of internal energy saving guidelines

• Use of painting systems with water-based or high-solid solvent-based paints

• Regular analysis and ongoing improvement of energy consumption

• Use of waste optimisation programmes

• Reduction of hazardous waste

• Promotion of products for environmental and social purposes and sustainable products

and equipment such as the PALFINGER Hybrid


StabLE aNd


iN ordEr to ENSurE optimum lifting capacity combined with perfect highperformance

stability control for cranes between four and twelve metre tonnes,

PALFINGER has put together a special offer: PALpackage Comfort.

A total of 16 crane models from PK 4501 to PK 12502 sH can be equipped with

this system. The package includes the intelligent HPsC (high-performance

stability control) system and a halogen work light. The HPsC system ensures

maximum utilisation of the crane's lifting capacity at every point on the stability

control curve. Fully variable stabiliser positioning ensures operation even in difficult

conditions. The halogen work light provides the operator with a clear view,

even in poor light conditions. You can find out what else the PALpackage Comfort

can do from the details given on the back of this issue of Crane Passion, or

you can find further information on our homepage at www.palfinger.com.

PaLFiNGEr at tHE iaa

at tHiS yEar'S iaa, PALFINGER will present a wide range of

innovations at its stand in Hall 26, D16, and in the K44 outdoor

exhibition area. In addition to a large

number of solutions for industries

such as the construction sector and Zukunft bewegen

forestry, PALFINGER will also unveil

several product firsts. It's well worth a

visit – anyone who is unable to attend

will find a description of the highlights

on the next pages.

25. SEPTEMBER – 02. OKTOBER 2014



PaLcom P7 coNtroLS raciNG truck

The truck racing driver Jochen Hahn, the new

PALcom P7 crane control and a young boy are the

stars of a new viral video that has appeared on You-

Tube and can be viewed at www.palfinger.com. In

this short tongue-in-cheek video that is well worth a

watch, the boy is playing with a remote control model

racing truck. Jochen Hahn suddenly appears with

a real racing truck weighing in at five tonnes with

1,200 hp – and

controls it using

the PALcom P7.

The scene takes

an exciting twist,

but we won't

give too much

away here. Tip from the editorial team: make sure

you watch the video at http://www.youtube.com/user/

PALFINGERAG and enjoy.

cHooSiNG a craNE ovEr tHE iNtErNEt

The new Loader Crane Finder on PALFINGER's website

makes choosing a crane child's play: Customers

start by selecting their industry and then enter the

load they want to lift and in what range. The

PALFINGER Loader Crane Finder then displays the

models that meet the customer's requirements. This

platform also allows customers to compare technical

data and select additional equipment. As soon as

a selection has been made, the local dealer will

receive a non-binding information request.

youtubE cHaNNEL WitH uSEr vaLuE

PALFINGER's YouTube channels provide users with

useful clips: As well as product presentations and

trade fair images, the channels also include image

videos and animations. The PALFINGER AG product

channel is the main channel (www.youtube.com/

PALFINGERAG), and there are also channels for different

countries. It's definitely worth taking a look.

PLaNt viSit From tHE comFort

oF your dESk

The virtual plant tour provides an innovative example

of how the Internet can be used. Here, viewers

can see the precision and meticulous care that go

into creating the innovation leader's products.

PALFINGER plants can be visited online via the

homepage at http://virtualtour.palfinger.com. The

tour gives visitors an in-depth look behind the

scenes. Users will find a detailed presentation of

worldwide production facilities and product groups

as well as hot spot videos on modern, innovative production

methods, points of interest and other additional

information. A virtual tour is also possible in

selected plants, where users can take a look around

the entire plant. Further content is added to the tool

on an ongoing basis – particularly hot spot videos.



| CRANE Passion

PALFINGER L-crane series

The best


even better

PALFINGER will unveil another highlight at IAA in the form of the completely redesigned L-crane

model series. The new generation offers impressive performance capacity and ergonomics.

Improved working


the top seat models

have an ergonomically

designed seat from

which the operator

can see the entire

working area.


is demonstrating

the fine art of

making an outstanding

product even better with the new

generation of the brick and block

crane series. The new models will

make their début at IAA 2014 in


The L-crane series has already gone beyond its competitors

in the rear-mounted brick and block crane segment.

Features such as the 440˚ tiltable range and an

excellent loading height set the crane models in this

series apart.

