Learning Programme

KS3-A Level

Science Shows, Presentations, Workshops,

Kits and Outreach

Welcome to Techniquest

Glyndwr ^ - TQG

This brochure gives details of the learning programme

for Secondary Schools.

Further information on all activities, presentations and

outreach - where we bring the science to your school

- is available from our website:

Interactive hands-on


Techniquest Glyndwr’s ^ (TQG) collection of 60+

hands-on interactive exhibits is designed to engage

pupils with science. Touch, construct, demolish and

investigate - the hands on way is fun and best of all

stimulates learning!

All visits to TQG include the hands-on exhibition.

For the maximum learning experience we advise you

to book one of our presenter led workshops or science

shows presentations.


The learning experience doesn’t stop when you leave

the exhibition floor...

Science shows

In one of our interactive science shows we bring science

to life big-time! Our presentation theatre can seat up to

80 and offers a safe and secure space to demonstrate

science. From big bangs to tiny particles, from bright

sparks to festive fun, science shows capture the

imagination of your pupils and offer an exceptional out

of classroom learning experience.

Visiting workshops and shows

On top of our extensive selection of workshops and

shows that are available all year, we also have a

number of visiting shows and workshops each term.

These additional activities ensure there is ALWAYS

something new to discover.

Please visit for up-to-date

information on the learning programme. Join the

teacher mailing list to ensure you are amongst the

first to receive news and updates about our education

programme and special events for schools.

Challenge Workshops are designed to stimulate and

motivate pupils as well as provide informal support for

teachers in their delivery of the National Curriculum.

These workshops offer a dynamic range of challenging

activities for pupils covering all aspects of STEM

engagement. Challenge Workshops can be

adapted to suit pupils’ needs - workshop

length is between 30

and 45 minutes.


2 Introduction

3 Activities for KS3 & 4

4 Outreach - Domes & Shows

5 Outreach - Kits

6 STEM Centre

8 Information & booking



KS3 & KS4


Years 7 - 9 (Presentation)

Available all year

Light the Science Theatre with energy from

cornflakes! Explore the concept of energy in

this interactive presentation. Engaging

demonstrations investigate how energy is

transferred, conserved and stored.

Curriculum Links



Years 10 - 11 (Laboratory)

Available all year

This exciting workshop will provide an

opportunity for students to carry out techniques

to isolate DNA from plant cells. Other activities

involve investigation of human chromosomes

using microscopy and the examination of the

relationship between genes and proteins.

Curriculum Links

Organisms and Health


Years 7 - 9 (Presentation)

Available all year

Uncover the mysteries of gravity, magnetism and

pressure. Explore electromagnets and measure

acceleration in this pushing, pulling, spinning,

twisting and bouncing show.

Curriculum Links





Years 7 - 9 (Presentation)

Available all year

This lively, interactive presentation uses

spectacular demonstrations illustrating

concepts such as reactivity, oxidation, change

of stage, and exothermic reactions.

The show uses the gases of the air as a thread to

explore the terms ‘element’, ‘mixture’ and


Curriculum Links

Chemical and Material Behaviour


Years 7 - 9 (Presentation)

Available all year

Mathamagic is a unique experience in practical

mathematics. It contains activities that explore the

curriculum areas of number, shape, space and

measurement. A complementary presentation in

the Science Theatre provides an extra

mathematical experience.

Curriculum Links

Problem Solving

Shape and Space

Magic of



exhibition 3

OUTREACH: Science Discovery at you

Dome Shows

Available all year

Presenter led presentations

Available all year

Immerse your pupils in an inflatable dome

experience in your school. These interactive shows give

pupils and teachers a presenter led, 360 degree tour

of the night sky, the centre of a cell or the inside of the


The dome can accommodate up to 30 children plus

teachers and adults with up to 6 presentations in a day

(total 180). It can easily be set up in a school hall and

taken down during lunchtime if required.


Years 7 - 11

How did the universe begin and where is it going? How

old is it? How are stars formed? Launch your class into

space with this inflatable planetarium show to find the

answers. Pupils also learn how humans and artificial

satellites leave the Earth’s atmosphere and go into

orbit, and what life is like in weightless conditions.

Curriculum Links

Earth and the Universe

Exciting and memorable presenter shows can be

performed in your school or in the classroom with all

the props and materials provided. Every show covers a

selected area of the curriculum. The style of each show

encourages pupils to question ideas, and stimulates

interest in science.


Years 7 - 9 (Presentation)

Available all year

Get hands-on with this introduction to forces at KS3

focusing on pushing and pulling forces, friction,

measuring and interpreting forces, gravity,

electromagnetism, pressure, rotational forces

and the difference between mass and weight.

