Dresdner Bank sees “great

potential” for CTS shares

“Market leadership in the

ticketing industry makes CTS

Eventim an interesting proposition.

The opportunity to market

the 2006 World Cup

tickets, as well as collaboration

with Clear Channel, the US

ticketing company, lend great

potential to the stock”, noted

Dresdner Bank in a recent

study (source: ddp.vwd agency

news dated 27.7.2004).

This view is supported by

comparing the share price trend with the SDAX Performance Index, which the CTS shares significantly

outperformed. The upward medium-term trend of the CTS share price has been intact

since 2002, so the share remains an interesting proposition for new investors at its current price

of just under 14 euros.

Bayerische Landesbank upgrades rating on CTS shares to “Overweight” from “Neutral”.

“The company has presented impressive half-yearly figures, especially as far as profit margins are

concerned, and has shown that fewer high-revenue concerts do not necessarily result in lower

earnings (...). We expect the company to outperform other media companies included in our

coverage, and therefore upgrade the share to “Overweight” from “Neutral”.”

Nord LB maintains Buy rating for CTS shares

Given that the half-yearly figures indicated no fundamental change in their assessment of the

company, and that the price of shares has tended sideways since the last recommendation, the

analysts at Nord LB continue to rate the CTS Eventim share as a “Buy”.

Performaxx investors newsletter: Eventim share shows “considerable potential”

The experts issuing the Performaxx investors newsletter believe that, despite the powerful rise in

share price, the chart for the ticketing firm continues to show considerable potential. A break of

the main resistance ceiling at 16 euros at most would generate a buy signal where speculative

investors could pick up some CTS Eventim shares. Over a timeframe of several months, the

shares would have technical potential extending as far as the current all-time high of 30.50 euros.

CTS organising sale of

roughly three million tickets

CTS has been granted the concession

for all ticketing of the

2006 World Football Championships

in Germany. In August

this year, a contract to this

effect was signed in Frankfurt

by CTS Eventim and the World

Cup Organising Committee of

the German Football Association

(DFB). From 1 February

2005 onwards, an initial tranche

of around three million tickets

will be on sale at the www.fifaworldcup.com

website for matches

in the 12 World Cup stadiums

at prices ranging from 35

to 100 euros for the preliminary

round. For CTS, winning the

concession to sell World Cup

tickets will generate around 30

million euros in revenue, and in

the view of Klaus-Peter Schulenberg,

Chairman of the Board,

“this prestigious World Cup project

will give an enormous

boost to our image at international




State-of-the-art solution for World Cup ticketing

Radio Frequency Identification Chips enable rapid, secure checks at entrance gates

Tickets for the 2006 World

Football Championships will

carry Radio Frequency

Identification Chips, RFID

chips for short. Also known as

Smartlabels, Radiochips or

Radiolabels, the advantage of

this technology is that the tiny

chips do not require a power supply or battery of their own.

They are activated by an external radio signal of a very specific

frequency. A scanner can read the data from several hundred

RFID chips within just one second. Depending on chip configuration,

they can be read at up to several metres from the chip’s

antenna. Ticket can thus be checked much faster and more

Exact choice of seats now possible online as well

CTS Eventim integrates seat selection system on Internet ticketing portals

CTS Eventim recently launched

an additional services for

customers ordering tickets via

the Internet.

At the two Internet ticketing

portals, www.eventim.de and

www.getgo.de, visitors can

book the exact seat they wish.

The seat selection system

specially developed for this

purpose is already integrated

into the two portals and will

apply successively to all

70,000 or so concerts, plays

and sports events for which

CTS Eventim sells tickets each

year. This means that CTS

Eventim is the first ticketing

provider worldwide to offer


straightforwardly. RFID tickets mean that, during the 2006 World

Football Championships, CTS Eventim will be using the latest

and most advanced technology currently available in this field.

The chips are highly tamper-proof, because they store a unique

serial number that is difficult to modify. In the event of loss or

theft, the ticket can be blocked. Registering the name of the

person buying the ticket also enhances security, and helps to

keep potential hooligans out of stadiums.

Another advantage of RFID chips is that they can support

several functions simultaneously. A single ticket can store information

on payment, access control, a public transport ticket

and other information, all independently of each other.

this service for such an extensive

portfolio of events. The

seat selection system will

supersede the prevailing ’best

seat’ booking system, which

automatically allocates the

best available seats for the

chosen price category, though

is unable to take individual

preferences into consideration.

In contrast, the seat selection

system provides a detailed

overview of all available seats

at the respective venue.

