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3. Welcome to Hobart!

4. Proposed Programme

5. Travel and Accommodation

6. Bid Team and Supporters

8. Proposed Venues

10. Bid FAQs

12. Letters of Invitation and Support

19. Hobart and Venue Map

Welcome to Hobart!


It’s a great privilege to be able to invite

2017 to be held in Hobart, Tasmania.


By the time our 2017 conference comes around, it’ll

have been eight years since Hobart hosted one of the

world’s greatest Free and Open Source Software

conferences, but in that time, this city has undergone a

massive change in character, and has found its own



Led by the Museum of Old and New Art, or MONA,

Hobart is experiencing a revolution in the arts and

cultural world, taking pride in the subversive and

unusual. Much of our planned conference is built

around Hobart’s burgeoning arts scene.


In recent years we have seen an abundance of new

restaurants that highlight the quality produce of

Tasmania, inspired by the most intriguing international

cuisines and institutions. Quirky bars serve ciders

pressed from Tasmania’s world-famous apples, and

whiskeys distilled using the purest water in the world.

Tasmania is fast growing a reputation as one of the

gourmet capitals of the world, and we’re looking

forward to presenting a unique conference programme

that shares the best of Tasmanian produce with the

LCA community.


Of course, we think Tasmania is a great place to visit in

January: our summer climate is warm (but not too

warm) and dry – perfect for outdoor conversations over

lunch or morning tea; and our southern disposition

lends the city long lingering evenings, perfect for

outdoor social events, of which we have quite a few



Our proposed schedule will follow our

traditional programme, including miniconfs, the

Speakers Dinner, the Professional Delegates

Networking Session, and our signature Penguin Dinner.

We’ve also lined up a fantastic absolute waterfront

venue with inspiring views of the Derwent River and

Hobart’s CBD.


We think the time is right to share this fantastic city at

the bottom of the world with our community, and we

can’t wait to share more of our plans with you all.

Proposed Programme


We have secured two options for our conference

venue in January 2017, with access commencing

on Sunday to allow our technical crews time to

set up the venue. The options are:


•15-21 January 2017 or

•22-28 January 2017


Our preferred dates are 15-21 January, as we will

have exclusive use of the entire venue complex for

this week.


The alternative week has limitations on availability for

one of the afternoons during the conference week.




•Early Registration

•Newcomer’s Session

•Pre-conference welcome drinks



•Opening Plenary





•Speakers Dinner: Museum of Old and New Art



•Main Conference

•Professional Delegates Networking Session:

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery



•Main Conference

•Penguin Dinner: Wrest Point Gardens



•Conference Conclusion

Travel and Accommodation

Getting to Hobart

In 2014, Hobart has frequent scheduled flights from

Melbourne, as well as regular flights from Sydney,

Brisbane and the Gold Coast, from each of Australia’s

major domestic airlines. International connections are

available from Melbourne and Sydney.


Car access to Tasmania is available on the Spirit of

Tasmania ferry, which crosses between Melbourne and

Devonport, approximately 3 hours drive from Hobart. In

January, the Spirit of Tasmania crosses Bass Strait

twice daily.




Our preferred venue is in close proximity to the

University of Tasmania’s main Hobart campus, and we

are working with the University to use the campus

student accommodation as one of our preferred



As the campus accommodation is located towards the

top of a hill, we’ll be arranging a shuttle bus service to

get delegates to and from the venue, as part of the

accommodation rates.



Our preferred venue has hotel accommodation available

ranging from 3-and-a-half star motel-style rooms,

through to 4-and-a-half star suites. We will have a

competitive preferred rate; the cheapest rooms can be

twin-shared at a similar cost to two single rooms oncampus.


Further Afield

Hobart has a number of hotels, motels, and family bed

& breakfast accommodation. Many of these are within

walking distance of our conference venue.


We’re working with Business Events Tasmania to

arrange preferred rates with a number of suppliers.


Post-Conference Touring

Tasmania is renowned for its natural beauty, colonial

history, and gourmet experiences. There are plenty of

inspiring activities for delegates to enjoy before and

after the conference – many of them are less than an

hour out of Hobart.