Curriculum Links

Physical Processes


Years 7 - 11

This interactive show gives pupils a micro view on a

macro scale. Animal and plant cells and their organelles

are presented, including an introduction to specialised

cells, their functions and interrelations.

Curriculum Links

Organisms, Organisms and Health (KS4)


Year 10 - 11

Take a journey to the centre of the atom in this fully

immersive inflatable dome show. Look at how scientists

use existing theories and models to expand their

understanding of how the world works and find out how

the smallest particles of matter can help us to

understand the largest parts of the universe.

Curriculum Links

Data, Evidence, Theories and Explanations

Applications and Implications of Science

Chemical and Material Behavior

Discuss: DNA



Available all year

A presenter-led game for up to 30 pupils which

encourages students to debate about the social and

ethical issues surrounding the National DNA Database.

Topics include DNA profiling, forensic science, gene

ownership and developments in genetic technology

and their impact on society.



Portable Kits

Available all year

Set up your own hands-on mini exhibition with these

flexible kits that help pupils to explore maths and


The exhibits are easy to use, pack neatly onto a trolley

and are designed to be used in any school space.

Kits are ideal for transition activities as well as

supporting the curriculum for years 7 - 9.

Comprehensive teacher support documents

accompany the Kits (including lesson plans and

expansion notes) which guide you through a host

of learning initiatives.




Years 7 - 9 (Portable Exhibition)

Available all year

Curriculum Links

Number, Shape, Space

& Measures, Handling Data


Years 7 - 9 (Portable Exhibition)

Available all year

Curriculum Links

Physical Processes


Years 7 - 9 (Portable Exhibition)

Available all year

Curriculum Links

Physical Processes


Years 6 - 9 (Portable Exhibition)

Available all year

Curriculum Links

Light & Sound


STEM Centre

Science Technology Engineering Maths

Inspire Motivate Enthuse

STEMPOINT works with schools and

colleges to inspire pupils in STEM



Help teachers access a range of Science, Technology,

Engineering and Maths (STEM) Enhancement and

Enrichment opportunities;

Offer tailored advice and assistance quickly and easily

to schools and colleges across Wales;

Help access STEM Directories which list STEM providers

by subject;

Provide contexts for learning, bringing people with

STEM skills and support into your classroom;

Link STEM employers to schools to bring STEM to life.

STEM Ambassadors come

from a diverse range of

backgrounds and they’re

waiting to visit your school

and inspire your pupils.

Ambassadors can:

Assist with STEM clubs - either within school

hours or after school;

Help teachers to keep up to date with developments

in STEM industries;

Provide insights to career opportunities;

Facilitate workplace visits where appropriate and help

students get the best from them;

Work as mentors, encouraging students to develop

their motivation and employability.

To find out more about how we can help you, please visit our dedicated STEM Centre website

or call for more information:

Website: Call: 01978 293400 Email:



Techniquest Glyndwr


is proud to be recognised by the

Council for Learning Outside the Classroom as a quality

provider of educational experiences.

For more information on the quality badge scheme,

please visit the Learning Outside the Classroom Quality

badge website: or


Education and exploration!

Techniquest Glyndwr ^ (TQG) offers over 60 hands-on

exhibits complemented by a varied programme of

interactive shows, challenge workshops and special

educational events.

The programme is designed to stimulate and

motivate pupils as well as provide informal support for

teachers in delivery of the National Curriculum.

How to book

All educational visits must be booked in advance.

Call 01978 293400 for details.

Opening times

School days

School holidays


9.30am - 4.30pm

10am - 5pm

11am - 4.30pm

Techniquest Glyndwr ^ (TQG) is the new name for



Techniquest Glyndwr ^ is located on the Glyndwr

University Campus, Plas Coch, Wrexham – just off

the A483 junction 5. SAT NAV: LL11 2AW

Convenient free car and coach parking is available

adjacent to the centre.

Open Bank Holiday Mondays.

Closed selected dates over Christmas

& New Year. See website or call for details.

Please note the centre is closed to public visitors most

Mondays except for Wrexham school holidays.

Admission prices for educational

visits to the centre

Pupils £3

Teachers/Adults FREE*

Additional Adults £3

*Teachers and helper adults enter for free.

We recommend a ratio of at least 1 adult for 8 children.

Prices for educational visits at

your school (Outreach)

Prices vary depending on the type of activity, duration

of visit and location. Please see our website for details: or call 01978 293400.

TQG Science Discovery Centre

Glyndwr University Campus


Mold Road, Wrexham, LL11 2AW

Registered Charity Number: 1102959

Colwyn Bay







TQG Science

Discovery Centre

Mold Road Wrexham

North Wales LL11 2AW


M53 Liverpool




A483 A41

Wrexham Whitchurch





01978 293400

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