The advantages of the new all-rounder for demanding

loading and supply operations on the construction site

include its ease of servicing. The entire slewing mechanism

runs through an oil bath right up to the head bearing,

ensuring permanent lubrication. Therefore extensive

maintenance of the lubrication system is no longer necessary.

The new internal hose routing system also saves on

operating costs. The protected installation of hydraulic

hoses prevents damage and allows for compact set-up


The new L-series offers improved working conditions for

crane operators as well. The top seat models offer an

ergonomically designed top seat and a new joystick

control. The redesigned workstation allows operators to

work in a relaxed environment over a longer period of time

and provides a perfect view of the entire working area.

The workstation can be equipped with a weatherproof

roof and an LED or halogen work light if required.

A Danfoss control valve is available as an optional extra,

which enables manifold controllability and optimised


The lifting moment is up to 15% higher than previous

models while the crane weight is virtually the same,

which improves the performance capacity of the new

L-crane series. This has extended the working range of

the crane and actively helps to ensure economically

viable operation.

The performance range of the four new L-crane types

extends from the PK 20501 L with 19.7 metre tonnes and

the PK 22001 L with 21.8 metre tonnes of lifting moment

– each with a maximum range of 13.7 metres – to the

PK 23001 L with 22.9 metre tonnes and the PK 26001 L

with 25.3 metre tonnes of lifting moment – each with a

maximum range of 16.2 metres. The PK 22001 L and

PK 26001 L are both equipped with S-HPLS technology

and are supplied with the new PALcom P7 remote



CRANE Passion | P-Fold


set up

with fingertip movement

With the P-Fold assistance

system, another product

innovation from PALFINGER

will celebrate its world premiere

at IAA 2014. Cranes can be

folded and unfolded easily by

using the P-Fold.

Comfort, safety and efficiency – PALFINGER

offers these strengths with the new PALcom P7 loader

crane remote control. As an additional function of the

PALcom P7, PALFINGER is launching the new P-Fold

assistance system on the market exclusively for all cranes

in the SH model series, from the PK 42002 SH to the

flagship PK 200002 L SH.

The crane operator activates P-Fold using the PALcom P7

operating menu. After the assistance system is activated,

the crane is set in motion by moving just one control lever.

The intelligent P-Fold controls take over coordination of

the crane movements until a defined working position is


After operation has ended, the crane can be folded down

from any working position. P-Fold then takes over coordination

of all crane movements again and controls the

additional foldable knuckle boom and rope winch as

well. The operator controls the innovative system with just

one control lever while the crane is folded down fully. Of

course, the P-Fold system also works together with the

new RTC (Rope Tension Control) system. Both systems

perfectly support the crane's set-up processes. This

reduces set-up times to a minimum and prevents damage

to the vehicle, load, rope and surrounding area.

In addition to the significant increase in operator comfort

and the prevention of costly damage, the new assistance

system significantly reduces the crane's set-up times.

This conserves valuable working and service life, which

directly benefits the productivity of PALFINGER cranes.

The P-Fold assistance system offers a unique method of

operation and will be launched on the market for all

SH cranes from PK 42002 SH to PK 200002 L SH in

combination with the new PALcom P7 remote control at

the end of 2014.


the controls take over coordination of

the crane movements until a defined

working position is reached.

PaLcom P7


HumaN aNd macHiNE

bEcomE oNE

The PALFINGER loader crane radio remote

control PALcom P7 is an entirely new

development that combines the highest

level of operator-friendliness, safety and

working efficiency with innovative design.

PErFEct Form For

PErFEct FuNctioN

CRANE PAssIoN | PaLcom P7

The design of the new PALcom P7 crane remote control

from the team of designers at formquadrat constitutes a

highlight for a range of industries. As the most important link

between crane and operator, the control requires ergonomics

and intuitive usability to be as close to perfect as possible.

"The goal will only be achieved when the user and control

merge together to become one and the control functions

as an extended arm for the operator," explains formquadrat

CEo and Chief Designer Mario Zeppetzauer.

The designers focused on the intuitive operation of the new

PALdrive rotary push switch and ergonomically shaped control

lever in order to achieve this. Circumferential lines in a

red-and-black PALFINGER design characterise the styling.

The "running boards" on the base bring out the control's

robust construction.