Business Events Tasmania have supplied a selection of

post-conference touring ideas for delegates to



Bid Team

Christopher Neugebauer

Bid Chair

Christopher is a software developer, and longtime

attendee of, having attended

the conference each year since 2008, and

organised Miniconfs since 2010. Since then, he’s

presented at Open Source conferences around the

world, and co-organised PyCon Australia for both of

its Hobart-based years. Christopher has a strong

interest in growing Open Source communities, and

making our community accessible to a diverse range

of attendees. He currently serves on the Linux

Australia council as an ordinary committee member.


Craige McWhirter

Bid Co-Chair

Craige has been involved in Linux user groups since

the early 90’s, where he was a regular at SLUG and

later on the committee. He was involved in or

organised SLUG stalls at IT and education expos,

installfests (remember those?) and in delivering Linux

desktops to community groups via ComputerBank

NSW. More recently he revived TasLUG in Hobart, and

ran the inaugural CodeCon Tasmania.


Michael Cordover

Off-Site Events Co-ordinator

Michael is a commercial lawyer with a focus on

intellectual property and contracts, and a strong

interest in open government. In his previous role as

an event manager, he managed many of Hobart’s

largest events, including the Taste of Tasmania and

Salamanca Markets. He’s also served in volunteer

conference management roles, including as

convenor and as treasurer.


Matthew D’Orazio

Interim Treasurer

Matthew was treasurer for PyCon Australia for both of

its Hobart years, and is familiar with budgeting and

accounting for large events such as; he has

experience as a company director, and has a strong interest in

the technology sector in Tasmania.

Supporting Team & Organisations

Supporting our bid are some of the Tasmanian tech

community’s brightest stars, including startup group

leaders, enthusiastic members of user groups, leaders of

developer meetups, and artists inspired by free and open

source technology. We also have support from some of

Tasmania’s peak ICT bodies.


Supporting Team Members

Scott Bragg

Jack Scott

Casey Farrell

Josh Gillies

Eloise MacDonald-Meyer

Jonny Scholes

Nancy Mauro-Flude

Ryan Verner


Tasmanian Linux Users Group

Meeting regularly in Hobart and Launceston, and with

members from around the state, TasLUG is the state’s

largest Free and Open Source Software user group.


Web Developer 42º South

One of Hobart’s youngest and most vibrant technical

meetups, WD42 attracts people with an interest in web

development from around Tasmania to share

presentations on all aspects of the web ecosystem.


Startup Tasmania

Startup Tasmania is a group to support and promote

startup business in Tasmania. They operate co-working

and startup support events in Hobart and Launceston.


Australian Computer Society (Tasmania)

The Australian Computer Society represents ICT

Professionals in Australia. The Tasmanian Branch have

been strong supporters of Open Source events in

Tasmania, including as an Elite Sponsor of PyCon

Australia in 2012 and 2013.



TASICT is the peak body for the ICT industry in

Tasmania. They represent the interests of the

Tasmanian ICT industry to government, and facilitate

links between research, industry, and the public sector.


Business Events Tasmania

Business Events Tasmania (BET) is the peak

organisation for the business events sector in

Tasmania. Our bid team is working with BET to liaise

with offsite venues and accommodation providers, to

make sure that LCA’s delegates experience the best

Tasmania has to offer.

Proposed Venues


Conference Proceedings

Wrest Point Convention Centre

Located on the banks of the Derwent River, Wrest

Point is one of Australia’s best medium-sized

convention centres, which we believe is perfectly

suited to


In terms of conference spaces, there’s a 600-seat

tiered lecture theatre, along with three flexible spaces

that can be subdivided into smaller ballrooms. In our

proposed setup, there can be up to five breakout

rooms, each catering to between 90 and 270

delegates, allowing space for up to six conference



Outside the conference rooms, there are two levels of

wide hallway space with floor-to-ceiling windows

facing the river, as well as a boardwalk linking the

convention centre with expansive waterfront gardens.

At the peak of Hobart’s summer, Wrest Point’s

absolute waterfront location will be an inspiring venue

for’s famous hallway track.


There’s also ample private space for conference staff,

including the convention centre’s green room, which

we propose to use as a staff retreat and organising

space. Our proposed venue configuration also gives

us expansive backstage space for use as our network

operations centre.