Customers can select and

book the seats they prefer.

Colour coding allows customers

to see the price category

of seats at all times.




Download music from the Internet, the fast, simple and legal way

At the www.eventim-music.de website, music-lovers will find a

broad assortment of music tracks that they can download perfectly

legally. The genres on offer range from pop and rock to

black music and dance. Those interested can download the

required software very easily to their computers and sample the

songs at no charge. How that works is explained below.

What technical equipment is needed to download music


A fast Internet connection such as ISDN or DSL should be

installed, otherwise downloading will take too long. A normal PC

or Mac is sufficient to play the music. The software for playing

the songs is provided free on the eventim-music.de website.

How can I download music?

First-time users who sign up for the service will find all the information

they need at www.eventim-music.de/Shop/ under “Erste


Schritte” (“Getting started”). Registration is free and non-binding.

To listen to the music, all you need is the free “My-Playlist”

media player that you can download from the website. The

tracks on offer are grouped under Rock, Pop, Dance, Black and

Jazz, with new features such as live concert clips being added


What does it cost per song or album download?

At present eventim-music.de sells the songs from 0.99 euros per

track, or 9.99 euros for a complete album.

What methods are payment are there?

Customers can pay via T-Pay or Firstgate, as well as by credit


How will the range of music at eventim-music.de grow?

More than 250,000 songs are currently available, increasing to

700,000 in the near future. The range will also be steadily

increased with live clips and other individual features.

Is it legal to sell music on the Internet?

Software products (computer programs), music or spoken language

on recorded media are generally protected by copyright.

For private purposes, it is permissible to copy not only copyprotected

music and language CDs. Whereas peer-to-peer file

sharing of music files is illegal, downloading tracks from providers

like www.eventim-music.de is legal. The songs may even

be burned onto CD three to five times for private use.




An autumn packed with superstars

Tickets to many megagigs available only from CTS Eventim

Anastacia: a warm welcome for the “Risen One”

(on tour in Germany: 30.09. 01.11.2004)

With the kind of singing voice normally associated with black

gospel singers from the southern states, Anastacia is attracting

attention from many quarters. “Anastacia”, the pop diva born in

Chicago in 1973 is touring the country to accompany the release

of her third album, “Anastacia”. Anastacia’s name originates

from ancient Greece and roughly translated means “the Risen

One”. That could be her maxim of life in record time, Anastacia has overcome her cancer affliction

and is now top fit for some powerful performances.

Lionel Richie: three decades of power soul

(on tour in Germany: 27.09. 14.11.2004)

Fresh as ever, hit factory Lionel Richie is presenting his new

album “Just for you”. He’s sold 100 million albums to date and

can call five Grammies, an Oscar and a Golden Globe his own.

With a combination of black soul and pop, he was the one Afro-

American who made funk music popular throughout the world

during the 70s. From 1978 to 1986 he scored a number one

chart hit year for year something never done before.

Patricia Kaas: Chansonette and pop diva

(on tour in Germany: 21.11. 02.12.2004)

Another highlight this autumn is the German tour by Patricia

Kaas, supported by CTS Eventim. Born in 1966 in Lorraine,

she’s a multitalented artist mentioned in the same breath with

chanson greats like Edith Piaf or Celine Dion. With her smokey

voice and a skilfully crafted mix of acoustic pop, French beat

music and soul, "La Kaas” can effortlessly fill the concert halls.

TOP 10 • KW 39 ‘04

This week’s event hits

1 R.E.M

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2 Germany - Sweden

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3 Gentleman

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4 Supershow

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5 The Dome

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7 Cameroon

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8 Adams

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9 Stiller

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Football Germany -


Real Escula Anda-

10 luza Arte Ecuestre

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Event Dates Venue

Abba Mania 18.11.04 28.03.05 Fürstenfeldbruck, Dresden, Innsbruck, Bregenz, Salzburg, Wiener Neustadt,

Amstetten, Wels, Graz, Villach, Chemnitz, Regensburg, Würzburg, Pforzheim,

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Bremerhaven, Flensburg, Nordhausen, Lübeck, Delbrück, Stade, Hamburg,

Bremen, Oberhausen, Balingen, Landhut-Essenbach

Alter Bridge 14.9.2004 Berlin

Anastacia 30.09.04 01.11.04 Frankfurt, Basle, Stuttgart, Oberhausen, Hamburg, Hanover, Berlin,

München, Wien, Cologne

Andrea Berg Emotionen hautnah 12.10.04 05.11.04 München, Würzburg, Leipzig, Nürnberg, Dresden, Erfurt

