Charter Bus Service Insurance Req.

Charter Bus Service Insurance Req.

To: Prospective Memphis City Schools Transportation Providers and/or Arrangers


Ref: TCA 49-6-2111

1. Memphis City Schools (MCS) transportation providers and/or transportation arrangers are required to

have a current Certificate of Liability Insurance (COLI) on file in our office which includes the following

minimum MCS requirements:

a. Charter Bus Transportation Provider

i. General Liability

1. General Aggregate (minimum coverage of $3,000,000)

a. 8–10 passenger vehicle (minimum coverage of $1,000,000)

2. Each Occurrence (minimum coverage of $1,000,000)

a. 8–10 passenger vehicle (minimum coverage of $1,000,000)

ii. Automobile Liability

1. Auto Liability (minimum coverage of $5,000,000)

a. 8-10 passenger vehicle (minimum coverage of $1,000,000)

2. “SCHEDULED AUTO” Must be marked/checked for this liability coverage

a. A list of scheduled vehicles must be provided

iii. Other Coverage Requirements

1. A combination of primary and umbrella/excess coverage for general liability

and/or automobile liability is acceptable however for umbrella/excess the

applicable coverage must be specified in the “Description” area of the

Certificate of Insurance

2. Statement in the “Description” area of the certificate of insurance to read

“MCS/Certificate Holder as additional insured”

b. Travel Agency/Travel Arranger Transportation Provider. In addition to the above listed

requirements for any/all Transportation Providers utilized, a Travel Agency/Travel Arranger

Transportation Provider must also have the following:

i. General Liability

1. Your COLI must have listed under General Liability, Errors and Omissions

(minimum coverage of $1,000,000)

ii. Other Coverage Requirements

1. Your COLI must include a statement in the “Description” area of the certificate

of insurance to read “MCS/Certificate Holder as additional insured.”

iii. Workers Compensation and Employers’ Liability

1. If your business has less than five- (5) employees, you are required to mail a

separate letter to this office stating that your Business has less than five- (5)

employees, and are not required to carry this coverage.

c. MCS Vendor Number

Once your company has been approved for listing on the MCS updated Approved Tour and

Charter Bus Companies list, your company must have a completed vendor number on file with

MCS prior to receiving payment for services rendered. To file an application for a MCS Vendor

Number, please contact:

MCS Procurement Services

2597 Avery Avenue, Room 126

Memphis, TN 38112-4892

(901) 416-5376 Fax (901) 416-5325

2. MCS acknowledges that Transportation Providers and/or Transportation Arrangers who do not have a

current Certificate of Liability Insurance (which includes the aforementioned requirements) on file in our

office, will be immediately removed from the MCS approved listing. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of

the Transportation Providers and/or Transportation Arrangers to keep their COLI up to date, current, and

on file within the MCS Office of Student Transportation Services. Lastly, your company’s mailing address,

phone number, name(s) of your point of contact(s) and email address (if applicable) is needed for

posting to the website.

3. Interested companies should review their current certificate of liability insurance for accuracy

and if necessary have their insurance company/broker mail or email their respective certificate of liability

insurance for consideration to Audrey Williams, The USPS mailing address is as


Memphis City Schools

Office of Student Transportation

5390 Mendenhall Square Mall, Suite A,

Memphis, Tennessee 38115

Note: We cannot accept COLI’s from a Transportation Provider and/or Transportation

Arranger (includes faxed copies, email, nor copies mailed or hand deliveries). All COLI’s

must be sent to MCS by the insurance provider only, by either USPS mail or electronic mail.

4. MCS Van Rental Regulations.

a. Pursuant to 23 C.F.R. 1204 (1991); see also 49 U.S.C. 30125 and other related

federal regulations, MCS's has determined that a van with a capacity of 12-15

passengers does not comply with the student transportation construction standards.

Therefore, rental car/charter companies may not rent/charter/lease 12-15 passenger

vans to MCS employees. Additionally, the NHTSA study found that 74 percent of all

15-passenger vans had significantly mis-inflated tires. By contrast, 39 percent of

passenger cars were found with significant inflation problems. NHTSA research has

consistently shown that improperly inflated tires can change handling characteristics,

increasing the prospect of a roll-over crash in 15-passenger vans.

b. 7 - 10 passenger van can be rented/chartered/leased by MCS employees for

transporting public school students to various school activities when the van has an up to

date/current safety inspection and certification of the Tennessee Department of Safety

and any/all drivers must also have a verified and current Class “D” drivers license with

the “F” endorsement prior to rental. This van type vehicle is not defined as a school bus

and does not require an “S” endorsement. Reference Tennessee State Law (TCA

§49-6-2115 Rule §520-1-5.02)

5. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter please contact Audrey Williams in the Office

of Student Transportation Services at (901) 416-5539.

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