ELEctroNic maStErPiEcE:

the perfect industrial design of

the new palcom p7 remote control

comBines optimum ergonomics with

modern, intuitive operating logic.

aS tHE moSt imPortaNt link between the operator

and crane, the crane remote control takes on a central

role when it comes to loading or assembly work. With the

innovative PALcom P7 loader crane radio remote control,

PALFINGER is setting new benchmarks in the industry.

Maximum ergonomics for precise, fatigue-free working is

just as much a development objective as easy readability

of information and a long battery life. Working together

with external experts, research institutes and crane operators,

the PALFINGER development department took a

leading role in designing a completely new type of radio

remote control that is perfectly suited to loader cranes.

This allows the clearly structured display to inform operators

about all important operating conditions during each

work step. The operator is not distracted from operating

the crane. Furthermore, the hand rests and layout of the

control levers are carefully chosen to enable fatigue-free


When it came to the key task of designing the operating

elements, the ambitious development team specifically

explored a new approach. For example, the control ergonomics

are consciously based on intuitive use by the operator,

thereby ensuring maximum operational safety

even over long working times. As a result, the key functions

can virtually be operated "while blindfolded" after a

brief training period. The centrally located "PALdrive"

control knob constitutes a further highlight of the new

PALFINGER PALcom P7. The control element, known

from luxury-class cars, and the intuitive menu with a clear

graphic design ensure particularly easy and safe operation.

This sees a central 4.1-inch TFT colour display with transflective

technology used in the new PALcom P7 for the

first time in the crane sector.

the neW crane controL From

PaLFinger has been rigorousLy

designed to imProve ergonomics

in many PrototyPe stePs. the

chaLLenge Was to combine oPerating

eLements, ergonomics and

saFety With a stand-aLone design


mario zEPPEtzauEr, cEo oF

Formquadrat GmbH, LiNz



PaLcom P7 | CRANE PAssIoN





New and innovative safety concepts were integrated during

the development of the PALcom P7 radio remote control.

safety features such as rollover and acceleration

sensors prevent unintentional crane movements. operational

safety is the key focus at all times. For example, if

the control handset exceeds a certain inclination angle or

the radio console falls to the ground, the function of the

control lever is deactivated.

With the new PALcom P7, PALFINGER is exploring a new

approach in terms of energy management as well. Before

quick charging, the in telligent charging station checks the

charge state, need for refreshment and the temperature

of the batteries. From all of this information, the charging

device inputs the optimum charging current. This provides

a sustained increase to the service life of the batteries

over the long term. Reduced power consumption enables

the PALcom P7 to run for up to twelve hours in

continuous operation without recharging, making unproductive

battery charging breaks a thing of the past. The

innovations of the PALFINGER PALcom P7 span all areas

relating to the interaction between humans and machines.

Two ergonomically optimised strap systems with a

diagonal or waist belt and large areas of padding ensure

the highest level of wearing comfort, even over long periods

of operation.

The perfect balance between further optimised intuitive

control, clear communication of information and maximum

operator comfort sets a new benchmark for crane

remote controls with the PALcom P7. Crane operators

therefore reap the benefits of a sustained workload reduction,

maximum safety and a longer battery life.


in terms oF oPeration and

Wearing comFort, i am 100%

haPPy With the PaLcom P7.

maXimiLiaN rEitEr, 24, craNE oPErator,

drivES aN mb actroS 2646 WitH a Pk 34002 SH

aNd WorkS at bErGEr bau- uNd iNduStriEbEdarF

GmbH, trauNStEiN.

the neW PaLcom P7 Provides

cLear Feedback that is easy

to understand When aP-

Proaching the Limits With

the crane.

markuS moLL, 40, cEo moLL traNSPortE,

GiNGEN/FiLS, traNSPortS traNSFormErS,

cabLE drumS aNd SyStEm comPoNENtS

For tHE ENErGy iNduStry WitH a

ScaNia r500 WitH Pk 34002 SH.

changing to the neW PaLcom

P7 didn't reQuire any sPeciaL

adJustment For me. aLL oPerating

eLements are Positioned

Where they beLong.

micHaEL GutiErrEz, 24, traNSPortS

coNStructioN matEriaLS aNd PaLLEt

GoodS WitH HiS maN aNd Pk 34002 SH

For tHE comPaNy bauWarEN maHLEr,


I have been working with the PALcom P7 for a good two weeks now and am

very pleased with it. Changing from the conventional remote control to the

new PALcom remote control constitutes a huge step forward. Even though I

only recently became acquainted with the new remote control, I can perform

most commands intuitively without looking at the device. The grip and positioning

of the lever have been perfectly designed. I really like the graphic

menu – you can understand the symbols instantly. It's really self-explanatory.