Andreas Vollenweider & Friends 23.11.04 29.11.04 Hamburg, Hanover, Frankfurt, Freiburg, München, Stuttgart, Berlin

Ash Meltdown Tour 11.10.04 21.12.04 Frankfurt, Essen, Kiel, Berlin, Hamburg, Halle, Nürnberg, München, Lindau,

Stuttgart, Hildesheim, Emden, Osnabrück, Trier, Düsseldorf

Auf der Mauer 01.9.2004 Frankfurt

Avril Lavigne 26.09.04 27.09.04 München, Düsseldorf

Axel Hacke 18.11.2004 Bayreuth

Bellydance Superstars 18.09.04 30.09.04 München, Cologne

Bruce Hornsby 15.09.04 17.09.04 München, Offenbach, Hamburg

Bryan Adams 25.11.04 29.11.04 München, Nürnberg, Leipzig, Berlin, Brunswick

Caveman Du sammeln. Ich jagen 21.10.04 31.10.04 Würzburg

Die Fantastischen Vier 26.11.04 08.12.04 Würzburg, Cologne, Oberhausen, Hamburg

Die Nacht der Kampfkünste 26.10.04 12.11.04 Leipzig, Nürnberg, Berlin, Chemnitz, Dresden, Erfurt

Dresden Dolls 27.9.2004 München

Europe The Final Countdown 26.10.04 01.11.04 Flensburg, Hamburg, Cologne, Nürnberg, Stuttgart, München

Faithless 22.11.04 03.12.04 Düsseldorf, München, Berlin, Offenbach

Gerd Dudenhöffer Spielt Null und richtig! 05.10.04 01.12.04 Dresden, Aschaffenburg

Giora Feidmann 12.11.2004 Würzburg

Gluecifer Automatic Thrill 11.11.04 25.11.04 Hamburg, Berlin, Leipzig, München, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Bochum

Groove Armada 16.10.04 18.10.04 Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne

Hansi Hinterseer 26.11.04 08.12.04 Leipzig, Chemnitz, Dresden

Hoobastank 10.10.04 22.10.04 München, Stuttgart, Cologne, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Bochum

James Last 26.10.04 05.12.04 Bayreuth, Leipzig, Rostock, Berlin, Hanover, Erfurt, Zwickau, Regensburg,

Kempten, Stuttgart, Luxembourg, Cologne, Münster, Marburg, Brunswick,

Frankfurt, Oberhausen, Brüssel, Baden-Baden, Freiburg, Basle, München,

Graz, Salzburg, Cottbus, Chemnitz, Dresden, Magdeburg, Bielefeld, Arnheim,

Emden, Kiel, Göttingen, Bremen, Hamburg

Joja Wendt 12.09.04 19.03.05 Brunswick, Berlin, Hamburg, Fürth, Leipzig, Stuttgart, Wiesbaden,

Neubrandenburg, Erfurt, Buchholz, Halle, Lübeck, Gütersloh, Vechta,

Heilbronn, Karlsruhe, Chemnitz, Magdeburg, Würzburg, Bayreuth, Berlin,

Rostock, Bremen, Felnsburg, Kiel, Düsseldorf, Bühl, Mannheim, Oldenburg,


Kastelruther Spatzen 02.11.04 09.03.05 Riesa, Zwickau, Dresden, Leipzig, Chemnitz

Katie Melua 19.09.04 24.09.04 Cologne, Offenbach, München, Berlin, Hamburg

Kelis 07.09.04 14.09.04 München, Berlin, Cologne

Lionel Richie 01.10.04 13.11.04 Dortmund, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin, Oberhausen, München, Stuttgart,

Düsseldorf, Nürnberg, Hanover, Friedrichshafen, Karlsruhe

Lord of the Dance 15.10.04 30.11.04 Lübeck, Wilhelmshaven, Emsdetten, Bonn, Duisburg, Würzburg, Kassel,

Ilsenburg, Halle, Görlitz, Cottbus, Chemnitz, Dessau, Neubrandenburg, Hof,

Suhl, Magdeburg, Gera, Rothenburg, Minden,Wolfsburg, Dortmund, Siegen,

Aschaffenburg, Baden-Baden, Pforzheim, Saarbrücken, Differdange,

Heilbronn, Aalen, Berlin, Zwickau, Frankfurt (Oder), Dresden, Bayreuth,

Augsburg, Regensburg, Wels, Wiener Neustadt



Event Dates Venue

Lustige Musikanten 15.10.04 21.11.04 Luxembourg, Kiel, Heilbronn, Oberhausen, Augsburg, Freiburg, Trier, Chemnitz,