Wrest Point lies two kilometres south of the Hobart

CBD, allowing for easy access to offsite venues,

including our proposed speakers dinner and PDNS

locations, either by road, or by boat from the private

jetty located directly outside the convention centre.


Wrest Point has an existing working relationship with

Linux Australia, having served as a dinner and open

day venue for 2009, as well as the

primary venue for PyCon Australia 2012 and 2013. Our

working relationship extends to Wrest Point’s experienced AV

crew, as well as their excellent in-house catering team, with

whom we’re planning to cater for all three breaks each day

throughout the conference.

Social Events

As well as our main conference proceedings, we’re

planning on running each of LCA’s usual social events,

with a Hobart-inspired twist. Our chosen venues

highlight the intersection of Hobart’s colonial past, and

its arts and culture-driven future, all the while taking

advantage of Hobart’s lingering warm summer evenings.


Speakers Dinner

Museum of Old and New Art

Situated on the Berriedale Peninsula, some 10km north

of the Hobart CBD, the Museum of Old and New Art, or

MONA, is the largest private art collection in Australia.

Our speakers dinner will feature an hour to take a peek

inside the museum, followed by a three-course dinner

in the Ether building, featuring twilight views of the

northern reaches of the Derwent.


To get our speakers there, we’ll take a high speed

catamaran to MONA and back on the short cruise up

the Derwent, past many of Hobart’s waterfront




Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

A few metres from the waterfront in the centre of

Hobart, the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery is

situated in some of the original buildings of the Hobart

settlement, some dating back to the early 1800s.


We’re planning on holding our Professional Delegates

Networking Session in the museum’s main courtyard,

surrounded by three of the oldest heritage-listed

buildings in Australia.


Penguin Dinner

Wrest Point Gardens

Our primary conference venue has extensive

landscaped gardens, that we think will make a fantastic

venue for’s signature social event. We’ll be

hosting a picnic dinner on the foreshore of the Derwent

River, featuring some of Tasmania’s best produce, as

well as our island’s famous cool-climate wines and

craft beers.


If the weather turns bad, the original Art Deco Wrest

Point Hotel, lovingly renovated in 2013, will serve as our




Answers to Questions

Isn’t Hobart cold and dark?

Not at all! January in Hobart features a warm climate,

with 80% of days falling in the temperature range

of 16–28ºC (61–82ºF). Summer evenings last

longer in Hobart than any other major

Australian city, with the sun setting around 9pm,

and twilight lasting past 10pm.


January is also a very dry month in Hobart, with fewer

than 6 days on average receiving significant rainfall.

We’re planning as many outdoor social events as

possible to take advantage of Hobart’s fantastic

January weather.


Why aren’t you hosting on a university


Our bid team considered a return to Hobart’s

University of Tasmania campus, the site of 2009, but we decided the time was right

to take to a dedicated convention

centre. This won’t be the first time LCA has used a

dedicated venue, with 2010 reporting a

positive experience using a full-time conference

venue in Wellington, New Zealand.


We’re confident that Wrest Point’s convention centre

is an excellent fit for, and the event won’t

lose any of its community spirit from our choice of



Importantly, our organisers already have a strong

working relationship with Wrest Point, and we’re

confident that Wrest Point understands the needs of

the Linux Australia community very well.


As organisers, we’ll be able to arrange venue hire, AV

equipment, and catering through a single venue,

which we believe will substantially reduce our

organisational overheads. We are also confident that

the costs will be comparable to holding the

conference on a mainland university, even once

catering costs are considered.


Less time worrying about suppliers means we can spend

more time focusing on putting together a better conference for


How do I get around Hobart?

Wrest Point is around 2km by road from the Hobart

CBD, and is situated on Sandy Bay Road, one of the

main Hobart arterials. Sandy Bay Road is covered by

regular buses all day, including into the evenings. The

road to the city is also mostly flat, so it’s a very

comfortable half-hour walk into the city.


Metro Tasmania operates most of Hobart’s

metropolitan bus services, and tickets can be

purchased on board.


Isn’t Wrest Point a casino?

Yes: Wrest Point hosts gaming areas. We’re mindful of

this, and are doing what we can to ensure that this

doesn’t affect the spirit of the conference.


The Convention Centre is physically separated from all

gaming areas by extensive floor space within the

complex. The Convention Centre itself is entirely selfcontained–it

can be accessed directly from Hobart’s

main roads without accessing the rest of the complex.