The backlighting on the display means I can read the information easily in any

light. The device also offers a significant improvement in wearing comfort

compared with my old remote control. I truly am 100% happy with the new


The ergonomics of the new crane control are fantastic! I am familiar with the

rotary control knob from my car. I absolutely love using it to control the crane

– it has a true luxury-class feel to it. After only a few days of using it, I have really

got the hang of operating the control. The new display is very easy to read.

Here, I can see the current load and stabilizer conditions on the display. This

is extremely important when approaching the lifting capacity levels.The

backlighting is an excellent feature in our field of work, which often requires

the power to be switched off during assembly. The sensitive control and good

modulation of the PALcom P7 makes working with our heavy and expensive

loads a great deal easier. The wearing comfort is perfect. If I don't need the

remote control, I simply swivel the waist strap around so it sits against my


After using the new PALFINGER remote control for almost three months,

I don't have a bad word to say about it. Changing from the former control

wasn't a big adjustment for me. The new rotary knob in the centre improves

operation during use. I like the display of capacity utilisation and stabilization

width in percentages as well as the direct menu access. The control is extremely

sensitive, which is very important for us when lifting pallets of plasterboard

to the third floor, for example. Thanks to the diagonal strap, wearing the

remote control remains comfortable even over longer periods. And there is

every reason to be extremely pleased with the long battery life.


CRANE Passion | Job Report Hörmann

Reaching new


With PALFINGER assembly cranes

Family business Rudolf Hörmann GmbH, based in Buchloe,

Allgäu, is constructing more than 740 commercial, barn and

storage halls across Germany. A fleet of modern PALFINGER

cranes is completing the skilled on-site construction work

right on schedule.







Both the people and machines at Hörmann, one of Germany's leading hall

construction companies, have to work with maximum flexibility. "Each hall is

unique," reports Thomas Novacek, 47, head of the Timber Construction and

Assembly divisions in the company with 650 employees. The hardworking

Allgäu employees receive dynamic assistancefrom their fleet of PALFINGER

cranes. A total of 13 assembly cranes, some of which are mounted on three

axle, four axle or semi-trailer tractors, are taking on a leading role in the construction

of approximately 740 halls this year.

The new flagship of the Hörmann fleet, a PALFINGER PK 92002 SH, is mounted

on a four-axle MAN chassis that has been specially modified for cranes.

Altogether, 480 hp, a hydraulic drive for the second steering axle and an

additional auxiliary frame to hold a hydraulic stabilizer system with a loadbearing

capacity of 30 tonnes on the front of the vehicle make the heavy MAN

a high-tech substructure for PALFINGER that can be used universally. For example,

the heavy assembly crane with a maximum lifting capacity of 30 tonnes

and electronic high-performance stability control can also slew over the front

of the vehicle – a truly major advantage that time and again proves beneficial,

particularly in confined spaces on rural construction sites.

"Unbelievably simple and extremely sensitive," says Bavarian hall assembly

operator Sigi Kirchner, 42, praising his hydraulic assistant mounted on the

back of the heavy four-axle MAN chassis. In just five days, he and his colleagues

will place a complete hall extension on the foundations. Narrow access

roads, unpaved surfaces and extremely confined working spaces often

placed the highest demands on the assembly team and crane.

We have been working with PALFINGER

assembly cranes since 1994. We believe

that PALFINGER is the best brand on the

market for day-to-day operation as well

as maintenance, spare parts service and

value retention.

Thomas Novacek, head of the Timber Construction and

Assembly divisions at Rudolf Hörmann GmbH, Buchloe

From unloading the materials and preparing for construction to building the

hall and assembling solar elements on the roof, the premium products from

Austria operated non-stop. "The sensitive control, the electronic active oscillation

suppression system, the continuous slewing system and the fly-jib or overstretchable

knuckle boom fitted on the vehicle perfectly suit our requirements,"

praises Thomas Novacek. In addition, reliability, the closely integrated

service network extending to the swift repair service at the

construction site and ultimately the resale value all cast a

positive light on the Bavarian-Austrian liaison.


The Company Gross | CRANE Passion

I simply can't afford to use simplistic

technology. For us, PALFINGER is the

non plus ultra when it comes to

loading devices!

