Revolution by

Revolution by

Tannoy – closer to the music

Pick any of the world’s most famous music recordings or

movie soundtracks and the chances are that Tannoy played a

part. That’s because, from day one, more recording studios

in Europe and the USA have chosen Tannoy monitors than

any other.

When it really matters, artists and recording professionals

have always known they can trust Tannoy to deliver a sound that

gets as close to the essence of the performance as possible.

It’s this kind of dedication to sound integrity that Tannoy designs

and engineers into every speaker carrying their name.

Revolution by






Recommended amplifier power Watts RMS

10 - 70

20 - 150

20 - 170

20 - 150

Continuous power handling Watts RMS





Sensitivity (2.8 Volts @ 1m)

Nominal impedance


8 ohms


6 ohms


6 ohms


6 ohms

Frequency response +/- 3dB

55Hz - 20kHz

44Hz - 20kHz

39Hz - 20kHz

50Hz - 20kHz


High frequency

Low frequency

25mm (1") soft dome

130mm (5") resin

impregnated long throw cone

25mm (1") soft dome

2 x 130mm (5") resin

impregnated long throw cone

25mm (1") soft dome

2 x 165mm (6.5") resin

impregnated long throw cone

25mm (1") soft dome,

fully shielded

2 x 130mm (5") resin

impregnated cone, fully shielded





2.3kHz, 300Hz



2nd order high frequency

2nd order low frequency

2nd order high frequency

2nd order low frequency

3rd order high frequency

2 x 2nd order low frequency

3rd order high pass

2nd order low pass


Enclosure type

Rear ported reflex

Rear ported reflex

Rear ported reflex

Twin rear ported reflex


Dimensions H x W x D mm

300 x 170 x 210

920 x 170 x 235

1020 x 184 x 271.5

Two heavy gauge steel

plates, top and bottom

185 x 500 x 245

Dimensions H x W x D inches

11.8 x 6.7 x 8.3

36.2 x 6.7 x 9.3

40.2 x 7.2 x 10.7

7.3 x 19.7 x 9.6

Weight kg (lbs)

4.75 (10.5)

13kg (28.7)

18kg (39.7)

17kg (37.5)

Finish options

Cherry with black


Cherry or black ash

with black grille

Cherry or black ash

with black grille

Cherry or black ash

with black grille

R-SUB 15


Output Power - RMS (Watts Peak)

Low frequency response


Input sensitivity

Input filter

Auto mute

Auto power on threshold

200 (400) - subject to thermal limitations.

-6dB at 25Hz, in room typical response

Line or loudspeaker level, stereo or mono

175mV (line), 1.25V (loudspeaker level),

for full output, one input driven

2nd order low pass, variable between

55Hz - 100Hz, -6dB.

1st order high pass for main speaker output

and line level output, -6dB @ 75Hz

After approximately 15 mins., in absence

of input signal

2.75V at 50Hz (one line level input driven).

50mV at 50Hz (one speaker input driven).


Driver type

Driver size mm (inches)

Voice coil resistance - Ohms




Size (h x w x d) mm (inches)

Weight kg (lbs)

Mains Voltage

Mains Fuse


Long throw bass unit, cast chassis, twin voice coils

380 (15)

2 x 6

Twin ducted port

95 litre

475 x 520 x 505 (18.7 x 20.5 x 19.9) Inc. grille

34 (75)

230V nominal (220 - 240V), 50 - 60HZ or 115V nominal (100 - 120V), 50 - 60HZ

T2A (230V) or T4A (115V)

Cherry enclosure with a black grille

Tannoy Limited, Home Audio Division, Coatbridge, Scotland, ML5 4TF.

Tel: +44 (0) 1236 420199 Fax: +44 (0) 1236 428230

e-mail: Website:

Tannoy/TGI North America Inc., Suite 1, 335 Gage Avenue, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada N2M 2C8

Tel: (519) 745-1158 Fax: (519) 745-2364

e-mail: Website:

Tannoy Nederland b.v., Anthonetta Kuijlstraat 19, 3066 GS Rotterdam.

Tel: (010) 2860555 Fax: (010) 2860431

e-mail: Website:

Tannoy adopts a policy of continuous improvement and product specification is subject to change.

Colours represented here are as accurate as the printing process allows.

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The Revolution Range

The Revolution Range combines the very best technical

expertise, acoustic and cabinet making skills. A superb

collection of unique loudspeakers that offer a scale of

specification and audiophile performance unparalleled

at its price.

Over 70 years of acoustic


Modern styling, traditional build

Elegant real wood veneer cabinets are beautifully hand

crafted using only the finest components. The front baffles,

constructed from 22mm high grade MDF and the 18mm

MDF enclosure provide the highest level of structural rigidity.

Engineering perfection for superb sound

A resistor is normally used in a crossover before the high

frequency driver to reduce the amplitude level. However, this

tends to adversely affect the damping characteristic of the

amplifier on the tweeter as energy is ‘burnt up’ in the

resistor. An alternative solution, tried and tested over many

years in much more expensive Tannoy loudspeakers, is to

use an auto transformer.