Ilsenburg, Bielefeld, Brunswick, Suhl, Buchhagen / Bodenwerder, Berlin,

Magdeburg, Leipzig, Schwerin, Rostock, Dresden, Cottbus, Zwickau,


Machine Head 30.10.04 16.11.04 Chemnitz, Berlin, Hamburg, Wiesbaden, Cologne

Marshall & Alexander 02.12.04 12.12.04 Neubrandenburg, Freiberg, Bad Blankenburg, Augsburg, Göttingen,

Magdeburg, Leipzig, Wernigerode, Aalen

McLusky 16.09.04 27.09.04 Hamburg, Hanover, Potsdam, Bielefeld, Würzburg, Wiesbaden, Dresden,

Trier, Düsseldorf

Moneybrothers 01.10.04 31.10.04 Berlin, Hanover, Potsdam, Bochum, Frankfurt, München, Freiburg, Winterthur,

Ebensee, Wien, Dresden, Saarbrücken, Heidelberg, Cologne, Berlin,


Otto 16.09.04 30.11.04 Stade, Bremerhaven, Emsdetten, Bremen, Hanover, Lingen, Schwerin,

Neubrandenburg, Rostock, Hamburg, Emden, Münster, Lemgo, München,

Bern, Zurich, Basle, Innsbruck, Weis, Bozen, Bregenz, Wien, Bamberg,

Bayreuth, Gera, Glauchau, Magdeburg, Aschaffenburg, Augsburg,

Regensburg, Nürnberg

Patricia Kaas 21.11.04 29.11.04 Düsseldorf, Berlin, Leipzig, Brunswick, Baden-Baden, Mannheim,


Phoenix 15.11.04 18.11.04 Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin

Reinhard Fendrich 05.11.2004 Kempten

Robin Gibb 22.09.04 25.09.04 Dresden, München

Rolling Stones Roadshow 17.10.04 22.10.04 Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, München, Offenbach

Sarah Brightman 01.10.2004 Frankfurt

Sarah McLachlan 31.10.04 11.11.04 Hamburg, Cologne, München

Saybia 03.10.04 12.10.04 München, Cologne, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg

Schiller 15.11.04 25.11.04 Kassel, Freiburg, Mannheim, Cologne, Bielefeld, Erfurt, Hamburg, Bremen,


Slayer & Slipknot the Unholy Alliance 25.09.04 30.09.04 Dresden, Berlin, München, Böblingen, Düsseldorf

Söhne Mannheims 30.11.2004 München

Soulwax 01.09.2004 Bochum

Soweto Gospel Choir 30.11.04 22.12.04 Berlin

Sparta 11.10.04 14.10.04 Frankfurt, Kiel, Berlin, Cologne

Sterne des Varietes 02.11.04 09.11.04 Nürnberg, Veitshöchheim, Hamburg

Sting 05.11.04 28.11.04 Hamburg, Bielefeld, Stuttgart, Chemnitz, Oberhausen, Frankfurt, Nürnberg,


Swing Legenden 06.10.04 29.04.05 Salzburg, Düsseldorf, Aachen, Chemnitz, München, Zwickau, Berlin, Dresden,

Erfurt, Nürnberg, Essen, Leipzig, Mannheim, Bielefeld, Berlin, Würzburg,

Bregenz, Brunswick, Hamburg, Augsburg, Nordhausen, Suhl, Frankfurt,

Münster, Bochum, Cologne, Wuppertal, Hanover

Swosh! 14.10.04 20.10.04 Berlin, Osnabrück, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt

The Corrs 17.10.04 28.10.04 Oberhausen, Hanover, Hamburg, Berlin, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, München

The Datsuns Outta Sight / Outta Mind 01.10.04 06.10.04 Nortrup, Essen, Dresden, Frankfurt, München

The Dillinger Escape Plan 08.11.04 16.11.04 Hamburg, Bochum, Berlin, München

The Dresden Dolls 17.09.04 26.09.04 Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, München

The Rasmus 30.09.04 08.10.04 Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Zurich, München, Wien

The Rat Pack 30.08.04 27.03.05 Mannheim, Wien, Zurich, München, Dortmund, Berlin

W.A.S.P. The Neon God 18.11.04 20.11.04 Frankfurt, Nürnberg, München

WWE RAW 09.10.2004 Frankfurt

Zeraphine 24.10.2004 Dresden

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