Rainer Petermann, CEO of the Gross

group from Köngen near Stuttgart




Europe's largest ADAC partner, the Swabian Gross group, is placing its full

trust in intelligent crane technology from PALFINGER to ensure its fleet of

recovery and breakdown vehicles can lift gently and effectively.

The lifting work in vehicle recovery and

transport business must be performed gently and quickly.

The sensitivity of the hook is important to clear blocked

roads as quickly as possible on the one hand, and to avoid

putting people and the expensive vehicles being used in

danger on the other. Headquartered in Köngen, the

Swabian Gross group swears by the innovative, robust

technology of PALFINGER cranes for this reason for its

35 tow and recovery trucks.

The Gross fleet of recovery vehicles is in operation

throughout Europe around the clock, 365 days a year.

As an established technology expert, CEO Rainer

Petermann chose PALFINGER to be the partner company.

"Once I have been won over by a service, then I stick

with it!" says the 52-year-old Gross CEO, describing the

structure of the high-quality vehicle fleet. "PALFINGER

and vehicle body manufacturer TBZ are simply the perfect

combination for us," explains the consummate businessman,

summarising his many years of experience

with countless competitor products. The Austrian premium

products had the edge over the competition not

only in terms of technical implementation but also for

spare parts supply, service and sales advice. Bruno

Nocce, financial expert and member of the management

team at Gross, attests that the reliability in 24-hour

operation as well as the zero external damage rate for

vehicle transportation and the later resale value all clearly

put PALFINGER cranes on top. And it makes sense to

opt for the best product instead of a simply good one in

economic terms as well. The somewhat higher acquisition

costs for the top-class product are amortised

several times over throughout the vehicle's entire

service life. For the practical workers in the Gross group,

working with a PALFINGER crane every day constitutes

an essential component of their success. Recovery truck

driver Patrick Wälde summarises the benefits of his

PALFINGER PK 17500 T. "The intuitive control plays a

major role in ensuring the successful transportation of

cars." For example, even vehicles positioned directly

behind the vehicle platform can be optimally lifted

without swinging. "The extremely sensitive response is

extremely important if a car has to be lifted on from a

confined space using a vehicle recovery yoke!"

Many detailed solutions cast positive light on modern

PALFINGER cranes. For example, the cylinder attached to

the side of the main boom often provides those crucial

extra centimetres when working in confined spaces.

What's more, the response behaviour is optimal straight

away even after a frosty night. "It's clear that PALFINGER

puts a great deal of consideration into operation and

makes use of its consolidated expertise," says Daniel

Beyersdorf, manager of the Gross fleet of cranes and

recognised vehicle recovery expert, praising the characteristics

of the Austrian quality product.

After the last third-party product was taken out of service,

the Gross fleet now rolls out for operation with only

PALFINGER cranes. CEO Rainer Petermann continues to

place his trust in the company's technical expertise and

remains loyal to the best products. When it comes to

cranes, the clever businessman is certain that he has

found a partner for life in PALFINGER.


The Gross group:

everything for cars

Thanks to Swabian diligence and perseverance, the filling

station business with a metalworking shop founded

in 1953 by Karl Gross has evolved over three generations

of owners to become a successful group of companies

comprising more than 50 divisions, 400 employees

at 31 locations and 320 trucks. This makes Gross the

most important ADAC partner company in Europe and

sees it take on a wide range of transport tasks on behalf

of the Daimler Group, including the transportation of

prototypes, test vehicles and vintage cars for the museum

by truck. The slogan of the bustling Swabian company,

"We do everything for cars", is perfectly fitting.









a comPaNy carEEr cLoSELy


Ateliers mécaniques Dostert has served as primary importer of PALFINGER

products in Luxembourg for 40 years – a success story written by a tradition

of innovation.

CRANE Passion | Dostert







For Franz Dostert, true meaning has just

been given to the ancient Greek philosophical

saying "everything flows". Special hydraulic

solutions define his working life, which has

closely linked him to PALFINGER for 40 years

now. Ever since his childhood, the Director of

the family business Ateliers mécaniques Dostert

has been acquainted with the mechanical

and hydraulic business of his family.

So it's no surprise that the likeable company

boss enthusiastically got to work as a qualified

journeyman at the designer's desk and

workbench in the historical workshop building

located in Hunsdorf, a small town of 8,000 residents, when he

was just 16 years old. At the young age of 21, he took over management

of the company from his uncle who had fallen ill, and this was

the year that the first PALFINGER crane made its entrance.