In particular, if you choose to stay at the campus

accommodation, or at an off-site hotel, you will never

need to access any part of the building other than the

Convention Centre.


We’ll be working with the venue management to ensure

that the external access to the venue has prominent

signage. To the extent that we can, we’ll also work to

ensure that the convention centre is separated from the

main complex for the duration of the conference.


If any members of the community have concerns about

the venue, we strongly encourage them to contact us.

We’d like to do everything in our power to mitigate



What else are you planning as part of LCA?

We can’t spoil all of the surprises, can we? Rest

assured, we have quite a few interesting ideas planned

for that will showcase Hobart to LCA’s

delegates, as well as introducing Hobart to the Free

Software and Open Source community. We can’t wait to

share all of our plans with the LCA community!


If you have any suggestions for our planned conference,

or any questions, or if you want to help out, please send

us an e-mail at

Letters of Support

Wrest Point


Letters of Support

Business Events Tasmania

Friday 4 July 2014

Linux Australia Council

GPO Box 4788

Sydney NSW 2001

To Whom It May Concern,

Business Events Tasmania is delighted to be working with Chris Neugebauer from

Linux Australia Inc to examine the feasibility of hosting the

Conference in Tasmania in 2017.

Business Events Tasmania assistance is a free, unbiased and independent service

which receives funding from the state government with the purpose of

encouraging the ease and success of events occurring in Tasmania.

I have been working with Chris over the last few months in assisting to prepare a

comprehensive bid by sourcing quotations from venues and suppliers. I will be

happy to continue offering ongoing support and assistance in the planning and

development of the Conference in Hobart. We would be delighted

to offer a hosted site inspection for one or two key decision makers from the

Linux Australia Council, showcasing Tasmania’s wonderful offerings.

Tasmania is a state of exceptional charm, history and natural beauty. Tasmania

has built up a well-deserved reputation for ensuring the success and ease of

events in Tasmania with unique experiences that leave lifelong impressions.

Yours Sincerely

Liz Hafner

Business Development Manager

Level 3, 18 Elizabeth Street, Hobart TAS 7000 GPO Box 237, Hobart TAS 7001

t: +61 3 6224 6852 f: +61 3 6223 8321 e: w:

Tasmanian Convention Bureau trading as Business Events Tasmania abn: 33 009 589 584

Letters of Support

ACS Tasmanian Branch

! ! !













































! !




! Letters of Support

TASICT Industry Peak Body

To whom it may concern

Dean Winter

Executive Officer


GPO Box 166

Hobart TAS 7001

Letter of Support – Tasmanian LCA Bid

Ph: 0427 253 654


TASICT is the Tasmanian ICT Industry’s peak body, representing the sector to government, developing

policy, running important industry programs, providing support to its members and running events

the support and promote the industry.

TASICT fully supports the bid for Tasmania to host the 2017 (LCA) event. I want to assure

you that TASICT and its members are passionately behind this bid.

Tasmania’s ICT sector has a number of exciting ICT-related projects happening right now. The first

being early access to the National Broadband Network (NBN), which will see Tasmania’s historically

poor copper infrastructure upgrade before 2017.

This NBN has received a very enthusiastic response in Tasmania and it is already providing a benefit

to those businesses with access to it.

The second is the recent announcement of APX-Central. The project which would see Tasmania – for

the first time – connected directly to Adelaide, Perth and Sydney via subsea cable. The project offers

Tasmania an opportunity to attract large-scale ICT investment – such as datacentres – for the first


The third is the pending visit from DivX CTO, Eric Grab, looking to investigate Tasmania as a suitable

location for software testing and proof-of-concept work.

This year Tasmania is hosting its own ICT Conference featuring Eric Grab, SubPartners CEO

Bevan Slattery and Australia Post CIO, Andrew Walduck. ICT events are always well supported by

Tasmania’s niche ICT sector.

TASICT is a very active, passionate organisation that will do everything it can to support LCA should it

be held in Tasmania. My organisation offers its full support to the organisers.