This same method is now used in the Revolution models. It

greatly improves damping and control of the tweeter by the

amplifier, resulting in a more transparent top end

performance. Sound quality is further enhanced because

there are less crossover components needed and a

reduction in soldered or welded conductor joints in the

signal path. All Revolution models can be fully bi-wired and

the terminal panels are gold plated for optimum signal path

integrity. A tuneable port offers the listener fine acoustic

adjustment. Painstakingly designed drive units, with very

strict tolerances, contribute to highly accurate and detailed

nature of its performance.

Since the company was founded by engineer

Guy R Fountain in 1926, Tannoy has gained

a unique position in the world of quality

sound reproduction. Our ongoing

commitment to excellence in engineering and

design has made us the professionals’ choice

for almost three quarters of a century. The

same demanding standards are applied to

everything we produce, ensuring we deliver

the finest sound reproduction for people who

love music all over the world.

Revolution R1

The R1 is a no-compromise specialist mini-monitor aimed

squarely at the hi-fi enthusiast. It offers all the same

attention to detail as the floor standing models: bi-wiring,

high performance crossover and drive units, tuneable port

and rigid cabinet construction.

Despite its exceptionally compact size, the R1 provides

excellent dynamic performance and superb power

handling. Imaging and musical presence are outstanding.

Real wood cabinet

with rear port

25mm soft dome HF

130mm long

throw resin



Revolution R2

The tall and elegant floorstanding models conceal much

beneath their stylish good looks. Extensively braced

cabinets ensure extreme structural rigidity and minimise

panel resonance. The R2 and the top-of-the-range R3 can

be mass loaded to provide additional stability and

enhanced bass control.

The tweeter face plates on both floorstanding models

have been designed to allow wider dispersion and

improved radiation of energy into the room.

The R2’s twin 130mm bass driver configuration provides

exceptional dynamic performance and power handling

capability, ensuring a superb listening experience.

18ct gold


Full bi-wiring capability

Revolution R3

In addition to an auto-transformer, the skillfully

engineered bi-wireable crossover utilises an impedance

compensation network to ensure optimal acoustic


The exceptional dynamics of the R3 are delivered by two

165mm bass drivers which are each fitted with an

additional magnet to improve impulse response and


The 25mm tweeter is rear vented into an isolated cavity to

improve impedance response. The result of this air flow

optimisation is improved high frequency dynamics.

Extraordinarily deep, fast and controlled bass, incredible

midrange clarity and treble detail are the hallmarks of the

Revolution R3.

Longthrow resin



Rubber nitride

roll surround

Dual magnet assembly

Revolution RC

The acoustic characteristic of the RC centre channel

speaker is perfectly matched to the other models in the

Revolution range. This provides precise tonal balance

and clarity, which ensures a high degree of flexibility in

assembling systems for various room sizes and power

handling considerations.

The rigid rear ported cabinet construction, with extensive

internal bracing, ensures optimum performance with

minimum panel resonance. In addition to full magnetic

shielding on the two 130mm (5”) drive units, there are

two heavy gauge steel shielding plates fitted to the top

and bottom within the cabinet. This provides 100%

shielding and extra stability when placed on the narrow

top surface of many modern televisions.

Rear ported real wood

cabinet with heavy steel

shielding top and bottom

25mm soft

dome HF

Two 130mm drivers with long

throw resin impregnated cones



Revolution R-SUB15

The R-SUB15 offers the level of performance

demanded by the most discerning of hi-fi and

home cinema enthusiasts. The 380mm (15”)

cone with twin voice coils and massive magnet

system, driven by a powerful 400Watt amplifier,

ensures deep, thundering bass performance.

Signal delivery to the subwoofer can be by either

line or loudspeaker level input via gold plated

terminals. Variable phase adjustment combined

with input level control allows fine-tuning to

balance perfectly with the rest of the system.

The rigid twin ducted port enclosure is beautifully

finished in cherry to precisely match the stylish

good looks of the entire Revolution range.

Rear mounted

400Watt amplifier

Twin ducted

port enclosure

380mm long throw

driver with twin

voice coils and

cast chassis


Hi-Fi News

“…there’s probably

nothing to touch it right

now: it’s a steal.”

What Hi-Fi?

“...this is one convincing

package – viva

the Revolution!”


Hi-Fi News

“What distinguishes the

R2 is its overall blend of

qualities: the R2 is

superb value.”

Hi-Fi Choice

“ obvious Best Buy



“Best of all is the way

they can hang a

soundstage picture

in thin air before you.”


“Fantastic speakers that

are worth your

hard-earned cash.”


What Hi-Fi?

“Massive orchestral slam,

luminous vocals,

grumbling bass lines,

airy and unrestrained

atmospherics and, simply,

musical enjoyment: the

Tannoys deliver them all

with consummate ease.”

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