Franz Dostert can still remember his first rendezvous with the Austrian

crane very well. The extremely talented mechanics expert immediately

recognised the technical finesse of the first PALFINGER

crane and has since served as primary importer

of the Austrian products for Luxembourg, which

currently has a population of around 500,000. In

the beginning, five to six cranes were distributed

to the customers each year, whereas now around

35 PALFNGER cranes, numerous truck-mounted

forklifts and hookloaders leave the historic

halls in Rue Franz Dostert.

Together with his son and Junior Director

Charles, 35, Franz Dostert also deals with special

customer requirements, modifications and chassis

adaptations. PALFINGER has always been the

designated partner of choice for the 61-year-old

company Director. He believes that the Austrian-Luxembourgish alliance

is unbeatable, in terms of both the technology and people.

"The global PALFINGER family is unique. There is a genuine friendship

among the dealers – it's not all just about the shareholder

value!" says Franz Dostert, affirming the values of the long-standing


Making an appearance at the EMEA Sales Conference in Luxembourg

A partnership now stretching over 40 years links PALFINGER to

our Luxembourg dealer Franz Dostert. Together with the fact that

the Dostert company moved into a new building this year and

that PALFINGER was optimally branded in a lighthouse project at

the same time, this was reason enough to make an appearance

at the 2014 EMEA Sales Conference in Luxembourg.

The opening ceremony for the new Franz Dostert workshop was

without doubt the emotional highlight of the event. In addition to

a heartfelt speech given by Management Board member Wolfgang

Pilz, old friends and employees gave their congratulations

on the anniversary in the form of video messages. Hannes Palfinger

and Management Board member Martin Zehnder were also

among the well-wishers in the cheerful audience. Of course,

alongside this icebreaker on the agenda, the three days of the

event also offered a wealth of content and provided the invited

dealers with current information about the markets, marketing

activities, dealer standards and service projects as well as all relevant

information for crane, hookloader, MBB and Epsilon products.

Following an extremely compact and informative agenda, a

social evening event in Luxembourg old town, a fantastic and

above all productive event drew to a close in style.


(From left to right) Martin Zehnder, Wolfgang PilZ,

Hubert Meschnark, Hannes Palfinger, Franz Dostert,

Felix Strohbichler.


doStErt | CRANE PAssIoN

essentiaLLy, We do things that

others can't. there is no such

Word as "can't" at our comPany.

hydrauLics even characterise

our thoughts!

FraNz doStErt, dirEctor oF atELiErS mÉcaNiquES

doStErt, HuNSdorF iN LuXEmbourG

For example, his holiday agenda features extremely

frequent visits to his foreign PALFINGER importer colleagues.

The exceptional design engineer, who has received

several innovation awards, believes the global

exchange of information is extremely important. Dostert is

now the oldest living PALFINGER importer, which doesn't

stop the enterprising expert from setting the course for

expansion for the company's future with an impressive

new construction in Rouscht, Bissen.

on the spacious new company premises, Franz Dostert

wants to enhance performance potential with an in-house

sandblasting facility, paint shop and hydro jet cutting system

system. The representative PALFINGER customer

area and an extensive spare parts warehouse in the fully

underground, spacious hall are leading the innovative

workshops of the Dostert family company to a new era of

the company's 130 years of history. A semi-trailer tractor

lifting platform with a lifting capacity of 60 tonnes, abundant

parking spaces and an in-house TÜV testing facility

complete the comprehensive offer, which had always suffered

from problems with space at the old location. The

likeable senior Director and his 38 employees in the new,

ultramodern PALFINGER branch will have no problem

bidding farewell to the historic workshop in Hunsdorf,

where Franz Dostert witnessed the fascination surrounding

shaped metal in the forge when he was just a child.

However, Franz Dostert does not want to forget the company's

history after moving into the modern facilities. The

historic forge, where founder of the company Bernard

Dostert shaped the first metal parts in 1884, will remain in

Hunsdorf as a company museum.

driviNG ForcE For iNNovatioN

For morE tHaN 130 yEarS

Dostert's company history can

be traced back to the French

Revolution. 1884 is the official

founding year of the mechanical

Dostert workshops in Hunsdorf,

Luxembourg, where Bernard

Dostert ran a blacksmith

and wheelwright's workshop,

from which an in-house vehicle

construction facility was born over the decades.