Dean Winter

Executive Officer


2 July 2014

Letter of Support

UTAS Computing Society

The Computing Society

c/o The Tasmanian University Union

PO Box 5055 Sandy Bay

TAS 7006 Australia

July 28, 2014

Letter of support for 2017 Hobart Bid

To whom it may concern:

The Tasmanian University union Computing Society (TUCS) is very excited at the prospect of having hosted in Hobart in 2017.

We look forward to supporting this event in any way we can and think it will provide a great benefit to our

members;; the majority of which are students, who often can’t afford to attend such events interstate. being hosted in Hobart in 2017 will provide a great opportunity for many of our local and

international students to be exposed to the world of open source technologies. The first-hand community

engagement from industry experts and professional developers will inspire our students to participate in

projects that once seemed too distant or intimidating to partake in. I know this from my own personal

experience with ‘09, which was the event that inspired my own path into computing.

TUCS is no longer just Hobart-Campus based either, and with such an amazing conference gracing our

Island, it is sure to attract many of our members from all over the state. With this dedicated community

base we are sure to have some great volunteers willing to offer their time to support here.

TUCS looks forward to seeing you all March South to Hobart in 2017!

TUCS President


Eloise Macdonald-Meyer

Letter of Support

Tasmanian Linux Users Group

Tasmanian Linux Users Group (TasLUG)

To whom it may concern,

It is my pleasure to submit a leter in support for the bid by Hobart for the 2017

conference run by Linux Australia.

This is a great opportunity for the open source community of Tasmania to host what is one of the

most important open source events in the southern hemisphere. Linux Australia is looking for a

competent conference organising team and location that cares about and encompasses the

qualities this event requires to provide for both enthusiasts and professionals. I believe that

Hobart with a team led by Chris Neugebauer and Craige McWhirter will make this happen.

The Tasmania Linux Users Group has a long history of community outreach for open source

projects. Currently, our group plans Sofware Freedom Day events every year; TasLUG holds

monthly meetings in the north and south of the state, in Launceston and Hobart respectively.

TasLUG meetings usually have local members giving a talk on their own, more casual round-table

discussions and occasional visiting speakers from industry or interstate. Each year we organise a

statewide meet-up event for groups from many locations around the state.

Hobart is a beautiful city to work in, and I benefit from the collaboration with my peers around

the world in the open source community. Aside from TasLUG, there are a wide range of events

provided by organisations, such as WebDev42, Hobart Hackerspace and the Australian Computer

Society. The city, during the summer, is a lively place and host to many activities that would be

of interest to conference atendees with good weather and long days. The huge success of PyCon

AU in 2012 and 2013 in Hobart is testament to the ability of the community to plan and execute a

successful conference program.

TasLUG is commited to supporting the eforts of the Hobart team to deliver a

premiere IT conference event that will benefit Hobart and deliver a prolific conference for Linux


Yours faithfully

Scot Bragg

Southern Convenor

Tasmanian Linux Users Group

Letters of Support

Web Developer 42º South

Startup Tasmania

July 25th 2014

Web Developer 42°

C/- Josh Gillies & Jonny Scholes

Level 3, 13-17 Castray Esplanade


Tasmania 7000


Dear Linux Australia,

The Web Developer 42° community and organisers are thouroughly excited about the prospect

of coming to Hobart in 2017. We are pleased to extend our support for this bid and

believe Hobart would be an excellent location for this premier event.

Web Developer 42° is a community of developers from across Tasmania. We consist of

hardware hackers, web designers, software developers and everything in between.

As a community who evangelises Open Source Software and are heavily reliant on countless

projects from around the world, we look forward to coming together and making this LCA an

exemplar event that conferences around the world will want to follow.

Yours sincerely,

Josh Gillies & Jonny Scholes,

The Web Developer 42° Coordinators



Greater Hobart & Venues




Wrest Point



The text of this document is available under the Creative

Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 International



Image Credits

Christopher Neugebauer, 2009-2013, CC-BY-SA

JJ Harrison, 2009-2013, CC-BY-SA 3.0

Tony Gray, 2014, CC-BY-NC-SA 2.0

Leo Laporte, 2008, CC-BY-NC-SA 2.0

Jonny Scholes, 2013, CC-BY 2.0

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Paris Buttfield-Addison, 2014, CC-BY 2.0

OpenStreetMap Contributors, ODBL, CC-BY-SA

Wrest Point Convention Centre

Museum of Old and New Art

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery


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