Construction of truck tipper bodies and the manufacture

of pumps and cylinders began in 1936. The

year 1946 saw the arrival of an innovative waste

collection vehicle with a tipper container for compacting

waste on the market. In 1974, current Director

Franz Dostert took on the role as primary

importer of PALFINGER products for Luxembourg,

which he continuously expanded together with his

son Charles. In 2014, Ateliers mécaniques moved

to the new location in Rouscht, Bissen, where the

company's activities are being further expanded.

Bernard Dostert

bELLoWS aNd ForGE:

in 130 years, dostert has evolved from

what started as a Blacksmith and wheelwright's

workshop into a high-tech



CRANE Passion | Mounting Competence Center


in a compact design

PALFINGER presents new compact crane assembly kit for 3.5-tonne

vehicles at IAA. The lightweight loader cranes stand out from the crowd

with short assembly times and PALFINGER quality.

The PALFINGER Mounting Competence

Centre (MCC), known for crane

projects in the high-end performance

range, is now demonstrating its

strengths with small vehicles as well.

The experts from Lengau, Austria,

present their latest development –

an assembly kit that can be used to

install compact cranes on lightweight

3.5-tonne transporters much more

easily and cost-effectively.

Until now, comparatively high assembly

and installation costs in relation to

the vehicle purchase price have represented

a market hurdle for these

compact all-rounders on the loading

platform. The head of MCC Gernot

Pichorner and his experts worked together

with their sales colleagues to

survey dealers and customers in

depth. Their aim was to clarify the

requirements profile for lightweight

loader cranes in this Europe-wide

vehicle class. Based on this, the

PALFINGER developers created an

extremely assembly-friendly kit that

can be configured for the standard

models of leading suppliers in this















The design of the PALFINGER PC crane does not feature

an additional auxiliary frame to reduce the payload or

additional welding or drilling work on the chassis. Only the

longitudinal profile of the platform substructure and the

screen-printed wear floor of the platform is cut out for

crane assembly. The new crane kit does not need any

further interventions on the chassis or the ladder frame

construction of the platform.

The 120-millimetre high, extremely compact cross-rail for

the stabiliser support system is assembled separately

from the crane and is fixed to the chassis using screw and

clamp connections like a hydraulic crane. "This design

means that the crane can be assembled, retrofitted or

transferred to a new chassis without any problems,"

states Gernot Pichorner, explaining the innovative assembly

concept that yields benefits for a wide range of customers.

The lightweight KTL dip-painted PALFINGER

crane is much easier to assemble and can be constructed

in appropriately qualified workshops. The new

PALFINGER crane kit entails only around a third of the

time required to assemble other types of crane, which

translates into a significant cost advantage.

Three power classes, ranging from the lightweight

PALFINGER PC 1500 with 1.4 metre tonnes and a lifting

capacity of up to 990 kilograms and the PC 2700 to the

PC 3800 with 3.7 metre tonnes and a maximum lifting

capacity of 2.000 kilograms cover the wide-ranging fields

of application on the transporter platform. An electrohydraulic

pump assembly or a hydraulic pump driven by the

engine V-belt with a magnetic clutch is used to drive the

fully hydraulic compact crane. With the new compact

crane assembly kit, PALFINGER has enabled operators

of lightweight commercial vehicles to benefit from the

usual PALFINGER quality, even with all their sensitivity to



International | CRANE Passion

Construction work with PALFINGER

Solar energy

for Ghana

PALFINGER is playing a prominent role in a nationwide solar energy project

for rural regions in the West African nation of Ghana.

Use solar energy! The Ghanaian

government is running a campaign

under this slogan, with the primary

aim of bringing electricity to rural

regions in the West African country.

Today, around half of all Ghanaians

work in agriculture. Their main activities

are growing cocoa, coffee, tea

and coconuts and extracting natural

rubber. The Ghana Cocoa Board has

been running a long-term project

since 2008 to install solar-powered

street lighting and build houses supplied

with solar energy in rural areas.

The first solar street lights erected

with the help of a PALFINGER loader

crane were constructed in a small

farming village without electricity

around three hours from the capital

Accra. So far, 11,000 solar-powered

street lights have been installed in

western Ghana, which is around the


same size as the UK.

Solar street lights are assembled

using the PK 8500 and the

In areas without an electricity supply

manipulator PZM 0500.

grid, lighting not only plays an important

role in terms of safety in the evening. The sun goes down early in the evening

in the tropical coastal land throughout the year, and so the artificial light

from solar-powered street lights means that people can continue working or

trading on markets or simply carry on with their social activities. The extra light

improves people's quality of life in the rural western region of the country.

A crane structure specially adapted by PALFINGER at the Austrian Mounting

Competence Centre (MCC) is being used to erect the many solar lamp posts.

As well as the loader crane, which has been adjusted for the application together

with a manipulator from the PALFINGER Equipment Centre, the new

two-axle vehicle has a loading platform for transporting the lamp posts and

solar light modules. In addition to the street light project of the Ghana

Cocoa Board, the electricity supply for private households and small businesses

is also being consistently expanded in Ghana. The Ghanaian government is

using free-of-charge, environmentally friendly power supplied by the sun to

run a lighthouse project that is a prime example of sustainable energy production

in the rural infrastructure of the Third World. A PALFINGER loader crane is

also playing an important on-site assembly role in this project.


couNtry rEPort


tHrEE aPPLicatioN SoLutioNS

with one vehicle –

PALFINGER do Brasil set this

efficient and affordable crane

solution in motion in collaboration

with the energy group

AEL sul. PALFINGER is assembling

a combined loader and

working crane on a locallyproduced

truck. The crane

uses a hook device for carrying

cargo, which can be

replaced with a high-voltageisolated

workman basket

where necessary. This allows

service personnel to work

effectively, both when the

power is switched off and

when connected to the 46 kV high-voltage mains supply, without having

to change vehicle.


PaLFiNGEr NortH amErica is launching the new generation

of PW loader cranes on the major Us sales market.

The PW 32001 and PW 35001 sH models make an

impression on the demanding North American market

with their continuous slewing mechanism with two rotary

actuators. The two actuators have been hydraulically pretensioned

against each other, and thus reduce the crane's

rotation play to a minimum – an invaluable advantage

during usage with large outreaches. The double rotary

actuator ensures a high rotation torque and very precise

crane movements. The compact set-up dimensions allow

for maximum available loading space compared with

competitor products.


at tHE Foot oF tHE


tHE PEruviaN PaLFiNGEr

importer Zapler has ac-

quired an important client in the form of the south Ameri-

can mining company Cerro Verde. The mining group runs

one of the largest open-pit copper mines in the south

American country. Zapler has assembled a PALFINGER

PK 76002 EH on a truck chassis to carry out servicing and

maintenance work on the electricity pylon network. As

well as carrying out servicing tasks in the copper mine in

Arequipa, the PALFINGER truck also transports pylons to

the group's other mining locations. Cerro Verde is so impressed

with the performance capacity of PALFINGER

products that – alongside ten of its own crane vehicles –

around 70% of all third-party vehicles used by Cerro Verde

today are equipped with PALFINGER loader and assembly


bHutaN, where's that again? Bhutan lies at the foot of the Himalayas

surrounded by India, Nepal and Tibet. A PK 100002 was sold here,

which was waiting to be set up and approved. Michael Mödlhammer

(Head of Training) flew out there on 23 November 2013 to add the finishing

touches to the crane. The crane was sold by the local PALFINGER

dealer in the country. Its main use will be to construct hydroelectric

power stations, which will supply Bhutan and neighbouring India with




PaLpackage comfort

HIGHER oPErator comFort

tHE bESt StabiLity coNtroL

SyStEm For SmaLL

LoadEr craNES

without extra charge and with free

work light.

all models from pk 4501 to

pk 12502 sh can be equipped

with the palpackage comfort. the

package includes the intelligent

hpsc stability control system and

a halogen work light. this offer is

valid for all orders from the 1 st april

to the 31 st december 2014.

please ask your dealer about the

price advantage for your loader




StabiLity coNtroL

≥ Maximum lifting capacity

at any point of the stability

control curve

≥ Maximum flexibility in loader

crane use due to variable

stabilizer positioning

≥ A maximum of comfort and

safety even during crane

operation where space is


≥ Highest operator comfort

thanks to clearly laid out

display on the operator´s

console and on the display

of the radio remote control

≥ Avoiding of faulty operations

thanks to an automatic shut-off

in extreme conditions

HaLoGEN Work LiGHt

≥ High performance halogen

work light – factory mounted

≥ Compact dimensions

≥ Heavy Duty Glass Fibre

Reinforced Housing and lens

made of high strength glass

≥ optimised light output

(1750lm / 24V and 1450 / 12V),

anti-vibration dampening



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